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05 March 2004 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note

Thank you to our readers who have been sending in ideas for the "Technology and the Accordion" poll. Due to the variety of ideas received, the poll is being changed to a survey and the results will be published. Please keep your ideas coming. Your input is always appreciated.

Harley Jones
Acccordions Worldwide Director 
Texas Accordion Association

This Weeks News

The " Ars Harmonica Trio" Performs in Czestochowa - Poland

A concert for young people from secondary school was held at the Youth Home of Culture on the 4th of March. The concert featured the accordion trio "Ars Harmonica" and Beata Mlynarczyk. During a concert that evening, the trio introduced their new CD "Ars Harmonica Live" released by OSLO. "Ars Harmonica" trio members are Piotr Chololowicz, Piotr Biazik and Jakub Mietla.

On 5th March, the session Official Opening was held at the Youth Home of Culture featuring lectures by: Prof. Joachim Pichura (Music Academy in Katowice and Pedagogical Academy in Czestochowa - Poland), Prof. Bogdan Dowlasz (Music Academy in Lodz - Poland), Prof. Tibor Racz (Music Academy in Bratislava - Slovakia), Prof. Eduardas Gabnis (Music Academy in Vilnius - Lithuania), Vladimir Ushakov (Baltic Quintet - Russia), Zbigniew Luc (Music Academy in Wroclaw - Poland), and Dr Miroslaw Dymon (Rzeszow University - Poland).

The evening concert was held at the Centre of Culture Promotion "Gaude Mater", featured the "Baltic Quintet" a prize winner of international accordion competitions. The group members are Svietlana Stavickaja (Latvia), Vladimir Ushakov (Russia). Siergiej Lichaciov (Russia), Eduardas Gabnis (Lithuania), Genadij Savkov (Lithuania); and words by Malgorzata Nowak.

Both concerts were organized by: The Accordion's Minister of Music Academy named after K. Szymanowsky in Katowice, Department of Culture and Art in Czestochowa, Music Institute of Pedagogical Academy in Czestochowa, Centre of Culture Promotion "Gaude Mater", Youth Home of Culture in Czestochowa, and Music Society in Czestochowa.

Victor Prieto new Performances - USA

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Victor Prieto “The Power of the Accordion” will be performing in some concerts in New York
- 05 March,.he played with the trio Rebeca Dorsey Trio including Rebeca Dorsey (voice) and David Pearl (piano) at Cafe Taci, Broadway.
- 06 March, he played at Les Deux Gamins, 132 with Carlo DeRosa.
- 07 March, he will perform at The Real Jazz Tango Bar, Tabac and at Cafe Moto, Williamsburg with El Maestro Julio Santillan (guitar).
"He's quickly becoming a new figure in the Jazz World"… Oscar Stangnaro



Toowoomba Accordion Festival - Australia

The Toowoomba Accordion Festival will be held on the 1st and 2nd May at Martin Luther Primary Schoool Hall, Hume St, Queensland. It will be a weekend of fun, entertainment, concerts and workshops featuring guest accordionist Bernadette Conlon from Melbourne. She will be launching 2 CDs of Frosini compositions/arrangements during the Festival.

In June, Bernadette Conlon will be travelling to the USA and performing concerts and workshops at the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention. Bernadette will also perform concerts in Leavenworth, Texas and at Victoria and Salt Springs in Canada.

For further details email:

"Riders In The Sky" on Tour- USA

"Riders in the Sky" featuring Joey Miskulin - "The CowPolka King!" - is no stranger to any medium or genre. Accordion in hand, he's garnished audio and video recordings, movie tracks and live performances for rock 'n roll artists and polka bands alike.

Riders in the Sky proclaimed him "Joey The Cowpolka King" after he appeared on their recordings and their radio show, Riders Radio Theater.

They will be performing in two concerts in March:
- 14 March, at the Paramount Center for the Arts, Bristol, Tennessee.
- 27 March, at Nashville North USA, Inc, Taylorville, Illinois.

For further details email:

Stas Vengelvski on tour in Austria

Contributed by: Dr Herbert Scheibenreif, Manager of Friedrich Lips Production.

