19 January 2007
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

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Thank You for the Xmas and New Year Good Wishes
Bugari and Zero Sette Association, Castelfidardo – Italy
Release of Mika Väyrynen's Recording of Sallinen's Chamber Music V
‘Accordéon et Accordéonistes’, Paris – France
Reports of Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals etc
Accordion Event at the Olympia, Paris - France
Gubaidulina Weekend, London - UK
International Music Accordion Camp, Rhône-Alpes – France
Future Events
Karen Street Quartet Jazz Concert, London - UK
Joe Vento Tribute Concert, Texas – USA
Andre Verchuren Concerts, Paris - France
Gary Blair 8th Annual ‘Down South Tour’, England - UK
James P.  O'Brien
CD Review
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William Schimmel CD's
Thank You for the Xmas and New Year Good Wishes
Contributed by Harley Jones, Director, Accordions Worldwide

Many thanks from myself and the Accordions Worldwide collaborators to all those who sent us lovely Xmas and New Year goodwill email messages. We appreciate getting them very much.

From Gilles Brislance of Accordez Accordeons, France, we received this wonderful picture which we felt you would appreciate too. What an amazing collection of accordion figures.

To all our readers, we wish you a 2007 year full of happiness, good health and wonderful accordion music.  
The Ins and Outs of the Accordion
Bugari and Zero Sette Association, Castelfidardo – Italy
Contributed by Harley Jones

Mr. Robert Ottavianelli (left), Chairman of the Bugari Armando Company, and Mr. Alessio Gerundini (right), Chairman of the Zero Sette Company have reached an agreement for the association of both companies starting January 1st 2007.

This agreement marks an important event among accordion makers. Both firms and brands will enjoy benefits from this association in production, purchasing volumes, scheduling, increased research and development.

Customers are assured that this new agreement will fully respect the continuity of each brands specific details and models and each brand’s distribution network.
Yuri Medianik CD's
Release of Mika Väyrynen's Recording of Sallinen's Chamber Music V
Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

Finnish Accordionist Mika Väyrynen's latest CD recording is now available from the German Label ‘CPO’. The CD features the works of Finnish composer Aulis Sallinen.  The CD includes his Chamber Concertos No. III, IV and V.

Performing with the Virtuosi di Kuhmo Orchestra, under the direction of Ralf Gothoni, the works feature soloists Professor Arto Noras – cello, on Chamber Music No. III, the conductor Ralf Gothoni – piano, on Chamber Music No. IV, and Mika Väyrynen – accordion, on Chamber Music V – ‘Barabbas Variations’. This recording marks the world premiere recording of this work.

Mika's artistry can now be heard on nearly 20 CDs, featuring more than 120 works! For more information, please visit: www.accordions.com/mika
Finland Recordings

Accordéon et Accordéonistes’, Paris – France
Contributed by Frédéric Deschamps

Accordéon et Accordéonistes’ is a monthly national magazine covering all aspects of the accordion and its players in France. It has 68 pages devoted to the accordion in its various forms: musette, jazz, folk, classical, contemporary.

New and established players alike are included, with information about dances, concerts and competitions. The magazine also gives details of new CD and DVD releases.

The magazine includes news of courses and articles covering playing techniques developed by leading teachers.

For further information email: bruneau@orange.fr
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Sebastiano Cali
Accordion Event at the Olympia, Paris - France
Contributed by Frédéric Deschamps

On January 7th, the Olympia in Paris was the venue for a one-day festival celebrating the accordion through the years.

This famous venue, which is associated with the extraordinary careers of Charles Trenet, Edith Piaf, Gilbert Bécaud and many others, was the stage for star accordionists such as Michel Pruvot, Louis Corchia, Louis Ledrich, Maurice Larcange and Andre Verchuren.

Ten students of Frédéric Deschamps also participated, and television, radio and national newspapers reported the event extensively.

For further information email: frederic.deschamps@wanadoo.fr 

Aww Recordings
Gubaidulina Weekend, London - UK
Contributed by Romano Viazzani

January 12th -14th 2007 saw a major event for the accordion in the UK, dedicated to the composer Sofia Gubaidulina, and Gubaidulina herself made the journey to London to attend the various events and concerts in her honour. Many of her works were played at London’s Barbican Hall, including Alleluja, The Light of the End, the string quartets and others. BBC Radio 3 broadcast highlights from the weekend in the following week. Probably most important for accordionists was the concert, which featured Under the Sign of Scorpio, dedicated to Russian Accordionist Friedrich Lips, and played by him with the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Under the Sign of Scorpio is an amazing piece of music both in its orchestration and expressiveness, and Friedrich Lips was masterful in its interpretation. Here was a man who has worked tirelessly with many composers to give the accordion repertoire that would be taken seriously by the international musical establishment, and finally here in the UK we are beginning to see that hard-earned acceptance. Less than a year ago Richard Galliano sat on the same stage playing Piazzolla to around 2,000 people and now here was Lips playing Gubaidulina to an almost capacity auditorium, too. The audience was extremely appreciative and Lips was called back on stage twice more to take bows to be joined finally by Gubaidulina herself.

