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1st February 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note
We have had a number of emails recently from composers who would like to make their music available to accordionists, but do not know how to go about this in an easy and economical way. The site is ideal for composers as through this site your sheet music is sold and delivered via the internet. For further information email:

Wayne Knights Webmaster


This Weeks News

Jazz Accordion with Richard Galliano at the Musikmesse - Germany

Richard GallianoContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Jazz enthusiasts in Frankfurt are eagerly awaiting the concert scheduled for March 14th at the Palmengarten, organized by the "Ancona Promuove" association and the Castelfidardo City Council. Featured artists are world-famous accordionist Richard Galliano and the "New Musette", an experienced ensemble originally conceived by Astor Piazzolla.

Entry to this concert (which is part of the initiatives for the promotion of the accordion at the Musikmesse), will be free of charge and is limited to the venue's capacity of 850. Accordion enthusiasts are encouraged to book a place as early as possible, either by email: or by fax: +39 0717829337



International Accordion Competition and Festival - Australia

Contributed by Tania Lukic-Marx

The International Accordion Competition and Festival will be held at a new venue, Nineveh Sports and Community Club in Edensor Park, NSW from May 24th to 26th organized by the Australian Accordion Teachers Association. The rules for the top solo class are the same as the 2002 Coupe Mondiale piano accordion class. The event will feature accordionists from Australia and overseas, popular entertainers, Branko Dzinkovic (winner of the 2001 Coupe Mondiale Piano Accordion Class in London, England), Gala Concert and a Farewell Dinner. For details email:


CIA Announces 55th World Accordion Championships - Denmark

Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

The Danske Harmonikaspilleres Landsforbund (DHL) will host the Coupe Mondiale 2002 from October 17th to 20th, 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Coupe Mondiale is an International Competition for accordionists under the auspicies of the Confédération International des Accordeonistes (C.I.A.) founded 1935 in Paris. The C.I.A. is a member of the International Music Council (IMC-Unesco).

This International Competition for accordion soloists is open to accordionists of all nationalities and features both Junior and Senior categories. Contestants will be competing for prizes totalling over US$8000.00 in cash and one category offers a concert tour to New Zealand, Australia and the USA. This year the CIA will be offering International competitions in the following six categories:

1) Coupe Mondiale
2) Junior Coupe Mondiale
3) International Piano Accordion Competition
4) Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition
5) Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition
6) International Chamber Music Competition

The General guidelines for the Coupe Mondiale, rules for the individual categories and order form for the Coupe Mondiale Testpiece "Circus" by Bent Lorentzen can all be found on-line at the CIA site or you may request information from the CIA General Secretary email:


Accordionist Performs in Musical Comedy - France

Accordionist Patrick Brugaliere will perform in the musical comedy "Irma la Douce" by Jerome Savary. The event will tour France during March and April with performances in Bordeaux, Blagnac, Mont De Marsan, Biarritz, Joue Les Tours, St Quentin, Thionville, Epernay, Le Mans, St Germain, Perigueux, Massy, Reims, St Louis with a final show in Carquefou on April 24th. For further details email:

3rd Viennese Accordion Festival - Austria

Friedl Preisl & Claudia GabglContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

A press conference was held on January 23rd to present the 3rd Viennese Accordion Festival. This festival will include 18 events (14 double concerts) in 18 different venues with over 120 artists from 14 countries attending. The festival will be opened on February 23rd by well known Austrian accordionist Otto Lechner. Performances will be given by international accordionists such as Friedrich Lips, Richard Galliano, Krzysztof Dobrek, Klaus Paier, Inaki Alberdi, Sandy Brechin, Guy Klucevsek, Maria Kalaniemi, Flaco Jimenez and Dobrek Bistro.

A closing ceremony will be held on March 24th by Flaco Jimenez (four times Grammy Award winner). Workshops will be offered twice to give the public the opportunity to discuss music with the accordionists. For more information email:


2nd European Accordion Orchestra Festival Prague - Czech Republic

PragueContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The second European Accordion Orchestra Festival will be held from March 22nd to 24th in Prague. Twenty five accordion orchestras from 13 European countries are expected to attend including Akkordeonorchester Maisach (Germany), the "Garmonija" Tula orchestra (Russia), Italian accordion orchestras from Trieste and Terni, Aretxabaletako Akordeoi Orkestra (Spain) and the Koda Accordion Orchestra (Scotland).