During his tour in Austria from February 26th to March 3rd, Stas Venglevski appeared in St. Lorenzen, Neunkirchen, Lavamünd, Hochegg and Vienna. His artistry, dazzling technical command, and sensitivity have brought "Stas" Venglevski, a native of the Republic of Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union, increasing acclaim as a virtuoso.

A two-time first prize winner of bayan competition in the Republic of Moldova, Stas is a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow where he received his Masters Degree in Music under the tutelage of the famed Prof Friedrich Lips. In 1992 he immigrated to the United States.

Stas' repertoire includes his original compositions, a broad range of classical, contemporary and ethnic music. Stas also performs as a member of the A Sta_Sera Duo where he combines talents with accordionist, John Simkus, known primarily for his smooth jazz renditions. Their musical partnership has resulted in a unique repertoire and as a duo they have toured the United States and Europe extensively and collaborated on a CD of original compositions titled Seasonings.

Bakersfield Accordion Festival II - USA

The Kern County Basque Club in cooperation with PierreFX designs will be hosting the First "Consecutive" Bakersfield Accordion Festival II, to coincide with the Nabo 2004 Convention. This event will be held on Friday, May 28, in Bakersfield, California at the KCBC Clubhouse.

This is open to everyone who loves to play or listen to the accordion. Whether you're an amateur or an accomplished virtuoso - they want you! You play the trikitixa or concertina? - well they'd love to hear you play!!

If you attended the last accordion festival at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco, then you'll love this event. It's been over 10 years but like wine the accordion players keep getting better.

For further details email:

Concert of Richard Galliano in Valladoli - Spain

Contributed by Raúl Álvarez Martín

Richard Galliano performed a program of jazz at the Calderón Theater, Valladolid on the 15th February. The title of the concert was "Piazzolla for Ever". This great French accordionist was accompanied by a quintet including piano. The septet performed some of the most famous works of Piazolla like: Oblivión, Milonga of the Angel, Michelangelo 70, I return to the South, etc. Also some Galliano works like "Laura and Astor" were added.

Galliano delighted the Vallisoletano public with his improvisations with accordion, bandeón, accordina and three encores. A benefit for any follower of the music of Astor Piazzolla.



Scandinavian Squeeze-In - Sweden

For the fifth time, the Scandinavian Squeeze-In will be held in Torna Hallestad in Southern Sweden from the 23rd to 25th of April. As before, this will be a weekend of music sharing and fun. In it's informal format, this concertina weekend becomes what we who are there make of it. This has been a great success so far, and this year the chances of another wonderful event are very good, since a secret guest of honor will be attending. This promises an inspiring concertina experience!.

For further details email:

Ivano Battiston Tours - USA

Accordionist Ivano Battiston and the flautist David Bellugi will be making a series of concerts and masterclasses in universities in Minnesota and Iowa. Their program will mainly comprise music from the renaissance and the baroque period (Ortiz, Bach and Vivaldi), contemporaries (Berio, Bellugi/Battiston) and ethnic (Eastern Europe). The first concert is on 5 March at Minneapolis and the next on 14 March at Iowa City.

For further details email:


Klaus-Paier Trio in Concert - Germany

Austrian accordionist and bandoneon player Klaus Paier, a winner of the "Premio Internazionale di Fisarmonica" started out to lead Tango Nuevo into new directions. He can already look back on a successful career in the world of classics and jazz.

He will be performing with the "Klaus Paier Trio" in a concert on 7th March in Leverkusen, Topos and on the 12th March in Passau Museum Moderner, Kunst. His trio includes Roman Werni (drummer) and player Stefan Gfrerer (double-bass). The group has recently entered into a liaison with the chamber music sound of a string quartet, adding another dimension to their music.

For further details email:


Kal in Concert - England

Kal, a Serbian music group will be performing at the Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton on the 27th April. After two years of stunning European festival audiences with their intense and colorful performances, Kal visits Turner Sims as part of their debut tour of the UK. The exciting music of this group of Gypsies from Northern Serbia combines harmonic twists of Romanian folk music with typical Northern Serbian rhythms, heavy, passionate and vibrant. With violins, guitars, accordions, acoustic double bass and percussion, this is an unmistakable chance to glimpse into two thousand years of musical culture

The group includes: Davor Vasic (accordion, voice), Dragan Ristic (guitar, voice,), Dusan Ristic (violin, voice), Dragolijub Vasic (double bass), Vladan Vasic (guitar, voice), Dusan Jovanovic (percussion) and Dejan Ristic (violin).