Just before the concert in the foyer there was a chance for accordionists of all ages and abilities to participate in a work inspired by Gubaidulina. Thirty-two accordionists took part of all ages and abilities from all over the UK. They had been well coached with numerous rehearsals at BBC’s Maida Vale studios and put on a sterling performance much to the appreciation of the concert-going crowds.

On January 15th Gubaidulina visited the Royal Academy of Music where Owen Murray gave a concert in her honour. Master classes given by Lips and Gubaidulina to the students studying her works had preceded the concert. These were free, open to the public and well attended. Just before the evening concert these two Russian giants gave a talk to a packed-out room.

The Duke’s Hall has never been so full for an accordion concert as it was that night to hear Borut Zagoransky and Professor Owen Murray play and honour Sofia Gubaidulina. Borut began with a very fine performance of De Profundis. After two non Gubaidulina pieces where he was joined by cellist Ashok Klouda to play J.S. Bach’s Sonata for Viola de Gamba and Cembalo in G BWV 1027and Saint-Saëns Priere op158 for Cello and Organ, they finished off with Gubaidulina’s In Croce.

The whole of the second half of the concert was taken up by Gubaidulina’s deeply spiritual 1982 work Seven Words inspired by the last words spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross. Cellist Oliver Coates joined Owen Murray in leading the Orchestra of the RAM, conducted by James Watson. The audience showed their appreciation for all of the night’s performances and especially for the illustrious guest who took to the stage herself for a bow and a bouquet presented to her by Professor Owen Murray.
Alexander Dmitriev - CD's
International Music Accordion Camp, Rhône-Alpes – France
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

During the first weekend of December, the International Music Accordion Camp hosted an intense weekend of practice at ‘Le Pas de l'Ane’ (bed & breakfast) in Saint-Ondras, a quaint village in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, between Lyon and Chambéry.  The participants of this weekend came from France, Croatia, Italy, and USA to perform, train, and share the beautiful art of the accordion.

IMAC, administered by Mady and Peter Soave, and Jean-Louis Noton, also offers summer seminars. IMAC is proud to announce its next session in Sauris, Italy - north of Venice, July 22nd to 29th.

For further information, please visit www.accordioncamp.com
Alexander Shirunov CD forsale

Bernadette Conlon CD's
Karen Street Quartet Jazz Concert, London - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Accordionist Karen Street leads her quartet, also featuring saxophone, guitar and drums, in a jazz concert at the Museum of Garden History, Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7LB. The concert begins at 7.30pm, and the program includes Karen Street’s ‘Accordion Crimes’ suite.

For further information email: info@museumgardenhistory.org
John MacDonald CD's
Joe Vento Tribute Concert, Texas – USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

The Houston, Fort Bend County and the Bay Area accordion clubs are co-sponsoring a tribute concert on February 10th to honor accordionist Joe Vento. This event takes place at the Sugar Land Community Center, 226 Matlage Way, Sugar Land, Texas 77478.

Artistes performing include Kim and Dan Christian, Mario Pedone and Sammy Thomas. Dancing to Liberty & Mario will follow the concert, which begins at 7pm.

For further information email: mario_accordion@yahoo.com
Accordion Jazz Chords
Andre Verchuren Concerts, Paris - France
Contributed by Rob Howard

Legendary musette accordionist Andre Verchuren appears in concert at Parmain on February 4th, and at Beauvais on March 1st.

Andre Verchuren - born 1920) is a veteran stage performer and prolific recording artiste whose flamboyant performances have made him a greatly admired and accordion personality. Verchuren began playing professionally in the 1930s, and uniquely bridges the gap between the pre-war era in Paris and the present day.
The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically - Lips
Gary Blair 8th Annual ‘Down South Tour’, England - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Scottish accordionist Gary Blair will be doing his 8th tour of the south of England in February, and details are as follows:

February 9th - concert at Harlow Accordion Club
10th – ceilidh at Ovingdean Village Hall, Brighton
11th, 6.30pm – ceilidh at Manor Field School, Junction Rd, Burgess Hill - West Sussex
12th, 8pm – concert at Uxbridge Accordion Club, Middlesex; also featuring the Uxbridge Accordion Band
13th, 7.30pm - Bromley Box & Fiddle Club
14th, 7.30pm - Accordion Variety Show, Verwood  Memorial Hall, Dorset; also featuring David and Angie Lukins, and introducing Andrew Lukins, aged 10years, on xylophone
15th, 7.30pm - Grand Charity Ceilidh / Barn Dance, The Barn, Worthing, West Sussex
16th to 19th – Eastbourne Accordion Festival, The Cumberland Hotel, East Sussex

For further information email: ronwbennett@aol.com
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Review by
Joan Cochran Sommers

La Vita E Un Circo by Claudio Vena and Featuring the Cosmic Cowboy Orchestra

Titano Accordion Company
Gary Dahl - accordionist as well as a composer, arranger, recording artist and music educator, releases 8 new works for accordion available for purchase online, ‘Por Una Cabeaz’, 'The Chicken Dance', 'The Rainbow Connection', 'The Impossible Dream', 'The Happy Birthday Song', 'Baby Face', 'Hello My Baby', 'Rocky Top'. Samples of this music are available on the site. The music is in eSheet format, able to be emailed to your computer. Purchase with credit card.
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week