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23 January 2004 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
Vivat Bayan - International Festival

Editors Note

New Ideas. There are some, who feel, that the popularity of the accordion is affected by not having a modern enough image. They point to a declining numbers of young accordionists in parts of the world and claim that a change of image is necessary to increase the number of beginner accordionists. Are they correct?

Looking at the positive, I see in countries like France, large numbers of young players having an exciting time with their wild colored accordions and also receiving tremendous radio and TV performance opportunities. Every week in our news, there are examples of the educational achievements and popularity of our loved instrument.

Can we be doing more? What ideas do you have to promote the accordion and encourage more beginner accordionists? Please send them to me for publication and for study by accordion industry representatives. Email:

Harley Jones
Acccordions Worldwide Director
Texas Accordion Association

This Weeks News

Long Bayan-Evening Concert - Germany

A Long Bayan-Evening Concert will be performed on 2nd of April 2004 in the German town of Wiesbaden.

A former student of Alexander Vladimirowitch Sklyarov named Vladimir Korol has organized a concert with A. Sklyarov and the Bayan Trio of Lipezk which was founded in 1974 by the famous composer and teacher Alexander Timoshenko.

The concert is at the ESWE-Forum, the concert hall of the Wiesbaden Music Academy. The audience can expect more than 2 hours of wonderful musical performances. The concert is sponsored by the Vonezsh (Russia) bayan factory AKKO and the Karlheinz Martin GmbH Consulting Engineers in Eltville am Rhein, Germany.

For further details email:

Big Prizes In AAA International Entertainment Competition - USA

US $12,000 in prizes are offered in the International Entertainment Competition (July 11-12) which takes place as part of the American
Accordionists' Association annual festival at the Marriott Hotel in Boston (Quincy) Massachusetts.

Two categories, titled the Vivian Vivo Stolaruk are International Entertainment Competition for Accordionists, are open to accordionists
from all countries. The Virtuoso Entertainment section is for contestants up to 32 years of age and a Junior Entertainment section is for those up to 18 years of age. Both are for solo accordion only. Contestants will be judged on basis of originality, variety, musicianship, professionalism and stage presence.

Complete details are available at the AAA website

The AAA festival will run from Sunday, July 11 through Thursday, July 15 at the Marriott and will include concerts, workshops, exhibits,
competitions and other accordion-related activities.

For further details email:


Vivat Bayan - International Festival

Important Affirmation of Renzo Ruggieri - Russia

Contributed by: Holda Poletti-Kampl

In collaboration with Prof. Alexander Dmitriev, Renzo Ruggieri made an important concert tour to Russia from 29th October to 5th November. In the cities of St. Peterburg, Celianynsk and Petrosavodsk, three important cultural centres, Renzo Ruggieri performed fiveconcerts and three seminars. Ruggieri performed repertoire previously unknown in Russia that he composed or improvised from the "Single Accordion Project" and music also drawn from the "Renzo Ruggieri Group". The Russian concerts includedRussian artistslike Gary Bagdasary (drums)and Robert Piliakalnis (double bass). The many demands for encores showed how much the Russian audiences appreciated the music. The seminars emphasised jazz harmony development as applied to the accordion with parallels between jazz for accordion and jazz with oth
er instruments. Renzo Ruggieri performances and music style truly has an international appeal.

Leyland Accordion Club - UK

Leyland Accordion Club has successfully received support for its regular program of events, and knowing of this formula might be helpful for other club organizers to enjoy the same success. The club meets on the first, third and if there is one, the fifth Wednesday of each month. The first and fifth Wednesdays of the month are informal practice nights, the third Wednesday is always a concert night. All levels of player are welcome as well as listeners who just enjoy meeting a nice crowd and hearing some good music.

Practice Nights are sitting around, talking about accordions and learning from each other. The practice nights are also a chance for people to get together in an informal atmosphere with no audience in sight.

A concert night features a concert by the clubs own players, each player taking to the stage for five to fifteen minutes giving the night a good variety night feel. Even on guest artist nights, a part of the evening is dedicated to enthusiastic amateurs giving their best. No reasonable offer to play will be turned down. We hope greater knowledge of these successful concepts help other club organizers.


Beyond The Pale on Live CD Recording - Toronto

The Band “Beyond The Pale” is now preparing to record their long-awaited second CD, and they’re inviting all their friends and followers to be a part of it with them. The concerts will be held on the 24th and 25th January at Al Green Theatre, Miles Nadal.

They’ll be debuting some new original material and they will be joined by their goodfriend and frequentguest, theinimitable Josh Dolgin (vocals, keyboards, and magic tricks). The band will featureBretHiggins (bass), Bogdan Djukic (violin), Milos Popovic (accordion), Eric Stein (mandolins), Martin van de Ven (clarinets). Attendees at these concerts will have the opportunity to pre-purchase the new CD at a discounted price.

For further details email:


Saint Chartier Traditional Music Festival - France

The Saint Chartier Traditional Music Festival will be held at La Châtre in July 2004 (annual). The Festival takes place annually at a beautiful Loire chateau, south of Orléans in the Berry region.

The festival attracts instrument makers from all over Europe to play and exhibit their unusual, often forgotten, folk instruments. One of the only places to see such a wide-ranging collection, the festival includes hurdy-gurdies, bagpipes and diatonic accordions. A lovely setting to enjoy the displays and sounds of traditional folk music from around the world.

