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26th April 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note
This week we have updated the "Accordion Events Held on a Regular Basis" section of the Yellow Pages. This section includes a list of national and international competitions and festivals held on a regular basis, which are listed alphabetically by country, then by festival name. If you would like to add an event to this list please email details to:

Wayne Knights Webmaster



This Weeks News


Successful International Accordion Festival - England

The International Accordion Festival took place in Blackpool from April 9th to 14th. Orchestral workshops, which included Elementary (Peter Whiteley), Intermediate (Brian Jenkins), Scottish (Gary Blair), Vintage Accordions (Heather Smith), Youth Swing Band (Ray Bodell) and Children's (Larysa Bodell) took place each morning and afternoon. A celebrity concert was held each evening, followed by Scottish dancing to the music of Gary Blair & his Scottish Dance Band. Harry Hussey also played "After Hours Jazz" each evening.

A special Russian Orchestral workshop was conducted by Vladimir Ushakov (Russia) and Svetlana Stavitskaya (Latvia), who also performed evening concerts. Other performers included Dermot O'Brien, KODA, Calum McKinnon, Gary Blair, Heather Smith, Johnny Coleclough, Larysa Bodell, The Tamesiders, Justin Ryan, William Langton and Lindsay Garvin.

Adrienne Sharpe (who organised the daily "Free & Easy" sessions) and Peter Whiteley played music for ballroom dancing. Other events included an accordion auction and trade stands by John Douglas Music, Geoff Holter Accordions, The Music Room and Electronic Accordions.

The festival concluded with a grand concert with entertainment by each of the orchestral workshop groups.

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Menorca Music Competition - Spain

Contributed by Angel Luis Castaño

The Menorca Music Competition was held last weekend in Menorca, organized by Jeunesses Musicales of Spain. Winner of the classical accordion category was Dragan Vasiljevic (Yugoslavia). Over the last few years Dragan has been successful in a number of international competitions including Trofeo Mondial (Portugal), Zolotarew Competition (France), Castelfidardo International Competition (Italy) and Concurso Int. de Arrasate (Spain).

Dragan will now take part in a series of over 20 solo concerts in a variety of places in Spain. In addition he will perform as soloist with the RTVE Orchestra and take part in different music festivals in Spain. More recently he performed a successful concert at the Segovia Professional Conservatory of music. For further concert details email:



Pauline Oliveros Retrospective - USA

Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of Titano Accordion Co., International

Heralded as a major international cultural event "Sounding the Margins: a Retrospective of the Works of Pauline Oliveros" will commemorate the 70th birthday of this world famous American composer, accordionist, teacher, author and pioneer in electronic music. The celebration will take place as a series of performances at the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre in San Francisco from May 31st to June 2nd.

Three of Pauline's current ensembles: "Deep Listening Band", "Circle Trio" and "The Space Between" will perform at the event. An orchestra of virtuoso New Music performers from around the world will be assembled specifically for the celebrations as well as small ensembles and soloists who will present various compositions by Oliveros (including dance and theatre), from 1960 to 2002. Oliveros herself will also perform.

As his contribution to the honoring of Oliveros, the distinguished designer Andrew Hoyem (owner of Arion Press) will design the poster announcing "Sounding the Margins: a Retrospective of the works of Pauline Oliveros".

The organizing committee for the concerts consists of Pauline Oliveros Foundation members Philip Gelb and Tom Bickley working in collaboration with Anne Brodzky and Tony Williams of the Society and Meridian. Dana Reason will coordinate a concurrent symposium. For further information email:


Bio Boccosi Turns Ninety - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Bio Boccosi, honorary citizen of the towns of Castelfidardo, Osimo and Recoaro Terme, and founder and director of several branches of the Italian Music Teaching Centre celebrated his ninetieth birthday and a life wholly dedicated to music and to the accordion in particular, in February. Boccosi is also the Secretary General of the Confederation Mondiale de l'Accordeon, founder of the "Italian Pianists' Trophy" held in Osimo, Accordion World Oscar recipient, founder of the National Accordion Meeting of Recoaro, and winner of several awards including the "Giuseppe Verde" award granted by DISMA (Milano), the "Gorni Kramer" award (Stradella), the "Applauso d'Oro" award (Clivio), the SIAE prize for his 50 years in the music industry, and the "Nota d'Oro" award (Santa Giustina).

