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25th January 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note
This week we have updated the "Accordion Events Held on a Regular Basis" section of the Yellow Pages. Please take a look at this section of Accordions Worldwide and if you know of a competition or festival held on a regular basis every one, two, three or more years, please email Christine Adams: about it.

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This Weeks News

"Uniting Our World Through Music" at NAMM 2002 - USA

Elmo of Sesame StreetContributed by Jon Hammond

Over 65,000 people attended the 2002 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show held in the sparkling new convention facilities a short distance from Disneyland in Anaheim California from January 17th to 20th. Accordions were evident at the show even though the emphasis was on Rock and Band music. Over 1200 exhibitors from all around the world were present including accordion manufacturers such as Hohner, Gabbanelli Accordions (USA) and manufacturers from China and Taiwan. Custom colored accordions were available by special order and you could even have American flags on the bellows in keeping with the popular theme of the show.

This year the show began with a gala parade of instrumentalists circling the exhibitions and the 2002 honorary parade leader was "ELMO" of the Sesame Street TV Show.

The European equivalent of NAMM is the upcoming Musikmesse (March 13th to 17th) in Frankfurt Germany. In addition a new music trade show entitled "Music China" will take place from October 16th to 19th in Shanghai, China! As the Chinese claim to have invented the accordion and actually have an official department in the government presiding over all matters of accordion and accordion music, "Music China" is anticipating a huge presence of accordion manufacturers, sellers and accordionists from all over the world next October!



Christian Riganelli and Ambaradan Play at the "Extra" - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

"Ambaradan", a group specialising in covers of great songwriters and which includes accordionist Christian Riganelli, gave several concerts over the last few weeks. One of its most brilliant performances was held on December 28th in Visso, Macerata province.

The group will perform at the well-known musical venue "Extra" in the town of Recanati, on January 31st.


Double Jubilee for Lithuanian Accordionist - Lithuania

Gennady SavkovContributed by Vladimir Vodeau

Prominent Lithuanian accordionist, Gennady Savkov, celebrated his 50th anniversary on January 9th with many friends, colleagues and students. To mark the occasion a special concert was held at Music School #2, Nowa Wilna, Vilnius, where Gennady teaches accordion. Past and present pupils as well as close friends prepared musical surprises and fun. Gennady himself performed several solos as well as in duo with colleague Eduardas Gabnys and with the "Retro" ensemble playing popular and jazz music. The ensemble is run by a well-known composer and pianist Tomas Leiburas.

Gennady and Eduardas have released several CD's and this year the duo will celebrate their 25th anniversary. During this time they have toured the whole of Lithuania (more than once), as well as appeared on stages in the FSU, Bulgaria, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Uruguay, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the USA. They perform a variety of classical pieces as well as jazz and dance tunes. They were awarded a special prize "For Original Transcriptions" at the 1994 International Memorial Astor Piazzolla Competition in Castelfidardo (Italy).

A future concert dedicated to the duo's "Silver" Jubilee will take place at the Vilnius Palace of Arts.


Accordion Open Day - France

Frederic Deschamps with studentsThanks to the initiative of George Royet (father of Mathilde) and Frédéric Deschamps, the International Accordion Center was developed. An accordion "Open Day" was held on December 28th 2001, at the new centre which is situated at the heart of the slopes of Drill, Saint Etienne. The center has been designed for accordion training courses and includes individual work rooms, a conference room, video rooms plus recreational facilities e.g. swimming pool etc.

Over 400 people attended the successful open day which included teaching demonstrations by Frédéric Deschamps and Jerome Richard. National radio Channel, France 3 was also present.

Future training courses will take place from February 4th to 9th (a 100% adult course), February 9th to 14th and February 15th to 21st. These courses will include preparation and advanced training for national and international competitions.

Promotional Initiative at the MusikMesse in Frankfurt - Germany

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

"Ancona Promuove", the special agency of the Ancona Chamber of Commerce, which promotes the internationalisation of local firms, has organised together with the Castelfidardo City Council an innovative and interesting accordion event during the next MusikMesse, which will be held in Frankfurt from March 13th to 17th.

This remarkable organisational effort includes a well-designed stand in the Messe's brand new exhibition hall (I.C.E. 3.1 g51) where visitors will be welcomed by the largest accordion in the world and receive information regarding new creations of the firms of the Music Marche consortium. Another very important aspect of this initiative is the jazz concert that world-famous artist Richard Galliano will hold with his New Musette Quartet on March 14th. This performance will be free of charge, and tickets will be assigned upon request until all available seats have been filled. For information and bookings email:


Tianjin International Accordion Festival - China

Contributed by Cao Xiao-Qing

The Tianjin International Accordion Festival and Competition (presented by the Tianjin Conservatory of Music) will be held from August 25th to 29th, 2002. The competition will include classes for children (born after August 25th, 1989), teenagers (born after August 25th, 1986 & before August 24th, 1989), youths (born after August 25th, 1983 & before August 24th, 1986) and adults (born before August 24, 1983).

