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Castelfidardo Festival

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Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

This Weeks News

Ranco Accordions

2003 Kimberley International Old Time Accordion Championships - Canada

The 2003 Kimberley International Old Time Accordion Championships were held from July 7th to 13th in Kimberley, British Columbia. The event included competitions, concerts, seminars, workshops and a variety of performances by local and international accordionists such as the Graham Laurie Paisley Accordion Orchestra (Scotland), The Cottonpickers (Canada), Dan & Kim Christian (USA), LynnMarie (USA), The Smilin' Scandinavians (USA), The Rocky Mountain Yodel Duo, Bernard Felix and The Gordanairs. An accordion workshop was given by Bill Sturgeon covering bellows shakes and an open forum.



International Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2003 - Iceland

Contributed by Jonatan Karlsson

The annual Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2003 held from July 18th to 20th was a great success. Performances were given by Accordéon Mélancolique (Netherlands), who presented their brand new CD of live recordings from locations in Holland.

The star of the festival was classical accordionist Igor Zavadsky (Ukraine), a young man who is going to be an international superstar very soon! His technique and expression of the classical Masters was so overwhelming, that the Icelandic concert guests and music critics were left deeply moved.

All artists performing at the festival presented their new or most recent work on a festival CD, including Matthias Kormaksson (Iceland), Rut Berg Gudmundsdottir, fourteen year old Jon Thorsteinn Reynisson, Killingberg´s Orkester (Norway/Canada), Gardar Olgeirsson, Harmonikufelag Hornafjardar, Edwin Ericson (Canada), Skagfirdingarnir F.H.S., Palmi Snorrason (Australia), Sveinn Runar Bjornsson, ASA accordion sisters - Ingunn and Hekla, Svanur B. Ulfarsson, Johannes Asbjarnarson, groups "Smarinn" and "Eldborgarkvartett", Accordion Orchester Skaerulidarnir, Afabandid and Gretar Geirsson.

The International Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2003 was a great success, which can clearly be heard when listening to the festival CD. For further CD information email:



13th Annual Cotati Accordion Festival - USA

Contributed by Clifton Buck-Kauffman

Over 6,000 people are expected to attend this year's Cotati Accordion Festival, held at La Plaza Park in Cotati, California on August 23rd and 24th. From the festival's stages and dance floors the sounds of many different cultures and musical genres will be heard, all having the accordion in common. Performers will stroll through the grounds, playing at vendor booths, and accordion shoppers can try out instruments or jam in the large "Jam Tent". Others can spend the festival on their feet, dancing in the polka tent (with a large cushioned wooden floor) to music by local polka king Steve Balich and his band. Those who prefer the two-step can join the Cajun dance party held both afternoons at the nearby Cotati Community Center, where this year button accordionist Al Rapone's band "Zydeco Express" will supply the entertainment.

Guest artists include Guy Klucevsek (who will appear both days) and Daniel Thonon who will perform on the 24th. Local performers Mark Growden, Odile Lavault, Elias Lammam, Lou Jacklich & Jeremy Jeans, Laurie Lippin & Salaam Shalom, Rich Kuhns, Jose "Dr Loco" Cuellar and Morgani will also provide entertainment. For further information phone: +1 707-664-0444


Reunion of Accordionists in Cordoba - Argentina

Contributed by Angel Russo

On August 16th the 7th Accordionists' Reunion will take place at La Cumbre in Cordoba. Accordionists from all over the country are expected at this meeting of friends of the accordion, where the lack of competition fosters the friendly atmosphere. Proceeds from the event will go to the Industrial College of Cordoba (IPA), who are also the event organizers. For further details email:


Castelfidardo Festival

New Accordion Concerto Premiered Recently - Russia

A new concerto for accordion and ensemble entitled "Tyche" composed by Michael Kroutik was premiered recently at the "Pythian Games" festival, organized by the Pro Arte Institute. The event took place in the Glinka Philharmonic Hall in St. Petersburg.

