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The Squeeze
3rd October 1997

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Editors note:
As you may have seen on our homepage, Accordions Worldwide turns one year old this week. During the first year I have seen it grow by over 1000% in size! There are now well over 9,500 listings on the Accordion Yellow Pages, and last week we had 15,000 hits. To celebrate, yesterday the people who help with the maintenance of the site had lunch at the top of the sky tower - the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wayne Knights

This weeks titles:

  • Sergei Kolobkov's 70th Birthday - Russia
  • Melodeon Workshop and Folk Festival - Netherlands
  • "CittÓ Di Castelfidardo" International Competition and Prize - Italy
  • Happy Birthday, Intermusik! - Germany
  • Horovice 97 in Czech Republic
  • New Music Book of Tangos by Astor Piazolla - France
  • Kiev Music Festival '97, Ukraine
  • 4th Gala De L'accordeon in Estavailler De Lac - Switzerland
  • Duo Perform on Canals - England
  • Bay Area Beginners First Meet Small and Successful! - USA
  • Accordion Concert in "Grieghallen", Bergen, Norway
  • "Frosini-Deiro Association" - Sweden
  • A Musical Question? - New Zealand
  • Musical Minister - Saxony, Germany
  • Lark In The Morning Music School San Francisco - USA


    Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

    Sergei Kolobkov, director of Russian Gnessin's Academy of Music in Moscow, will celebrate his 70th birthday on October 4th. After having finished his studies in the class of V.G. Gorochov at the former Gnessin-Institute, Kolobkov started his career as soloist, concert-master of bayan ensembles and conductor of the world-famous Ossipov-Folk Orchestra.

    Important dates of his career:

    • 1953 Began teaching the bayan
    • 1963 Became "docent" (level below a professor)
    • 1979 Professor
    • 1984 Director of Russian Gnessin's Academy of Music

    Among his students are famous bayanists such as Y. Vostrjelov, F. Lips and A. Skljarov. Sergei Kolobkov has given concerts in all continents (except Africa). He is the author of many transcriptions for bayan and bayan ensembles. He was often an adjudicator at international competitions of the CIA (Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes) and others. For the radio he recorded - among other pieces - the "First concert for bayan and orchestra" written by F. Rubzov in 1935.


    Contributed by Ad Kwakernaat, Diatonisch Nieuwsblad

    On October 4th and 5th, the Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak will be organising their 26th workshop weekend to be held at St. Michielsgestel, Netherlands. The melodeon teacher is Bruno Letron, giving lessons on G/C. For further information phone: + 31 024 3221251.

    On October 4th, The Centrum voor Amateurkunst N-H will be organising a folk festival in 't Swarte Paert in Twisk, Netherlands. In the afternoon there will be a play-in for musicians of acoustic instruments and in the evening a festival for groups. Subscription for presentations at Stichting De Kunst, Phone: + 31 072 - 5159209.


    Contributed by Paolo Picchio

    From October 9th to 12th the prestigious annual appointment with the "CittÓ di Castelfidardo" International Competition and Prize for accordion soloists and ensembles will take place. In addition to the competition in which musicians from various foreign countries will compete in various categories, the program also includes three evenings of concerts to be held at the Centro degli Spettacoli "Piccolo Ranch".

    On Thursday October 9th there will be a tribute to great jazz accordionist, Art Van Damme, who will perform the final concert of his career. He will perform with Augusto Mancinelli on guitar, Massimo Manzi on drums and Stefano Travaglini on bass. Other important figures of the music scene will play to pay their respects to the great maestro.

    The following evening will be completely dedicated to classical music, with performances by the accordion duo of Paulo Jorge Ferreira and Pedro Miguel Santos (Portugal), Jean-Marc Fabiano (France) and the "GM Synthesis 4" Orchestra from Trieste, conducted by Maestro Claudio Furlan.

