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  28 January 2005This weeks news | Past News  | Send news
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This Weeks News

A to Z of the Accordion

Concerts/Masterclasses with AN-tifon/Angel Castaño - Finland and Spain
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Spanish accordionist Angel Castaño will perform a concert and give master classes in Ikaalinen, Finland, from 27th to 30th January, and for those who missed the successful concert of AN-tifon in Madrid last September, this unique duo of accordion and piano will perform again in Madrid on February 2nd

The concert will take place in Fundacion March, at 7.30pm. Apart from performing the established 'favorite classics' of David del Puerto and Polo Vallejo, AN-tifon (Angel Luis Castaño and pianist Ananda Sukarlan, pictured) ) will perform the world premieres of Suite 'ENRON' - Money Dances by Javier Arias Bal, and Fabian Panisello's Ludica, this time with a new movement 'Cantico', which is cleverly based on the juxtapositions of plainchants of the 12th century. In addition, Castaño will give the world premiere of the new 'Inventions' -- this time 6 numbers, but it will grow steadily by the awarded National Music Prize composer, Jesus Rueda.

Castaño has asked Rueda to write short pieces for young accordionists, and these inventions will certainly emulate the success of his 'Inventions for piano solo', whose numbers -- as well as their popularity -- are also growing. The program will be completed by the solo accordion piece 'Luz Azul', by Cesar Camarero, and the attractive, fun and funky solo piano piece 'Dos Danzas y Un Interludio', by Santiago Lanchares.

6th Vienna International Accordion Festival - Austria
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The highly successful annual Vienna International Accordion Festival takes place from February 26th to March 28th, and this large-scale event involves 101 artistes in 19 venues, representing 17 countries. Musical genres will include Latin, musette, swing, tango, klezmer, romany, gaucho, jazz, Cajun and Tex-Mex.

The accordion artistes taking part include Richard Galliano pictured (France), Motion Trio (Poland), Yuri Lemeshev (Russia) and Pamela Kurstin (USA), Martin Lubenov Orchestra (Serbia), Alessandro Kramer Trio (Brazil), Cajun Red Stars (Austria), Stas Vengleveski (Moldovia) and Vladimir Dennissenkov (Ukraine), Café Accordion Orchestra (USA), Café Schmaltz (Austria), Kepa Junkera (Spain), Regis Gizano (Madagascar) and David Mirandon (France), Humi Accordion Band (Poland), Kroke (Poland), François Castiello (France), Manfred Leuchter Band (Germany), Rachelle Garniez (USA), Dobrek Bistro (Poland), Tango Contigo (Austria), Christine Zurbugg (Switzerland), Shirley Anne Hoffman (Canada), Klaus Paier Trio (Austria), Simone Zanchini and Antonello Salis Duo (Italy), Divina Zieharmoniker (Austria), and Chili Cheeps with guests Claudia K and Willi Resetarits (Austria).

For further information email


Gary Dahl

San Francisco Accordion Festival - USA
Contributed by Tom Torriglia

The 15th annual San Francisco Accordion Festival, a free event celebrating National Accordion Awareness Month as well as highlighting San Francisco's official musical instrument, will be held on June 5th in the Del Monte Square at the Cannery at Fisherman's Wharf. This event goes from 12noon to 6pm, and includes a very wide variety of bands featuring accordions plus San Francisco's 'Main Squeeze Pageant'.

For more information email: or


Orchestra Liberina Visit France - Italy

The highly accomplished and versatile Orchestra Liberina, from Liberi in the Italian province of Caserta, visit the French town of Annemasse on February 26th. The Orchestra Liberina will perform at the City Hall for the annual festivities of the Association of Italian Workers (A.C.L.I. Assozzazione dei Catolici Lavoratori Italiani), during a musical dance/lunch, which is organized by its president Salvatore Faya.
The MD of the Orchestra Liberina is Pasquale De Marco, and the orchestra was founded in 1980, with several awards and eight recordings to its credit.

For more information about the activities, history, personnel and repertoire of the Orchestra Liberina, visit their website:
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Accordion Accompaniment for Silent Movie, Amiens and Malakoff - France
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

'L'aurore', a silent movie melodrama made in 1927 starring George O'Brien and Janet Gaynor and directed by FW Murnau, accompanied live in the cinema by accordionist Pascal Contet, is to be screened, on January 30th, at 5.30pm at Maison de la Culture d'Amiens, Léon Gontier, Amiens. A further screening, also involving Pascal Contet, will take place on March 22nd at the Theater 71-3 place du 11 Novembre 11, Malakoff.

For further information or reservations email

National Accordion Competition, Grevena - Greece

The First National Competition 'Cup of Macedonia' will take place on May 21st and 22nd 2005 in the city of Grevena in East Macedonia, Northern Greece. The sections include solo, duet, ensemble and orchestra. The President of the adjudicating panel will be soloist and composer Vladimir Zubitsky

For further information email

Ángel Luis Castaño

Historic Recordings Reissued on Double CD - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Time For Accordion' is the title of a double CD issued in the UK celebrating some of the most popular British accordion bands from the 1930s and 1940s, the golden age of the accordion in the UK. The tracks include selections from the bands of Primo Scala, Billy Reid, Eric Winstone, London Accordion Band (MD George Scott Wood), The Accordion Serenaders and Alexander's Accordions.

