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12th September 2003 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
Castelfidardo Festival

Editors Note

Accordions Worldwide Office Manager Tatiana Lanchtchikova will be away on a concert tour of New Zealand from September 12th to 23rd. Following this she will fly to Italy to attend the Castelfidardo Festival, returning home on October 16th. Tatiana will reply to your emails as soon as she returns. If you have an urgent request please email:

Wayne Knights Webmaster


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

This Weeks News

Ranco Accordions

Citta di Castelfidardo Competition and Festival - Italy

The Citta di Castelfidardo Competition and Festival will be held in Castelfidardo from October 8th to 12th organized by the Castelfidardo Municipal Administration and the Pro-Loco Tourist Association. The event is for accordion concert performers, bands and soloists. A number of special prizes will be awarded this year including:

"Cagnoni Quality Reeds" Award (donated by Cagnoni & C.) for a well known pop music artist who has contributed to promoting the accordion with his/her performances

"Sonerfisa" Award (donated by Sonerfisa owned by G. Francenella & C. snc) for the accordionist who has distinguished himself with music activities on national TV stations

Special Prize "Excelsior" (donated by Cemex/Excelsior Accordions) which is a Euro 510 scholarship for the winner of the Prize "Città di Castelfidardo"

Special "CNA" Award (donated by the Confederazione Nazionale dell'Artigianato) which is a study bursary of Euro 250 to the winner of Cat. D

"SEM Accordions - Youth Award" (donated by SEM Accordions srl) which is a scholarship contribution of Euro 250 to the youngest qualified player through to the second round of categories A, B, C & L

Association "Promozione Fisarmonica da Concerto" (Collecorvino, Pescara) will offer a Prize Concert and Euro 250 in commemoration of Claudio Calista, to the best Italian competitor in the Concert Performers category (or to an Italian soloist recommended by the jury from any of the other categories). The concert will be held during the summer shows 2004 of Collecorvino (birthplace of Calista)

"Accordions Worldwide" Special Award (donated by Accordions Worldwide on the Internet) is sponsoring for 1 year an internet publicity site for some winners of the "Città di Castelfidardo" Prize and Award - the first orchestra of Cat. H and the first soloist in the concert performer category

Special Prize "Piermaria" I.M.C. (donated by Piermaria International Music Company srl) a Euro 250 scholarship for the winner of Cat. L

Study Bursary in commemoration of André Thepaz a Study Bursary of Euro 200 will be offered by the family in commemoration of the late André Thepaz, for winner in Cat. I (Varieté Junior)

Special Prize "Intermusik Schmülling" (donated by Intermusik) a prize in advertisements to the value of Euro 3.700 (in the Intermusik Newspaper) to the winner in Cat. F, H, L & O and to the winner of the Prize for Concert Soloists. The advertisements will by published monthly and distributed world-wide to support the concert activities of the winners for a period of one year.

The Company Menghini Prize (donated by the manufacturer of Menghini, Scandalli and Paolo Soprani accordions) will produce a CD containing the live performances during the awarding of prizes of the Classical Music Section (October 12th, 2003). This CD will include the performances of the winner of the Prize for Concert Performers and the winners in the "collective categories" (cat. E, F, G & H) and of possible participants who have received "special mention". A panel will select the pieces to be recorded. Past years CD's are available at

In addition to solo and group categories there will be categories for "Jazz Soloists", "Jazz Bands", and "Astor Piazzolla Music". For further details email:



Finnish Duo Tours Norway

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Finnish accordionists Jukka-Pekka Kuusela and Kalle Valimaa began a tour of Norway on September 10th. The duo will give a series of five concerts in Toten, Honefoss, Asker, Sandfjord and Tonsberg, finishing on September 13th.

Their program will consist of contemporary music and Norwegian Dances op. 35 (Grieg), and works by Mendelssohn, Wessman, Murto and Berinski. In addition the duo will give the first performances of a new solo work and a duo work by rising Finnish composer Timo-Juhani Kyllonen plus a solo work by Eero Ojanen (who recently celebrated his 60th birthday).



Successful 15th Carrefour Mondial de L'accordeon - Canada

Over 45,000 people attended the successful 15th International Carrefour Mondial de L'accordeon Festival held in Montmagny, Quebec recently. The event artistic director was Raynald Ouellet, the President, Christiane Bouille and the town of Montmagny participated in the organization of activities.

The reception was held a the Montmagny Accordion Museum where attendees had the opportunity to discover the history and evolution of the accordion with a variety of displays, films, tapes and CDs of different accordion players.

During the 3 day event, concerts in a variety of musical styles were held on 8 stages around Montmagny. The Duo Paris Moscou (Domi Emorine & Roman Jbanov) performed at the opening concert, presenting pieces from their CD "Paris-Moscow" (by Franck Angelis). The following day they performed with Emy Dragoï & Lacatus Constantin (Roumania) and Nick Villarreal & Max Baca (USA). This concert was sold out one month prior to the festival opening!

