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23rd November 2001 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

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This Weeks News

First Bridlington Festival - England

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The First Bridlington Accordion Festival, held at the Spa Bridlington from November 8th to 11th was an outstanding success. Over 500 people attended a variety of concerts and workshops that were available for all grades of players. A "feast" of players from all over the world entertained including Gervasio Marcosignori and Daniele Ravaglia (Italy), Flinton Stanley (USA), Gary Blair (Scotland), plus accordion orchestras from Scotland, Ireland, and England.

Accordion OrchestraSpecial guests Councillor Mrs Kingston and consort, and Marco Galeazzi (Cemex in Italy) attended the Saturday evening concert.

Flinton StanleyThe event was so successful that over 200 people have already confirmed bookings for next year's event, which will be held from November 17th to 20th. For further details email:



4th International Ural Accordion Festival - Russia

Raimondas SviackeviciusContributed by Raimondas Sviackevicius

The successful IV International Ural Accordion Festival was held in Cheliabinsk from November 9th to 14th, organized by the General Culture and Art Administration of Cheliabinsk District and the Philarmony of Cheliabinsk. The initiator and artistic director of the festival was the Professor of Cheliabinsk High Music School, Nikolay Ishchenko.

Konstantin IschenkoConcerts were held in the beautiful "Organ Hall", an old church with very good acoustics and the public were treated to a variety of different music styles and genres from Religious, Baroque to modern, avantgarde and French musette music. Performers included Aidar Gainullin (Moscow), Mihail Burlakov (Moscow), Moscow Duo (E. Grehov and A. Ushakov), Ural Duo (Natalia and Nikolay Ishchenko - Cheliabinsk), Raimondas Sviackevicius (Lithuania), Konstantin Ischenko (Cheliabinsk/Cologne, Germany), Milos Milivojevic (Serbia), Fail Hazeyev-Magnitogorsk (Russia), Damir Sultanov (Kazakhstan), Paris-Moscou Duo (Domi Emorine & Roman Jbanov - France), Yuri Shishkin-Rostov na Donu (Russia) and the Chamber orchestra "Klassika" (Cheliabinsk).

During the festival the First International Ural Accordion Competition was also held. The international jury included President of the Jury - Professor Radomir Tomic (Yugoslavia), Elisabeth Glauber (Germany), Professor/Doctor Mihail Imhanitskyi (Moscow), Professor Radjap Shaikhoudinov (Ufa-Bashkortostan, Russia), Professor Nikolay Ishchenko (Cheliabinsk) and Professor Natalia Ishchenko (Cheliabinsk).

A final Gala Concert was held in the Opera House, where over 1,000 people heard performances by competition winners and festival participants.


Matti Rantanen Workshop - Austria

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Matti Rantanen (accordion professor at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland) held a most interesting workshop on the "Contemporary literature and pedagogics of the accordion in Finland" at the Music University of Graz in Austria from November 5th to 7th.

Matti Rantanen has appeared as a soloist and in chamber ensembles at many international Festivals. He has cooperated with many well-known composers and conductors and held numerous master classes in different countries. In 1996 he was nominated "Teacher of the Year" at the Sibelius Academy.

His well acclaimed concert program included works by Valpola, Scarlatti, Tuomela, Mozart, Vuori, Bach, Rautavaara and Merikonto.


Winner of 2000 International Accordion Competition Performs - Spain

Contributed by Amaia Lizaso

Aidar Gainullin (Russia), winner of the 2000 Arrasate Hiria International Accordion Competition has performed a number of concerts in different towns of Basque this year as part of his prize. This year Aidar has also won the Castelfidardo International Competition (Italy), the Citta di Lanciano International Competition (Italy) and the Coupe Mondiale International Competition (England).

The 2001 Arrasate Hiria competition will be held from December 3rd to 8th in Gipuzkoa, organised by the "Hauspoz" Basque Association of Accordion. This year's winner will be invited to give a series of concerts at the 2002 Arrasate Hiria competition. In addition, the winner will be invited to the Kragujevac International Festival of Accordion in Yugoslavia during July, 2002. For further details email:

Iceland Accordion Association Festival - Iceland

Contributed by Petur Bjarnason

The Iceland Accordion Association will hold a festival at Isafjord town in Northwest Iceland from July 4th to 7th, 2002 organised by the Harmonkufelag Vestfjarda (Westfjord Accordion Club). This event is held every third year at different locations in Iceland.

Over 1,000 accordionists from 19 clubs are expected to attend, bringing a variety of bands, solo performers and many young accordionists. International performers from Norway, Russia and Hungary are also expected to attend including Swedish guests Annika Anderson and Lars Karlsson. For further details email:


Traditional Annual Concert - Germany

Contributed by Winfried Haushalter

The First Cologne Accordion-Orchestra 1935 will hold their traditional annual concert in the large concert hall of the Cologne College of Music in Cologne on December 2nd. This year, the orchestra will present its audience with a special "musical delicacy".

