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13 February 2004 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note

One of the news items this week is a about a charity concert in Canada. Each year, large numbers of accordionists donate their services to help charities with their performances. Art, culture, giving of service, is an area of life, that accordionists can be very proud of their contribution. Its all part of helping make a better world.

Harley Jones
Acccordions Worldwide Director
Texas Accordion Association

This Weeks News

Folk and Music Concerts of the World - Belgium

The Folk and Music Concerts of the World will be held on the 20th February at St Gilles Peoples House, Brussels. The event is organized by the Muziekpublique with the support of the Cultural Service of Saint-Gilles and will feature a Queimada (traditional ball). The Queimada evening is dedicated to traditional dance and music.

Over the years, the group Twalseree has succeeded in becoming very well known. Ingrid Van Delden (diatonic accordion, flute, song), with Jeremy Vervoort, Werner Alix, Fries Lefevere who sing and play a variety of instruments. Other entertainment is by “E Saquant Beyaus”, who have performed together for over 25 years. The group originates in the mysterious hills, famous for witches sabbaths, located near the French border and Eastern Flanders. Group members Jean Marie Van Coppenolle (accordion, bagpipes) with other instrumentalists, Patrick Hanappier and Jean Jacques Poussol will involve you in the magic of Queimada.
At midnight will come the magic moment of Queimada, when an ancestral ritual drink of special water is drunk, to drive away bad spirits and bad fate.
For further details email:


“El Cacha” Official Opening - South Africa

The official opening of “El Cacha” will be held on the 29th of February in Cape Town. This is a carnival, a fiesta, an evening of joy in dance and movement, music, entertainment, and an opportunity for all lovers of dance to meet, mingle and mix.

Late in the evening will be the Tango performance by the Cape Town Tango Ensemble featuring accordionist Stanislav Angelov. Their exquisite music makes great listening and they will provide dancing for beginner and experienced Tango dancers.

For further details email:

Texas Accordion Association

Accordionist José Maria Lopez Visit to Canary Islands - Spain

Contribute by: Francisco J. Davila Dorta

José Maria Lopez is the owner of a store "Dumboa Musical Comedy" in Irún, Spain specializing in accordions and repairs, to the region of Spain, Portugal and Southern France.

While having a short vacation in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, he enjoyed meeting other accordionists. Felipe Gadea who performs daily in the South of Tenerife at the Beach Restaurant of the Américas, He also visited the Bodegón "Francis and its Accordion" where he conversed with the proprietor and met Gerald Rizza who performed Basque songs magnificently.

He visited the School of Accordion of the Musical Asocicación where he knew the professor of accordion and many students. At the end of the class, like all Fridays, music was united with good red wine and some typical food to celibrate.

In spite of the brief vacation Lopez had time to visit much of the main Island including the National Park of Teide and to enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as enjoy meeting many accordionists.

Hommage Joe Rossi “Magic Evening” - France

Contributed by: Carole Gérard

Frank Hagège, editors of RDC Records and the 7 Music label is organizing an important homage to Joe Rossi which will be held on the 7th, 8th, & 9th April.

The event will feature several stars of accordion including Richard Galliano, Frédéric Guérouet, Valérie Guérouet, Georges Moustaki, Cora Vaucaire and Juliette Gréco.

“These well known musicians have always respected and appreciated the music of Joe Rossi. The musical quality, sensitivity and virtuosity make his music true accordion artistry”..... Richard Galliano.

Gala Concert - Austria

Contributed by: Hermine Kaleta

A Gala Concert will be taking place on the 29 of February at the Konservatorium Wien. The featured guest artists will be the winners of the previous VAMÖ Competitions held in recent years. The gala concert will feature Julian Kabas, Nikolas Lazic, Lale Cabuk und Sebastian Novak, Akkordeon-Trio "Bajan" und special guest Aydar Gaynullin from Moscow.

Aydar Gaynullin was also the winner of the CIA Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships in London in 2001. (Link to CIA site)

For further details email:

Victor Prieto “The Power of the Accordion” - USA

Contributed by: Holda Poletti-Kampl

Victor Prieto is currently leading 4 different projects, playing more the 20 gigs per month plus other collaborations and recording studio work. An impressive performance schedule.

Victor Prieto started his musical career at the age of nine and hails from Spain where he earned a classical music diploma from the Music Conservatory at Orense. In the USA he earned a degree in Accordion Performance from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and is now making a music career in New York. Click for a list of future performances.