For further details email:

Cajun/Creole Week - USA

The Cajun/Creole Week celebration will be held on the 11th to 16th July at Augusta Heritage Center of Davis and Elkins College, West Virginia. Laissez les bon temps rouler! Cajun/Creole Week celebrates the French traditions of southwest Louisiana through music, dance, song, crafts, folklore and food. The event features senior artists and young inheritors of these traditions. Coordinator Lynne Terr has assembled a "who's who" of Cajun culture including the Savoy family, three members of the Miller family and Zydeco Force, a band with many ties to the late Delton Broussard.

Again, the event offers several levels of fiddle and accordion, including classes for complete beginners. Each day starts with a choice of jam sessions or visits to the Cajun Resource room where you can browse, visit with the "accordion doctor," and enjoy many other activities.

For further details email:


Texas Accordion Association

The Fifth Vogler Spring Festival - Ireland

Tim Vogler of The Vogler Quartet announced details of the 2004 Vogler Spring Festival which will once again take place at Sligo's historic St. Columba's Church in Drumcliffe from April 30th to May 3rd. This is the fifth Vogler Spring Festival and the end of an inspirational five-year residency of the Vogler Quartet in Sligo. Although the festival will continue beyond the timeframe of the residency, the 2004 program is bigger and more ambitious than before, with a total of ten concerts and more than twenty guest artists joining the Vogler Quartet for this very special four-day event.

This year's event also celebrates their own indigenous folk tradition, with the première performance of a specially commissioned work by Seóirse Bodley, inspired by Irish traditional folk music. For the first time, a traditional music concert will be staged within the festival, featuring the music and musicians of Declan Payne (piano accordion), Colm O'Donnell (flute, whistles and vocals) Teresa O'Grady (banjo and mandolin), Shane McGowan (guitar), Siobhán O'Donnell (voice and bódhrán), and Mary Lynn (piano and bouzouki).

For further details email:

Kulshan Chorus Concerts - USA

Kulshan Chorus in the Land of Jazz Music of the 1920's and Beyond. Traditional jazz (Dixieland) with the Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band of Seattle. (concert title TBD) - a concert of "Musette" featuring the Kulshan Chorus with Paul Elliott (violin), Laurie Andres (accordion), and John Miller (guitar) will be held on 10 April at the Bellingham High School Auditorium, Massachusetts.
"A hoot of a good time" is promised for all.

9th Australian Folk Music and Dance Gathering - Australia

The 9th Australian Folk Music and Dance Gathering is on the 9th to 14th June. The Festival will be primarily held at the Albion Park Centenary Hall utilizing the main dance hall for major dances and dance workshops and upstairs (The Loft) as a session and acoustic concert area. The HAC Centre situated behind Centenary Hall will host concerts and the Brumby's Tavern cabarets each evening.

There are a wide range of folk performers, from traditional dance musicians, bush poets and bands to contemporary songwriters and performers. The performers will feature in over 30 events, theme and historical presentations, and traditional instrument workshops.

The event is organized by Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club Inc. with major supports of Illawarra Folk Club Inc, Albion Park RSL Memorial Club, Shellarbour Council and Coopers Brewery.

For further details email:

Annual Day of the Accordion - North America

Contributed by Jim Lofgren

The Annual Day of the Accordion will be held on the 8th of March at Seattle Center House in Seattle Center. Free lessons will be given. There will be stage shows and the Petosa's will be there as usual, along with others showing their wares. There is no charge for coming and enjoying the day.

For further details email:


Quote of the Week

Did You Know? by Willoughby Walshe
Vienna International Accordion Festival organized by the Narrendattel Culture Association runs for a whole month (February/March) to present internationally famous accordion and harmonica players (120 artists from 14 countries perform 18 concerts with different styles on stages scattered throughout the city) to thousands of visitors. The event is accompanied by high-level workshops.

Find out more….. "Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion and Harmonica Events"


CD Review

New CD of "California Accordion Recitals" by Henry Doktorski


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New Sites: The Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) site specific to its annual Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships

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