Guest performers, the Russian ensemble Sabawa "kidnaps" its listeners with melodies that are full of Russian soul and romance. The ensemble won first place at the Russian folklore Festival in Tula (1986) and the international folklore Grandprix 1991. They have also performed in the most famous concert halls of Russia (Tchaikowsky concert hall and the Rossija concert hall in Moscow).

The First Cologne Accordion-Orchestra (conducted by Matthias Hennecke) will perform a varied program including "Peer Gynt Suite No.1 (Grieg), "Hungarian Rhapsody No.2" (Liszt), "Krimipuzzle" and "Serenata" (Anderson). The Youth Orchestra (conducted by Heike Zapf) will play a variety of popular melodies.

2001 Shanghai Accordion Examination and Meeting - China

Shanghai Accordion ExaminationsOver 3,500 accordionists sat exams at the Shanghai Accordion Examination centre during October. Following these exams, directors of the Shanghai Accordion Association, accordion teachers from Teenager Center districts and counties and leaders of the Shanghai Musicians Association held a meeting at the Xinchang Resort in Zhejiang Province on November 1st and 2nd.

Since the inception of the Shanghai Accordion Examinations in 1991, the board has organized 12 exams and promoted the accordion in the Shanghai area. This has led to a dramatic improvement in accordion teaching and playing. The meeting discussed the problem of a world decline in people learning the accordion and gathered helpful ideas to encourage accordion development.

Vice secretary Guo Qianghui (Shanghai Musicians Association) praised the S.A.A.'s positive work in recent years. There are 22 different music associations under S.M.A.'s direction, with the accordion association being the most active.

Li Cong, President of S.A.A. believes the meeting initiated positive ideas which will help the future of the accordion in this area.


Cantus Quintet Performs with Argentinean Tango Dancer - Lithuania

CantusContributed by Sandra Kleizaite

The Cantus Quintet will perform at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Vilnius on November 30th organized by the Institute Director, Ostelio Remi. The quintet will perform with Argentinean tango dancer and singer, Eduardo Gimenez. Their program will include Piazzolla works such as "Tristango", "Chiquilin de Bachina" and "Meditango" plus works by Juozapaitis, Semionov, Rogers, Joplin and Gavrilin. For further details email:


Accordions Worldwide 5th Anniversary Celebrations

"Flashback - 5 Years Ago"

Air New Zealand Orchestra Tours Europe

The Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra made their 9th International Goodwill Concert tour to Europe during August & September, 1996. During the tour the orchestra had a "fan club" which grew from concert to concert! For further details see Past News


Kapelle Sorelle Jubilee - Switzerland

Kapelle SorelleKapelle SorelleContributed by Rolf E. Wittich

The theatre group "Kapelle Sorelle" celebrated their 10th anniversary with three shows earlier this month. Foundation members Ursina Gregori and Charlotte Wittmer are still fascinating their audience with songs, pantomime and performances with accordions.

The shows were staged at the Theater Palazzo in Liestal (near Basel) and included "Ja wenn der Mond" (premiered in 1991), "In guten und in bšsen Zeiten" (1995) and "Not without me" (2000). For information on their next performance phone: +41 61 921 5670

New Works Performed by Accordion and Viola - Netherlands

Anne LandaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Anne Landa and viola player Vladimir Mendelssohn, premiered new music by Dutch composer J. S. Riphagen (for accordion and viola) at the Dag nacht, dag dag (Day night, day day) event. The premiere took place on November 7th with the poets who created the text of the work in attendance. The event will tour Holland, performing these new works in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht from January to March 2002.


In-store Promo Show - USA

Jon Hammond - accordionistAccordionist Jon Hammond played at the "In-store Promo show" for Dennis Finnegan's new CD entitled "Starting from Here" at Tower Records in North Beach San Francisco recently. The group played songs from the CD including "All or Nothing at All", "My Ship", "Angel Eyes" and "Travlin' Light". Over 100 people attended by invitation, plus more people who were in the store shopping stopped to listen. Well known musician Carlos Santana also attended the event.

The following evening Jon played at an event entitled "Jon Hammond's Funk Jam" at the Boom Boom Room (New York) with John Bishop (guitar), Billy Rayford (sax), Oscar Meyers (trumpet) and Ronnie Smith (drums).

Accordionist at Sofia Gubaidulina Lectures - Finland

Mika Väyrynen will perform at lectures about Sofia Gubaidulina given by Michael Kurz (writer of a new biography of Sofia Gubaidulina) in Lahti, Finland on November 23rd. His program will include "De Profundis" and "Et Expecto".

Further lectures and performances will be held at the Sibelius-Academy in Helsinki on November 25th and at the Tampere Conservatory in Tampere on November 26th. For further details email:

Fisitalia New Works Released

This week, is releasing new works by Wallace Liggett and Tom Collins. These are the first works ever published by these accordionists and it is the aim of the site to try and have new composers works released each week if possible.

