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The Squeeze
26th September 1997

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Editors note:
From time to time, I hear of accordion teachers wanting to get a bigger accordion for their student. Of course, this must happen from time to time as they outgrow the one they have, and need the capabilities of a larger accordion. What I can't understand however, is rushing into an accordion that is unnecessarily big for the student. This can cause two problems; the bigger the accordion, the heavier it is, which can lead to back and neck problems. The student sometimes cannot cope with a larger instrument, therefore improvises to get around stretching problems, causing bad technique (which can be very hard to get rid of later).

Wayne Knights

This weeks titles:

  • Annual Frosini Grand Prix - Norway
  • "Setkani Heligonkaru" - Horovice, Czech Republic
  • Australian Accordion Teachers Association Concert
  • Melodeon Workshops and Meetings - The Netherlands
  • Mie Miki Recital in Japan
  • Massimiliano Pitocco in Portugal
  • Professor Li Weiming Receives Highest Honour - China
  • National Accordion Competition at Baragiano Scalo - Italy
  • Bay Area Accordion Club Elections - USA
  • Composer's Concert in Ukraine
  • Accordion Activity in Hungary
  • Accordion Demonstration Day - Belgium
  • San Francisco International Accordion Festival - USA
  • 3rd International Andreev's Competition - Russia
  • Exhibition "Perugia Classico" 24th-28th September 1997 - Italy
  • Friedrich Lips CD
  • Accordion Performance Afternoon - New Zealand


    Contributed by Per Bolstad

    The Annual Frosini Grand Prix will be held on October 5th at Nesttunhallen, 5050 Nesttun, Bergen, Norway at 1pm. Accordion soloists are invited to this annual competition. Their program must include two melodies, one of which must be a Pietro Frosini composition, the other in a similar musical style. The winner will later compete in the Nordic FGP, a competition for accordionists of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. They will also be invited to perform at the annual Accordion Galla in the fame hall of Edvard Grieg in Bergen, Norway.

    For further information and bookings phone: +47 55 31 88 57


    Contributed by Josef Pospisil, Music Director of Radio Pilsen

    In August "Setkani Heligonkaru" for diatonic harmonica players is held annually in Horovice, Czech Republic. This year was their 20th anniversary and over 100 players from Czech Republic, Germany and Austria came to perform. Bohemia Musico - Delicia a.s. is the main organiser and sponsor of this event and provide free repairs. Radio "Cesky Rozhlas" assisted with the promotion and publicity of this event.


    Contributed by Tania Lukic-Marx, President of the Australian Accordion Teachers Association

    On Sunday, November 2nd the Australian Accordion Teachers Association (AATA) will hold an accordion concert in the Fairfield School of Arts, Harris Street, Fairfield, Australia at 12 noon. This concert has been organised so that accordion students can perform their pieces in preparation for accordion examinations in November. Students aged from 7 to 17 years old will perform.


    Contributed by Ad Kwakernaat, Diatonisch Nieuwsblad

    On Wednesday October 1st, 15th and 29th and November 12th and 26th, workshops will be held for the two row melodeon in Deventer, Netherlands. The workshop covers the subject: "Chords on the melodyside" where topics covered include knowledge of octaves, chords in the four "chords area" and the practical use of them. For further information contact Anneke Goudkuil phone: + 31 0570 612216.

    On the second and fourth Monday of each month from 8 to 10pm there will be a session for melodeon players in the Irish Pub on the Kattendiep in Groningen, Netherlands for beginners to advanced players.

    For further information contact Trees de Vos, Phone: + 31 050 5420350


    Contributed by Toru Katou

    Mie Miki will give an accordion recital with Christina Taczyk on October 3rd at Kioi Hall, Yotsuya, Tokyo at 7:00pm. They will perform a variety of works including pieces by J.S.Bach, and A.Piazzolla. For details on ticket prices contact: Kioi Hall Ticket Center Phone: + 81 03 3237 0061


    Contributed by Alberto Capotondo, Mengascini

    During the month of November, Maestro Massimiliano Pitocco has been invited to Portugal to hold a series of concerts which will be held in some of the country's major theatres. Pitocco is a professor at the Conservatorio "Piccini" in Bari (Italy) and at the Academia Musicale di Pescara, Pescara, Italy. He is considered one of the best solo accordionists at international level. Born in Pescara (Italy) in 1969, Pitocco started to study the accordion at 7 years of age under the guidance of world famous maestros. He has won several national and international accordion competitions. During the last two years he has been studying the Bandoneon and Astor Piazzolla's music, and he performs with important orchestras and chamber music ensembles.


