11 April 2008
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Fisitalia Blue

Vivant! hold CD Launch Concert, Kansas City - USA
Vladisalv Pligovka (Belarus) Master Classes – Australia
Mika Väyrynen to present World Premiere of Kusjakov's last composition, London – UK
ATG Announces Featured Artistes, Nashville – USA
Concert from a para glider – France
Reports of Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals etc
Marching Accordion Band Celebrates 50years, Belfast - UK
Accordion Festival, Samara - Russia
Future Events
Tom Alexander’s English Tour
Paris-Moscow Duo’s Ten Years, Auvergne – France
TRIO P.S.P. tours Austria
Pearl Fawcett-Adriano Concert, Guildford - UK
Ferran Martinez Concerts, Barcelona – Spain
Cafe Accordion Orchestra Events, Minneapolis - USA
Lithuanian Duo Tour Poland
Marko Hatlak Concert, Jena – Germany
The Craven Accordion Orchestra in Concert

CD Review
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An A to Z of the Accordion
Vivant! hold CD Launch Concert, Kansas City - USA
Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

Kansas City based Vivant! recently held a successful CD launch Concert and Signing Party in Kansas City. A multitalented ensemble of musicians, the member's primary musical training has been centred around the accordion, in addition to various other keyboard instruments and other acoustic and percussion instruments.

The focus of the group is to share the unique versatility of the accordion and the various styles of music that are possible to produce with the instrument, and is evident in the diverse assortment of material performed by the group including original works by Karen Fremar as well as a variety of transcriptions.

Musicians in the group include Janne Silfverberg - trombone, Gail Overly, Erica VandeVoort, Karen Fremar, Julie Silfverberg, Dee Siglar and Sarrah Cantrell - percussion.

For further information email: vivant@vivantsound.com
Accordion Repairs Made Easy
Vladisalv Pligovka (Belarus) Master Classes – Australia
Contributed by Tania Lukic-Marx, AATA President

Vladisalv Pligovka of Belarus will hold accordion Master Classes in Sydney, Australia, June 9th and 10th during the weekend of the Australian International Accordion Championships run by the AATA.

Vladislav is an internationally renowned accordion concert artiste and the winner of two prestigious international accordion competitions: 2007 Kiev International Accordion Competition and 2007 Klingenthal International Accordion Competition.

The Master Classes by Vladisalv Pligovka are open to all interested in participating. For more information and to enrol, before May 1st, email: tanialm@optusnet.com.au

Mika Väyrynen World Premiere of Kusiakov's last composition - UK
Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen will perform the much anticipated World Premiere of renowned composer Anatoli Kusiakov's Sonata No. 7 ‘Misterium’ at a concert at the Royal Academy of Music in London on April 14th.

Kusiakov's last work before his untimely passing on July 11, 2007, this Sonata No. 7 was dedicated to Mika. While in London, Mika will also conduct a Master Class for students of the Royal Academy of Music.

From London, Mika will travel to France to conduct two days of Master Classes at Le Conservatoire de Paris (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique) on April 16th and 17th, where the Director of Accordion is the renowned accordionist Max Bonnay.
Gary Dahl esheet
ATG Announces Featured Artistes, Nashville – USA
Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

The 68th Annual Accordionists and Teachers Guild (ATG) Competition and Festival will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, from June 12th to 15th, at the Hotel Preston at 733 Briley Parkway, Nashville.

This year's festival will feature an outstanding array of virtuoso accordionists including those from the USA and Russia. Featured artistes include extraordinary Russian accordionist Alexander Shirunov, former ATG Champion and recording artist Jeff Lisenby and Seattle based Jazz musician Murl Allen Sanders.

In addition to these outstanding artistes, the festival will feature many activities such as workshops, concerts, the popular Festival Orchestra, various social events, and many other accordion activities of interest to everyone who likes the accordion.

For further information, email ATG President Joan C. Sommers at: Sommersj@umkc.edu or visit www.accordions.com/atg
Titano Accordion Company
Concert from a para glider – France
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Jean-Louis Noton and Nono Venturini will give a concert on a para glider at the ski-resort La Plagne in France on Friday the 18th of April. They are going to fly above mountain resort "Plagne 2000" and will play with an HF audio system for "l'apérot ski".....

For further information email: jl.noton@wanadoo.fr
The Ins and Outs of the Accordion

Marching Accordion Band Celebrates 50years, Belfast - UK
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Albertbridge Accordion Band was formed on August 9th 1957, and it’s first members were seven members of the Boys Brigade who had reached 18 years of age, the leaving age, and who did not want to lose touch with each other. This group formed an accordion band, and one of them, Billy Cummings, has been the Treasurer since the very beginning. Eventually the band admitted female accordionists.

