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7th June 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

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This Weeks News


International Accordion Championships and Festival - New Zealand

Contributed by Christine Adams

Branko DzinovicThe New Zealand International Accordion Championships and Festival and the South Pacific Accordion Championships were held in Auckland from May 31st to June 2nd organized by the New Zealand Accordion Association.

Adam ThorpeThe event included a variety of classes for soloists, duos, trios, ensembles and orchestras. A Gala Concert featuring guest artists and prize winners was held at the conclusion of the competition. Performers included Branko Dzinovic (winner of the 2001 Coupe Mondiale Piano Accordion Category), the North Shore Accordion Orchestra, Musicale Accordion Orchestra, Adam Thorpe, Jessica Chen, Ann-Elise Koerntjes, Kathryn Fletcher and three NZAA members who competed at the 2001 Coupe Mondiale in London - Campbell Bettridge, Paula Harris and Rebekah Grieg.


Jessica ChenSouth Pacific Piano Accordion Solo Championship: 1st Adam Thorpe (New Zealand)
New Zealand Solo Championship: 1st Adam Thorpe

South Pacific Piano Accordion Solo 15 & Under Championship: 1st Anne-Elise Koerntjes (Australia)
New Zealand Solo 15 & Under Championship: 1st: Roseanne Rosario

North Shore Accordion OrchestraSouth Pacific Piano Accordion Solo 12 & Under Championship: 1st Jessica Chen (New Zealand)
New Zealand Solo 12 & Under Championship: 1st Jessica Chen

New Zealand Accordion Orchestra Championship: 1st North Shore Accordion Orchestra (conducted by Lionel Reekie)

For a full list of results see the NZAA site.

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Zubitsky Accordion Seminar - Andorra

The 4th International Master Class of music and dance will be held in Escaldes-Engordany from July 1st to 13th, tutored by Vladimir Zubitsky. The course will unite many students from different countries including pianists, violinists, organists, guitarists, accordionists, classical & contemporary dancers and percussionists. Participants will get the opportunity to partake in a variety of different musical activities such as ensemble playing, collective improvisations, concerts, discussions and entertainment. In addition, excursions will be held to the beautiful lake in the mountains, a traditional Spanish picnic, and a visit to the nearby jazz festival. For further details email: harmonia-music@andorra.ad



1st "Golden Notes" Competition - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionists from Italy and abroad are invited to the first "Note d'oro" (Golden Notes) Music Competition, which will be held in Sora (province of Frosinone) on June 23rd. The competition includes sections for accordion soloists (classical and variety) as well as duos, trios, quartets and orchestras. The jury includes national and international artists such as Vladimir Zubitsky, Carmine Di Marco, Gianluca Pica, Paolo Rozzi and others. The artistic director of the event is Francesco Tatangelo. The final dates for applications is June 10th. For further information email Federica Venditti at: amsaccademia@libero.it


Accordion Tuition Base Appraisal Program in Shanghai - China

Contributed by Li Cong

In order to encourage some base units in Accordion Art Education and Developing Shanghai Accordion Education, the Shanghai Music Society Accordion Association has selected 22 "Shanghai Accordion Tuition Base" venues and issued certificates and bronze plaques. These "Bases" include schools, Teenagers Centers and Cultural Centers, which have been of major support for Shanghai accordion activities.

As Shanghai Accordion Tuition Bases, they will work even closer with the Shanghai Accordion Association to improve the accordion environment in Shanghai. From June, these 22 bases will continuously hold concerts, run area competitions and give tuition reports.

Last year the Shanghai Accordion Association focused on a committee members tuition exchange programme, which was very successful.


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Successful Accordion Master Class - Bulgaria

Contributed by Diana Stancheva, Accordion Magic

A six day accordion master class, directed by Yugoslavian teacher, performer and composer Zoran Bojanic took place recently in the magnificent hall of the hotel complex "Kamenitza" in Plovdiv, organized by the Bulgarian Organization of Accordionists.

Over 25 accordionists and teachers from seven Bulgarian towns participated in the event. Being an excellent professional, and with his modesty, tact and generosity, Zoran Bojanic won the love of everybody and gave all of them knowledge and aesthetic pleasure. Due to an error the original venue was double booked for the final two days of the seminar, so the hotel complex generously offered the President's apartment of the hotel and the master class continued there. It is believed that this is the first time in the world that an accordion master class has been held in a President's apartment!