    Contributed by Shein Joe

    China recently celebrated an annual holiday honouring its teachers. On this day some teachers with significant contributions were specially honoured. In the city of Fuzhou (where there are 6 million residents), ten teachers from just under 3000 candidates were selected to receive this special award.

    Professor Li Weiming was one of these teachers. He is one of the foremost accordion teachers in the province of Fujian, and has recently triumphantly led five of his students who competed in the South Pacific Championships and Australian Championships held in Auckland and Sydney respectively.

    In the world of music, we are indeed privileged to have such a dedicated and talented teacher like Professor Li Weiming who is a great ambassador for the accordion


    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    From the 19th to 21st of September a National Competition for accordion, keyboards, MIDI controllers and ensemble music was held at Baragiano Scalo (Potenza, Italy). The event was organised by the local "Associazione Spazio Musica", with Vincenzo Izzi as the Artistic Director, Giuseppe Tammone President and Paolo Picchio presiding the Jury. Other members of the Jury were: Renzo Ruggieri, Roberto Rogato, Gian Vito Tannoia, Peiro Bonelli, Frano Abbracciantre and Giovanni Miele.

    The accordion winners were:

    • Rinaldi Salvatore
    • Fischione Alessandro
    • Gemelli Marco
    • Pietrodarchi Mario

    On Friday 19th of September, Pino Di Modugno performed in concert playing a number of arrangements and original music which met the public's interest. On Saturday 20th, Renzo Ruggieri presented a concert in which he alternated original music and electronic accordion with arrangements of popular Italian music and improvisations of a very personal kind on the acoustic accordion. He also left the audience interested and satisfied.

    Rich prizes were awarded to the various winners who all performed at the gala evening concert on Sunday 21st.


    Contributed by Marian Kelly

    The Bay Area Accordion Club recently held elections for board positions which will be effective from October 1st. Results are as follows:

    • President: Marian Kelly
    • Vice President: Joe Smiell
    • Secretary: Val Kieser
    • Treasurer: Peter Adler
    • Board members: Frank Montoro, Sharon Walters, Ed Massolo and Herb Meier.

    The Bay Area Accordion Club was founded in 1990 and now is one of the largest in the United States with 360 members, with the majority living within a hundred miles of San Francisco. Meetings are held monthly with attendance usually between 150 and 200 and the Club publishes an 8-page monthly newsletter.

    Popular activities include picnics, accordion ensembles, workshops, and concerts.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov.

    On September 27th an author's concert of composer Yury Shamo will take place at the Kiev Historical Museum, Kiev, Ukraine.

    The contemporary style of music for various instruments, written by Yury Shamo, will be presented by many performers. Among them, Vadim Khavrun, laureate of several accordion competitions, will present accordion music: Choral and Sonata No. 3 for Bayan.


    Contributed by Sergei Semionov

    An Accordion Meeting, dedicated to the beginning a new studying year, will be held on October 15th in Tatabanya, Hungary. The meeting agenda will include discussion on opening a Music College, which will include an accordion class, and future events in Hungary including a competition for Talented Students in December 1997, winter accordion concerts and workshops in January 1998 and a final competition for talented students in March 1998.


    Contributed by Jos Pieters

    On November 16th the "Accordeon Ensemble Henri De Decker" will give a demonstration in Belgium Zwijndrecht, Gildenhuis, Statiestraat 28. Everybody is welcome to attend; admission is free with plenty of parking available. The ensemble will be performing songs from their repertoire from 2 to 6pm. For further information email:


    Contributed by Steven Albini

    The San Francisco International Accordion Festival will take place on October 18th and 19th at the Anchorage Center on Fisherman's Wharf, 500 Beach St. This Festival features numerous well known accordionists and groups. A highlight of the annual festival is the "Main Squeeze" competition which will take place on Sunday October 19th.

