07 September 2007
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

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Strumenti e Musica is Back - Italy
Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann - Tullamore - Ireland
CMA Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon - Russia
Hohner 150th Anniversary – Germany
First Roland V - Accordion Festival in South America – Brazil
Reports of Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals etc
Patricia Holloway Passes Away - UK
Future Events
Semionov Concerts and Masterclasses – Netherlands
Pascal Contet Future Concerts - France
Veronika Todorova Band Concerts – Germany
Victor Prieto Gigs in New York – USA
Chango Spasiuk at the Skirball Cultural Center - USA
An A to Z of the Accordion
CD Review
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STRUMENTI E MUSICA is back - Italy

It was April 1948 when, with some impetus from the Farfisa company,a new music magazine began its formidable editorial ascent. The magazine, simply entitled FISARMONICA, had the objective of linking together musicians, enthusiasts, teachers and manufacturers of an instrument that was rapidly becoming popular. Following the trend of its readers it evolved in January 1965 into STRUMENTI E MUSICA and stayed that way until 2003 when the unforgettable Maestro Bio Boccosi (picture above), director and driving force of the magazine stopped working at the age of 92.

At that moment a great void was created, even if partly filled by the fine efforts of certain artists and intellectuals. The disappearance of a periodical magazine which provided news, published results of competitions and reviews of festivals, told of the schools of the CDMI, publicized instruments and artists, made known new talents; was particularly sad for me.

Friends and colleagues know that I have always wanted to revive the publication, increasing its possibilities and inserting some multilingual articles. For this aim, I have searched for, proposed to, insisted and in the end, found a committed and qualified editorial staff. The friendship of great artists and teachers has done the rest.

The editorial office is already independent, although I will always take it upon myself to ask them for creativity and at the same time will do my best to facilitate contacts and connections especially those outside of Italy.

My heartfelt thanks go to Fabio Boccosi who has allowed Strumenti e Musica to start again. We will always be thankful to him and his father Bio who created it.
Mirco Patarini (pictured above)
Subscribe Now to Strumenti e Musica
Yehuda Oppenheimer
Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann - Tullamore - Ireland
Contributed by Harley Jones

The annual Fleadh from August 19th to 26th is the worlds largest festival of Irish music, song and dance with 10,000 plus performers and over 250,000 people gathering from all over the world for this week of cultural celebration.

The accordion is prominent in the many duets, groups and bands, with Irish music being featured everywhere at a huge selection of outdoor and indoor concerts, céilithe, parades, workshops, competitions, on street sessions and events throughout the week.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Fleadh is the huge numbers of musicians participating “with music everywhere” creating a wonderful atmosphere for the event, a feature many accordion festivals could imitate more.

As part of the Fleadh, there are also 131 music competitions including categories for: button accordion, piano accordion, concertina, one row melodeon, accordion bands, plus duet, group and band classes which frequently featured accordion too. Accordion Results. If you love accordion and Irish music, this is an event not to be missed.
Yehuda Oppenheimer
Contributed by Frederic Deschamps

Updated information about the Trophée Mondial 2007 de l'Accordéon to be held in Samara Russia from the 4th to 8th of November, 2007 is now on the website of the Confédération Mondiale L'Accordéon - CMA.

Information updates include the Program of the event, the music requirements of each category and the entry forms.
Gary Dahl esheet
Contributed by Harley Jones

150 years of Hohner, and 150 years of Trossingen as a town of music is a special cause for celebration! I will be attending the event at Trossingen City where so much history of the accordion has been initiated. Hohner have made a complete website about the 150th Anniversary event in English and in German I will be making a Special Report of the event including some history of the Hohner Company and the accordion activities of the weekend. Hohner 150th Anniversary Celebration Report - Germany.
Titano Accordion Company
First Roland V - Accordion Festival in South America – Brazil
Contributed by Samantha Albuquerque, Marketing Dep, Roland Brazil

More than 800 people attended the 1st Roland V-Accordion Festival in South America on the 1st September at the Elis Regina Auditorium in Sao Paulo. The event was an absolute success and the audience very impressed from beginning to the end.

