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7th November 2003 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Editors Note

Christine Adams would like to thank everyone for their emails of congratulations for her CIA Merit Award. She has heard from many accordion friends, Weekly News readers and the Accordions Worldwide translators and staff. Many people have also sent their regards to Christine along with their best wishes for the future. Christine has been very grateful for this response and wants you all to know that she will remain very active in the accordion movement in New Zealand as a teacher, conductor and orchestra member.

Wayne Knights Webmaster


Ranco Accordions

This Weeks News


Bridlington International Accordion Festival - England

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Many different styles of music were presented at the Bridlington International Accordion Festival held in Bridlington from October 16th to 19th. The event included performances by many international guests such as well known Italian accordionist Roberto Lucanero. Roberto played and sang a wide variety of pieces from a repertoire based on popular music from the Marche region: entertainment music, music for dancing and many pieces in the modern style of "hip-hop".

Lucanero has studied some of these pieces during his research of musical roots and traditions. This research supplied Lucanero with precious material for his Bachelor in Etnomusicology degree (presented by the D.A.M.S. of Bologna last March) and also for his concert repertoire.
His performance was well received by the public. The official sponsor of this year's event was
Excelsior Accordions Cemex Srl, represented by Marco Galeazzi.

The event also included performances by Andre Loppe (Belgium), Isabelle Durand (France), David Vernon (Edinburgh), Tzigani Duo (Ireland), Harry Hussey Quartet, Gary Blair Ceilidh Band, George Syrett & Rodney Mcnamarra, Elle Classique, Anne Wilson and Amaryllis. A variety of workshops catering for all player levels were also presented along with popular dances each evening.


Duo Concert in Istanbul - Turkey

Accordionist Angel Luis Castaño will perform with Ananda Sukarlan (piano) at the Foundation Borussian in Istanbul on November 13th. The two musicians will perform a variety of pieces as "Dúo AN-Tifon" such as "Diario" (David del Puerto), "En la Penumbra" (Polo Vallejo), "Rain Dance" (Kevin Mayo) and pieces dedicated to the Duo.

"AN-tifon" is part of a powerful new movement in Spanish contemporary music "Musica Presente"; its members include Ananda Sukarlan and Angel Luis Castaño, as well as composers David del Puerto, Jesus Rueda, Polo Vallejo, Jesus Torres and Cesar Camarero. The latter two have written excellent solo accordion pieces "Itzal" and "Luz Azul" respectively, both dedicated to Angel Luis Castaño.

For concert information email:


Ranco Accordions

Nufringen Accordion Concert - Germany

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Handharmonika Club Nufringen will perform at the Wiesengrundhalle in Nufringen on November 16th. The event will include performances by three orchestras of the association, with about 50 accordionists playing a varied program. The Junior orchestra will play "Micro Suite No 2" (Wolfgang Russ) and works by Schubert. The 1st Orchestra will play "Three Tempers" (Sebastian Klein), "Roccata" (Hans Günther Kölz) and others. For the first time a new youth orchestra will perform also. For details email:


Accordionists Entertain - Argentina

On October 16th the "Trio of Accordions Raul Varelli" (which includes Aldo Taborda, Francisco Musso and & Raul Varelli) performed with Ildo Patriarca and Florencia Herrera in Paraná, Entre Ríos Province. The musicians showed the versatility of the accordion by performing a wide variety of pieces such as French waltzes, works by Astor Piazzolla, classical pieces, polkas and other popular pieces on the piano accordion.

The following day they performed the same program in Ramírez, Entre Ríos Province. The players are all members of the new "Embassy of the Accordion" in Paraná, Entre Ríos Province and plan to perform in different cities and provinces of Argentina to demonstrate the versatility of the accordion and promote the instrument at national and international levels.

On October 26th the musicians performed in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal with well known accordionists such as Roberto Magiolo, Valentyna Akhmedzyanova (Russia), Sergio Segueiev and Diego Lipsky among others.



Paris-Moscou Duo Tours Denmark

Paris-Moscow DuoThe Paris-Moscou Duo completed a concert tour of Denmark in October, performing in the Snesere Church, Albaek Church and St. Arden's Church. Their program included a variety of solo and duo classical pieces, followed by a musical trip between their two countries - Russia and France. During their program the duo always perform a piece by Franck Angelis that was specially written for them. This piece was well received by their audience.

This week duo member Roman Jbanov returned to Denmark to perform solo pieces at the Faaborg Church (5th), at the Sondeborg Concert House (8th) and at the Aarhus Concert Hall (9th).
On November 12th and 13th, Roman will play in several schools and churches with a student from C.N.I.M.A. in France, Jérémy Lafont (winner of the 2002 Coupe Mondiale Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition in Copenhagen). The Paris-Moscou Duo plan to return to Denmark from October 16th to 24th, 2004. For more concert information email Alfred Renner:


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Rosenberg Gallery Concert - USA

Dr William SchimmelAccordionist Dr William Schimmel will perform Luciano Berio's Sequenza XIII (chanson) at the Rosenberg Gallery in Soho on November 8th. Schimmel will play the Berio Sequenza again on December 3rd at Columbia University.