National Liberation Day - Netherlands

Anne LandaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Anne Landa performed at a concert entitled "Songs of Freedom" which was held in conjunction with the recent National Liberation Day at the "Nicolaikerk" in Utrecht. This concert was the first in a series, in which different composers will be invited to write compositions on a certain theme. The goal of "Songs of Freedom" is to open the doors to modern contemporary music for a large audience. In this way composer and player can start a dialogue.

At this concert, Anne performed with three singers, percussion and guitar. Included in their program was the premiere of new pieces (for the ensemble) by Olthuis, Nukina, von Tilzer, De los Angeles Esteves, Van Dijk and Stark. On June 2nd they repeated their program at a concert in Zwolle.



Concertina Workshop - USA

Contributed by Daniel Hersh

A concertina workshop will be held at the 2002 San Francisco Free Folk Festival at Roosevelt Middle School in San Francisco on June 15th. The workshop will be led by local English and Anglo concertina player Ricky Rackin, who will be joined by well-known Alabama concertina builder Bob Tedrow. This is a good opportunity to meet other local players and enthusiasts, to learn more about the instrument, and to hear tunes and songs played in a number of different styles. For further details email: hrshsand@earthlink.net


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

"The Conservatorium Makes Music at the Museum" Concert Series - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The duo of Giampiero Caponi and Fabio Colaceci (student of Ivano Battiston) will take part in a series of concerts entitled "The Conservatorium Makes Music at the Museum" with a performance at the Florence Prehistoric Museum on June 11th. Their program will include pieces by Bach, Zilcher, Bartok and Piazzolla. For further information email: fcolaceci@libero.it



Promotional Tour by Baltic International Accordion Quintet - Lithuania

Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

Baltic International Accordion QuintetA promotional concert tour of Lithuania was given recently by a new ensemble "Baltic International Accordion Quintet", formed by musicians of three Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. From Latvia there is well known accordionist Svetlana Stavitskaya, from Lithuania members of the Lithuanian accordion duo Eduardas Gabnis and Gennady Savkov, and from Russia, soloists of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble Vladimir Ushakov and Sergei Likhachov. The quintet performed in a variety of musical schools and colleges in Radvilishkis, Panevezhis, Shiauliaj, Ignalina, Vissaginas, Ukmerge, Mariampol and Vilnius.

Their popular program included classical compositions and modern music such as "Bach Goes to Town" (Templeton), Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 (Villa-Lobos), "Five Tango Sensations Cycle" (Piazzolla), "Le Clown Perdu" (Galliano) and "The Shadow of Your Smile" (Mandel) etc. In addition Vladimir Ushakov (piano) and Svetlana Stavitskaya (accordion) played several compositions such as "Tanti Anni Prima" & "Meditango" (Piazzolla).

The quintet has recorded a CD in St. Petersburg (Russia) which will be released in the near future. The quintet has also released a video tape as well as three volumes of music books from their repertoire. All of this products were represented during the tour.

The tour was so successful that the Quintet has already been invited to perform in several musical events in Lithuania in the near future such as the Seminar and Festival for Accordionists in Palanga, the Vilnius International Summer Festival, the Vilnius International Accordion festival in Autumn and the Accordion Festival in Klajpeda. For future concert details email: v-ushakov@infopro.spb.su



Kimmo Pohjonen Performance - Austria

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen performed at the "Szene Wien" in Vienna on June 1st. Kimmo looks back on 20 years of musical development and can therefore be called an absolute "Crossover" artist. From rock to folk, avant-garde, improvisations of all kinds, classic, dance and theatre music - he presents a performance, which goes beyond basic accordion playing in a most impressive way and with the support of special lighting effects. How can such creativity affect an accordion? Kimmo Pohjonen shows us - giving his audience an unforgettable event for eyes and ears.


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

6th "Città di Anagni" Advanced Accordion Course ­ Italy

Jacques MornetContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 6th "Città di Anagni" Advanced Accordion Course of Musical Interpretation will be held from July 2nd to 7th at the A.P.M Music Center in Anagni (Italy). The course will cover new and revolutionary topics with respect to the techniques adopted so far, including the relationship between accordion and saxophone, which constitutes one of the revolutionary aspects of accordion teaching this century. The tutors will be Jacques Mornet and Nathalie Boucheix (from France) and Gianluca Pica (Italy).



National Botanical Gardens Concert - South Africa

Duo 2000, the MIDI accordion and harp duo consisting of Sergio Zampolli and Amarillie Ackermann will perform a concert at the National Botanical Gardens in Pretoria on June 23rd. Their program will include pieces from their new repertoire such as "Guitarrero" (Drdla), "Anitra's Dance" (from Peer Gynt Suite I - Grieg) and "Moonlight Sonata" (Beethoven ).