Bruno Moritz Neto (picture left) is the winner of the Brazilian final and finalist for the International final. He is 24 years old, from Santa Catarina city and he studies music at University of Sao Paulo (USP). He played Chick Corea´s Spain and Astor Piazzola´s Oblivion with the Roland FR-7.

There were 5 contestants:
Bruno Moritz Neto (from Santa Catarina, played FR-7)
Franscisco das Chagas Gomes da Silva (from Rio de Janeiro, played FR-7)
Joao Roberto de Santana Alves (from Pernambuco, played FR-7)
Jorge Trautmann dos Santos (from Paraná, played FR-7)
Olivio Souza Filho (from SÃo Paulo, played FR-3)

The jury (picture left to right) were:
Takao Shirahata, CEO of Roland Brazil.
Oswaldinho do Acordeon, one of the most famous accordionists in Brazil;
Miguel Briamonte, teacher and musical director;
Nilton Corazza, pianist, keyboardist and journalist
Gabriel Levy, teacher of acordion at the Tom Jobim Conservatory;

The jury evaluated on the basis of playing skill, musicality, creativity, as well as capability to utilise the unique characteristics and potential of the V-Accordion models. There was only one point between Bruno in 1st place and Franscisco Chagas, 2nd place (picture right) with Jorge Trautmann dos Santos 3rd (picture left).

The successful evening closed with a concert by Oswaldinho do Acordeon and Band.

Next Dates will be:
12th of October - Czech Final
30th of September - United Kingdom final at the Royal Academy of Music, London. For this, Roland have extended the entry deadline until 10th September due to postal strike. Entry forms from: http://www.roland.co.uk/accordionsignup/accordionwelcome.asp for info

eSheet Music
Patricia Holloway Passes Away - UK
Contributed by Caroline Fields

Patricia Holloway, one half of the marimba and accordion duo The Holloways, played all over the world on cruise ships, in theatres and concert halls in summer seasons, pantomimes and cabaret, along with husband Guy. They have worked alongside Des O’Connor, Ken Dodd, Harry Hill, Jimmy Cricket, Roy Hudd, Norman Vaughan, Frankie Vaughan, Shirley Bassey and Bruce Forsyth to name but a few.

Patricia Holloway
Born in Chingford, Essex in 1939, Pat began her musical career at the age of 12 with her older brother Johnny, playing accordions, violins, singing and dancing. They toured variety theatres as The Pantellas for many years and Pat went solo whilst Johnny set up a successful business and later became general manager of The Mermaid Theatre on the banks of the Thames.

Pat and Guy met while playing in Grin and Splash, a touring revue for Foster’s Agency. Guy spotted the talent in Pat and asked her to form a double act and, after touring together for five years, decided to make the partnership a permanent one by getting married. They had been married for almost 45 years.

A dear friend and colleague, Pat was known by almost every pro in the business as being kind, caring and having a wicked sense of humour. She died quietly on July 6, aged 68 of cancer.

Finland Recordings
Semionov Concerts and Masterclasses – Netherlands
Contributed by Annemarieke van der Ploeg

In October this year, Viatcheslav Semionov will come to the Netherlands. He will give concerts and masterclasses.

17 October, Masterclasses: 2-5 pm hours Tilburg,
18 October, Pauluskerk Tilburg Masterclasses: 10am to 5 pm
19 October, Concert Pauluskerk, Heuvelstraat 141, 8pm
For further information email about Tilsburg: info@accordeonschoolformant.nl
21 October, Concert Kooger Kerk Zuid-Scharwoude (NH), Concert 3pm
For further information about this concert email aholland@cistron.nl
24 October, Doopsgezinde kerk, masterclasses, for Information contact Willem Molenbuur: 0519 518321
25 October Arnhem Masterclasses.
For further information email j.holvast@planet.nl
26 October Concert in "het Domein" Weverstraat 16 in Arnhem at 8pm
28 October Concert in het Van Goghkerkje in Zundert Van Goghplein 1, 4881 DG Zundert at 3:30 pm
For further information Phone: 076 5976419 or 06 20352408 or email: concerten-vangoghkerkje@hotmail.com
Fisitalia black
Pascal Contet Future Concerts - France
Contributed by Rob Howard