On November 11, he will be featured in three works with the Ensemble Sospeso, playing works by Wolfgang Rihm, Joshua Cody and Kirk Noreen.

Dr. Schimmel was a 2003 recipient of the CIA Merit Award in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the annual Masterclass and Concert series held in New York. For further concert details email:


Ranco Accordions

"Musical Vacations" in Florence - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On October 24th, accordionist Fabio Colaceci (student of Ivano Battiston) held a concert for the Cultural Association in Florence entitled "Musical Vacations". The event took place at the hall in the Stibbert Museum in Florence.

On November 23rd, Colaceci will perform at another concert organized by the Musical Association "Bring Music". This concert will take place in the small theatre of the Hospital "Baby Jesus of Rome". Colaceci's program will include music by Bach, Byrd, Frescobaldi, Albeniz and Tiensuu. For more information email:



"Edelweiss" Accordion Concert - Switzerland

The annual concert of the "Edelweiss" Accordionists will be held on November 29th at the Belfaux Church Hall in Freiburg. Their program will include a variety of dance music such as waltzes, minuets, tangos, farandole, pavane, Russian and Celtic dance, disco music and the twist. The event will end with a dance demonstration by a local dance school. For details email:


Concert Series in South Africa

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionists Marc Berthoumieux (France), Raul Barboza (Argentina) and Régis Gizavo (Madagascar) will perform a series of concerts in South Africa from November 17th to December 3rd. The series features three different accordionists, three different nationalities, three different personalities and three different styles of music. The meeting of these three artists is an event in itself. They have known and appreciated each other for a long time but they have never had the opportunity to play together on stage before this.

Marc Berthoumieux and Régis Gizavo previously met with South African accordionist Mzwandile David in order to decide on a musical program. The trio performed seven concerts in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. These concerts were so successful that offers were made to the group, living in Paris, to extend this experience to new countries. Marc Berthoumieux and Régis Gizavo asked Raul Barboza to join them in this new adventure.

From this cooperation, it is hoped that further concerts will result for the trio, in Europe and in Argentina.



Accordionist Tours Norway

Accordionist Frode Haltli will perform concerts in Norway this week. Beginning on November 4th Haltli took part in the opening concert of "Verden i Oslo", Oslo's world music festival. Over the next two days Haltli performed in Mandal and Flekkefjord. Further concerts will be held in Kristiansand (7th) and Drammen (8th). For concert details email:



Lark Camp - Celebration of Music & Dance 2004 - USA

Due to popular demand, registrations are now open for the 2004 Lark Camp, held in Mendocino, California from July 30th to August 7th, 2004. The event will include a variety of workshops such as English Concertina (Joel Bernstein), Cajun Accordion, Cajun Songs (Joel Breaux), Irish Music On The Anglo System Concertina (Jack Gilder), Tex Mex Button Accordion (Miguel Govea), Tex Mex/Colombian Button Accordion (Rene Peña Govea), Button Accordion (John Paul), Piano Accordion (Simo Tesla) and French Music & Button Accordion (Vickie Yancy). For further details email:


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Duo Performs in France and Netherlands

Rudi Flores (guitar) and Nini Flores (accordion) will perform at the Rotterdam Conservatory in The Netherlands on November 28th. From there they will travel to France to play in Villeurbanne on December 6th. For concert information email:


Ranco Accordions

Quartet of Entertainment - England

On November 27th, vocalists Jane & Amanda Threlfall will perform with Roger Edwards & Martin Ellison (guitar, melodeon and concertina) at "Folk at The Royal Oak" in Lewes, East Sussex. For concert details email:



Viktor Romanko in Germany

Viktor Romanko & Akkordeon-Orchester "Harmonie"Contributed by Jutta Schreiber-Menn

Viktor Romanko began a tour of Germany on October 3rd, which will continue until November 23rd with concerts in Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

Whether Romanko plays or improvises, it is all pure, vital life, which flows out of his accordion. The audience were impressed with their experience of Romanko's performances of The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) plus works by Franck, Liszt, Gershwin and Tschernikov, as well as "Oblivion" and "Libertango" (Piazzolla). Romanko also showed he is a master of improvisation. For details on future concerts during this tour email:


Accordion Day Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary - Argentina

LogoContributed by Angel Russo

The Asociación Internacional de Acordeonistas (International Accordionists Association) invites accordionists from across the country to join their upcoming festivities to celebrate the Day of the Accordion on November 15th by coming together in plazas and public places. In Capital Federal they will celebrate on November 14th with a parade starting at Casa Anconetani at 4pm, and play popular songs on the accordion at 5pm at the corner of Córdoba and Florida streets, finishing at the corner of Florida and Avenida de Mayo.