    On the evening of Saturday October 11th will be the turn of modern music. The evening will open with the rock band from Japan "Coba", led by the world renowned accordionist Yasuhiro Kobayashi (who is also the long time collaborator of the singer from Iceland, Bjork). During the evening the Sonerfisa Prize will be presented to the accordionist of the RAI Orchestra (Italian State Television) Tiziano D'Angeli, to acknowledge his contribution to the promotion of the accordion on television. Mystery still surrounds the announcement of the name of the famous singer of pop music that will be awarded the Prize "Voce d'oro" (offered this year by the Cagnoni Company).

    On the afternoon of Sunday October 12th the event will end with the announcement of the winners in the different categories made by the President of the International Jury Maestro Marco Renzi.


    Contributed by Andrea Rautenberg

    The world biggest accordion newspaper "Intermusik" ( circulation 50,000 worldwide) from Kamen, Germany, celebrates its 5th birthday this October. First edited in 1992 by accordionist and music publisher Ulrich Schmuelling, the Intermusik monthly reports news from the international scene of bellows instruments (accordion, bayan, harmonica, bandoneon, concertina, mouth-organ). There are announcements, reports, results and comments on competitions, championships, concerts, festivals and fairs as well as comments on books, notes, CDs. In August 1997 the INTERMUSIK team around editor Hartmut Lange started to publish a part of their news in English for foreign subscribers. Congratulations to Free copies at


    Contributed by Josef Pospisil, Music Director of Radio Pilsen

    Bohemia Musico - Delicia a.s. is arranging the first competition and festival for accordionists "Horovice 97". This festival will be held on November 14th and 15th and will feature pop music in the following age groups:

    • under 12 years
    • 12 to 16 years
    • over 16 years

    From 1998, this festival will be renamed "Popular 98 - Horovice".


    Contributed by Les Editions Universelles

    Les Editions Universelles (52 rue du Fbg St Martin 75010 Paris) have just published a new Music Sheet Book which includes 20 tangos from Astor Piazzolla, which includes the score for 6 instruments which are: Bandoneon A, Bandoneon B, Violin 1, Violin 2, Piano and Bass. Titles of the Tangos are: Adios Nonino, Bando, Imperial, Pigmalion, S.V.P, Chau Paris, Rio Sena, Tzigane Tango, Contrastes, Preparense Contrabajeando, Plus Ultra, Misma Pena, Fievre, Calle 92, Tanguango, Luz Y Sombra, Nonino, Guardia Nueva and Marron Y Azul.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov

    The Kiev Music Festival '97 is presently taking place in Kiev, Ukraine. Various instruments will be featured by many concert artists including the accordion. On September 28th a concert was held which enthralled the audience with the performance of an unusual quartet, which included the accordion, kobza (a Ukrainen folk instrument) and 2 domras (Russian folk instruments). The Quartet played a new work "Music for Fourth", composed by Victor Vlasov - a Ukrainien accordionist and composer, who has written many pieces for bayan.

    On October 3rd another new work will be performed which was composed by Igor Gaidenko titled "Metamorfozi", it was written for bayan, piano, violin and cello.


    Contributed by Martin Frey

    On Saturday September 27th "Club Des Cents" organised a concert at Estavailler de lac, a picturesque town in the french part of Switzerland, with beautiful lakes and fine wines.

    The concert programme included an Accordion sextet performing Sabre Dance (Katchaturian), Winter (3rd movement, Vivaldi), and the William Tell Overture; 16 year old Carolie Rieder, Hiroho Ito, Christel Sautaux (who performed a special presentation of classical music), Julien Labro (Coupe Mondiale 1996 competitor), Los Tangueros (ensemble from Geneva who performed tangos by Astor Piazolla) and Septette Massalia (from Massaille (France).

    The audience gave several standing ovations to the artists and also to the organisers who are now planning the next "GALA" 1998.


    Contributed by Bruce Peckett

    On September 26th, the duo "Half Cut" performed on a canal boat, something they do quite regularly! This duo play mainly in the South Midlands and Home Counties of England, which is the area between London and Birmingham. Bruce Peckett plays 2 piano accordions (not at the same time!) and Howard Bowden plays acoustic guitar and mandolin.

