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29th August 2003 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
Castelfidardo Festival

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Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

This Weeks News

Ranco Accordions

13th Annual Cotati Accordion Festival - USA

Contributed by Jon Hammond

The 13th Annual Cotati Accordion Festival was held at La Plaza Park in Cotati, California on August 23rd & 24th. Attendance was very high and the famous "Lady Of Spain-a-ring" had more participants than ever before! This began with a flock of white doves being released. Two choruses of Lady Of Spain followed by a rousing group version of "Beer Barrel Polka". One lady did the bellow shakes through the entire Lady of Spain (2 choruses) and Beer Barrel Polka!

"The Great Morgani" entertained with accordion favorites such as "I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby" and "Theme From The Godfather" in a full black "Accordion-Man" suit complete with black gloves. A feat even in comfortable weather, but even more so in 90 degree F temperatures!

Jazz accordionist Jimmy Hillman & Friends played a program of standards including Duke Ellington's "Take The A Train", Angel Eyes, All Of Me, and a Bossa Nova "Watch What Happens".

Over 3,000 people enjoyed over thirty accordion acts running continuously on 2 stages, a Polka Tent running daily and a variety of vendor booths.

Entertainers included The O'Grady Family, Golden State Accordion Club Band, Marcelo Tango (Odile Lavault), Lou Jacklich with Jeremy Jeans, Fancy Pans Steel Drums, Sev Garcia, The K Trio, Alex Meixner, The Great Morgani, Jimmy Hillman & Friends, Jim Boggio Scholarship Presentation, Tocanto, Guy Klucevsek, Those Darn Accordions, Mark Growden & The Electric Pinata, Salaam Shalom, Jason Webley, Len Wallace, Trio Paradiso (Rich Kuhns), Janet Todd, Patricia Bartell, Daniel Thonon & Les Temps Des Cerises, Georges Lammam Ensemble (Elias Lammam) and Dr. Loco & Sus Tiburones del Norte (Jose Cueller).

In addition there were plenty of used accordions for sale plus music, recordings, cases/gig-bags, and all types of accessories. Steve Balich Polka Band & Friends entertained daily in the Polka Tent which had a huge wooden dance floor and Al Rapone's Zydeco Express performed both days in the Cotati Community Center for the "Cajun/Zydeco Dance Party".



3rd Pakefield International Accordion Festival - England

Paris-Moscow DuoGary BlairThe 3rd Pakefield International Accordion Festival will be held from September 12th to 16th at Pontins Holiday Centre, Kessingland, near Lowestoft, Sussex, presented by the "Accordion Profile" monthly magazine and organized by co-Editor Heather Smith.

The event will include performances by international accordionists such as Giancarlo Caporilli (Italy), Claude Thomain (France) and Duo Paris-Moscou (France/Russia). UK artists will also entertain such as Norvic Concordia, Charlie Watkins, David Lukins, Gary Blair, Heather Smith, Bert Santilly and Peter Ayers.

A variety of workshops will be given by Gary Blair (Scottish), Bert Santilly (Jazz & Beginners), Peter Whiteley (Elementary Orchestra), Brian Jenkins (Intermediate Orchestra), Johnny Coleclough (Buskers), David Lukins (Latin American), John Nixon (Big Band), Heather Smith (Vintage Accordions) and Peter Whiteley (MIDI).

Gary Blair will also play for Scottish Dancing and Peter Whiteley & Adrienne Sharpe will play for Ballroom Dancing.

Other events include daily "Free & Easy" sessions with Adrienne Sharpe, Late Night 'Jazz 'n' Jam' with David Lukins, auction of accordions with Frank Swindell & Johnny Coleclough. "Songs of Praise" on Sunday with Adrienne Sharpe and trade stands by WEM (Charlie & June Watkins) and The Accordion Shop (Bev Lovell).

For further details email Heather Smith at:



New Opera by Maja Ratkje - Norway

The premiere of a new opera by Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje entitled "No Title Performance and Sparkling Water" will be held at the Ultima Festival at the Henie-Onstad Art Museum in Oslo in October. The opera is based on Gnostic writings from the 3rd century and features accordionist Frode Haltli and other musicians who will be on stage during the whole opera which is full length in two parts. Frode will both play music with high complexity as well as tango and improvised music. All the musicians' parts in the opera are especially written for those playing.