Other performers included Alejandro Barcelona, Alain Chatry, Stephane Delicq, Catherine Delaunay, Patrick Quichaud & Isabelle Tanguy, Jean-claude Laudat & Jean-Yves Dubanton, "Pointe-au-pic", "O'Machal", Henry Lemarchand & Noêl Letertre (France), Pascale Clessin, Charles Quimbert, Pierre Christian Fouere (France-Bretagne), Jean-Paul Beaulieu, Georges Camitsis, Franc Erzen, Yves Hélie, Luc Lavallée, Benoît Legault, Gaston Nolet, Raynald Ouellet, Luciano Testani, Léopold Tremblay, "Le vent du Nord" - Nicolas Boulerice, Olivier Demers, Bernard Simard & Benoît Bourque, (Quebec), Primoz Parovel (Slovenia), Dino Leone (Italy), André Loppe & his band (Belgium), Emy Dragoï & Lacatus Constantin (Roumania), Patty Furlong & Marie Barrett (Ireland), Rudi & Nini Flores (Argentina), Joaquin Diaz (Dominican Républic), Len Wallace (Canada), Nick Villarreal & Max Baca (USA), "K" Trio (Mary Kasprzyk Tokarski, Julie Kasprzyk Cardona & Walter Kasprzyk - USA), Duncan & Margaret Keppie (Canada), Roger Lateigne, Eric Bonneau & Gille Loisier (Canada).


New Celebrity Interview Online

A new Celebrity Interview with Alexander Poeluev winner of the Coupe Mondiale and Coupe Mondiale Piano Accordion Championship (held in Denmark in 2002) is now online.


Castelfidardo Festival

8th "Le Grand Soufflet" Festival - France

Contributed by Isabelle Saliot

The 8th "Le Grand Soufflet" Accordion Festival will be held from October 11th to 18th. The festival is based in Rennes, Brittany, but will also include performances in Le Sel de Bretagne, Chartres de Bretagne, Cesson Sévigné, Fougères and Chantepie.

Over twenty concerts will honor the accordion through different styles and nationalities including France, Colombia, Argentina and Belgium. Musical styles include world music, jazz, traditional music, java, rock, toy music along with realistic and poetic texts.

Accordion performers Les freres Nardàn, Chez Pedro, Bergère, Padam, Cuarteto Cedron, Tref, Dine & Déon, Charlotte, Antonio Rivas, Pascal Comelade, Thomas Fersen and Sous les Becs de Gaz will entertain at the festival. For further information email:

Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Parisian Soiree - USA

Accordionist Peter Soave will entertain at a Parisian Soiree at the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, Michigan on September 12th & 13th. This gala-champagne event will also feature a variety of musicians on piano, violin, guitar and vocalists. These musicians will team up with Soave to provide a few tango pieces. For details email:


Ranco Accordions

Paolo Picchio Birthday Celebrations - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Paolo Picchio, musicologist, teacher, arranger, editor of the Fisarmoniae Magazine, judge at national and international competitions, artistic director of the Città di Castelfidardo Competition and CD reviewer for Accordions Worldwide, celebrated his 35th birthday on September 8th. Happy Birthday from the team at Accordions Worldwide!



Successful Accordion Workshop - Switzerland

Contributed by Gabriele Guthöhrlein-Bethke

From August 24th to 31st a successful workshop took place in Grimentz (Switzerland) tutored by Peter Soave and Jean-Louis Noton. About 30 accordionists from France, Switzerland and Germany attended the workshop, receiving individual instruction from the two artists. In addition, they offered technique and musical understanding courses.

The evenings were spent together socially and the participants took turns playing for fun. A highlight of the workshop were two concerts given by Soave and Noton and the participants in the Grimentz Church. Especially Peter Soave and his wife Mady Dessimoulie-Soave impressed with works for accordion and bandoneon.

Peter Soave (USA) is a well known accordionist, who has traveled internationally to perform. Jean Louis Noton (France) has performed internationally also on MIDI accordion.


Duo Popolzin Tour Germany

Contributed by Edmund Schwarz

The duo Popolzin began their autumn tour of Germany on September 9th with a concert in Frankfurt, followed by a concert in Königswinter on the 11th. Future performances will be held in Kronberg (September 18th & October 17th), Merzig (20th), Königstein (September 26th & October 5th), Bad Nauheim (October 3rd), Altenkunstadt (October 10th) and a final concert in Bernkastel-Kues on October 24th.

The duo will perform compositions by Vladimir Popolzin as well as many well-known pieces.
For further tour concert information email:



IV International Festival "Musica Ritmo Sinfonica" - Italy

The IV International Festival "Musica Ritmo Sinfonica" was held in Cava de'Tirreni, Salerno on September 1st. Accordionist Vladimir Zubitsky performed two concerts for accordion and symphony orchestra - "Omaggio ad Astor Piazzolla" and "Rossiniana".