    They perform traditional folk tunes and songs from the 1930's to the 60's and write original songs about the canals of England and protesting about damage to the environment. The other facet of their performances is a whole range of silly songs and rhymes, some original and some learnt from other performers.

    "Half Cut" performs at canal festivals, boat rallies and canal-side pubs to audiences ranging from the landlord and his dog to 300 or more!


    Contributed by Jane the Cat

    The First meeting of the Bay Area Beginners Accordion Support Group took place on September 25th at 8pm with 4 members in attendance.

    Quite a lot of noise was produced for about 2 hours while members watched each other play and talked about the basic layout of the bass keys and picked out various tunes. Several fingering styles were discussed for bass keys and quite a few beginners books were passed around.

    Important news for those interested in attending! Our normal day of meet is the last Thursday of the month but because of the impending Halloween Holiday our next meet will be on October 23rd.

    If you are interested in information about the group please email:


    Contributed by Per Bolstad

    On October 25th, John Mandelid has organised an accordion concert in Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway. The following artists performed:

    • St. Petersburg Mussette Ensemble (Russia)
    • Emanuelle Rastelli (Italy)
    • F°rde Accordion Orchestra (Norway)
    • Hňvard Svendsrud (Norway)
    • Erling Peters (Norway)
    • Inge Reksten (Norway)
    • Bergen Frosini Ensemble (Bergen)
    • Erik Frank (Sweden)


    Contributed by Sune Olsson

    The "Frosini-Deiro Association" held its 10th anniversary last year in Stockholm. This association has regular gatherings every Thursday evening at Borgarhemmet, H÷galidsgatan 28, Stockholm, for playing and discussing works by Pietro Frosini, Pietro Deiro and other composers. During the last 10 years nearly all of Frosini┤s and Deiro┤s works have been played and discussed. At the end of each meeting, the association has a concert which includes video recordings of appearances which the members may purchase.

    The association has nearly completed archives of Frosini┤s and Deiro┤s compositions and arrangements of which members can also buy copies.

    The association publishes a magazine four times a year which includes a composition or arrangement by Frosini, Deiro or some other interesting composer.


    Contributed by Wayne Knights

    On Sunday 28th October, in the "Sunday Star" (New Zealand's largest Sunday newspaper), there was a letter to the editor that read:

    I refer to the article on September 21st regarding the Otago (a place in New Zealand) scientists being given a grant of $350,000 to find out why men have testes on the outside, while elephants, dolphins and seals keep theirs in the abdomen.

    I belong to a small group of accordionists and we have discussed this matter and wish to know which government department we should apply to for a grant so we can study why elephants, dolphins and seals cannot play the accordion - $100,000 would be sufficient.

    First conference, Hawaii. Elephants, dolphins and seals may apply. By the way, we don't mind if our testes are in or out - just watch the bellows!


    Contributed by Andrea Rautenberg

    In the serial "Prominent persons and their hobbies" the local Dresdner Morgenpost newspaper recently made a presentation to the Saxon minister for economic affairs Kajo Schommer, who relaxes with music of his demanding job. Every evening Schommer sits on the piano. "All the trouble, that other people react over by throwing vases or swearing, I compensate with music", the 57 year old says. Schommer takes out his accordion when he wants to encourage friends to sing. At a staff outing with the department he delighted his colleagues by entertaining them with accordion music.


    Contributed by Mickie Zekley

    Popular music shop "Lark In The Morning" now have a Music School in San Francisco where they offer music lessons for a variety of instruments including the Irish Anglo concertina. For further information phone +1 415 922 4277


    Subject: Congratulations!

    I have read the links on the Internet about Accordions Worldwide and I am very impressed with your initiative to start this global accordion site. I hope Accordions Worldwide will be in a position to continue to grow in the future. Congratulations!

    Sune Olsson

    Thanks Sune! Yes, with the amount of growth in the first year we sincerely hope that with the support of accordionists, accordion organisations and businesses we will continue to keep the rapid growth going. It certainly doesn't seem to be slowing at this point - just the opposite!

    Wayne Knights
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