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Vietnamese Accordionist Performs in Hong Kong

Contributed by Lian Jones

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra performed their annual joint concert at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena recently. This year 18 year old Vietnamese accordionist, Thi Quynh Trang Nguyen performed Trojan's fairy tales and other works at the event. This was her first public performance in Hong Kong since winning the 2001 Hong Kong Competition for Young Asian Musicians last September.


North Shore Performing Arts Competition - New Zealand

Contributed by Heather Masefield

The North Shore Performing Arts Competition was held on April 10th at the Pumphouse in Takapuna, Auckland. Betty Dunbar judged a variety of age classes from 8 to over 16 years that included solos, duets, "Music of the Masters", folk and entertainment.


Amber Masefield

Grayson Masefield

Music of the Masters
8 yrs & under: 1st Olivia Panzic
10 to 11 yrs: 1st Stephanie Panzic
12 to 13 yrs: 1st Kristina Panzic
14 to 15 yrs: 1st Travis McWalter
16 yrs & over: 1st Amber Masefield

Own Choice Program
8 yrs & under: 1st Olivia Panzic
10 to 11 yrs: 1st Stephanie Panzic
12 to 13 yrs: 1st Kristina Panzic
14 to 15 yrs: 1st Grayson Masefield

Folk & Entertainment
12 yrs & under: 1st Jessica Chen
13 to 15 yrs: 1st Travis McWalter

1st Stephanie and Kristina Panzic


Cartagena Jazz Festival - Colombia

Accordionist Victor Prieto and his trio which includes Oscar Stangnaro (bass) and Mark Walker (drums) will entertain at the Cartagena Jazz Festival in Colombia from August 22nd to 24th. Their program will include a variety of originals, jazz standards, and Brazilian pieces such as chorinhos and forros. For further details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Neuried Accordion Festival - Germany

Contributed by Elisabeth Glauber

The 2nd Neuried Accordion Festival will be held at the Neuried Music School in Neuried, Bayern on May 11th. The event will include performances by a group of 8 to 10 year old children who play some short children's pieces, a group of older players who will entertain with pieces from ABBA to Baroque music. In addition a trio consisting of three professional musicians: Eva Lautenbacher (piano), Elisabeth Einsiedler (violin) and Elisabeth Glauber (accordion) will perform a variety of pieces from Piazzolla to ethno music and contemporary art, plus the well-known ensemble "Seven up" will entertain with old English dances.

Guest performers include Konstantin Ischenko, Peter Gerter and "Ulm". The festival aims to provide a combination of many different accordion styles. For further details email:



12th Festival of Jazz in Luberon - France

Contributed by Aurélie Legrand

The 12th Festival of Jazz will be held in Luberon from May 3rd to 12th. The event will include solo performances by jazz accordionists Jean-Louis Matinier (member of the group "Confluences"), Dominique Bouchery (member of "Quelques fiers Mongols"), Alain Beurrier (member of L'art à tatouille) and Didier Dulieux (member of Tibal Bazar). For further details email:


Fifth Advanced Music Interpretation and Research Course - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Ivano Battiston will tutor the Fifth Advanced Music Interpretation and Research Course held at the Church of Saints Giacomo and Anna in Pianaccio, Bologna and at the Former Primary School of Pianaccio from August 5th to 11th. The course is organized by Lizzano in Belvedere City Council (Bologna), Bologna Provincial Council and Corno alle Scale Regional Park.

The course program will include Methodological aspects of the study of the accordion and general accordion information. The course is open to musicians of any nationality and age, who may choose to attend either as listening participants or as students.

