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5th April 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note
Over the last week James Crabb and Bolette Roed visited New Zealand. Accordions Worldwide staff based in Auckland attended an informal concert by the duo (see news item). This concert gave the audience the opportunity to hear music that had never been performed in New Zealand before. We often include news items about performances of these pieces so it was wonderful to be given the chance to hear them live. Following their concert, James and Bolette enjoyed travelling to some of New Zealand's beautiful tourist attractions.

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This Weeks News


Finnish Accordionist Tours Estonia

Mika VayrynenFinnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen will tour Estonia from April 17th to 21st. On April 19th and 20th Mika will perform in Maricio Kagel´s "Variete", a music theatre play for 6 musicians, conductor and actors. Conductor of this project is Olari Elts, who won 1st prize in the Sibelius International Competition for Conductors a few years ago. For further details email:

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Blackpool International Accordion Festival - England

Gary BlairHeather SmithThe Blackpool International Accordion Festival will take place from April 9th to 14th at Pontins Holiday Centre, Lytham St. Annes, Blackpool, presented by the "Accordion Profile" Magazine. The event will feature guest performers such as Vladimir Ushakov (Russia), Svetlana Stavitskaya (Latvia), Gregory Frenard (France), KODA (Keith Dickson Accordion Orchestra - Scotland), Dermot O'Brien, Gary Blair & his Scottish Dance Band, Calum McKinnon, Heather Smith, Johnny Coleclough and Larysa Bodell.

Gregory FrenardThe festival will also include daily workshops, evening dance cabarets, Scottish dancing, "Free & Easy" sessions, auction, trade stands and the "Accordion Profile" Magazine "Award of Excellence" Competition. Harry Hussey (UK's jazz supremo) will play "After hours Jazz" each evening.

Orchestral workshops include Elementary, Intermediate, Scottish, Children's, Vintage Accordions and Youth Swing Band, with a special Russian orchestral workshop by Vladimir Ushakov & Svetlana Stavitskaya. Open workshops include Adult beginners, French Musette and Appreciation of Pietro Frosini. Masterclasses will be conducted by Vladimir & Svetlana. For further details email:



"Days of Macedonian Music 2002" Festival - Macedonia

Contributed by Anica Karakutovska

Zorica KarakutovskaThe "Days of Macedonian Music 2002" festival, organized by the Composers Association of Macedonia - SOCOM, was held from March 25th to 31st in Skopje. The festival program included a large number of premiere performances by Macedonian composers. Another first in Macedonian music history was composer Toma Manchev writing a work which included the accordion playing with a symphonic orchestra, and dedicated this work to his ex student Zorica Karakutovska. The inspiration for this composition entitled "Exodus" came from the year 2001, one of the most difficult for Macedonians because of the civil war that brought a lot of restlessness in general, and put music creators in extremely sensitive situations.

On March 28th the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Darinka Matic-Marovic from Yugoslavia) performed "Exodus" with guest accordionist Zorica Karakutovska at the Army Hall in Skopje. The work was very well received by the large audience and also received positive reviews from the music critics.


Latin American Performance - Germany

On April 13th the Latin American group "Elsa va Dor" will perform at the Kulturverein Oberhaching in Oberhaching, Bayern. The group (which was founded by trombonist Marion Dimbath) includes Elisabeth Glauber (accordion) plus cello, trombone, tuba, clarinet, saxophone and vocals. Their program will include a variety of Marion's own compositions, plus Latin and Afro-American music and pieces such as "Danzon por les Enfants", "Afro Monaco" and "Abracando Jacare" (Pixinguina). For further details email:

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Magnante's Musical Legacy Displayed at World of Accordions Museum - USA

Contributed by Faithe Deffner

Helmi Harrington, Peter Magnante & Faithe DeffnerCharles MagnanteA World of Accordions Museum have scheduled the official opening ceremony of their new Magnante Exhibit to coincide with the AAA International Competition and Festival, held in Minneapolis from July 10th to 14th. The AAA Festival will feature a day trip to Duluth for participants to witness the opening ceremonies of this exhibit and to view the displays of A World of Accordions Museum.

A World of Accordions Museum in DuluthThe museum is known internationally as a unique accordion research center, attracting students and scholars from many countries. The Museum houses about 1,000 accordion-family instruments, thousands of recordings, hundreds of thousands of pieces of music, accordion-related art works, and many diverse reference materials. The Magnante collection represents an important contribution to the Museum resources, and this site of its permanent placement is viewed as most appropriate for reaching a wide audience.


