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1st August 1997

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Editors note:
It seems that things here at Accordions Worldwide never stop! We are getting busier all the time, with sites from accordion manufacturers Pigini, Cemex and Mengascini coming on line within the next few weeks.

There are some countries that I know have lots of accordion activity, but have been a little slow in sending us news. If you are from a country that you don't read much about, please don't hesitate to send us up to date news items of about 2 to 3 paragraphs. It could be a concert or competition review, a new CD, anything that is of interest to accordionists. I look forward to hearing more from these areas of the world.

Wayne Knights

Emails to the Editor

This weeks titles:

  • Latin Music Party in Japan
  • Accordion Weekend in Iceland
  • UMKC Accordion Ensemble Tour to Europe
  • 3rd International Accordion Seminar, Alcobaca, Portugal
  • The First "Panda" Festival in Sichuan Province
  • French Accordionist Richard Galliano in Italy
  • Accordion Orchestra Hof in Concert - Germany
  • Accordionist and Violinist in Concert - USA
  • The Fourth Accordion Festival in Beijing City, China
  • German Conservatory Competition in Nuremberg
  • Fourth Accordion Master Class in San Sebastian, Spain
  • Through the Silence - France
  • West Japan Accordion Fellows' Party
  • Accordion Plays Role in Musical - Germany
  • Children Entertain on the Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand
  • CD Review Book Release


    Contributed by Kenji Katsube

    On August 3rd, at the Myo-Renji temple, a Latin Music Party will be held for Latin music fans as well as for Latin American people living in Kyoto. The Japanese Tex-Mex Conjunto, Los Gatos, will perform from 1pm for one hour, followed by a demonstration of the accordion's musical versatility, promoting accordion music to the Japanese audience. There will also be some "Salsa" orchestras performing, in the Japanese serene temple area, where you can seldom enjoy Latin music.

    For further information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Johann Gunnarsson

    On the first weekend in August each year the Icelandic accordion magazine "Harmonikan" arranges an outing for accordion fans in Thrastaskogur, a town near Selfoss. The owners of "Harmonikan" have been organising this event for over 10 years with ever growing popularity. For three days people gather with their tents and caravans, and of course their accordions.

    There are no formal concerts, but whenever someone starts a tune, several others will immediately join them. In addition to the music there are a lot of social activities such as walks and games for the children including dances in the evenings.


    Contributed by Joan Cochran Sommers

    The UMKC Accordion Ensemble Concert Tour to Europe was indeed a great success. The 13 accordionists and 1 percussionist, directed by Joan Cochran Sommers, presented concerts in venues in the cities of Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Munich. All concerts were sold out, and in many cases extra chairs had to be brought in.

    Music performed included the following selections:

    • Excerpts from "An American in Paris" (Gershwin)
    • Medley from "A Fiddler on the Roof" (Bock & Harnick)
    • "All That Jazz" from Chicago (Kander & Ebb)
    • Solina (J. Lisenby)
    • Prelude and Fugue in G, BWV 541 (Bach)
    • Dance of the Comedians (Smetana)
    • Granada (Lara)
    • The Syncopated Clock (Anderson)
    • The Ragtime Dance (Joplin)
    • Excerpts from "Capriccio Espagnol" (Rimsky-Korsakov)

    Joan Sommers also conducted the UMKC group and the accordion orchestra from Maisach in a combined performance of "Rhapsodie Andalusia" (Gotz).

    Professor Herbert Scheibenreif of Neunkirchen, Austria assisted with the organisation of the UMKC concerts.


    Contributed by Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    The 3rd International Accordion Seminar took place from July 19th to 27th in Alcobaca, which was organised by the Alcobaca Accordion Association (President Anibal Freire).

    Included were Seminars and workshops, Concerts and a Competition of young accordionists.

    Teachers and performers from Spain, Russia and Portugal took part, with. Viatcheslav and Natalie Semionov performing two concerts during this event.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    From September 24th to 29th, the first "Panda" Festival will be held in Chengdu City in the province of Sichuan, which is being sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Government. During the festival there will be a wide variety of activities held on the streets, square and theatres of the city. At the Opening Ceremony there will be a grand performance which is to be given on the Chengdu Peoples Square at which 500 accordionists will play in a massed orchestra. The performers are all children, the youngest of which is only 7 years old. They will perform Danube Waves, The Little Driver and Cavalry March.


    Contributed by Cemex

    Celebrated French accordionist Richard Galliano was recently in Italy performing a number of concerts. After having successfully performed in Bologna during the festival "Bologna Sogna" in mid July, he then went on to Siena on July 24th, where he performed with the Toscana Orchestra.

    Richard Galliano, direct heir of Astor Piazzolla, composes and performs music deriving from "musette" in which you can find reminiscences of swing, strong echoes of tango, waltzes from the French bistros, and ballads of Billy Evans, all together in wonderful taste, bringing out the best of the French tradition.


    Contributed by Gunther Zeilinger

    The accordion orchestra Hof gave a magnificent open air concert as part of the Hof Theresienstein Concerts on July 27th, to an audience of more than 800 people. The orchestra presented its entire repertoire and carried the audience away with works like West Side Story, Overture from Mozart’s "Die Zauberflouml", Tritsch Tratsch polka, Porgy and Bess, and Overture from Rosamunde.

