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16 January 2004 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Editors Note

Happy New Year to all bellows lovers throughout the world. We start what promises to be a very exciting year with ever improving communications making new and existing music recordings available to ever greater populations. Travel makes the world ever smaller with our accordion artists travelling to more continents than ever before. Improved access to new and existing publications continues to enhance educational progress, making the world of bellows and the part of the accordion (in all its wonderful sizes, shapes and forms) an ever more important part of the greater world of music. 2004 will be an exciting and musically superb year to look forward to.

Harley Jones
Acccordions Worldwide Director

This Weeks News

14th International Moscow Festival "Bayan and Bayanists" - Russia

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif, Manager of Friedrich Lips Production

The 14th International Festival "Bayan and Bayanists" was held in Moscow from December 17th to 21st 2003. The opening gala concert was dedicated to Russian prizewinners of national and international competitions: M. Vlasova, K. Ishenko, S. Osokin, M. Burlakov, N. Sivchuk, A. Peresidly, P. Mangasarjan, K. Chtybin and quartet “Ekspromt”: M. Drokov (bayan), A. Tshujkov (domra), D. Shukov (double bass), J. Michailovski (recorder).

It also solemnly celebrated the special 50th birthdays of Sergey Grintshenko (Kiev), People’s Artist of Ukraine, and Viktor Romanko (Jekaterinburg), Merited Artist of Russia.

Chamber music, rather neglected in Russia in the past, also took broad space at this festival. Yuri Gurjevitch (bayan) and the cellist Olga Galotshkina (duo “Ars-Mobile”) as well as duo “Cadence” - Ivan Jergiev (bayan) and Elena Jergieva (violin) - impressed with original works, transcriptions as well as variations based upon themes of Russian folk melodies.

This year’s Honorary Guest was composer Prof. Viktor Vlassov from Odessa to whom bayanist Vladimir Mursa, Merited Artist of Ukraine, dedicated a large part of his program.

Prof. Friedrich Lips held a workshop dealing with Sofia Gubaidulinas's new work “Under the Sign of Scorpio” (Variations on six hexachords) for bayan and large symphony orchestra in the little hall of Russia’s Gnessin Academy of Music.

It has become a tradition of the festival to invite international accordion soloists to Moscow. This year Marcel Azzola (France) came together with his pianist Lina Bossatti and reaped a storm of approval from the audience at each performance with his arrangements on French “chansons”. Finally Austrian quartet “Dobrek Bistro” consisting of Krzysztof Dobrek (accordion) Alioza Biz (violin) Achim Tang (double bass) Peter Rosmanith (percussion) charmed the audience with their music: Musette and Latin American styles such as salsa, tango and bossa nova, jazz, gypsy swing, classical influences, music of the Balkans, the orient, of the gypsies and eastern European Jews as well as Slavic folk music being the ingredients of this mixture of styles.

The “Silver Disk” 2004 for special achievements in music was conferred to Marcel Azzola, Sergey Grintchenko, Viktor Romanko and composer Viktor Vlassov.


Tom Collins Passes Away, Montana - USA
Contributed by: Harley Jones

Tom Collins passed away peacefully on 7th January 2004. A minor knee operation led to an infection being caught at the hospital causing pulmonary fibrosis which then led to this unexpected passing.

“The accordion world has lost a great friend. Tom Collins died this morning at his home in Montana. All who knew Tom will agree that he was one of the most "genuine" of all. A great human.” Peter Soave

Tom was a wonderful historian too, who personally knew so many greats of the accordion. I am very pleased that Tom wrote some of his memories of those times a few years ago in the Celebrity Interview: Tom Collins and Famous Friends

See the Memorials Site for further information which includes email address to send condolences.

Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Results: Arrasate Annual International Accordion Competition - Spain
Contributed by: Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Arrasate International Competition for the year 2003 was held in Spain from the 3rd to 8th of December. Results for the top class were.
1st place: Kirill Chtybine from the Russian Academy of Music, Moscow
2nd place: Milos Milivojevic from the Royal Academy of Music, London
3rd place: Niko Kumpuvaara from the Sibelius Academy of Music, Helsinki

Jury: includes Carlos Iturralde, Friedrich Lips, Owen Murray, Matti Rantanen, and Vojin Vasovic.
Ranco Accordions

Pascal Contet’s January & February Concert Dates - France

Pascal Contet, considered by international critics to be an important part of the renaissance of the accordion, one of the “best defenders” of the accordion, and one of today’s most surprising accordionists, has a very busy concert schedule for 2004.