The event will include a series of public performances and a final concert, which will be held at the church of Saints Giacomo and Anna in Pianaccio (province of Bologna) on August 11th. The final date for applications is June 9th, 2002. For further information please phone/fax Uffici I.A.T. Lizzano and Vidiciatico at: +39 0534 51052


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Accordionists Entertain at Viking Fest - USA

A variety of accordionists will entertain at the 4th Viking Fest to be held in San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, Texas on April 27th and 28th. Viking descendants in Texas and international guests will gather to celebrate their Scandinavian heritage. The festival will include arts and crafts, games, dancing and music, demonstrators and a "Street Squeeze" with performers wandering through the park.

The event will begin with a parade and opening ceremony, followed by a variety of accordion performances throughout the weekend by Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones (Texas), Scandia (which includes accordionist Anders Bakke), Jarle Fjeldheim (Norway) and Harold Strand (Texas). For further details email:


Music School Concert - Canary Islands

Contributed by Francisco José Dávila Dorta

On May 12th accordionist D. Gerardo Rizza will perform a midday concert for about twenty accordion students of the Tenerife School of Music at the Federation of Associations "The Union" of Geneto, in La Laguna (Tenerife). D. Gerardo Rizza has a title from the Conservatory of Ancona (Italy) and has wide European experience. Mr Rizza is a virtuoso accordionist whose performances are highly regarded. For further details email:



St John's Priory Concert - South Africa

Duo 2000 performed at St John's Priory in Westcliff, Johannesburg on April 21st. Their popular program included "Twilight Time" (Ram), "Spring Song" (Mendelssohn) and "Moonlight Sonata" (Beethoven).

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Le Printemps Des Bretelles Festival - Canada

Contributed by Jean-Marc Lavergne

The annual Le Printemps Des Bretelles Festival will be held in Montreal, Quebec on May 19th and 20th organized by Soufflemuse Productions. This festival is held every year to commemorate the invention of the accordion on May 6th 1829. Over 15 accordionists will entertain the public including Didier Dumoutier, Mario Bruneau, Daniel Thonan, Sylvain Rondeau, Vladimir Sodorov, Fredy Bal and Jacques Calve who will accompany his father and vocalist Pierre Calve.

For further details email:



Orchestra Concert Benefits Children of Chernobyl - Italy

Contributed by Luigi Luoni

The Complesso Fisarmonicisti Città di Varese orchestra will perform at a concert to benefit the children of Chernobyl on May 11th at the Teatro in Tradate, Varese Province. The concert program will include a mix of both classical and non-classical pieces. For details email:


Fete Du Muguet - France

Contributed by Valencienne Felten

As every year, the annual Fete du Muguet festival will take place on May 1st at Sous Chapiteau in Wissembourg. The event will include a variety of exciting local culinary specialities such as "tartes flambees" as well as a BBQ. Musical entertainment will be provided by the "Accordeonistes de Wissembourg". Their program will include St Louis March plus pieces by Strauss. For further details email:

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

New "Danças Ocultas" CD - Portugal

Danças Ocultas have just released their new CD entitled "Travessa da Espera". Tracks include "Diatonica", "Queda D'agua", "Nocturno das 7" and "Contradanca". The group consists of accordionists Artur Fernandes, Filipe Ricardo, Filipe Cal and Francisco Miguel. For further CD details email:



New Accordion Chamber Orchestra CD - Spain

Contributed by Raúl Álvarez Martín

The "Claroscuros" accordion chamber orchestra (from Valladolid, Spain), has just released a CD entitled "Diálogos". The CD includes 20th Century Spanish music with works by Ruperto Chapí, Manuel de Falla, Joaquín Turina, Enrique Granados, Andrés Gaos and Padre Donostia (Spanish composers) plus contemporary works by Jesús Legido, Carlos Galán, Antón García Abril and Enrique Igoa, some of which have been dedicated to the orchestra. For further information email:



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