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  05 November 2004This weeks news | Past News  | Send news

This Weeks News

  • Klingenthal meets Castelfidardo - Italy
  • Mika Väyrynen Awarded Grant from the Arts Council of Finland/Council of Music - Finland
  • Dermot O'Brien Concert Dates - USA
  • Concert 'Accordion Meets Voice', Stuttgart - Germany
  • New Tutor Book for Chromatic Accordion - Spain
  • Jazz Accordion Workshop, Adelaide - Australia
  • Lydie Auvray on Television - Germany
  • Accordion Events Weekend, Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Music China, Shanghai - China
  • Andre Verchuren Concerts - France
  • Pearl Fawcett Vinyl Recordings on CD - UK 
  • World Premiere Australia
  • Landesjugend Akkordeon Orchester in Concerts - China

  • Death of Mr Jiang Gui - China
  • Stolen Accordion, Venice - Italy
  • Quote of the Week
  • CD Review
  • New and Updated Sites
  • Nicemelody

    Klingenthal meets Castelfidardo - Italy
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    During the recent Castelfidardo International Accordion Competition, officials from the city of Klingenthal in Germany paid a visit to their partnership twin town of Castelfidardo, where they were taking part at the official celebration of the 20th anniversary of partnership between Castelfidardo and Castelvetro.
    During this ceremony the Mayor of the city of Klingenthal presented to the Mayor of Castelfidardo, Tersilio Marotta, 2 handharmonikas, one of which dated from 1930.
    For the anniversary celebrations the City of Castelfidardo prepared a gala dinner for all invited guests, prepared by the Castelvetro School for Chefs.

    The main event was planned for Sunday morning, where the Mayors of both cities officially opened a park dedicated to the City of Klingenthal. This park, overlooking the valley from Castelfidardo to the seaside, is suitable for all disabled people and for anyone who wishes to learn about botany and gardening. Klingenthal and Castelfidardo have in common the fact that they are both venues for prestigious international accordion competitions. The City of Klingenthal has planted a pine tree, dedicated to the spirit of friendship that is growing steadily like the tree.

    Gary Dahl

    Mika Väyrynen Awarded Grant from the Arts Council of Finland/Council of Music - Finland
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen has been awarded a prestigious arts grant from the Arts Council of Finland/Council of Music. The Arts Council of Finland/Council of Music is a statutory body in the field of arts that allocates annual grants, state awards and travel grants to renowned musicians and artists.

    Highly contested from musicians in all fields, artist grants are the result of a lengthy application process, at the conclusion of which Mika was awarded a monthly grant valid for two years from July 2005 to July 2007, totalling approximately 30,000 Euros. On the concert scene, Mika recently performed on bandoneon at the Gala Concert celebrating Victoria Accordions' 85th Anniversary in Castelfiardo, Italy.

    Upon returning to Finland, Mika performed the complete 'Goldberg Variations', by J. S. Bach, in Tampere, and now will travel to Sweden to present his final concert performance of this monumental work. The concert will take place at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm on the 13th November, followed by a master class on the 14th November. Both activities are being presented as part of the Accordion Festival of Stockholm.

    A to Z of the Accordion

    Dermot O'Brien Concert Dates - USA
    Contributed by Rob Howard

    New York-based Irish accordion entertainer Dermot O'Brien has several concert tour dates in late November and early December, at which he will be promoting his new CD 'Christmas' - a selection of seasonal songs and tunes. In mid December, he will travel to Ireland for a tour that takes in Christmas and New Year, dates and venues to be announced.

    For further information email

    27th - Helen Hayes Theater, Nyack, Rockland, New York. 'Farewell to America' - a variety concert that also features other Irish musicians, singers and dancers.

    December (all concerts with singer Deirdre Reilly, The Nashville Showband plus Champion Irish Dancers).
    4th - Gaelic American Club, Fairfield, Connecticut
    5th - Log Cabin Banquet and Meeting House, Holyoke, Massachusetts
    6th - The Emerald Restaurant, Philadelphia
    7th - Buckley's, Brooklyn, New York
    8th - Pat Troy's Ireland's Own Restaurant, Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia.


