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12 December 2003 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

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Have you checked your details in the Accordion Yellow Pages. We are asking everyone to check before a major update of site information. If you have future events, concerts, festivals, an accordion to buy or sell, your club or association or teacher information etc etc etc, then this is the time to carefully check that information. There are over 15,000 listings and large numbers of accordionists come each week to the Accordion Yellow Pages site looking for information. So please make sure your listing is correct and benefit from being found by accordion enthusiasts sharing your interests.

Harley Jones
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Ranco Accordions

This Weeks News

Cafe Accordion Orchestra Holiday Show - USA

Contributed by: Elizabeth Rowan

The Cafe Accordion Orchestra will be performing a Holiday Show at Spring Valley Theater, Wisconsin.on the 19th of December. On the 30th December they will perform at an afternoon show at the Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis.. The band features Dan Newton (accordion and vocals) Brian Barnes (guitar and vocals) Eric Mohring (mandolin, fiddle and vocals) Erik Lillestol (bass violin) and Joe Steinger (percussion)

For further details email:


Pigalle44 Kwartet Plays Jazz - Netherlands

Contributed by: Jan Brouwer

The band Pigalle44 Kwartet, featuring Reinier Voet (guitarist), Gert Wantenaar (accordionplayer), Jan Brouwer (rhythm guitar), and Simon Planting (double bass) will be performing on 11 December in Kapitein Zeppos, Gebed Zonder End, Amsterdam. This a regular gig, every fourth Tuesday of the month at the Casablanca Jazz Club, Amsterdam. This concert will feature the jazz of Django Reinhardt but with a twist.

The Ponty Bone Show - Texas

The Ponty Bone Band will be performing on the 14th December in Gruene Hall near New Braunfels, Texas. The band features Ponty Bone (vocals and accordion), Richard Segura (guitar), Wash Hamilton (bass) and Mike Gersmann (drums). Their famous Cajun and Zydeco based distinctively Texan style combined with some originals will be a fun event for all.

For further details email:
Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Cameron Family Singers and Mad Bastards Band - Canada

At 408 Queen St. West in Toronto, you'll find the best kept secret on the Queen West strip. Every Saturday evening, Cameron Public House hosts a country-western happy hour with the Cameron Family Singers. This is the 6th year of the Cameron Family residency and it promises more of the very best in classic country. You won't hear AM radio "new country," but standards and bluegrass, with a mix of Kevin Quain (vocals, accordion), Cindy Matthews (vocals, washboard), Jack Nicholsen (vocals, guitar) Rod Booth (fiddle) Tony Benattar (upright bass) Sam Farrera (shake, rattle and sand).

On Sundays, Kevin Quain (vocals, accordion) and his band the Mad Bastards, splatter the walls with songs about restless corpses, wistful vampires, punchdrunk sailors, singing bank robbers, and barroom romances. Led by singer, songwriter and squeezebox slinger Kevin Quain, and armed with an accordion, doghouse bass, trumpet, a couple of Spanish guitars and a musical saw, the Mad Bastards spin musical tales in a fury of dramatic lighting and go go music.
So next time you're in Toronto, don't miss a chance to visit the Cameron Public House.
Ranco Accordions

Accordionst Celebrated Years of Success - France

Accordionst Jean Robert Chappelet celebrated his 20th year as a professional accordion player on the 6th of December. Recent performances include the world famous Olympia in Paris with André Verchuren and Carole Montmayeur in September 2003 and at the "Zénith" French Festival in November 2003. He had learnt from Friedrich Lips when he was 18 years old and now has a band of 5 to 11 musicians who perform French musette dance style and jazz for concert and dances. They are now performing most weeks. Congratulations to Jean Robert Chappelet on a successful career.


Peebles Accordion and Fiddle Club - Scotland

On 20th November in the Rugby Social Club, Peebles, an ensemble of 60-plus (number, not age) musicians and listeners enjoyed an evening of traditional Scottish music and camaraderie. MC Riddell Phaup introduced five made-up bands from local and visiting players, before guest artists, the Clyde Valley Ceilidh Band took centre stage.