    For more information, phone the Anchorage at: + 1 415 775-6000.


    Contributed by Alexandr Dmitriev

    The 3rd International Competition of Young Performers will be held from March 24th to 31st 1998 in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is dedicated to Vasiliy Andreev, a prominent Russian balalaika player of the 19th Century, talented organiser and propagandist of Russian folk music and founder of the first all-Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra. His 135th anniversary was celebrated by Russian musicians in January 1996.

    The aim of the competition is to encourage young performers who play folk instruments and to promote folk music. The accordion is one of the foremost instruments of the competition which is for soloists, orchestras and groups. Competition classes are held in two sections, 9 years and under and 18 years and under.

    For further information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Paolo Picchio

    From 24th to 28th September, many of the accordion manufacturers of Castelfidardo will once again participate in the exhibition-fair "Perugia Classico" that will be held in the medieval settings of the Rocca Paolina in Perguia, Italy. This is being organised by the Comune, in collaboration with Pro Loco and under the guidance of Paolo Picchio. The manufacturers participating are:

    • Baffetti
    • Ballone-Burini
    • Beltuna
    • Bompezzo
    • Brandoni
    • Pigini
    • Rosciani
    • Tombolini
    • Victoria
    • Zero Sette

    Also participating are the companies Sem and Satagnani from Recanti, and Serenelli from Loreto. Every day there will be some young musicians performing by the accordion stand. They will also be available to the public to give information on the history of the accordion, the symbol of Castelfidardo. During the most crowded days, six artists from Castelfidardo will show the different phases of accordion construction. During the entire exhibition there will be many seminars and concerts inside the vast show grounds.


    Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

    Friedrich Lips' new CD "Snowfall at Night" contains a variety of music including Sergej Berinskij (1946) three pieces in "mauvais" style (1992) - L'amour!, Kchoo, and Partando Vulp. Each of these titles sounds rather abstract and they arouse one's imagination and emotional perception. Yuji Takahashi's "Like a water-buffalo" (1985) is a philosophical contemplation of the sense of being. "From dusk to the light" (1995) is Edison Denissov's first piece of music for bajan solo. In this music peace marks the music from beginning to end. He wants to present the inspiration of the intellect, the quiet contemplation of a person's old age.

    In his "Phantasy 84" Jürgen Ganzer (1950) uses the stereo-effect of two bajan-keyboards in a masterly manner. A basic element of this piece is the premonition of inevitability and things unexplained, the waiting for the unknown, the fact that there could be changes in life.

    Wladislaw Solotarjow's Chamber Suite (1965) is based on the romantic poetry of the famous Russian poet Alexander Blok. The titles of the various pieces are rather poetic and also point towards their contents:

      1. Evening Prelude
      2. Moonlight spurting outdoors
      3. Snowfall by night
      4. Mysterious Visions
      5. I am calling instances of gloomy sorrow
      6. An old fairy tale.


    Contributed by Christine Adams

    On Sunday September 21st the North Shore Music Education Centre held a performance afternoon for students of the accordion, piano, keyboard and guitar. The youngest accordion performer was six years old. Five accordion orchestras including North Shore Novices, Juniors, Music Makers, Accordiana and the Hibiscus Coast Accordion Orchestra also performed a variety of music.

    This performance afternoon gave students a chance to perform their examination pieces in preparation for the New Zealand Accordion Association examinations which were held on Thursday September 25th.


    Subject: My page


    Your site has been a blessing to me. Full of information and I met some good friends here.

    Now I finally got a site up. 3 pages. I'd like to give you and SqueezinArt a feature spot on my music page as links. Can I have permission to use a miniature of your logo as a push button link from my site to yours? I'd like your logo and Squeezin art's right at the top of the "Music Links" section.

    Allen Zagel

    Hi Allen,

    Thanks for the really nice comments! I'm glad you are enjoying the site. Congratulations on your site also.

    Yes, you have my permission to use the Accordions Worldwide logo for a link to Accordions Worldwide. To use the SqueezinArt logo, I suggest you contact Dan Grauman and ask him for permission (as it's not my site I can't give permission for this). His email is:

    Yours musically,

    Wayne Knights
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