Grannastevna 2002 Accordion Festival - Faroe Islands

Contributed by Jonatan Karlsson

The annual Grannastevna 2002 Accordion Festival will be held in Thorshavn, Faroe Islands from May 24th to 26th. Guest performers include Lars Kirkegaard and the Duo Aktiv (Denmark), Lars Karlsson (Sweden), Havard Svendsrud (Norway) and Ottar Johansen accompanied by guitarist Ivar Thorsen Dagenborg (Norway).

The festival was first held in 2000 and this year, organizers hope to see their neighbours from Iceland, Denmark, Norway, the Orkney Islands, Shetland and Scotland attending the celebrations. For further details email Pauli Jacobsen at:


Scottish Style Accordion Workshop - Scotland

Contributed by Margery Stirling

The University of Stirling will hold a Scottish Style Accordion Workshop as part of their Summer Schools program from June 30th to July 5th. Tutors include Ivor Britton, Colin Dewar and Ian Muir. The course will cater for piano and button accordions and will major on the traditional style of Scottish music, together with modern Scottish compositions. Technical problems such as phrasing, fingering, bellows control, scales, development of right and left hands will be covered and accompaniment skills will be looked at in detail. Special attention will be given to the study of dance tempos and the arrangement/embellishment of the march, strathspey, and reel of bagpipe music. A demonstration of "harmony" accordion, as used in Scottish country dance bands, will be given. For further details email:

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Colombian Accordionist Performs in Toluca - Mexico

Lacides RomeroColombian accordionist Lacides Romero will perform concerts in Toluca (Mexico) during April. His first performance will be at the Casa de Cultura, Centro Regional Toluca on April 11th. This will be followed by a performance at the Museo de Arte Moderno, Centro Cultural Mexiquense on April 14th. For further information email:



Paris Moscou Duo Concert - France

The Paris Moscou Duo (Roman Jbanov and Domi Emorine) will perform at the Paray-Vieille-Poste village hall on April 7th with Daniel Colin, Maurice Larcange and Eric Bouvelle.

The duo will play classical works, traditional pieces, French accordion music and Russian folk music such as Adagio (Mozart), Ave-Maria (Piazzolla), Caprice Mazurka (Azzola) and L'hiver (Chalaiev). For details email:


Argentinean Bandoneonist Performs in Vienna - Austria

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Dino SaluzziArgentinean bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi performed successfully in Vienna recently. During his musical career Dino went every conceivable way and, without any doubt, "found himself in his music". Born in the Argentinean province of Salta, Dino (now 67 years old) was employed by Radio El Mundo performing traditional Argentine music for some time. In Buenos Aires he studied the tango, chamber music and improvisation. Since his first recordings at the end of the seventies, Dino has been regarded as a cult figure who only occasionally appeared in Europe. He doesn't celebrate the traditional canon of the tango in his concerts but goes back for the folk music of its childhood - to the music of the Latin-American Indians. Saluzzi is never afraid of the pathos of the bandoneon, but he expresses its sounds in the finest nuances.


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Accordion and Recorder Concert - New Zealand

Contributed by Christine Adams

Accordionist James Crabb and Bolette Roed (recorder) entertained accordionists and enthusiasts at a unique concert in Auckland recently. The audience were appreciative of this premiere New Zealand performance, which included a variety of interesting works. Their program included pieces from James' homeland of Scotland, works by Bach, Scarlatti and Piazzolla plus "De Profundis" by Sofia Gubaidulina. The North Shore Musicale Accordion Orchestra opened the concert with a performance of "La Scala di Seta" (Rossini).


Accordionist Performs in Show "Coming Through" - USA

Accordionist Dr. William Schimmel will perform his original and adapted score to the off-broadway play "Coming Through", already in its 4th year of production. The next set of performances will take place from April 16 to 19th at the New York Historical Society.

The show travels to many different sites and settings and is produced by the American Place Theatre and is written and directed by Wyn Handman. It is about immigrants arriving at Ellis Island (New York) in the 1920's, with a new updated section that takes place at JFK (Airport, NY). Dr Schimmel has created a composite character that comprises members of his own immediate family. He tells his own story as an accordionist who arrives at the island and his hopes and dreams.