There will also be classes for accordion ensembles and ensemble of accordions and other instruments. Competition winners will take part in a winner's concert and award ceremony. Registrations can be made from June 20th to July 20th, 2002. For details phone: + 86 22-24160033

Piazzolla Quintett Concert - Russia

Piazzolla StudioContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Friedrich Lips began this year's concert season with a Piazzolla Quintett concert in Astrachan. This ensemble consists of Wladislaw Igolinskij (violin), Kirill Rodin (cello), Friedrich Lips (bayan), Swatoslaw Lips (piano) and Mark Pekarskij (percussion) and has gained a good reputation abroad. Their successful 2001 concert in Japan recorded on the CD "Tango Piazzollata" is also available on the internet. This CD has now been released in Russia.


Accordion Festival to Honor Charles Nunzio - USA

The American Accordion Musicological Society will hold it's 15th Annual Symposium and Festival from March 1st to 3rd at the Holiday Inn, King of Prussia, PA. The Festival will feature competitions (including cash awards), open workshops, open symposiums, musicales, demonstrations, accordion repairs, accordion paraphernalia, accordion flea market, and three magnificent concerts featuring Vitaliy Pirog (Ukraine), Carmen Carrozza (USA), Joe Cerrito (USA), Dee Langley (USA), Rita Davidson (USA), Bobby Raye (USA), Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra and many others.

The AAMS will hold a banquet honoring accordion pioneer Charles Nunzio, a founding member of the American Accordionist's Association and a past President of the Accordionists and Teachers Guild International.

Registration is open to the public, with an entry deadline: February 1st, 2002. For further details phone: +1 856 858 1212


Accordion Addict - Australia

Contributed by Peter Piccini

Cathie Travers has become an "accordion addict" from the West Coast of Australia. After 25 years in the business as a pianist and electronics specialist Cathie has taken to exploring the fertile land of the accordion. Her music draws from a stylistically broad spectrum including modernist art music as well as world music traditions, avant-rock, nuevo tango and German 1930's cabaret. Cathie is currently working on a new CD, "Avant-Grass" (due for release in March), which will include a variety of other keyboard instruments and electronic soundscapes. Cathie is also in the studio finishing a film sound track that features a quirky kitchen -tango for accordion and (occasional) steam kettle! For further details email:


Duo Performs New Arrangements - Spain

Duo "Anaki"Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Duo "Anaki" which includes Spanish accordionist Iñaki Alberdi and Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan play a variety of music written especially for them and also research a musical repertoire that could be arranged for piano and accordion. These arrangements are done meticulously, in close collaboration with the composers, basically to create a new work out of the original one such as - three out of the five movements of Luis de Pablo's Piano Concerto No.2 which became "Three Pieces for Accordion and Piano", and the organ piece "Flores" by Ivan Fedele (Italy).

This month Louis Andriessen gave his personal approval for "Anaki" to arrange his "De Staat" ("The Republic", based on Plato's essays), a gigantic and exhilarating 35-minute piece (which he wrote for a large ensemble of winds, women's choir and two-pianos in 1973-76). This work is now considered one of the classic masterpieces of the 20th century. Publisher, Boosey & Hawkes, has granted exclusive rights for "Anaki" to perform this arrangement in all the countries in the world for an unlimited period of time. It is expected that this arrangement will be a classic such as the two piano versions of Stravinsky's "Agon" or Ravel's "La Valse". For further details on their next performance email:


"Festival das Músicas e dos Portos" - Portugal

Contributed by Artur Fernandes

The accordion quartet "Dança Ocultas" performed at the opening night of Paulo Ribeiro's new show "Tristes Européens - Jouissez Sans Entraves" (with his dance company) last December in Viseu, Portugal. On January 18th the quartet presented the show at "Maison de la Culture" in Bourges, France.

On February 7th the quartet will perform with Kepa Junkera at the "Festival das Músicas e dos Portos" at the Teatro S. Luís in Lisbon. Their program will include pieces from their CD's "Danças Ocultas" and "Ar", and some new pieces, like "La Danse Ideal" and "Tristes Européens". The festival will include music from Lisbon called "Fado" and from Athens called "Rebetika" as well as "Blues" (New Orleans) and Sea Shanties. For details email:


"Jibsy" Quartet Performance - France

The "Jibsy" Quartet will perform jazz at the Théâtre de Nesles in Paris on January 30th and 31st. The group consists of Bernard Ariu (accordion), Patrick & Herve Gaguenetti (guitars) and Vladimir Torres (double bass). For details email:

Ruggieri Plays on a Soundtrack - Italy

Renzo Ruggieri with musiciansRenzo RuggieriAnother new experience for accordionist Renzo Ruggieri, who (during December) recorded a few improvised pieces for Marco Chiarini's short film "Lo spazzolino da denti" (The Toothbrush). The film was produced by the Experimental Centre affiliated to the National Film School in Rome, one of the most important film research institutions in Europe.