    For the accordion orchestra Hof this was a dignified ending to the season. Now preparations are underway for a tour of South Africa from August 18th to October 5th.


    Contributed by Jim Wadowick

    Jim Wadowick, accordionist, and Liz Ann Harbuck, violinist, performed a program of French musette and pop music for the opening of the Rodin Art Exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Montgomery, Alabama on Wednesday, July 23rd.

    Jim Wadowick has been an professional accordionist for 55 years and is an associate professor of music at Troy State University where he teaches theory, music education, applied brass, and applied strings. He has an accordion music publishing business currently with over fifty pieces of accordion music in his catalogue. The music ranges from classical free-bass to jazz, ethnic, and country music.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    The Fourth Accordion Festival will be held from August 11th to 15th in Beijing. It is being sponsored by the Chinese Accordion Society. As a part of the festival, a small competition will be held for children, and six concerts will be performed, including a guest appearance from Professor Owen Murray.

    For further information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Herbert Scheibenreif

    Young accordionist Wolfgang Dimetrik was runner up at the German Conservatory Competition this year in Nuremberg. Born in Austria, he studies at the Würzburg Hermann Zilcher Conservatory under Stefan Hussong. Dimetrik proved his talent at this competition, which was held for all types of instruments. The success of this young Austrian, whose musical level is impressingly high already for his young age, is reflected in his significantly fast career so far.


    Contributed by Anne Landa

    On Sunday July 27th, the Fourth Accordion Master Class in San Sebastián, Spain celebrated their final concert with the participation of all the students who came from the likes of Madrid, Rome, Bilbao, Barcelona and Santander. They premiered a work by themselves called "Sinfonia del Hibrido" with three poems by the basque writer Bernardo Atxaga.

    From July 18th to 27th, several other events have taken place in the town. A master class was held by Claudio Jacomucci and Anne Landa, a concert by the Acco Land duo (performing music by Bach, Gubaidulina, Mencherini, Pagliarani), and a lecture about the accordion organology was held by Jose Maria Lopez. The official presentation of Acco Land - the new Spanish Accordion Association to promote accordion events also took place. All events were well attended by the public.


    Contributed by Claude Cavagnolo of Europe Musique Instruments

    The alliance between percussionist Erwan Chotard and accordionist Jacquis Cilento, has led to the formation of an original duo.

    They "come out of the shadows" and carry on a lively dialogue, destroying all stereotypes. The music, which is composed and played by the artists, is woven with their own characteristics, serving both as memory and as a glimpse of the future.

    Together they are offering to visit schools to play their new musical creation: "Through the Silence". The students will discover for themselves the original and contemporary sound of the accordion, associated with a rich range of percussion instruments. After the concert, students ask questions and play alongside the musicians, in order to understand different approaches and techniques.

    For more information, contact: Jacquis Cilento, 12, rue de la Fosse Rouge, 94370 Sucy en Brie, France. Phone: +33 (0)1 49 82 39 89


    Contributed by Toru Katou

    The West Japan Accordion Fellows' Party will be held on August 30th and 31st at the Kansai Area Students' Seminar House, Ikuno Aza Rokugo 318-2, Kitaku Dojocho, Kobe-City. (15 minutes taxi drive from JR Sanda Station).

    This is a yearly meeting to practice and enjoy the accordion. This year's guests are the New Ensemble Accorde from Tokyo, whose members are mainly women. Teachers include Chikaie Yoshida, Sonki Kinoshita, Yoshihisa Fujibayashi and Sugan Kim.

    The theme tune this year which will be practiced over the party weekend is an accordion arrangement of "Westside Story".

    Cost: 19,000 yen. For further information contact Ms Yamamoto in Osaka, Telephone or Fax: + 81 6 0722 27 7600


    The musical "Brel - The Last Performance" has been on stage since June 12th at the Schillertheater in Berlin, Germany, with Klaus Hoffmann taking the leading role. The accordion, played by young German accordionist Uwe Steger, also plays a major role in the band.

    Performances are daily except Monday and Tuesday and takes a break from July 21st to 31st, but continues again from August. Talks are in progress about lengthening the season until December, followed by a tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada.


    Contributed by Christine Adams

    On July 28th, three members of the Hibiscus Coast Accordion Orchestra (aged from 6 to 9 years) entertained members of five Country Women’s Institutes at their "Group Day". The children played solos and duets, impressing the audience with their performance, who afterwards asked many questions about their accordions and presented the children with gifts.


    Contributed by Henry Doktorski

    US Classical accordionist Henry Doktorski has released the second edition of his CD Review book. This 115 page edition includes 50 reviews featuring the accordion, concertina & bandoneon on a wide range of music styles and various orchestrations such as solo accordion, accordion with other instruments, and accordion with symphony orchestra. It also includes a list of retailers who stock accordion CD’s.

    It is hoped that this book will benefit free-reed performers, their record labels and the customers who wish to purchase their products.


    Subject: Yogi

    Hi Webmaster,

    I have read the article concerning Yogi, and would like to know if he has an album I can purchase

    P. Dibono

    Yogi has been working on this for a while now, and should have it completed before the end of the year. I will keep you informed!

    He really is a great jazz player, and I have heard some of the tracks already done - they're awesome.


    Wayne Knights
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