This is a double celebration as they will be observing the 10th anniversary of the association on November 15th with an accordionists parade and a dance show to be held in Chacarita, Capital Federal. Accordionists from all over the country (including Paraná, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Buenos Aries and Capital Federal) will entertain, accompanied as always by Nazareno Anconetani on percussion.

For further details email:



Battiston Performs Opera Wozzeck in Rome - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On October 8th, the opera "Wozzeck" (Alan Berg) officially opened at the 2003/2004 opera season of the National Academy of Saint Cecilia in Rome. For the first time, this very impressive Santa Cecilia hall with its 2800 seats and sealing decorated in curtains, is being used for lyrical music performance. Today this expressionistic opera "Wozzeck" is considered as a peak for all musical pieces from the 1900's with its main performers Jürgen Linn (Wozzeck) and Gabriele Maria Ronge (Marie).

The orchestra and chorus of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia were directed by Daniele Gatti and Daniele Abbadio (choreography). During this opera accordionist Ivano Battiston performed on stage (during the second act, scene 4) and the performance was broadcast on the national TV RAI3.


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Accordionist is Finalist in BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2004 - Scotland

Twelve young musicians from all over Scotland competed in the semi finals of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician awards on October 11th at Biggar's Corn Exchange, South Lanarkshire. The judges were a mix of professional traditional musicians. Prior to this event, the semi finalists took part in a series of workshops on presentation, performance, improvisation, writing a biography, music sessions and a photo shoot.

The award aims to encourage young musicians to keep their tradition alive and to maximize their musical potential by the pursuit of a career in traditional music. Accordionist Tom Orr was chosen as one of the finalists. The finals will be staged at a prestigious concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall as part of Celtic Connections festival on January 25th, 2004.



La Quartada Tango - Argentina

Contributed by Carolina Soler Alencastre

"La Quartada" will perform at the Del Viejo Hotel in San Telmo on November 14th. The group, which includes Gabriel Clenar (piano), Hugo Satorre (bandoneon), Marcelo Rebuffi (violin) and Claudio Canestrari (bass), will perform a variety of Piazzolla tangos and milongas. For details email:


Ranco Accordions

Bulgarian and Romani Wedding Music - USA

A variety of Bulgarian and Romani wedding music will be performed by Ivo Papazov (clarinet), Neshko Neshev (accordion) and Salif Ali (drums), featured guests with the Yuri Yunakov Ensemble at Ashkenaz, Berkeley, California on November 7th.

In addition to this concert, the musicians will be available for private and group lessons and
ensemble coaching. For information phone Carol Silverman: +1 541-344-4519


Tatiana LanchtchikovaAccordionist and Ensemble Philharmonia Concert - New Zealand

Accordions Worldwide Office Manager Tatiana Lanchtchikova performed with the Ensemble Philharmonia from November 1st to 3rd. Their program included a Double Bass Concerto by Dittersdorf (performed by Tatiana's husband Evgueni). Tatiana also played solo compositions on the accordion.



Massive Sales for Accordion Jazz CD

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The CD "Accordion Voyage" (WD103) by the Renzo Ruggieri Group which includes Renzo Ruggieri (accordion), Manzi (percussion), Di Sabatino (piano) and Moriconi (bass) has now reached its 4th reprint. This is confirmation of its massive popularity. The CD is released on the label Wide Sound. For further CD information email:


CD Promotion Concert - South Africa

The Cape Town Tango Ensemble will perform an in store concert at the "CD WareHouse", V&A Waterfront, Capetown on November 16th. The concert is part of a promotion of their new CD entitled "El Tango en Africa". For CD details email:



Accordionist Launches CD Amidst Melbourne Cup Fever - Australia

Bernadette ConlonAustralian accordionist Bernadette Conlon launched her latest 2 CD's this week "Abduction by Tango" and "Accordiana" by performing selections at a concert on the eve of the 6th Annual Melbourne Cup at the Bentleigh Organ Club.

Prior to this concert, Bernadette performed for the racing fraternity on Sunday night at a gathering of racing enthusiasts, which included the trainer of the horse brought over from Ireland for the Cup. This racing event attracts a huge international crowd as well as interstate race goers.

Bernadette began the program by conducting the Accordion Orchestra of Melbourne in two pieces, then performed duets "Trieste Overture" and "Jolly Caballero" with one of her students, Patricia Zheng.

The event finished with Bernadette playing 90 minutes of requests with pieces such as Overtures like Orpheus in the Underworld and Poet and Peasant, to accordion favorites, such as Carnival of Venice & Bel Viso. For further CD information email:


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

New Edition of USA National News Online

A new edition of the Accordion USA, United States National Accordion News is now online. If you would like to contribute an item for this news either send it via the online submit form or email Kevin Friedrich at:


Ranco Accordions

Updated Sites Updated contact information for Italian accordionist Renzo Ruggieri



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