The Greek title "Tyche" refers to the Goddess of fortune and rock (Fortune in Roman mythology). The accordion solo part represents the time cycles which are interrupted by various happenings in ensemble parts such as a violin solo cadence performed by the viola player on an out-of-tune instrument. The concerto was premiered by accordionist Sergej Tchirkov and the "eNsemble" of new music conducted by Fyodor Lednev.

Tchirkov also performed accordion parts in two other premiere performances of "The stranger" for soloist, choir and ensemble (by Faradge Karaev - Moscow) and a piece produced by an avant-guard group named "Creative Factory of Music: Composer" who entitled their work "Spirit of Nation" for soloists, choir and ensemble.

Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

Rigoroso di Arquata Scrivia Accordion Celebration - Italy

Tiziano ChiappelliContributed by Carlo Fortunato

The Gathering of Rigoroso di Arquata Scrivia in Alessandria has been an event traditionally dedicated to celebrating the accordion for the past 11 years. This year's event, held on August 5th is open to everybody, provided that they have an accordion and can play well enough to contribute their music to this unique celebration. The gathering is an important event for virtuosos and amateur performers from different regions of northern Italy, from Piedmont to Emilia Romagna, as well as for the large audience of over one thousand.

Athos BassissiThis year the gathering will be an occasion to underline important concepts concerning the accordion. First, it will give us the chance to fight the misconceptions and the negative image this instrument carries with it in Italy, where it is often considered the instrument of peasants and beggars. In fact the value of the instrument is determined by the professionalism and cultural preparation of the musician, the bellows' soul, not by the kind of music performed. Accordion professionals can help improve this instrument's image.

Guest performers include Athos Bassissi and Tiziano Chiappelli, together with a host of other accordionists, who will spontaneously come onstage and bring to life an unforgettable mix of passion and skill. No matter what their individual experience, they will all join together and celebrate the happiness and emotion given by this instrument.

For details email:


Ranco Accordions

11th Annual Celtic Roots Festival - Canada

The 11th Annual Celtic Roots Festival will be held at Lion's Harbour Park in Goderich, Ontario from August 8th to 10th. Performers include Irish group Dervish - Shane Mitchell (accordion), Brian McDonagh (mandola), Liam Kelly (flute & whistles), Tom Morrow (violin), Cathy Jordan (vocals, bodhrán and bones), Seamus O'Dowd (guitar, violin & harmonica) and Michael Holmes (bouzouki).

Leading up to the Celtic Festival, over 50 world class musicians, craft artists, dancers and cultural specialists will offer exciting and informal workshops from August 3rd to 7th. Tutors include Frank Edgley (Anglo concertina for beginners and intermediates), Matt Heumann (English concertina) and Shane Mitchell (Duet playing for beginner and intermediate button accordion).

For further details email:



International Accordion Seminar - France

Bruno MauriceFrom August 16th to 31st an International Accordion Seminar will be held at the "Académie Internationale de Musique de Guérande et des Pays de la Loire" in Guérande, Bretagne. Traditionally, this very prestigious seminar offers lessons by well known international teachers. This year, the accordion is represented by Bruno Maurice, international soloist and professor at the Bordeaux National Conservatory. For further details email:


Opera Plaza Party Performance - USA

Accordionist Jon Hammond will perform solo at a party in Opera Plaza, San Francisco on August 6th. The following day (7th) he will do an in-store party/concert at Virgin Megastore with drummer Ronnie Smith Jr. and Marc Baum (tenor saxophone). For details email:



12th International "Stefano Bizzarri" Competition - Italy

Duo "Paris-Moscow"Jerome RichardThe 12th international Accordion Competition "Stefano Bizzarri" took place in Morro d'Oro from July 18th to 20th. On the first evening (after the competition for a variety of classical music categories), the Duo "Paris-Moscow" Domi Emorine and Roman Jbanov) gave a concert of classical pieces by Bach and Mozart. They then took their audience on a musical trip with French and Russian compositions by Azzola, Byzov, Baselli, Chalaiev and Angelis.

After the second day of competitions and a master class by Frederic Deschamps, a further concert was held with a performance by Jerome Richard, who played a variety of well known French pieces.