Vladimir played with the Symphony Orchestra "P. Tchaikovsky" (Russia) conducted by Nikolay Rogotnew in a 16th Century venue with natural acoustics (Chiostro di E.Filippo Neri della Basilica S.Maria dell'Olmo).

Their program included classical and romantic music by S. Rakhmaninov and energetic, pulsating rhythms by Zubitsky. The festival included a new quality this year, where the relatively young musical instrument (the accordion), showed its ability to be able to compete (and concertize) with a symphony orchestra in an important festival!


Castelfidardo Festival

Cape Town Opera Spring Festival - South Africa

Violina Anguelov, Stanislav Anguelov, Angela Kerrison, Nicola Cencherle Accordionist Stanislav Anguelov will perform in two concerts as part of the Cape Town Opera Spring Festival this month. The first concert is entitled "Around the World in Spring" and will include a medley of popular songs, arias and duets with Angela Kerrison (soprano), Violina Anguelov (mezzo-soprano), Nicola Cencherle (tenor) accompanied by Stanislav Anguelov. Their program will include music by Schubert, Lehar, Dvorak, Leoncavallo, Staynov, Theodorakis, Gershwin, Gardel and Piazzolla. This concert will be held on September 14th at the Caledon Town Hall during their annual Caledon Flower Show.

The second concert will be held in the small town of Darling on September 21st. For details email:


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Accordion and Violin Duo Tour South Island - New Zealand

The accordion/violin duo "Vivo" which includes Tatiana Lanchtchikova (accordion) and Miranda Adams (violin) will tour the South Island of New Zealand from September 12th to 22nd. Their program will include classical music for violin and piano (Mozart, Beethoven, Sarasate, Bartok & Elmsly) plus tango music for violin and accordion. Concerts will be held in Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown and the Canterbury University Recital Room, School of Music Dept. For details email:


Ranco Accordions

"Premio Fancelli - 2003" Composers Competition - Italy

Contributed by Vladimir Zubitsky

The International composer's competition for accordion "Premio Fancelli - 2003" was held in Terni on September 2nd. The competition included two categories:
Composition for Accordion and Percussion Quartet
Composition for Solo Instrument with Ensemble (orchestra) of Accordions

The international jury consisted of composers, critics and performers - Mauro Bortolotti (President), Guido Baggiani, Pier Giuseppe Arcangeli (Italy), Adgar Alandia (Bolivia) and Vladimir Zubitsky (Ukraine).

Winner of the first category was the composition "5 SCL 8" for accordion and percussion quartet by Andrea Talmelli (Italy). No prize was awarded for the second category.

The next edition of this competition will be dedicated to chamber music with accordion (duets, trio, quartet, quintet). For further information email:



Glendi International Food Festival - USA

Contributed by Ann Wilkes

The Glendi International Food Festival will be held in Santa Rosa, California on September 20th and 21st. Glendi is Greek for "party" and the organizers have planned a fun-filled two days.

The event will feature "Edessa" who perform "hot rocking dance music from the Balkans & beyond"! The group includes Lise Liepman who plays the santouri (Greek hammer dulcimer) and accordion, Dan Auvil who plays the tupan (large two-headed drum), doumbek (hand drum) and defi (frame drum), Paul Brown (acoustic and electric bass), George Chittenden on clarinet, alto saxophone, gaida (bagpipe), zurna (shawm) and guitar, and Ari Langer (violin). For details email:


Symphonic Concert - Australia

On October 8th, accordionist & bandoneonist Bernadette Conlon will perform in a "Symphonic Concert" at St. John's Church in Southbank, Melbourne with the Melbourne Musicians (String Symphony).

Their program will include the Australian Premiere of "Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra" by Gary Daverne, conducted by the New Zealand composer himself. Other works include "Concerto for Bernadette" (Michael Easton), "Oblivion" (Piazzolla) with Bernadette performing on bandoneon, Theme from Il Postino (Luis Bacalov) also with Bernadette performing on bandoneon. For further concert details email:


Castelfidardo Festival

Luciano Biondini Marries - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On August 30th well-known Italian jazz accordionist Luciano Biondini married Francesca Flaviani in the church Santa Rita in Spoleto. Accordions Worldwide wishes the newly married couple a happy life together.

Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

New Sites/Updated Sites Updated information on the 53rd Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon held in Italy from October 2nd to 4th Updated information on the Paris-Moscou Duo including new concert dates Updated contact information for well known accordionist Professor Vladimir Besfamilnov



Accordion Information Required

Kiri Morley would like information on a 12 bass Midella Junior II piano accordion, made in Germany. The instrument is a red pearl colour. Email:



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