    Concert 'Accordion Meets Voice', Stuttgart - Germany

    On November 6th The Stuttgart Accordion Orchestra presents a show titled 'Accordion meets Voice', in which the fifty members of the SAO combine with four singers known as Sound in Sound, whose repertoire includes choir-music from the Renaissance, Gospel songs, Broadway show classics, pop and jazz. Many of the songs have been specially arranged or composed for this concert. The concert will take place in the Bethanien Festsall, Stuttgart-Möhringen.

    For further information email 

    New Tutor Book for Chromatic Accordion - Spain
    Contributed by Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif of Friedrich Lips Productions

    A new tutor book has recently been published, titled 'Pun Txan Txan', dedicated to the learning of the standard bass chromatic accordion. This book, written in English, Spanish and Basque, is a sequel to the publication 'Acordeón Divertido /Akordeoi Alaia / Jolly Accordion' for free bass chromatic accordion.

    This new tutor covers the following: didactic progression based on the special arrangement of the buttons, progressive and structured attainment of a basic technique (always focussed on music) which allows access to more difficult works, and performance of mainly traditional music. There is a flexible approach to the sequence of the contents, enabling the order to be altered at the teacher's discretion.

    The tutor method includes detailed discussion of such technical topics as bellows technique, the different types of articulations, the work of the depth and speed of the articulation... plus there are also special subjects such as the history of the accordion (with a wide discussion on the bibliographical sources inside the methodological guide) and the functioning of the instrument.

    Also included are a chapter and an appendix illustrating the combination of pre-established chords of the standard bass to form other new ones (sevenths, ninths, elevenths, etc), and a chapter concerning contemporary technical information and notation.

    For further information email

    Jazz Accordion Workshop, Adelaide - Australia

    A jazz accordion workshop will be held at 7 pm on10th November, at Payneham Community Facilities, Trinity Room, corner of O.G. Road and Turner Street, Felixstow. Jazz accordionist and composer, Peter Piccini will conduct the session. The event is organised by Ron Pearce Music who advise that: "All accordion enthusiasts are welcome, including players and non-players, professionals, amateurs and students. Bring your accordion, manuscript paper and pencil".

    For further information email

    Lydie Auvray on Television - Germany
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    All fans of Franco-German accordionist and composer Lydie Auvray will enjoy the opportunity to see her live on television on November 6th, at about 10pm, on the German TV channel N3. Viewers will see her playing a solo piece of her latest CD 'Pure' as well as 'Choco Flanel' from her other recent album 'Tango Toujours' , which has been reviewed on Accordions Worldwide by Paolo Picchio. The show also features famous German singer Reinhard Mey, Max Herre, Götz Allmann, Rosenstolz and many others during a big Gala Evening that celebrates 30 years of the program '3 after 9'.  

    Accordion Events Weekend, Buenos Aires - Argentina

    The Argentinean Accordion Association, formed in 1993, is to hold a weekend of events in mid-November in Buenos Aires. On November 13th, there is the 'Gran Cena Anniversario;' the 14th is titled 'Almuerzo Dia Del;' and on the 15th, the event is titled 'Dia Del Acordeon'.

    For further information email

    Music China, Shanghai - China
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl
    The Music China event in Shanghai involved large scale participation from Italian organisations such as Ancona Promuove/Regione Marche, and Italian accordion-midi and reeds manufacturers Ballone Burini, Bugari Armando, Cagnoni, Menghini, Music Tech, Excelsior and Pigini.

    The 'Cutting Of the Ribbon' ceremony was carried out by representatives of the Italian Delegation, including Benjamino Bugiolacchi (together with the managers of the exhibitions Anhaim/Frankfurt/Shanghai and the mayor of the Chinese City).

    The Orchestra was accompanied by the accordionists Giorgio Dellarole, Jean Marc Fabiano, Mirco Patarini, Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi

    One of the main events was the 'Marche Region In Concert' at the Shanghai Concert Hall with the International Orchestra of Italy, directed by Anthony Cipriani.and was an outstanding success
    In the presence of teachers and students Benjamino Bugiolacchi gave a lecture at the Shanghai Conservatory about the history of the Italian accordion, and Mirco Patarini gave a short performance. In the press room of the Shanghai Fair, Benjamino Bugiolacchi held a conference titled: 'Together for the Future of the Accordion', which was integrated into the official events programme of Music China.

    Landesjugend Akkordeon Orchester in Concerts - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    The Landesjugend Akkordeon Orchester, from Germany has recently toured China, performing concerts at the Tianjin Music Conservatory at 24th October, and in Beijing on the 28th and 29th. The LJAO has more than thirty playing members.