On the third and final day, competitions were held in a variety of jazz categories. That evening Renzo Ruggieri entertained the crowd with a jazz concert. For further information on this event email:


Castelfidardo Festival

57th Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Scotland

The 57th Edinburgh Festival Fringe will be held in Edinburgh, EH1 1QS, Scotland from August 3rd to 25th. The event will include performances by "The Poozies" (includes accordionist Karen Tweed) and Vardos (includes accordionist Sofia Chapman) who will perform Gypsy and traditional music from Hungary and Romania in the famous Spiegeltent.

In addition there will be seven performances of "The Monster Opera", a drama by Christian Hayes, which is a theatrical kaleidoscope of sex, death, accordions, and the monsters within men. For further details email:


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

The Poozies Tour Italy

The Poozies (which includes accordionist Karen tweed) have just completed a tour of Italy, performing in Ancona, Folkest Festivals in Cordenons and Treviso and at the Monasterolo Del Castello (Bergamo). Their program included pieces from their latest album "Changed Days Same Roots" such as "Tam the Banjo", "My Dad Paddy" and "Motorway Mazurka".


Ranco Accordions

Caspar World Folk Festival - USA

The Caspar World Folk Festival will be held at the Caspar Community Center, California on August 9th and 10th. The festival begins with a special breakfast immediately following the conclusion of the Lark Camp (which is just down the road) and will feature musicians from Nepal, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, England, Spain and North Africa.

Performers include "Panacea" (Nada Lewis on accordion and vocals), "Fort Bragg Philharmonic" Sylvestre Lee on melodeon), "Pajarillo Picante" (Cynthia Llano, Frannie Leopold, Sue Crawford and Peter Barg on guitars, accordion and tololoche - Mexican bass) and Wendy Blakeway (French traditional and contemporary diatonic accordion music). For further details phone: +1 707 964 4997



28th Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 28th Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano will be held during August. On August 2nd a world premiere performance of "Ghiribizzo", a new work by Ivano Battiston for baritone saxophone and two accordions will be given. Artists include Loredana Sanna (accordion), Daniela Maimone (accordion) and Giacomo Valentini (saxophone). For further details email:


New Edition of USA National News Online

A new edition of the Accordion USA, United States National Accordion News is now online. If you would like to contribute an item for this news either send it via the online submit form or email Kevin Friedrich at:


Castelfidardo Festival

New CD "Side By Side"

Jay Landers has just released a new CD entitled "Side By Side" which includes 23 tracks of popular standards, some tangos and a little classical twist here and there. Seventeen tracks are acoustic accordion and six tracks were created with an electronic MIDI accordion.

The CD features 12 arrangements by Gary Dahl. Many of these are singles that previously have not been recorded. There are also arrangements by Magnante, Van Damme, Nunzio and Galla-Rini along with an original by Frank Marocco. For further CD information email:


Sata-Hame Soi - Accordion Festival

New CD "Tango Maestro Volume 7" - Italy

Cd coverA new CD by Paolo Bagnasco entitled "Tango Maestro Volume 7" was released recently in Italy. The CD includes a variety of tracks such as "Il Gigante", "Pole Position", "Banana Split" and "Luna Argentina". For further CD information email:


Ranco Accordions

New Sites

It is a pleasure to welcome the following website holders to Accordions Worldwide. We invite you to visit their websites to familiarize yourself with their sites and services they have to offer. Information on Orosz J. Zoltan, famous Hungarian virtuoso concert accordionist with CD recordings reviewed at AWW Information on the Victoria Accordion Company, producer of the accordion brand Victoria manufactured in Castelfidardo, Italy



Updated Sites Updated information on the accommodation options for those attending the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes Coupe Mondiale in Slovakia and Hungary in October. There are options for both Hotel and Hostel in both places. Also contains updated information on the Schedule, including the Gala Concert to be held in Budapest at the conclusion of the festival. The Coupe Mondiale is being held in six categories: Coupe Mondiale, Junior Coupe Mondiale, International Competition for Piano Accordion, International Competition for Chamber Music, Virtuoso Entertainment Category and Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Category. Entries close on August 20th, 2003.



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