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28th June 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note

In our news this we week, we have a report on a new composing competition. Accordions Worldwide is pleased to encourage such excellent initiatives of compositions featuring accordion. Many publishers, composers, tutors and associations around the world, throughout the relatively short life of the accordion, have realised the importance of accordion repertoire. Accordionists have much to thank them for.

Internet is also being utilised to encourage new accordion compositions. has extended further its free typesetting offer to encourage publication of new compositions. At you can see samples of the music on line, some sound samples too, and delivery of compositions is by email. Composers are encouraged to take advantage of this free typesetting offer while it lasts.

Wayne Knights Webmaster



This Weeks News


1st Composer's International Competition for Accordion & Ensemble "Premio Fancelli" - Italy

The first "Premio Fancelli" Composer's International competition for accordion & ensemble will take place in Terni on September 10th organized by the musical association "L. Fancelli", the administration of the town of Terni (Italy), the Musical Institute "G. Briccialdi" and the Filarmonic Association Cesana.

Compositions must be for accordion ensembles of no more than 8 performers and for accordion groups that can include instruments such as saxophone (alto or tenor) of no more than 15 performers. Prizes include up to 1500 Eu. Winners will be chosen by an international jury consisting of Guido Baggiani (President, Italy), Vladimir Zubitsky (Italy/Ukraine), Pier Giuseppe Arcangelli (Italy), Edgar Alandia (Argentina) and H. Ulises Passarella (Uruguay). For further details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Bavarian Youth Accordion Orchestra Visits St. Petersburg - Russia

Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

The Bavarian Youth Accordion Orchestra (Germany) toured St. Petersburg from May 26th to June 1st. On May 27th a special concert entitled "Akkordeonstuk" was arranged by the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble within the frames of "Friends Meeting at the Neva Riversides", which was started in 1999 by St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble soloists Vladimir Ushakov and Sergei Likhachov. The concert was dedicated to the Bavarian Youth Accordion Orchestra (conducted by Bernd Maltry) and musical head Hedy Stark-Fussnegger, as well as to German accordion music.

The concert opened with a variety of compositions by the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble, then works by famous German accordionists A. Vossen, H. Munsonius, E. Wernike and H. Gerlah such as "Rhythmishe Harmonika", "Graciella" and "Tanzende Finger". Solo performances were given by Vladimir Ushakov, Sergei Likhachov, Svetlana Stavitskaya and young accordionist Yuri Sizov.

The Youth Orchestra then played "Overture-Caprice" (WŘrtner), "Symphonietta" (Jacobi), "Devil's Dance" (Hellmesberger) and others. The concert was so successful that the orchestra was asked three times to play an encore.

On May 30th the orchestra took part in a special event held at the "Anichkov Palace", Art Education Department in St. Petersburg. The event included a concert by the orchestra plus the Accordion Orchestra of Palace of Children and Youth Art (conducted by Natalia Abaydulova). This meeting was arranged as a concert of two orchestras with informal conversation, answering questions, exchanging of ideas, socializing etc. It was a great opportunity for both orchestras to meet each other and keep contacts for the future.



Popular Randburg Concert - South Africa

Duo 2000 will give another of their popular monthly Soirees in Robindale, Randburg from July 5th to 7th. Their repertoire includes a variety of new pieces such as "Cominciamo ad amarci" (Mescoli), "Moonlight Sonata" (Beethoven) and "Gold and Silver Waltz" (LÚhar). For concert details email:


Modern Music Workshops in Barisciano - Italy

Renzo RuggieriContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The second Barisciano Instrumental Course Programme will be held in Barisciano (province of l'Aquila) from July 23rd to 27th. Renzo Ruggieri will take the jazz accordion courses. The seminar is structured in three levels according to the level of the participants and will include 17 hours of classes distributed across 5 days. Each evening participants will have the opportunity to take part in jam sessions. The final performance of the best ensembles will take place on July 27th and will be followed by an award ceremony during which the three best students will receive scholarships. For further information please phone +39 0861 250335


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Vladimir Zubitsky Performs in Portugal

Vladimir ZubitskyTwo solo accordion concerts of classical and authors music were given by Vladimir Zubitsky in the Conservatory of Castello Branco and Municipal Library "Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen" in Loule (Portugal) recently. His program was dedicated to the theme "The World of Accordion", and included a variety of music for contemporary classical accordion, from Bach to Ellington. A large part of the program was dedicated to original accordion music of this era, plus arrangements of famous classical, baroque and jazz-standard compositions.