Some of the future concerts by Pascal Contet.
Next musical appointment and first event as a artist-associate: Avant-première “Le VENT DES ANCHES” for professionals by invitation 12 September 6:30 pm Montbeliard. Reserve Phone 0805 710 700

Music improvised with European, Chinese, of Central Asian influence. Also creations of miniature electroacoustics with David Jissewith Carol Robinson, clarinetes, Byrbyne, Wu Wei, Sheng, Ehru, Tom Mays, sound and visual treatment, Xavier Lazarini, lumières, Christina Clar, son of Pascal Contet, conception et accordéon.

Other dates
21 NOVEMBRE MACON-Scène nationale (Festival Why Note)
Friedrich Lips CD Collection
Veronika Todorova Band Concerts – Germany
Contributed by Detlef Görke

The following major concerts on tour for the Veronika Todorova Band.

Saturday, 22.9.07, Meudt Gangolfushalle, 20.00 Uhr
Sunday, 23.9.07, Diez, SO-Theater, 20.00 Uhr
Friday 26.10.07, Limburg, Ev. Church near the railway station, Benefit Concert sexually abused children and women in the district Limburg.

For further information email detlef.goerke@gmx.de

Victor Prieto Gigs in New York – USA
Contributed by Harley Jones

Victor Prieto is being featured with some well known players including Carlo DeRosa, Francisco Mela, Chris Cheek, Emilio Solla,...and more during a busy September and October.

Sep 4 8:00P Daniela Aphalo Group NY
Sep 5 8:00P Victor Prieto solo Brooklyn
Sep 10 8:30P W/ Emilio Solla, New York Tango Project at Fat Cat New York
Sep 11 8:00P Esperanto NY
Sep 12 8:00P Victor Prieto Solo at Olea Brooklyn
Sep 18 8:00P Esperanto New York
Sep 19 8:00P Victor Prieto Solo Brooklyn
Sep 20 8:00P W/ Alexis Cuadrado, Brad Shepik at Bar next door New York
Sep 23 8:30P Daniela Aphalo group Brooklyn
Sep 29 7:00P Victor Prieto Trio, Carlo DeRosa and Francisco Mela at Unison’s Theater New Paltz Campus New Paltz
Oct 6 9:00P Victor Prieto Trio at Bar next door New York
Oct 9 7:30P w/ Pasblo Aslan Group at Lincoln Center Institute New York
Oct 11 8:00P Victor Prieto Trio, W/ Car DeRosa and Vince Cherico at Tea Lounge Brooklyn
Oct 13 1:00P W/ Pablo Aslan Group at TBA New York
Oct 19 9:00P W/ Emilio Solla, NY Tango Project at Smalls New York
Oct 20 9:00P W/ Emilio Solla, NY Tango Project at Smalls New York
Dec 1 8:00P W/ Pablo Aslan Group at TBA Lewiston

For further information email: vpcruz@gmail.com
Aww Recordings
Chango Spasiuk at the Skirball Cultural Center - USA
Contributed by Harley Jones

Chango Spasiuk is appearing at the Skirball Cultural Center on September 23 for the Los Angeles premiere of his accordion chamamé music.

The Skirball Cultural Center is a Jewish museum that has come to include a variety of cultural programming including film screenings, art exhibitions, music concerts, comedy shows, lectures, classes, and the recently opened exhibition Noah's Ark at the Skirball. They welcome people from all backgrounds and strive to make connections between people, cultures, and communities.

The concert is titled Chango Spasiuk: The art of the Chamame. Argentina's Chango Spasiuk is a virtuoso of the accordion and a leading performer of chamamé. This powerful, accordion-based folk genre of northeast Argentina blends complex African and Creole-Spanish rhythms with the sounds and styles of the indigenous Mbya-Guaraní Indians and of Central and Eastern European immigrants. The award-winning Spasiuk has revitalized chamamé, much in the way that fellow Argentine Astor Piazzolla bred new life into the tango.
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Renato Belardinelli

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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week