An opening concert will be held with performances by two European accordion orchestras; the Croatian Orkestar "Stanko Mihovili" Pula (conductor D. Buzcleta), winners of the 1st Prague Festival in 2000 and the German accordion orchestra Untergrombach (conducted by W. Pfeffer) winners of the 7th International Akkordeon Festival in Innsbruck 2001.

Other event highlights include the "Gala Accordion International" with accordion orchestras and a music group in traditional costume from Slovakia, two "Tea-Partys", "Rendes-vous with Accordion" and the popular boat cruise on the Moldau river entitled "Prague at Night" with food, good music and dancing. For further details email:

"Accordion Artists" Series Concerts - USA

The Peter Soave Sextet will perform at the Henry Ford Centennial Library Auditorium in Dearborn on February 21st. This concert is part of the "Accordion Artists" series. Their next concert on April 18th will feature Art van Damme. For further details email:


Accordions at Witney - England

"Accordions at Witney" will be held from February 16th to 17th at Henry Box School in Witney, (near Oxford), organized by Dave Townsend (who plays concertina, violin, accordion and melodeon) from "Hands On Music Weekends". The weekend will include workshops, a special concert featuring the course leaders, and a Trade Fair for buying, selling and repairs. Tutors include Mike Ruff, Dave Townsend and Karen Tweed. For details email:


Folklandia Cruise Concerts - Finland

Accordionist Markku Lepistö entertained on the Folklandia cruise from Turku (Finland) to Stockholm (Sweden) on January 11th and 12th. On January 29th he performed klezmer music at the Väinö Aaltonen Museum in Turku.

In January Markku's CD entitled "Silta" was released. The CD includes tracks "Alku / Beginning", "Ruunankoski" and "Concerto Diatonique. For details email:


New Accordion USA National News Online

The February edition of the Accordion USA, United States National Accordion News is now online. If you would like to contribute an item for this news either send it via the online submit form or email Kevin Friedrich at:


8th International Casarza Ligure Competition - Italy

Patrizia MerciariContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productionss

The 8th International Casarza Ligure Competition for accordion, keyboard, organ, guitarists, wind and stringed instruments will be held Casarza Ligure, Genoa from June 1st to 8th. This event is organized by the Casarza Ligure C. D. M. I. (Italian Centre for Music Teaching) in cooperation with the town of Ancona C.D.M.I., Liguria Region, Genoa Province, Petronio Valley Council, Pro Loco and Casarza Ligure Town Council.

A variety of accordion classes will be held for accordions with standard basses and folk music accordionists. Chairman of the Jury will be Professor Patrizia Merciari.

A final "Gala Concert" will be held on June 8th with performances by competition winners. Trophies will also be presented at this event. For further details email:


Kepa Junkera Performs in Portugal

Kepa JunkeraAccordionist Kepa Junkera will perform at the Cine-teatro São Pedro in Águeda on February 8th. This concert is organized by the d'Orfeu - Associação Cultural to celebrate the opening of the "Cimeira do Fole" (Summit of the Bellows). During this concert Kepa will entertain with Harkaitz Martinez and Igor Otxoa (txalaparta), Blas Fernandez (drums), Angel Unzu (guitar and percussions) and Julio Andrade (bass).

Kepa travels internationally performing on the "trikitixa" (Basque name of the diatonic accordion or concertina). He is well known in Portugal for performing with musicians like Júlio Pereira (with whom he recorded "Lau Eskutara") and Dulce Pontes (who he played for in "O Primeiro Canto").

Russian Bayan Workshop - USA

Jim VandellyJim Vandelly will hold a workshop at the 15th Annual Symposium and Festival held from March 1st to 3rd at the Holiday Inn, King of Prussia, PA by the American Accordion Musicological Society (AAMS). The workshop is entitled "The Russian Bayan: Design and Techniques". Jim will demonstrate various aspects of the instrument as well as play some songs to demonstrate techniques which differ from those of the piano accordion. He will bring a small 3-row bayan (to show how children begin learning), a 5-row Jupiter Russian-made bayan (professional model), and a new Italian-built Russian system professional model.