In Northern Ireland there is a long established tradition of bands that march through the streets on parades, and some of these are accordion bands. These bands wear uniforms, and include drummers in their ranks. The Albertbridge Accordion Band takes part in the annual Orange Day Parade on July 12th, and other parades and festivals linked to the Ulster Loyalist tradition.

The Albertbridge Accordion Band has high standards of performance and dress, but also enjoys playing to the crowds, and its members have a sense of humour.

The band’s website notes: “We have had many laughs with the funny things that happened to us, such as marching into the wrong street as the band went on up the road, getting flags caught in trees, competing with the Duke of York Pipe Band who were practising in the room upstairs, and we even had a mouse eat the Canadian flag”.

For further information email: rab1957@albertbridge.org
Finland Recordings
Accordion Festival, Samara - Russia
Contributed by Claude Cavagnolo

The Accordion Festival in Samara, a large city of European Russia, situated 2,600 km to the south of Moscow, took place from March 26th to 30th.

Amongst the Russian classical players were some French guest performers, including Alain Musichini with his jazz quartet and Joao Frade from Portugal, who were greeted very enthusiastically.

Last year Eric Bouvelle was a guest artist in this big festival organized by Sergueï Voitenko, the leader of the group BAYAN MIX, that popularises the classical music manner disco with dancers, video on screens plasma, light games being delirious etc.

The Russians are becoming much more interested in French music, players and instruments, such as those made by Cavagnolo, and the different styles of music they are performing.

Tom Alexander’s English Tour
Contributed by Rob Howard

Leading Scottish accordionist Tom Alexander, from Glasgow, goes on a short tour of English accordion clubs in mid-April. Tom Alexander is best known as half of Scottish show business legends The Alexander Brothers. The tour dates include:

April 11th – Club Accord, Birmingham
12th – Soar Valley Accordion Club, Leicester
15th – North Staffs AC
16th, 8pm – Stockport Accordion Club

For further information email: tom@alexanderbrothers.com
The International Trio - CD
Paris-Moscow Duo’s Ten Years, Auvergne – France
Contributed by Rob Howard

Domi Emorine and Roman Jbanov have each won numerous accordion competitions, including world championships. In 1997 they began to perform together, and their styles complemented each other so well they formed the Paris-Moscow Duo, and have visited Canada, China, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK. They often lead master classes in addition to concert performances, and in 2007 celebrate ten years together.

The Duo’s future dates include:

April 19th and 20th – concerts in the Salle du Foyer, Marcigny, Saône-et-Loire; email: ot.marcigny-semur@wanadoo.fr
May 9th to 13th – concerts and master classes at ‘Accordions International 2008’, Blackpool, UK. Also appearing Giancarlo Caporilli (Italy), Gary Blair, Romano Viazzani, Harry Hussey, Bert Santilly and Stefan Andrusyschyn, (UK); email: heather@accordions.karoo.co.uk
May 23rd and 24th – festival, Drancy, France
July 11th – festival, St Jeannet, France
July 18th to 20th – festival, Alcobaca, Portugal
August 9th to 14th – festival, La Bourboule, France

For further information email: duopm@orange.fr
Aww Recordings
TRIO P.S.P. tours Austria

After its successful tour in 2007 TRIO P.S.P. (Perez-Sabatier-Pedreira) will be coming to Austria again. Ciro Perez performed with the big names of the ‘Tango’ Music during many years in Buenos Aires. Norberto Pedreira is a key ‘avant-garde’ Latin musician in the mix of the rhythms of the Latin-American continent. William Sabatier has an amazing knowledge and passion for the ‘Tanguera’ Culture. Since his teens, he has been spending his time with the best European Tango musicians.

Each of them has a very strong personality but once they put all their energy together, they become as ‘one’. They are on the same page, speak the same language called ‘Tango’ and above all, they have the same concept on how they should visualize, read, approach it. The magic and the deep connexion between Ciro, William and Norberto allows them to share intense and spontaneous moments of music. We can call them ‘Real Tangueros’.

William Sabatier - bandoneon is a Frenchman, Ciro Perez and Norberto Pedreira were born in Argentina, all three of them are living in Paris, France.