The performance at the Conservatory of Castello Branco began a new series of concerts which gave the audience a chance to hear the versatility of the concert accordion. The Castello Branco High School classical accordion class has helped to make the instrument become more and more popular in Portugal.



Further Success for Sylvia Pagni - Canada

Sylvia PagniContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Following the concerts of last month, Sylvia Pagni reaped further success in Canada. The opportunity for this tour was given by the celebrations for the Day of the Republic (June 2nd) and by the inauguration of the "Leonardo da Vinci" Centre in Montreal, where Sylvia held three separate concerts with a programme of classical music on acoustic accordion. The concerts, organised by the Italian political authorities and by the Italian-Canadian Foundation, were attended by enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowds, including several Canadian authorities and the Italian ambassador in Ottawa.



Argentinean Group Performs "Tango Summer Festival" - Italy

Orquesta TipicaContributed by Gabriel Muhafra

Argentinean group "Orquesta Tipica" will perform a show entitled "Tango Summer Festival" in Bologna, Italy. The show will run from July 11th to 15th as part of the Bologna summer festival. For further details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

1st Prague Accordion and Harmonika Days International Festival - Czech Republic

Contributed by Pavel Ővarc

The 1st Prague Accordion and Harmonika Days International Festival will be held in the halls Vinohrady National House in Prague from October 2nd to 5th, 2003. This event, which is for harmonica orchestras and accordion ensembles and orchestras, is organized by Club Tours Agentur Prague in cooperation with the Czech Accordion Association. Amateur ensembles, orchestras and harmonica friends from all over the world are invited to this international music show.

Prizes for winners in all categories equal CzK 10,000. Organizers will award other special prizes according to the recommendations of the jury and all participating orchestras will receive valuable certificates. Applications must be received by June 27th, 2003. (next year) For further information email:



Contemporary Accordion Music - Italy

Claudio JacomucciContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Claudio Jacomucci held a concert on June 14th at the "Bibli" Cultural Centre in Rome, presenting a programme of new accordion music by several contemporary composers, including Sequenza XIII (Berio), Feria IV (Donatoni), Tango (De Pablo), Vagabonde Blu (Sciarrino), 5 Pezzi (Kurtag) and Roadrunner (Zorn). These pieces are also the tracks of Claudio's new solo accordion album, which will be released in a few weeks by EMA Records.

Claudio has since embarked on a summer programme of concerts and workshops in Italy, Holland and China.



Pascal Contet Detours to Germany

Pascal ContetContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Before leaving for Co´mbra (Portugal) for the opening the Co´mbra International Festival at the Theatre Co´mbra on July 7th, accordionist Pascal Contet will make a detour to Berlin (Germany) to perform with double bass player Joelle LÚandre on June 29th.

The duo plan to perform again in Antwerp (Belgium) on August 3rd at a festival directed by musician Fred Van Hove. For concert details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Craven School of Music "Accordion Night" - England

Contributed by Richard J Smith

The Craven School of Music will hold an "Accordion Night" at the Kings Arms, Sutton-In-Craven on July 30th. The evening will feature local soloists, duos and groups playing a variety of musical styles such as folk, jazz and classical. In addition a free workshop will be held for anyone interested in playing the accordion with instruments provided. For further details phone: +44 1535 637601



Arcevia in Jazz 2002 - Italy

Simone ZanchiniContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 4th "Arcevia in Jazz" summer course programme will be held from July 20th to 30th with the participation of accordion teacher Simone Zanchini. Attendance is open to students and enthusiasts of all nationalities who fit the application criteria. For further information please email:



Heritage Festival - USA

Popular group "Those Darn Accordions" will perform at the Heritage Festival in Downers Grove, Illinois on June 30th. The five-piece band is fronted by lead singer/squeezebox wizard Paul Rogers and "bellows-pumping babes" Patty Brady and Suzanne Garramone, with Bill Schwartz (drums) and Lewis Wallace (bass). They entertain with a variety of musical genres from heavy metal to polka and back again, torching timeless rock 'n' roll classics along the way. For details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Italy Day at Free Reed Festival

Contributed by Cliff Furnald

This week the RootsWorld's 5th Annual Free Festival featured "Italy Day" which included a special focus on some musicians from Italy who move through the roots into new adventures. Performers included "BEV" (BonificaEmilianaVeneta), a group from north eastern Italy who presented a full set of songs, recorded live. Renzo Ruggieri (who first performed in the 2000 festival) returned with an improvisational work for accordion and electronic devices, recorded live in Rome. Filippo Gambetta is another festival regular, who played pieces he has prepared for his upcoming Canadian summer tour and a new CD which will be released soon. His program included the premier of "Le Corbu".



Successful Tour for Emanuele Rastelli - Venezuela

Emanuele RastelliContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Excelsior accordionist Emanuele Rastelli is gaining more and more renown on the international scene. Recently he featured in a series of reviews on several Venezuelan newspapers, including the prestigious "Panorama", which, alongside reports on his performances in Caracas, Maracaibo and Curacao, published a long interview with photos. Rastelli used this opportunity to discuss the accordion as a versatile instrument, capable of inhabiting both classical and traditional genres. After witnessing his concerts, the local press hailed him as one of the world's best concert accordionists. Well done Emanuele!


FisAlMuseo Continues in Alessandria - Italy

Contributed by Carlo Fortunato

Young accordionist Marco Valenti (student of Gianluca Pica), will hold a variety concert on June 27th at the auditorium of the Ethnographic Museum of Alessandria. The concert, organised in collaboration with Borsini Accordions, will include pieces by Galliano, Piazzolla, Beltrami and others. This event marks an important stage of the FisAlMuseo ("Accordion at the Museum") series, which has so far received favourable reviews and a good audience response. The next event in the programme is the Accordion Meeting which will take place in Arquata (province of Alessandria) on August 1st.

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Fund Raiser for British Heart Foundation - England

"Albireo" performed at a fund raiser for the British Heart Foundation at the New Mills Leisure Center on June 15th. The group, which includes Howard Jones (melodeon, anglo concertina, hammered dulcimer), Chris Perry (violin & banjo), Sean Bechhofer (guitar) and Phil Cawsey (bass) play a variety of English, Irish, Scottish and American tunes.



Entertaining Countess Dracula - Australia

CD coverAustralian group "Vardos" have just released their new CD entitled "Entertaining Countess Dracula", which was recorded by Siiri Metsar at Metropolis and mastered by Martin Pullan at Edensound. Tracks include lots of Romanian style accordion rarely heard in the Southern Hemisphere such as "Hora Martisor", "Cine a pus Circiuma in Drum" and "Szep a Rozsam".

The group includes Sofia Chapman (accordion), Alana Hunt (violin) and Kate Hosking (double bass). The CD will be officially launched at the famous Spiegeltent during the Melbourne Festival in October this year. For CD information email:



New Accordion CD "Movin' On"

Accordionist David DiGiuseppe recently released his new CD "Movin' On" which includes a lively collection of spirited jigs, driving reels and beautiful waltzes. David also plays the mandolin and cittern on the recording. Accompanying musicians include Jonathan Byrd (guitar and backing vocals), Pete Campbell (piano), Joseph Sobol (cittern and guitar), Jim Roberts (percussion), Mike Casey (flute and Appalachian dulcimer), Ted Ehrhard (viola), Dean Herington (clarinet), F. J. Ventre (bass) and Beth Holmgren (backing vocals).

The CD offers a nice mix of styles and sounds, ranging from Celtic and Southern old-time tunes to Parisian musettes and other waltzes. Some of the pieces are newly composed by David. For details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

New Sites/Updated Sites Updated information on classical accordionist David Farmer including details of his new CD "De Profundis". Updated information on Beltuna Accordions with details of their artists Updated information on jazz accordionist Simone Zanchini Updated information on Italian accordionist Emanuele Rastelli



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