Musicians and enthusiasts came from a wide radius - Argyll, Strathclyde, Tayside, Grampian, Lothian and Borders. Accordion players included Bill Lees, Robert Clelland, Gwen Hardy, James Paterson, John Weaks, Charlie Todd, George Hood, Dave Sutherland, Andrew Stoddart, Neil Hardie and Brian Forrest.

The Norwich Accordion Club - England

Norwich Accordion Club last met on the 26th of November in Noriwch, Norfolk, a beautiful city in East Anglia. About 20 members played in various groups and ensembles. The club members enjoy entertaining and taking part in festivals and mainly play orchestrated music arranged by its ex-musical director, Royston Herbert. The club is currently looking for a new musical director. For further details email:

The club welcomes new players and tuition is available. A new beginners course is going to be run this autumn. There is three groups. The Troshers (mixed ability group) the Crome Group (intermediate quintet) and the main Teusday evening Band. Any accordionists visiting Norwich are most welcome to join them on a Tuesday evening (Band) or Thursday evening.(Troshers) amixed ability group

Dr. William Schimmel, Organizer, 2004 Accordion Master Class and Concert Series - USA

Dr. William Schimmel presents the 2004 Accordion Master Class and Concert Series on August 27th to 29th at Tenri Cultural Institute in NY. The 2004 Program will be entitled "NO ID ROCCA" ...that's right - it's accordion spelled backwards

Further information will be published on the American Accordionists Assoc. internet site.

Guilford Accordion Club Night - England

The Guilford Accordion Club members night will be held on the 19th of December at the Ripley Village Hall on the north of Guildford 20 miles south-west of London. The members meet regularly and play popular tunes and entertain each as well as enjoy the performances of well-known visiting accordionists. While the piano accordion is the instrument played by most members, button accordions, bandoneons, concertinas and other instruments are represented too. All are most welcome.
For further details email:

Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion Events

Acordion Couples Success - Netherlands

Jean Pierre Guiran (accordion, vocals) and Cheirie de Boer (accordion, vocals) have had the good fortune to be able to practice and immerse themselves in playing and composing accordion music. "The instrument can create so many different moods, literally and figuratively!" There skills enable them to perform their own style, their own rhythms and music of composers from all corners of the earth. They have launched CD's like "Petits Fours Frais", "Parade des Poules", and "L'imparfait du Coeur".

They have remained in harmony to this day - in harmony with each other, with their music and with their instruments - and thankfully, one senses that they will continue to do so in the years ahead.
Ranco Accordions

Arizona Button Accordion Band - USA

The Arizona Button Accordion Band is a group of twelve musicians playing a variety of music consisting of polkas, waltzes, schottisches and American songs. As well as button boxes, the group includes dancers, bass guitar and drums.

In their colorful outfits they have been performing together for nine years amd traveled to the states of California, Colorado and Utah to perform at National Button Accordion Festivals. Additionally, they have entertained extensively at local events and many International Food Festivals and Octoberfests


Klezmer, East European Folk, and Original Music -Toronto

The Klezmer Band will be performing on the 11th of December in a live concert at Mazzoleni Concert Hall, Toronto. Featuring in the Band are: Milos Popovic (accordion) Bret Higgins (bass) Bogdan Djukic (violin) Eric Stein (mandolin, mandocello) Martin van de Ven (clarinets) Special Guest: Yeva Medvedyuk (vocals, guitar). The show will be recorded by CBC radio for future broadcast on the program "In Performance"


Accordion In Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Contributed by: Knut Brede

The accordion is not heard very frequently in Kuala Lumpur apart from traditional folk music. The accordionist Knut Brede (organized by the Scandinavian Accordion Association) played with some other musicians from Sweden (guitar and vocals) at two large events. The annual spring ball and the opening of the first IKEA business in Malaysia. By the reactions of the public, the accordion could easily become very popular here in Kuala Lumpur. If only someone would begin!

New CD Review of Frédéric Schlick -"New Day's Horizon" - Europe

CD Review of  Frédéric Schlick by Paulo Picchio

Accordion Information Required

J.D. Davis is interested to know about an accordion, "La Tosca by Gretsch" made in Italy with "Bolero" written on it. If you have any information please mail:

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