On the 17th January, he will perform a duets with Joëlle Léandre (double bass) in Montlucon. On the 19th January in Paris, he will be live on air on Radio France improvising with Andy Emler, Claude Tchamitchian (double bass) and Eric Echampard (drums). On January 25 he will be performing at Reims for the "Sunday of Curiosities" accordion day of orchestras under the direction of Bernard Cavanna. Many accordionists and others including the pianist Andy Emler will be performing.

On 20th February, Contet will appear at Saint-Dizier for a concert organized by the School of Music performing works by Cavanna, Berio, Piazzolla, Ballif, Drouet. On February 25, 26, and 27, Contet will be featured at the Abbey of Royaumont conducting a workshop with Susan Buirge featuring choreographic skills and musical of improvisation.

The Crawley Accordion Orchestra Show - UK

The Crawley Accordion Orchestra, formed in 1976, will feature in a show on the 13th of February at the Cranleigh Arts Centre, Surrey. Mike Naidoo is the Musical Director of the Crawley Accordion Orchestra and this show will feature special guests Gary Blair and Harry Hussey. This orchestra recently toured to Wuppertal in Germany for a concerts with German and French orchestras.

For further details email:

IV Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival - Finland

The Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival will be held on the 16th to 22nd of February. Innovative, special and different are some words about this festival which has become very remarkable in recent years. The festival features a mix of musical styles including silent movies, sport, poetry to mention a few.

Highlights of the 2004 festival are expected to be:
- concerts with accordion orchestras
- Claudio Jacomucci's concert with video installations presenting Italian composers Berio, Sciarrino, Donatoni and also with chamber music.
- F. W. Murnau's master silent film "Nosferatu" with live music by Veli Kujala (accordion) and Lauri Porra (bass).

Also superb Otra Vez! plays music from Argentina. A mix of wonderful accordion music, skiing in the forest with poetry and big entertainment concerts!

For further details email:

The Gary Blair February Roadshow - England

Gary Blair, recently awarded "Honored Friend of the Accordion" at the 56th Coupe Mondiale is starting his February 2004 Southern Tour.
- 7th February. Gary will be entertaining at Ditchling Village Hall, West Sussex.
- 8th February at Burgess Hill for the Scottish Fun Night at the Burgess Hill Theatre, Church Walk, West Sussex.
- 9th February. Gary will feature at the Uxbridge Accordion Club, Anglers Retreat, West Drayton, Middlesex.
- 11th February. Gary performs at the Dorset Colehill Church Hall, Wimborne for in a concert which also features George Syrett.
- 12th February. Gary performs for the Harlow Accordion Club, Essex with George Syrett and the Harlow Accordion Club Band.
- 13th February at the Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh, Surrey. With Harry Hussey, and The Crawley Accordion Orchestra.
-14th February. Gary will perform at Ovingdean Village Hall, Brighton, Sussex for the Scottish Fun Night / Ceilidh Party.
- 15th February at Burgess Hill in West Sussex Newick House School for the School Fundraiser
-16th February. Gary will appear at the Canterbury Accordion Club, Canterbury -

A great chance for people in the Southern area of England to enjoy the excellent accordion music of Gary Blair.

Local Accordionists Form Club - USA

Accordion enthusiasts in Fort Bend County now can meet, mingle and jam with others who share their musical hobby by joining the newly formed Fort Bend County Texas Accordion Club. Among the new club's members are local musicians Mario Pedone, Vincent Ramos and Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright.

Mario Pedone, the club's founder, studied accordion in Caracas and later at the conservatory of music, graduating as a professor of accordion. He now performs classical concerts and teaches the accordion to about 15 students. For 15 years, Pedone has worked at the Old Heidenberg in Houston performing keyboard and he also performs annually at an accordion festival in Sweden

Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion Events

Pigalle44 Band in Concert - Netherlands

The band Pigalle44 Kwartet, featuring Reinier Voet (guitarist), Gert Wantenaar (accordion), Jan Brouwer (rhythm guitar), and Nick McGuire had a successful concert in Van Oldenbarneveldweg on January 5th. The next performance is at the Casablanca Jazz Club, Zeedijk, Amsterdam on 27th January and in Café d'Hooghe Gast, Purmerend on the 8th of February. They are performing material from their first two CD's as well as new material for their new CD which is being recorded shortly.
Ranco Accordions