For further details email:


Irish American Sensation “Bohola” Concert – Australia

The Irish American Sensation “Bohola” and Australian duo “Myriad” successfully performed in concert on the 4th January at the Illawarra Leagues Cllub, Wollongong. Myriad is a young traditional style duo comprising of Hannah Croke and Gordon Wallace from Sydney who are regarded as on the way up! Bohola consists of Jimmy Keane (accordion), Sean Cleland (fiddler extraordinaire), Pat Broaders (player and singer) and Kat Eggleston, (singer and guitarist). Irish music’s newest “supergroup” as penned by The Irish Herald. Bohola play a driving, muscular, and yet very emotive style of Irish music with deep roots in the ‘pure drop’ tradition, which has been forged with the raw and gritty urbanized musical vernacular of the Irish-American experience.

The Piazzola Studio Concert - Russia

Contributed by: Dr Herbert Scheibenreif, Manager of Friedrich Lips Production.

The "Piazzolla Studio" Quintet founded by Friedrich Lips opened its concert season with two most successful appearances in Jekaterinburg on 17th January and in Uljanovsk on 18th January, both cities located in the Ural region. The quintet consists of Vladislav Igolinsky (violin), Kirill Rodin (cello), Friedrich Lips (bayan), Sviatoslav Lips (piano) and Mark Pekarsky (percussion).


Texas Accordion Association

NAMM Trade Fair - USA

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) wrapped up it's annual 4 day trade fair on January 18th at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The event was well attended and accordions of all types were evident throughout the show. One computer plugin demo utilised an accordionist which proved one thing: computers can do almost anything in music…. except play the accordion!

The motto of this year's show was: "Before there was an association or even an industry, there was a belief...a Belief In Music."

Bonnie Raitt held a press conference together with the Boys and Girls Club of America to encourage the musical instrument manufacturers to donate musical instruments and support music education for urban youth. The traditional opening parade around and through the exhibits sounded off with the song: "Takin' Care of Business" by Bachman Turner Overdrive.

The general consensus was that this year's NAMM had the best attendance since September 11 terrorism affected the business. Many of the exhibitors will also be exhibiting at Frankfurt Musikmesse which will take place slightly later than usual: March 31 through April 3rd.

Eastbourne Festivals and Seminars - England

Carrillon Studio’s will feature at two different festivals in February.

- On 6th to 9th February - Keyboard and Organ Festivals. Four days of good company and excellent music in a friendly atmosphere. The programs include concerts by leading British musicians. You will also get the rare chance to hear these musicians jam together in several open sessions and there will be seminars on a number of musical subjects.

- On 20th to 23rd February, Accordion Festival. Due to demand from our keyboard and organ festival guests we have decided to organize an accordion festival run on the same lines. Thus four days of good company and excellent music in a friendly atmosphere. See instruments and products at the stands for the WEM, Trevani Music and Gifts, Worthing Accordion School, Hinkley Music Store, including Orla UK, Carillon Studios as well as others. Guests are welcome to bring their accordion for the daytime workshops. Performers include: Harry Hussey, George Syrett, Charlie Watkins, Trevani, Genaro Fiondella, John Romero, Hinkley Music Store, Orla UK, and Carillon Studios.

For further details email:


Vivat Bayan - International Festival

Victor Prieto and others, January performances - USA

Victor Prieto is performing with others in various combinations during January.

- 23rd January Victor will appear at Les Deux Gamins,. with Carlo DeRosa (upright).
- 24th January Victor will feature with The Real Jazz Tango with El Maestro Julio Santillan (guitar) at Cafe Moto, Williamsburg.
- 25th January Victor will be appearing in a show at Paradou Brooklyn.

"An outstanding accordionist. He has created a new visions for the accordion. He translated what I showed him about piano and applied it to his instrument in a very unique way. He is a pioneer in his field"....Joanne Brakeen

For further details email:



Strictly Munidial Istanbul 2004 - Turkey

Strictly Mundial Istanbul 2004 invites professionals from around the world to Istanbul to meet and experience local (and global) music in concerts that will be held from 21 to 24 April. The event introduces Turkish professionals and music-lovers to the heritage of their own and their neighboring countries, and to those from far away. The event also aims to enable the exchange of information and discussions between all involved.

Accordionists like Faiaz Ali Faiz (Pakistan), Dyner Dogan (Turkey), Baba Zula (Turkey) and Dhruba Ghosh (Northern India) are some of the musicians taking part in this festival of many concerts
Groups with accordionists like Galata Mevlevi Ensmbele (Turkey), Camut Band (Spain) and Kora Jazz Trio (Senegal) are taking part in this festival of many concerts..

For further details email:

Tulle Accordion Festival - France

The Tulle Accordion Festival will be held in September 2004 in Tulle. Think of the accordion and you might think of France and this annual festival, known as the Nuits de Nacre (Mother of Pearl Nights), promises to be a real slice of French musical tradition. A plethora of concerts, dances and exhibitions are held in cafés and cultural venues throughout the town.

For further details email:

Quotes of the Week

Did You Know? by Willoughby Walshe

There is strong competition between the accordion associations Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA—which organizes the Coupe Mondiale) and Confederation Mondiale de l’Accordeon (CMA—which holds the Trophee Mondiale).

Find out more….. "Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion and Harmonica Events"

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PANcordion Accordions: showing the four different models of PANcordion.

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