There are also eight solo tracks by the late Toralf Tollefsen, the highly regarded Norwegian accordionist who was resident in England during most of this era, and also a solo track by Billy Reid. This CD marks the first general commercial release of Tollefsen recordings in the UK since the early 1960s. This double CD contains 50 tracks, all of which have been digitally remastered, offering good quality sound and also good value for money.

For further information email


David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble Performance, New York - USA

David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble is to perform at Satalla (Temple of World Music), 37 West 26 Street (between 6th and Broadway), New York City. This concert is set for February 2nd, at 7:30pm.

For further information email
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New Book About the International Development of the Accordion - Italy
Contributed by Benjamino Bugiolacchi

Marco Moroni, the author of 'Affinità elettive', has recently published his latest work 'emigranti, dollari e organetti', sponsored by the City of Castelfidardo and the International Accordion Museum. The author, Moroni, a teacher of economic history in the faculty of Economy of the Polytechnic University from the region 'Marche', has documented the important role of Italian emigrants (to the USA, Argentina, Australia) and their important role in spreading and popularising the accordion internationally.

The book (written only in Italian) is a story of particular importance for all enthusiasts of this popular instrument. The book can be bought and ordered at the International Accordion Museum in Castelfidardo and at many Italian bookstores.


Accordion Rama

Jean Louis Noton's 2005 International Tours - Senegal, Spain, Portugal

Jean Louis Noton, the French accordionist whose performances of a wide range of music using a Cavagnolo 'Odysee' midi instrument have caused great interest, has several overseas appearances in his diary. In the near future he visits Senegal in West Africa for a video clip/tour 'La paix en Casamance', involving his recently issued DVD.

On the 18th, 19th and 20th February, Jean Louis Noton will be on a concert tour in Spain, and on the 11th, 12th and 13th March he will also perform concerts in Portugal. After this, he will perform in England.

For further information email

Frank Marocco's Concert and Masterclass, Blackpool - UK

American jazz accordionist Frank Marocco is the chief guest artiste at the Blackpool Accordion Festival, to be held at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool, Lancashire, over the weekend May 13th to 16th. In addition to appearing in concert, Frank Marocco will conduct a masterclass - part of a series of activities for accordionists that include concerts, weekend orchestras, workshops, accordion auction, dancing and trade show.

Other guest artistes booked to date include Scottish dance accordionist David Bowen, jazz accordionist Harry Hussey, and former All-Scotland Champion Walter Perrie.

For further information email

Ángel Luis Castaño

Alaia's Successful 2004 - Italy
Contributed by Renzo Ruggieri

The band Alaia, from the centre/south of Italy, has had a very active 2004. Their many performances include a particularly successful performance in the 'Città dei Ragazzi' (City of youngsters) on December 16th. Their accordionist is Francesco Passerelli, and the band's instrumentation also includes a range of rhythm instruments plus the typically Australian digeridoo. Alaia's music includes Mediterranean, Indian and Arabic influences, involving a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds.

For further information email


Accordionist's CD Nominated for Grammy Polka Award - USA

Ted Lange, 28 year-old accordionist, pianist and vocalist with the band John Gora and Gorale, is a very active musician. Since joining the band two years ago, the Ridgeville Corners musician has crisscrossed the United States and Canada, recording albums and playing about 150 shows a year.

This month, Ted Lange and his bandmates had reason to celebrate when their album 'Pangora's Box' received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Polka Album.

"I was shocked when I found out we were nominated," Lange commented. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The whole polka scene is about laughter, gathering with friends, and having a good time," said Lange, adding that the stereotypical polka band is fading as people appreciate the music's variety of sounds, which are at times similar to bluegrass, country, Cajun, and Tex-Mex.

Lange also plays piano and accordion for special events and parties, performs with the German band the Bratwurst Boys, and plays 'disco-polo' (Polish-rock) with the John Gora and Gorale offshoot group Korona. He says the Grammy nomination may expose more people to the enjoyment of polka music.

Frankfurt Music Fair Hotel Accommodation - Germany
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

This year's Frankfurt Music Fair (International Musik Messe) takes place from April 6th to 9th. There are hotel rooms available at 10 minutes walking distance or an underground station, stopping directly in the exhibition entrance hall for the price of :
1 room/2 persons (2 single beds, refridgerator, bath, wc) Euro 100
2 rooms/3 persons (1 room with 2 beds, 1 room with 1 bed, refrigerator, bath, wc) Euro 120
Euro 25 final cleaning costs

For further information e-mail:


Information Required

Rick Daguer would like to know - does anyone know the name of the accordion player pictured in the photo? Email

CD Review

A new CD Review of Guys Klucevsek. Review by Joan Cochran Sommers

New & Updated Sites - The German music sheet-Publisher has updated their site with new prices. - New contact and payment information.

Gary Dahl
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