New CD "Seduction" by Vincent Carenzi: - France

The name “Seduction” is well chosen on all the levels for this new CD. The music of Vincent features great sensitivity and a smoothness of articulation and brings to mind the old saying so often correct: one plays as one is! Vincent Carenzi was the Champion of the 2001 Trophée Mondiale in Lorient and is a pupil of Frederic Deschamps. This first album is produced by Marianne Melodie. For further details email:


Macworld Conference/Expo - USA

Accordionists Jon Hammond attended Macworld Expo on the 10th of January in San Francisco and he was amazing to find that the Apple people were demonstrating their new music products which include his new album Hammond's Bolero. The album is now available on Apple iTunes worldwide! and the Apple staff demonstrated the sound samples on an Apple Powerbook to Jon.

On the 9th January, Jon played a solo hospital show for 150 patients at Laguna Honda Hospital, his first concert of 2004. This week Jon is attending NAMM in Anaheim California and getting warmed up for the Frankfurt Musikmesse. Most of his endorsee companies will be presenting at both NAMM and Musikmesse.
For further details email:


Vincenzo Abbracciante Trio in Concert - Austria

Contributed by: Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The young embracing talent of Vincenzo Abbracciante, winner of the 53rd Trofeo Mondiale Variety Senior category has just returned from an interesting tour to Austria. The Vincenzo Abbracciante Trio with Walter Grassmann (drums) and Alexander Meik (bass) performed three concerts in Niederösterreich and Burgenland provoking great public interest from audiences who enjoyed their superb performances.

Francesca Carusi’s First CD - Italy

Contributed by: Renzo Ruggieri

Francesca Carusi passed her Diploma in Music Entertainment in 2002 at the Academia Musicale "Voglia d'ARTE" with tutor Renzo Ruggieri. Francesca Carusi has recently recorded her first CD which has a range of music from Korsakov and Offenbach to Morricone and Rodriguez and recent Italian composers like Batistes and Celentano.

Francesca displays beautifully the most pleasant and agreeable sound qualities of the accordion, a tonal quality that no doubt helped her to win some prestigious competitions in Italy. The CD titled "Danzando Intorno alla Musica" (Dancing Around to Music) has been released by Publishing Musicomania.


The Big Squeeze Accordion Concert and Dance - Orlando

The Central Florida Accordion Club presents The Big Squeeze 2004 Accordion Concert and Dance on the 28th February at the Elks Lodge, Orlando, featuring CFAC’s own Jimmy Bubaloni, Joe Zalewski, Vince Aleandri and Andy Bakke.
Jam sessions/exhibits will be held at noon so bring your accordion with you. There will be Workshops and a display in the afternoon followed by Dancing that evening. You can polka and waltz to the music of “The Mark Bouchard Orchestra” featuring Mark Bouchard on accordion.
For further details email:

36th International Competition - France

Contributed by Holda Poaletti-Kampl

The 36th International Competition will be held on the 20th to 23rd of May at the salle Jean Vilar in Argenteuil. The contest features accordion solo, duo, trio, group and orchestra classes with classes for other instruments too. There is a special prize donated by the event organizer Guy Vivier.

For further details email :


Future events of Friedrich Lips - Russia

Here is the future calendar events of Friedrich Lips
- 17th January, will perform in the Tango quintett "Piazzolla-Studio" in Jekaterinburg and on the 18th January in Uljanovsk.
- 2nd February Lips will be performing the Solotarjow: “Concert Symphonie Nr. 2” and other works at a concert in Samara.
- 9th February Lips will perform in a solo concert in Astrachan.
- 10th February the. Gubaidulina: „Seven Words“ for bayan, cello and chamber orchestra in Astrachan.
- 2nd of March the S. Gubaidulina: „Silenzio“ for bayan, violin and cello in Courchevel (France)

Quote of the Week

Did You Know? - Contributed by: Willoughby Walshe

Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata in Valledupar, Colombia, features the four styles of vallenata music (puya, meringue, son, and passeo) played by ensembles of up to three players (diatonic accordion, caja-goat skin drum, guacharaca-bamboo scraper), and vocalist.

Find out more….. "Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion and Harmonica Events"
Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

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