In May, the duo was nominated (for a second time), for their 2nd CD entitled "Song for Anna", in the South African Music Awards 2002. The CD was very well received and created excellent sales. Their first nomination in 1998 was for their 1st CD, "Song to the Evening Star". For concert details email: duo2000@global.co.za



Gala Opening - Scotland

Gary Blair & Phil CunninghamRolston Accordions held a gala opening for their new shop in New Stevenston, Scotland recently. Accordionist, Phil Cunningham (MBE) was asked to perform the opening ceremony. A full house were entertained by a variety of performers including Phil, Gary Blair, The Burns Brothers, David Vernon, the Gordon Shand Band and Jock Loch. A great day of Accordion entertainment!


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

1st "Premio Bione Franchini" National Music Competition - Italy

The 1st "Premio Bione Franchini" National Music Competition will be held in Carpineti (province of Reggio Emilia) from July 5th to 7th, organized by the L. Valcavi Music School in collaboration with the CDMI (Italian Music Teaching Centre), the Carpineti City Council, the local tourism board and the Reggio Emilia Provincial Council. The competition will include classes for classical, variety and folk accordion, with Jury President Paolo Picchio and Artistic director Lorenzo Munari. Artists who will take part in the event include Tiziano Chiappelli, Giuliano Leoni & Patrizia Merciari.

For further information email: fisa.armonica@libero.it



Australian Accordionist in Chinese Television Documentary

Bernadette ConlonVisually impaired Australian accordionist, Bernadette Conlon has been honoured to have a film for Chinese Television made about her life around the accordion. Bernadette, who studied in Ukraine with blind Professor, the late Ivan Jashkewich, uses the accordion for concert performances, teaching, and even as a professional busker in Melbourne, was spotted busking by a television crew from the Peoples' Republic of China.

After watching her for some time they approached her and enquired if they might be able to spend a day at her house recording everything from her methods of learning music, teaching, to preparing food. Following this, the crew spent an entire day and evening filming Bernadette teaching accordion plus a variety of other activities. The crew were fascinated by her independence despite her visual handicap.

The resulting film will be televised on National Television in China next month, and is also expected to be aired on Australian SBS television.


Pari Accordeon Concert - France

Accordionists Raul Barboza, Agnes Andrighetto, Les troubadours du desordre and Danielle Pauly entertained at the successful Pari Accordeon concert at "Canal 93" in Bobigny on May 30th. This concert was part of a festival of music held from May 22nd to 31st.

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Pre-Selections for the World Accordion Trophy - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The selection of candidates who will represent Italy at the 52nd C.M.A. World Accordion Trophy (which will be held in Belluno from September 25th to 29th, 2002) will take place at the Cinema Teatro Nuovo Dogana in San Marino on July 14th. For further information phone Bio Boccosi: +39 071 201133



New CD Single - USA

American concert accordionist Henry Doktorski has released a new compact disc single entitled "Suite on Four Polish Carols", a new and revised version of Doktorski's charming composition for free-bass accordion and string orchestra, which originally appeared on his popular "Classical Christmas" CD. To increase the beauty and balance of the suite, Doktorski has added new and substantial accordion parts to "Lulajze Jezuniu" and "Dzisiaj w Betlejem" with string players from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Music critic George Exoo wrote, "These lucid pieces evoke images of romantic nineteenth-century Warsaw: cobblestone streets, horses and wagons, candlelight, and "siedem potraw" - the traditional Polish Christmas eve dinner - as well as the simple joys of family Christmases in rural homes. Doktorski wrote this suite in tribute to his Polish heritage and as a Christmas gift to his father and mother, who, he admitted sometimes had to use firm measures to make him practice the accordion when he was a little boy".

For further CD details email: henry@henrydoktorski.com



New Sites/Updated Sites

www.accordions.com/lhoir Updated information on French accordionist Dorothée Lhoir including new sound files and new CD information

www.accordions.com/annelanda Updated information on accordionist and Alexander Technique Teacher, Anne Landa

www.accordions.com/cameli Updated information on Italian accordionist Giuliano Cameli


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Accordion Information Required

Shaun Burton would like information on a Carlotti piano accordion, model Capitol, made in Germany. Email: shaunburton1@hotmail.com

Lynne Blacketer would like information on a piano accordion made by Josef HlavacehvLounech. Email: Wood4you96107@www.yahoo.com



Antique Accordion Information

Claudia Win would like information on an Italian accordion made about 1928 with the following markings - Rinomata Fabbrica Di Armoniche , Sistema Campli, Abruzzi. Email: claudiawin@infovia.com.ar



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