Composers and arrangers are reminded that site is now offering a special incentive to accordion composers and arrangers to typeset their music free of charge. This incentive is for a limited time only and limited to 100 new works. Each composer can provide up to 5 works and each work should not exceed 7 pages of A4 size. For further information see


Chubu Accordion Club Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On November25th, the "Chubu Accordion Club" will hold their annual concert at "Rubura Ouzan", Chigusa Ward, Nagoya City. Admission is free. For further information email:


"Confrontatie" Concert - Belgium

"Confrontatie" (which features accordionist Ludo Mariën, Professor at the Conservatory of Antwerp) will perform a concert at "C.C. 't Getouw" in Mol, Antwerpen on December 1st. Their program will include "Sechs Lieder von Gellert" (Beethoven) and 3 Songs by Aaron Copland. Ludo will also play solo works by J. S. Bach. For details email:

Complesso Fisarmonicisti Città di Varese Concert - Italy

Contributed by Luigi Luoni

The Complesso Fisarmonicisti Città di Varese accordion orchestra will perform at Palestra in Castronno, Varese Province on December 1st. The orchestra consists of 16 accordionists and has performed over 200 concerts of classical and modern music in Italy and abroad since being re-founded in 1984. For details email:



Värttinä Performs at Festival - Brazil

VarttinaFinnish group Värttinä (which includes accordionist Markku Lepistö) will perform two concerts at the Todos os Cantos do Mundo Festival in Sao Paulo on November 24th and 25th. The group will play "Maa ei kerro" (The Earth Won't Tell) from the album "Vihma", "Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta" (The Village Awaits for the New Moon) from the album "Seleniko" and "Käppee" from the album "Vihma". They will also perform "Maamo" (from the album "Aitara") with popular Brazilian artist Zeca Baleiro. For further details email:

Florida Accordion "Smash" - USA

Nina Slyusar-WegmannContributed by Karen Adam

The Florida Accordion "Smash" festival and concert will take place at the "Knights of Columbus" in Orlando, Florida on December 1st. The event will feature accordionist Nina Slyusar-Wegmann, winner of the Virtuoso Entertainment Category at the 2001 ATG International Competition and Festival in San Antonio. Other performers include Boris Veksler, Maricarmen Vasquez, Jessica Lei, Jim Bubaloni, Rita Davidson, Andy Bakke, James Wadowick, Dale Haag, Walter Von Ryik, Loni LeGrand and many more. There will also be a festival band conducted by Linda Soley Reed (Vice President of the American Accordionists Association).

Workshops will also be held, including "Eugene Ettore Workshop" by Rita Davidson, "The Art of Practice" by Jim Bubaloni and "Accordion Display" by John Gaunt from Accordions and Keyboards. For further details email:


Accordionaires Annual Christmas Recital - New Zealand

Contributed by Sheila Haigh

lThe Accordionaires will perform their Annual Christmas Recital on December 2nd at "The Mark" (Pakuranga Community and Cultural Centre) in Pakuranga, Auckland. The orchestra (conducted by Lyn Barraclough) will perform "Alley Cat", "Italian Medley", Christmas Carols and "Patriotic Medley". For further details email:

Reggio Emilia Concert - Italy

Athos BassissiContributed by Carlo Fortunato

Accordionist Athos Bassissi will hold a concert with his variety quartet on December 11th at the Jolly theatre of Villa Cella in Reggio Emilia, playing French swing classics as well as tangos by Astor Piazzolla.


Harvest Dinner Show - USA

Accordionist Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini (vocalist) will entertain at the Harvest Dinner Show, Italian Community Center in Albany, New York on November 25th. For further details phone Clara Ferrarese at: +1 518-374-5935

New Simon Thoumire CD

A new CD by Simon Thoumire (concertina) and David Milligan (piano) entitled "The Big Day In" was released recently by Foot Stompin' Records. The album showcases traditional and original music from Scotland and beyond and was recorded in September 2000 in Edinburgh's prestigious Soundcafe studios. With just one day to record all 14 tracks, a very long but extremely successful day was had, hence the CD title "The Big Day In"! For further details email:


New Article Online

A new Article entitled "The Unofficial Conjunto Primer for the Uninitiated Music Lover" by Carlos Guerra is now online

New Sites/Updated Sites Information on accordionist Victor Prieto, who has merged classical music with Jazz and Gallician music while developing the taste for a unique style, which led to the invention of a new technique (Chord approach on both hands). Updated contact information for Italian accordionist Pino Di Modugno Updated information on accordionist Gianluca Bibiani. Updated information on future concert dates by French accordionist Pascal Contet


Silvio Marotta AccordionAccordion Information Required

Jeannette would like information on the Silvio Marotta 12 bass piano accordion (pictured). Email:


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