40th Towersey Village Festival - United Kingdom

The Towersey Village Festival is a wonderful family friendly festival with a unique relaxed atmosphere. Whether you want to attend workshops, dances or concerts from dawn to dusk or would rather spend time enjoying the ‘easy’ Festival feeling or a bit of both, then Towersey is the place for you. This year's festival runs from 26 to 30 August and is part of the 40th Ruby Anniversary Celebrations

The events will feature some of the folk scene's top acts. Taking the Arts Centre by storm will be Rory McLeod and Daily Planet. On the concert stage will be Flook (pictured), Martin Simpson, Andy Irvine, The Fagans, Malinky, The Demon Barbers, Doghouse Skiffle, Steve Tilston, Folkestra North, David Francey and many others.

For all you dancers there is Florida, Bedlam, The Woodpecker Band and others to get your pulses racing in the Dance Tent. For something a little more genteel, head down to St Catherine's Church and back to the 17th century with The Oxford Waits.

For further details email:

The Viennese Accordion Festival - Austria

Contributed by Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif, Manager of Friedrich Lips Production

The Viennese Accordion Festival will take place from February 21 - March 21. The program of this year’s “Viennese Accordion Festival” was announced at a press conference held in Vienna’s “Aktionsradius Augarten”. Once again, all accordion genres are represented in a diverse mixture of jazz, rock, chamber music and avant-garde: Tango Nuevo, Musette, Volxmusik, Balkan, Klezmer, and others.

This year's program attracts special attention to a cheerful optimistic intermixing of the styles and individual artistic expression. The accordion festival will open with Accordion Tribe, a most unusual music project. The five musicians Guy Klucevsek (USA), Lars Holm (Sweden), Maria Kalaniemi (Finland), Bratko Bibic (Slovenia) and Otto Lechner (Austria) show how one can blow up existing music formats and conquer new musical landscapes.

A festival Club will open its doors for artists, music-lovers, visitors and employees of the festival during the period of the festival. The Club will not only be used for spontaneous sessions but also assure close communications during the festival. Additional to the many performances will be several workshops that will be held at Vienna’s Technical Museum.

Texas Accordion Association

Accordionist Angel Nazlamov on Teaching Tour - USA

In March 2003, Angel Nazlamov (accordion) and Daniela Ivanova (choreographer) were in the Eastern USA working with many groups. This year they are returning again and will be in the Eastern USA in March, central USA in April, and Western USA in June.
They are available for dance parties, teaching, choreography and singing instruction. They will be teaching Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian traditional music and dances. The dates can be a little flexible depending on organizers requirements.
For further details email:

BBC Concert Orchestra - England.

The BBC Concert Orchestra is performing at the Royal Concert Hall in London on 25th February. The concert will feature Robert Ziegler (conductor) and the group The Burning Bush. The group includes Jon Banks (accordion, cimbalom & kanun) Roderick Skeaping (violin & mandolin), Ben Harlan (clarinet & zurna), Lucy Skeaping (vocals & violin), Robin Jeffrey (oud, laouto, darabukka & guitar) and Rob Levy (double bass).

The concert will feature many types of Jewish music as the Burning Bush join forces with the BBC Concert Orchestra in an evening of tradition and specially created works based on Jewish themes.

For further details email:


Charity Concert for Cancer - Canada

A Concert for Cancer, conducted by the Concert For Charity organization will be held on 7th March at the Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall, Rosza Centre, University of Calgary.

An afternoon of Italian song and spirit including opera favorites and many Italian classics is planned. Special guests include Garry Sylvester (accordion), Barbara Thorson (soprano), Kristi Staveley and Sarah Giech (flute), Kirk Linton (trumpet) and the 3 tenor generations! Joe, Tony and Joseph Rino.

For further details email:



Brave Old World in Concert - Poland

World-renowned Brave Old World - home of the braves - has set new standards in creating, performing and teaching Klezmer and New Jewish Music since 1989. Combining the soulfulness of Yiddish tradition, the finesse of classical music and the vitality of jazz, the music of Brave Old World is unique.

BOW will be entertaining at the 14th February Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow, Poland. The group is led by Alan Bern (music director, accordion, piano,) with Michael Alpert (voice, accordion, violin, guitar, percussion), Stuart Brotman (bass, tsimbl, tilinca, percussion, trombone), Christian Dawid (clarinet).

For further details email:

Jamberooo Valley Folk Music School - Auatralia

The Illawarra Folk Music School will be presenting a unique opportunity to learn and celebrate folk music and cultural expression with five days of instrumental and vocal tuition sessions, concerts, dances and great times.

The event will be held on the 6th to 11th July at the Jamberoo Valley Lodge. Classes being offered are: accordion, fiddle, guitar and voice.

For further details email:


 Quote of the Week

Teaching Quote of the Week Edited Willoughby Walshe
Support precise bellows shifts by making slight body movements - to the left (while pulling) and to the right (while pushing).

Find out More… The Art of Bayan Playing or Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips.


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New CD Review -“Live” by the Ars Harmonica Trio (Piotr Chololowicz, Piotr Biazik and Jakub Mietla) formerly of Poland.


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