The tour dates will be as follows:

April 17th, 7pm - Rehab-Zentrum, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria
18th, 8pm - Cult-beisl-restaurant, Wimpassing
19th, 8pm - Haus am Ring, Bad Leonfelden
21st, 8pm - LGV-Saal, Leibnitz
22nd, 8pm - Sargfabrik, Vienna
24th, 8.30pm - Völkermarkt, Step
25th, 8pm - Jazz-Keller, Schloss Porcia, Spittal / Drau
27th, 8pm - Freie Bühne Mayer, Mödling

For further information email: herbert@accordion-cd.co.at
Fisitalia Black
Pearl Fawcett-Adriano Concert, Guildford - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Pearl Fawcett-Adriano is the guest artiste at Guildford Accordion Club on Friday April 18th, doors open at 7pm. The concert takes place at The Village Hall, Ripley, near Guildford, Surrey.

For further information email: myrabrooks@blueyonder.co.uk
Karthause Schmuelling Musik and Media
Ferran Martinez Concerts, Barcelona – Spain
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Spanish accordionist Ferran Martinez, performing a program on the Russian Bayan that includes music by C.Oudrid, A.Piazzolla, J.S.Bach, I.Albéniz and F.Tárrega, as follows:

April 19th – ‘La caixa’, Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona
27th - ‘La caixa’, Mataro, Barcelona

For further information email: acordio@ferranmartinez.net
Viatcheslav Semionov CD's  for sale
Cafe Accordion Orchestra Events, Minneapolis - USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Café Accordion Orchestra performs an eclectic mix of vintage Swing, Latin, American, and French Café Music.

The CAO, featuring accordionist Dan Newton, perform as follows:

April 12th, 7pm - St Barnabas Lutheran Church, Plymouth, MN
26th, 9.30pm - The Times Bar and Cafe, 201 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN

For further information email: daddysqueeze@yahoo.com
Alexander Shirunov CD forsale
Lithuanian Duo Tour Poland

Accordionist Raimondas Sviackevicius and cellist Mindaugas Backus are very active promoters of contemporary Lithuanian music. They often perform together, work as soloists, as a trio with violinist Vytautas Mikeliunas, or with other groups.

The duo will tour Poland in April, promoting new works by Lithuanian composers Bronius Kutavicius, Jurgita Miezelyte, Anatolijus Senderovas, including a world premiere of Juste Janulyte’s work ‘Aria’. The duo’s concert dates include:

April 18th - festival in Sanok, Poland
20th - Miejski Dom Kultury music and poetry festival, Czechowice-Dziedzice
21st - Bielsko-Biala
22nd - ‘Musica moderna’ concert cycle, Academy of Music, Lodz
23rd - W.Lutoslawski's Forum for Contemporary Music, Lublin

For further information email: sviackevicius@gmail.com
William Schimmel CD's
Marko Hatlak Concert, Jena – Germany
Contributed by Rob Howard

Slovenian accordionist Marko Hatlak performs in concert on Monday April 14th, 8pm, at Volksbad Jena, Knebelstraße 10, 07743 Jena, Germany.

Marko Hatlak studied at the Franz List School for Music in Weimar, Germany, and is a master of various styles, including Tango Nuevo.

For further information email: jenakultur@jena.de
Sebastiano Cali
The Craven Accordion Orchestra in Concert

The Craven Accordion Orchestra under the Musical Direction of Harry Hinchcliffe is delighted to be performing for the second year in succession in the Idyllic North Yorkshire town of Settle on 12th April 2008 at 7-30 pm.

The Concert to be held in Settle Parish Church will feature Soloists from local schools from the Settle area. The orchestra will be performing a varied repertoire of music ranging from popular classics such as Granada by Lara, to Theme from Titanic "My Heart Will Go On", swinging along to Little Boogie and no concert would complete without a Traditional Tyrolean Polka/March.

For further information email: cravenschoolofmusic@hotmail.co.uk
Fisitalia Black

  Review by Joan C Sommers

Almost Home

by David Lange (accordion) with assisting artists
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Charnwood Graded Music

The United States National Accordion News has been updated to the April edition. The Feature Review in April offers a summary of the recent National Accordion Association Convention held in Texas.

Accordion Jazz Chords

MusicForAccordion.com (MFA) Celebrates 1,000th eSheet Publication. The e-sheet music publication section is celebrating a major milestone publishing its 1,000th piece of music. MusicForAccordion.com has developed into an extensive and popular online store containing accordion music of all levels and styles available as downloadable .pdf files emailed to the client who pay using the secure bank server credit card payment system.

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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week