Performances will begin on October 2nd and run until October 5th. For ticket information email:


Successful 7th Annual Festival of La Cumbre, Córdoba - Argentina

Contributed by Angel Russo

The 7th Annual Festival of La Cumbre, was held successfully in front of a large audience on August 16th in Córdoba, Argentina. Each year accordionists from the whole country perform a variety of musical styles (classical and popular) at the festival. The event organizer gave thanks to the following performers Italo Conti (Córdoba), Beatriz Rossi (La Falda), Acordeorama (La Cumbre, Conjunto de Cinco Acordeones) Alberto Bielewicz (Córdoba), Coqui Soria (Capilla del Monte), B. Llabres Yn Gimenez (Córdoba), Pablo Molina y su Trío (La Falda), Florencia Herrera (Paraná), Aldo Taborda (Paraná) and Raúl Varelli (Paraná, Trío de Acordeones).

Representing the Asociación Internacional de Acordeonistas (A.I.D.A.), (International Association of Accordionists)Ernesto Scelza (President), Anibal Gomez (Vice President) and Mateo Arcuri (Treasurer) attended the festival. At the end of the show, 20 accordionists who interpreted popular songs performed a grand finale.


Castelfidardo Festival

Trophée Mondial de l'accordéon National Qualifications - France

The Trophée Mondial de l'accordéon national qualification competitions took place at Selle sur le Bied in Loiret earlier this month. Organized by Frederic Deschamps (Trophée Mondial de l'accordéon delegate), the event attracted large numbers of accordionists who competed in a variety of traditional and contemporary categories with variety and jazz pieces.

The event finished with an accordion musette ball evening with entertainment by Jerome Richard and his orchestra.

The City Council, the Regional Council and the committee for the event, were a little unsure about an accordion event at the beginning, but quickly changed their minds after discovering what the accordion is capable of. They have already confirmed a date for next year.


Traditional Senior:
Aude Giuliano
Mathilde Royet

Traditional Junior
Simon Barbot

Senior Variety
Amélie Castel
Phil Bouvier

Junior Variety
Guy Giuliano

Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Cleveland Chamber Symphony Concert - USA

Henry Doktorski and Joseph Natoli will perform with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony in a concert on September 22nd at the Drinko Recital Hall in Cleveland State University's Music and Communication Building, downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The concert will be conducted by John McLaughlin Williams.

The two American accordionists will perform Edwin Schufhoff's "HMS Royal Oak" (1930), a jazz oratorio for reciter, jazz singer, mixed choir and symphonic jazz orchestra, based on text by Otto Rombach. The event is free to the public. For further details email:


Ranco Accordions

Hot Tango Show a Success - Australia

The hot tango show "Estampas Porteñas" was successfully on stage at the Sydney Opera House Studio from August 12th to 16th. Prior to this, residents in Christchurch (New Zealand) were given the opportunity to attend the show from July 29th to August 2nd.

Estampas Porteñas traces the history of tango, from its origins in the red light district of Buenos Aires (Argentina) to the glamour of the Roaring Twenties; and its evolution to the world of contemporary ballroom and the music of Astor Piazzolla. The shift in mood is achieved through changes in costume, lighting, music styles and dance steps, offering a panorama of tango through the ages. The show was created in Buenos Aires in 1996 by the distinguished Argentine ballerina and choreographer, Carolina Soler.

Bandoneonist Hugo Satorre performs with Estampas Porteñas. For future performance information email:



Jyderup Festival - Denmark

Over 3,000 people daily attended the Jyderup Festival, held in Jyderup, Denmark from August 15th to 17th. Many popular performances were given by international guests and local accordionists. Performers included Reerso, Fladsa, Gladsakse, Karlebo, Ebeltoft, Brondby & Jyderup Harmonikaklubs, Oleg Sharov (Russia), Alexandre Poeluev (Russia), Roman Jbanov (Russia) and Domi Emorine (France) - Duo Paris Moscow, Tunnbybâlgene, Leif Linderoth, Broderne Lindqvist, Alf Hagedal, Broderne Fârm, Scaniasextetten, Staffansorps and Dalby Dragspelklubs, (all from Sweden), Ivar Th. Dagenborg, Happy Skvett and Bjørn Fredriksberg, (all from Norway), Vincenzo Abbracciante (Italy), Mogens Baekgaard, Carlo Haas, Lille Palle, Bjarne Gru Knudsen, Aase & Preben Olsen, Lordag Formiddag, Arne Morsing & Hermann Gerring, Tre pâ Kassen, White Wables, Henrik Jensen, Kristian Jesper & Jens Peter and Bornrod Trio (all from Denmark).