The original score was written by young composer Enrico Melozzi, who enlisted musicians such as Toni Fidanza (pianist and director of the Teramo Contemporary Orchestra) and Stefano Nunzi (double bass).


Cerronato at Flipnotics - USA

"Cerronato" which includes accordionist Mike Maddux performed at the Flipnotics Coffeespace Café in Austin, Texas on December 27th and 28th. In the new year the group returned to entertain with their popular pieces on January 4th and 9th. Their next performance at this venue will be on February 14th. For details email:


Accordion Entertainment - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On February 5th, diatonic accordionist David Munnelly (Ireland) will perform at the Virgin Mega-store in Shinjuku, Tokyo with guitarist Gavin Ralston.

The following day the duo will entertain at "Akasaka Graffiti" in Akasaka, Tokyo. This concert entitled "Accordion Summit vol.1" will include a performance by chromatic accordionist Tetsuya Kuwayama and accordion duo "Sabu and Mami". For further details phone: +81 3 3586-1972


Bandoneon Weekend - Germany

Contributed by Carsten Heveling

On January 26th and 27th a Bandoneon Weekend will take place at the Cafe Cent Ral in Wuppertal organized by Guillermo Destaillats from the Trio Pantango. The event will include workshops in improvisation, rhythm, chords and works by Bach. Evening dances will be held at Cafe Ada (Saturday) and Cafe Central (Sunday) with entertainment by "Cuatro por Tango" (Hamburg). For details email:

Two Stolen Accordions - France

Antoine Denize had two Castagnari accordions stolen from him in Fontenay sous Bois last year. One is a 12 bass Handry model with 3 rows, 3 voices, 4 registers, coloured pale yellow pine and equipped with microphones. A distinguishing mark is a small hand made copper bar inside connecting the internal stringer lintels. The second instrument is also a 12 bass accordion, 3 rows, 2 voices made from dark wood with nonstandard tuning and an original image of a boat encrusted in wood. If you have seen either of these instruments please email:



Argentinean Tango Group Perform in Lithuania

Quintet "Cantus"Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

This week the Argentinean Tango "La Cumparsita Trupe" (from Paris, France) will perform their impressive program "Le Fleuve aux semelles de Vent" in Vilnius. Many Lithuanians will get the opportunity to see the first Argentinean original tango danced. The troupe's directors Carmen Aguiar (Uruguay) and Victor Convalia (Spain) have danced all over the world, but this will be their first time in Eastern Europe.

On January 19th the Cantus Quintet were invited to perform Piazzolla's music for a project with these dancers at the "Vilnius Rotuse" (Municipality's Concert Hall). Their program consisted of pieces such as Bandoneon, La Mufa, Undertango, Tristango and Meditango.

French Cabaret Evening - USA

Peter Di Bono will perform French cabaret songs, art songs and opera arias at an evening entitled "Romance Parisienne" on February 1st in San Francisco. Peter will perform with Tomalynn Cloud-Davis (soprano) and George Hernandez (piano). For details email:


New Sites/Updated Sites Information on the new company "Voci Armoniche S.r.l." formed through the merger of Siva S.r.l. and Salpa S.r.l. Updated information on the 8th International Citta di Casarza Ligure competition held from June 1st to 8th, 2002. Updated information on the 2002 International Citta di Castelfidardo Accordion Competition held from October 9th to 13th Information on the 2002 International Accordion Symposium held in St Gallen, Switzerland from May 8th to 11th

Antique Accordion Information

Joseph Wisniewski would like information on a 48 bass antique Franco Antonio button accordion, which has the lettering "Vercelli Italia" on it. Email:

Chris and Heidi McClanahan would like information on a Hohner accordion with the lettering "patented design Oct. 6, 1931 NO.85280". Email:

Deb Gregory would like details on a vintage Atlas Mfg N Y that was made prior to 1929. The instrument is inlaid with rhinestones and is green marble looking with lots of scrolls on it. Email:

Cyril would like details on an A Frontalini piano accordion, made in Italy with the numbers 1824/224. This instrument may have been manufactured in the 1800's. Email:


Accordion Information Required

Mark Young would like information on an Angelo Moressi accordion including details on the manufacturer. Email:

Todd Wright would like details on a Stanelli piano accordion. Email:

Richard Gilmore would like information on an Atlanta accordion, made in Italy. Email:

Robert Leonard would like information regarding accordionist Fernand Montreuil of Belgium including details of his career and CD releases. Email:

Henrique Leemann would like to purchase a CD by Hugo Noth of works by Domenico Scarlatti KV 39, 109, 132, 133, 162, 202. Email:


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