    Andre Verchuren Concerts - France

    The 'Bal Musette' era of the 1930s in Paris produced many highly talented accordionists, but none has had the longevity of career of Andre Verchuren - a living legend of the genre. Andre Verchuren, a flamboyant stage performer whose professional career began in the days when when accordionists such as Emile Vacher, Tony Murena, Gus Viseur and Emil Prud'homme were the leading players, has a series of concert bookings in November and early December.

    For further information email

    These dates are:-
    5th - Caen
    7th - Amiens
    23rd - Cournon
    25th - Douai
    4th - St Etienne

    Pearl Fawcett Vinyl Recordings on CD - UK
    Contributed by Rob Howard

    UK accordionist Pearl Fawcett (who now uses her married name Pearl Adriano) made a series of recordings in the 1980s that were issued on vinyl LPs. Four of these recordings - 'Accordion Tapestry', 'Musette Parisienne', 'Viva Frosini' and 'Pearl Adriano' - are to be reissued on CD, and should be available in mid-November.

    For further information email

    World Premiere Australia

    Oz Opera, a branch of Opera Australia and Orchestra Victoria, presented the world premiere of a new opera 'Midnite', by Marchellino, during the recent International Arts Festival. The Arts Festival is held annually in Melbourne and is a showcase of world talents from the performing arts. Midnite is scored for seven instruments, including accordion. The accordion part was performed by Elizabeth Jones.


    Death of Mr Jiang Gui - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    Mr Jiang Gui He, the Vice President of Chinese Accordion Association and a highly respected accordionist, passed away on 17th Oct 2004. He was 71 years old. The Shanghai Accordion Association has sent out the notice to the public, and Jiang's funeral service was held at Yongle Hall of Shanghai Longhua Funeral Home on Monday 25th Oct. Many people came and showed their final respects.

    Jiang was born in 1933, and joined Chinese Liberation Army in 1948 at age of 15, playing in the army band for a long time. He was winner at 7th International Youth Festival Music Competition in Vienna, Austria. He became involved with local Shanghai accordion activities and national events at the end of the 1970s. He worked closely with various accordion friends and set up the Shanghai Accordion Association, becoming the 1st elected president of the Association. He was also the president for three terms for eight years (1988 to 1996), until his health declined in 1996, causing his resignation.

    Many of Jiang's students have won international and national accordion competitions. His CD 'Accordion Music' is still the favorite of many teachers and students. Jiang's other recording 'Accordion Tuition by Mr Jiang' has inspired a lot of accordion enthusiasts.

    He will be well remembered by all of us. May he rest in peace!


    Stolen Accordion, Venice - Italy

    During an excursion on the way home from the Castelfdiardo competition 2004, the accordionist Zoltan Migovics from Bulgaria had his Bayan accordion stolen - a black Bayan with chrome grill.

    For information please call 0036 70 3873561 or e-mail

    Quote of the Week

    Edited by Willoughby Walshe

    ''Before a concert, make yourself familiar with the acoustic characteristics of the hall"

    Find out More… The Art of Bayan Playing or Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

    CD Review

    A new CD Review of Percursos by Paulo Jorge Ferreira.
    Review by Prof. Joan Cochran Sommers


    New & Updated Sites - Castiglione Accordion & Distributing Co. owned by John Castiglione offers the largest selection of accordions in the United States. Established in 1932, Castiglione Accordions is a one-stop source for anything having to do with accordions, including all aspects of sales and service including buy, sell (new and used), trade and repairs with over 600 hundred accordions in stock at any time! - Paris-Moscou duo Roman Jbanov and Domi Emorine site update with 2004 tours pictures and their latest concert dates. - Fisitalia Accordions' site update, with restyle of and updated models.
    Fisitalia - Assistance Point is a new initiative to assist accordion business people doing business in Castelfidardo. The Director is Avv Giovanni Ballone Burini, a lawyer living and working in Castelfidardo, practising commercial law and fluent in English and Italian.

    Ángel Luis Castaño - Dragan Vasiljevic, from Serbia and winner of numerous international competitions, has been educated at Kragujevac Conservatory (Serbia) with Professors Radomir Tomic and Vojin Vasovic, the International Accordion School of Larodde (France) with Jacques Mornet, and is presently completing his studies with Professor Angel Luis Castaño at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza, Spain.


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