Huntsville Music Festival - USA

Accordionist Dr. William Schimmel will perform with the Tango Project at the Huntsville Music Festival in Huntsville, Alabama on September 5th. The following week (September 14th), he will perform with the jazz group "Odeon" at the Lake George Jazz Festival in Lake George, New York.

Dr. Schimmel's master class and concert series sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association "Bad Renaissance People" is currently underway until August 31st at the Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, where he will sign autographs for his new book "The Best Of The Accordion E-Newsletter".

For further details on the festival performances email:



Theatre Concert - Netherlands

Accordéon Mélancolique will perform in the City Theatre Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht on September 7th. The concert will take place during the "Het Uitfeest" (open house) event. Entrance to this concert is free of charge. For further details email:

Castelfidardo Festival

Tribute Dinner for Accordionist - New Zealand

Contributed by Heather Masefield

The Musicale Accordion Orchestra held a tribute dinner for member and lead accordionist Campbell Bettridge (3rd prize winner - 2002 Coupe Mondiale Piano Accordion Class) on August 26th at Pillinis Restaurant in Takapuna, Auckland.

The tribute was held as Campbell will marry Han on August 30th in Auckland and the orchestra wanted to send the couple their best wishes for a happy future.

After the dinner President of the NZAA, John Statham read a formal tribute from the NZAA. This was followed by messages of support from Accordions Worldwide Director Harley Jones (Fiji), Bernadette Conlon (Australia) and Accordions Worldwide USA representative Kevin Friedrich.

Campbell's accordion students then sang one of Campbell's favourite teaching pieces: "Charlie the Chimp" (from Palmer Hughes Book 1) accompanied by Roseanne Rosario, except they changed the words to "Campbell the Champ" with 4 verses about his teaching.

To round off the evening accordionists Stephanie Poole & Stephen Vincent provided a great deal of entertainment with an item based loosely on Gary Daverne's "Land of Maui" that had been performed on the tours that Campbell had made with the Air NZ Accordion Orchestra.

Campbell then stood up to reply, thanking all involved for the time & organization of the evening. He said he & Han were looking forward to their life together, mentioning his 20 year involvement with the accordion.


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

End of Year Concerts at "Voglia D'arte" Music Academy - Italy

The "Voglia D'arte" Music Academy, directed by Renzo Ruggieri concluded the 2003 school year with two important events: examinations and an end of year performance by the students in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE).

Four young artists, Luca Perletta, Donato Santoianni, Mario D'Amario and Davide Tulli, presented a repertoire ranging from modern music, to jazz and entertainment. This was followed last month by final examinations and a performance involving all the students.

The board of examiners was composed of prestigious names such as Mirco Patarini, Romina Guarino and Renzo Ruggieri.

Exam results:
Luca Perletta was admitted to the advanced courses
Mario D'Amario was admitted to the advanced courses
Donato Santoianni graduated in Entertainment
Davide Tullii graduated in Modern Music
Mario D'Amario won a prize for "Best Interpretation"


Ranco Accordions

Jazz & Tango Accordion Workshop - Liechtenstein

Klaus PaierKlaus Paier will tutor a Jazz & Tango Accordion Workshop at the Liechtensteinische Musikschule in Vaduz on September 20th and 21st. Paier is currently conducting a similar workshop at the Musikschule Wolfsberg in Austria until August 30th.

For details on the Liechtenstein workshop email:



"Stationary Willberries" Open Air Concert - Switzerland

Accordionist Alan Hess and the "Stationary Willberries" played at an open air concert in Oberglatt on August 23rd. Other band members Al Lawrence and Mike Williams, flew over from the Isle of Man especially for the event. The successful concert was recorded on DVD.

An Afternoon of Music - USA

The "K" Trio (Mary Kasprzyk Tokarski, Julie Kasprzyk Cardona and Walter Kasprzyk) will provide "An Afternoon of Music" at the Whitney Center in Hamden, CT on September 14th. The event is a concert in memory of long-time friend and fellow performer, Ward Davenny. The trio will perform many of the works off their Classical CD. For further details email:


Castelfidardo Festival

New Italian Fisarmonie News Online

The Italian News Fisarmonie has now been updated. If you would like to contribute an item for this National News please email:


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Accordion Information Required

Lois would like information on a 120 bass, white pearl Melodiana piano accordion, made in Italy. Email:



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