Jim is a member of the Washington Balalaika Society and also plays in a Russian ensemble named the "Beltway Balalaikas". For further details email:


"Accordion Dreams" Wins Rainbow Award - USA

Accordion DreamsContributed by Evy Ledesma

"Accordion Dreams" (a journey into the accordion world of conjunto) was honoured recently with the "Rainbow Award" by the Great Plains Film Festival of Lincoln, Nebraska. This documentary, which was broadcast nationally in the U.S. on PBS's core schedule, is an introduction into the accordion-based conjunto music genre born in Texas. For further details email:


Accordion Concert in Mexico

Accordionist Sergio Robledo Acevedo (18 years old) will present a solo classical concert at the Sala Xochipilli, National School of Music, Coyoacán. Federal District on April 12th. Sergio is currently studying for a degree in accordion at the National School of Music that belongs to the Independent National University of Mexico (UNAM) under teacher Iduna Tuch. For further details on this free concert email:


Arabic Accordion Workshop - USA

An Arabic accordion workshop will be held in Berkeley on February 3rd tutored by Elias Lammam. The workshop will include information on Arabic scales (maquams) which make use of quarter tones and Arabic tuned accordions will be provided.

Senhoku Accordion Circle Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On February10th the Senhoku Accordion Circle will hold a concert entitled "Sawayaka Concert" at Sayaka Convention Hall in Osaka Prefecture. For further details phone Mr Yoshida at: +81 78 882-3226

On the same day "Amigo" (which features accordionists Ken Ikeda and Chikako Hashimoto) will hold their annual concert at the Kokubunji Municipal Honda-kouminkan Hall. For concert information phone +81 42 320-1931



Orchestra Entertains in Main Square - Switzerland

Contributed by Luigi Luoni

The Complesso Fisarmonicisti Città di Varese orchestra will perform at the Chiesa Parocchiale Main Square in Arogno on February 28th. The accordion orchestra (which has 17 members) has performed over 225 concerts in Italy and abroad since its inception. Their program will include a variety of classical and non-classical music. For details email:

"The Jon Hammond Accordion Travelling Routine" - USA

Jon HammondDue to heightened security measures at airports, accordionist Jon Hammond has now refined his method of travelling with his accordion, hence "The Jon Hammond Accordion Travelling Routine". It goes like this:

  • Jon arrives at the airport with a soft piece of luggage and his instrument in its hard case.
  • When checking in he explains to the Customer Service Agent that his instrument is essential to his work, irreplaceable, fragile, and worth several thousands of dollars.
  • He then displays the instrument, removes it from the case and places the soft luggage inside the accordion case, then proceeds to the security check.
  • He sends the accordion through the x-ray machine wrapped in his jacket. Sometimes the security people ask him to play it for them to demonstrate that it is a working instrument.
  • He then boards the aircraft with his accordion slung over his shoulder and carefully places it in the overhead bin (it fits!), covered with a blanket or jacket so other passengers don't throw their stuff on top of it! Works every time!


Canadian Accordionist in Australia

Contributed by Peter Piccini


Suzie Gagnon Accordionist (Canada) is currently performing on the West Coast of Australia with the Cirque Du Soleil's Alegia. Suzie joined Cirque Du Soleil during their European tour in 1997 and enjoys learning new languages and playing a variety of music. For concert details phone: +61 8 9325 5523

Best New Jazz CD - USA

Odeon's new CD, "Sidewalk Meeting (Arabesque)" has been voted "Best New Jazz CD" by The Village Voice, The New York Times, New York Newsday and The Boston Globe. "Odeon" features accordionist Dr William Schimmel.

On February 12th, Dr Schimmel will perform Sofia Gubaidulina's "De Profundis" at Miller Theatre at Columbia University in New York at a concert devoted entirely to her music. Dr Schimmel gave the New York premiere of this work back in 1989. For concert details email:


New Sites/Updated Sites Updated information on Fisitalia Accordion manufacturers based in Italy. Updated information on classical accordion performer Eugenia Marini, including orchestras in collaboration with Eugenia. Current guidelines for upcoming Coupe Mondiale in Copenhagen, Denmark from October 17th to 20th, 2002. Updated info on the new CD by Stas Venglevski, along with order form. Updated information on the 40th Anniversary Celebrations, Guest Artists and New Officers of the Accordion Teachers Association of Massachusetts Updated information on the Texas Accordion Association March festival, including workshop guests, topics and other activities

Accordion Information Required

Jack de Vries would like information on a Stradivari accordion made in the 1960's. Email:

Jacqueline Kempf would like information on a red C10 accordion (junior size) made in Italy, which is over 40 years old. Email:

Robert Filewich would like details on an Alberto Finzi 120 bass accordion, made in Italy around the 1940's. Email:

Chris Rossiter would like information on an arrangement of "Lacrimosa" from Mozart's Requiem played on the accordion. Email:

Frederick Arlotta would like information on an Eldorado La Tosca Gretsch accordion. Email:


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