Dr. Schimmel will also perform the (pre-recorded) music of Phillip Glass at the new Broadway Revival of "The Elephant Man" which opens on April 14th. For details email:


Brazilian Music Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On April 8th, accordionist Tetsuya Kuwayama will perform with musicians from Okinawa Islands and "Joro Club" (a Brazilian music unit) at the Aoyama Circlic Theatre in Aoyama, Tokyo. This concert entitled "Living in Tokyo, a declaration of the Slow Life" has been organized by "J-WAVE". For further information email:

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

"Anaki" Perform in London - England

Ananda Sukarlan & Inaki AlberdiDuo Anaki, which includes Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan and Spanish accordionist Inaki Alberdi will perform at The Duke Hall in London on April 17th. Prior to the concert Anaki will spend the day taking part in lectures, a Question & Answer session and open rehearsals with composers.

The duo held their successful debut performance at the Vienna Schauspielhaus on February 28th to a "sell-out" crowd. Their repertoire includes "Soinua" (Gabriel Erkoreka), "Monodias Españolas" (José Evangelista), "Quatorze Portraits sans Laure" (Frederic Iñigo) and "Noise Enough" (Iain Matheson). The following two days the duo will take part in a studio recording at Kingston University. For further information email:



3rd "Encounters of Concertina Players" Festival - Portugal

The 3rd "Encounters of Concertina Players" Festival will be held in Águeda during the month of April, organized by Grupo Folclórico e Etnográfico de Macinhata do Vouga, Grupo Folclórico da Região do Vouga, Grupo Folclórico Senhora da Saúde and d'Orfeu - Associação Cultural.

Events begin with a concert at Clube Macinhatense on April 6th, followed by an evening show at Tuna Mourisquense on April 20th. On April 27th entertainment will begin at Largo Senhora da Saúde, with a closing ceremony in the hall of the Grupo Folclórico Senhora da Saúde. For further details email:


Popular Jewish Music Concerts - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Giorgio Dellarole will perform two concerts of popular Jewish music with the "Trio Klezmer". The first will be held on April 5th in Buttigliera d'Asti and the second will be held on May 26th in Candelo (Biella) for the "Candelo in fiore" event. For further details email:

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Pennsylvania Newspaper Attunes to Accordion - USA

53,000 readers of the March 3rd, 2002 issue of the Beaver County Sunday Times (Pennsylvania) were treated to a full-page life-size color photograph of an Excelsior piano accordion on the cover page of the newspaper, as well as a comprehensive article entitled "Attuned To Their Accordions" by staff reporter Karen Ferrick-Roman.

Although the four-page article included in-depth interviews with four prominent Pittsburgh area accordionists and teachers, Andy Dokmanovich, Arlene Fejka, Al Roginski and Henry Doktorski, the crux of the article focused on the activities of two talented teenage accordionists, fifteen year old Nick Fejka and seventeen year old Brian O'Boyle.

The two young men (former students of Henry Doktorski and who currently study with Slovenian master and former Duquesne University Tamburitzan Andy Dokmanovich) are members of the Slavjane Folk Ensemble of McKees Rocks (directed by Arlene Fejka) which specializes in authentic Eastern European music and dance performances. The article included four photographs of Nick and Brian rehearsing with the Slavjane Ensemble.

Author Karen Ferrick-Roman commented, "The response to my article was tremendous; I had no idea that the accordion was so incredibly popular. One of the calls I received was from the mayor of a nearby town who told me he performs on diatonic accordion with the Pennsylvania-Ohio Button Box Association!"

For a copy of the article, contact author Karen Ferrick-Roman at:



Brazilian Performers at "La Merise" - France

Contributed by Nathalie Dubreuil

On April 6th a Grand Ball will be held at "La Merise" in Trappes, France, organized by the "Bal Fabulous et Trobadors Forro". Performers include Brazilian accordionist Heleno dos Oito Baixos playing with the group "Farra e Forro" and the Araujo et Moura dancers. In addition the "Fabulous Trobadors" from South-West Occitania will also entertain. For further details phone: +33 1 30 13 98 51


New Accordion USA National News Online

The April edition of the Accordion USA, United States National Accordion News is now online. This edition highlights news from around the USA, upcoming festivals and an article entitled "It Seems Like Yesterday" by Friedrich Lips. If you would like to contribute an item for this news either send it via the online submit form or email Kevin Friedrich at:

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New Sites/Updates Sites Updated information on new products by the Orla Musical Instruments company Updated site for the Rocky Mountain Accordion Celebration to be held in Philipsburg, Montana during the first weekend of August, 2002. Updated information on the American Accordionists Association Festival, including a schedule of events and information on the new World Music Fest competition. Updated information on the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International festival in Orlando, Florida held from June 26th to 30th, 2002, including schedule of events and on-line registration. Updated information on Italian accordionist Renzo Ruggieri


Accordion Information Required

Elisabeth Sanders would like information on a table-top accordion, which she believes originated in Afghanistan. Email:


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