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10th August 2001 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

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This Weeks News

Towersey Village Festival - England

The Towersey Village Festival will be held from August 23rd to 27th in Towersey (near Thame, Oxford). The event will include a variety of concerts, dancing, ceilidhs, stalls, sessions, open air theatre shows and children's events. Entertainers include "Peeping Tom" (melodeon led folk-rock ceilidh band), "Broderick" (accordionist Luke Daniels), Chris Coe (concertina and vocals), Trio - Mark Bazeley, Jason Rice and Rob Murch (melodeon, accordion and banjo), "Florida" (Tim Bull on melodeon), The Bismarks (violin, melodeon and piano), "Citizen Camembert" (hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, melodeon, clarinet, bouzouki, bass and recorders), "Drop The Box" (violin, accordion, guitar, bass, drums and vocals), Random with Michael Catovsky (ceilidh band featuring Saul Rose & Paul Nye on melodeons), "Confluence" (concertina and violin), "Whapweasel" (melodeons, saxophones, electric cittern, guitars, keyboards and drums), "Xim" (hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, bass, melodeon and flute) and "Kettle of Fish" (ceilidh band with violin, melodeon, bass and drums). For further details email:


18th International Accordion Festival - Brazil

Contributed by Lauro Valerio

The 18th International Accordion Festival will be held from September 8th to 10th at the Ilha Solteira Theatre in Ilha Solteira, São Paulo, Brazil. A variety of entertainers will perform at the festival. For further details phone: +55 11 5904 2954

International Accordion Master Class - China

Contributed by Li Cong

The 2nd International Accordion Master Class was held last month in Tianjin, China. Tutors Professor Sergio Scappini (Rossini Music Conservatory, Italy), Professor Max Bonnay (Paris Music Conservatory, France) and 19 year old Aidar Gainnullin (winner of International Accordion competitions in Russia, Germany and Spain) played three, free bass concerts at the event. These concerts were very well received by the master class students.

Summer Seminar & Festival Underway - Lithuania

Contributed by Raimondas Sviackevicius

The annual Summer Seminar & Festival organized by the Lithuanian Accordion Association and its President Professor Ricardas Sviackevicius and Vice President Eduardas Gabnys is now underway at Stasys Vainiunas Music School in Palanga until August 16th. The festival will include master classes, massed orchestra performances and a variety of concerts. Guest performers include Alexander Dmitriev, Peter Gerter, Henn Rebane and Lithuanian soloists and groups.

Rümlingen Festival - Switzerland

Accordionist Claudio Jacomucci will play Mario Pagliarani's "Opera della Notte" with lyrics by Giuliano Scabia at the Rümlingen Festival in Rümlingen (near Basel, Switzerland) on August 18th.

On August 22nd he will play the same program at the 2001 Ceresio Estate Festival in Lugano-Montagnola, Italy. For further information:

7th San Sebastian Seminar - Spain

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Anne LnadaThe seventh annual San Sebastian Accordion and Alexander Technique Seminar took place last month in San Sebastian (Spain), organised by Acco Land, a cultural association for the promotion of the accordion.

The accordion course was coordinated by French accordionist Jean-Luc Manca, with students and teachers, some from Spanish conservatories in Madrid, Santander, Teruel, San Sebastian, La Coruña, Burgos and Huesca.

The Alexander Technique course for musicians was held by Anne Landa, accordionist and teacher. Participants included accordion, cello, guitar and flute players from Madrid, Valladolid, San Sebastián, Teruel, La Coruña, Burgos and Huesca. These students and professional musicians were seeking to improve their mental and physical approach to performance and overcome problems such as stage fright and physical problems connected with the tensions of musical interpretation.

The two courses took place at the Superior Music Conservatory of San Sebastian and at the Londres Hotel. The event was opened by a concert held on July 13th at the Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre, and was closed by a final concert featuring the students at the San Sebastian Ayuntamiento on July 22nd. The following day the students received their certificates of attendance. A total of eleven accordionists improved their skills under the guidance of Jean-Luc Manca during the ten day course, while fourteen musicians achieved a greater level of self-awareness in the Alexander Technique course held by Anne Landa.

Both courses aimed to achieve the common goal of musical improvement, and on the last few days this goal was pursued by bringing the groups together and creating ensembles (such as accordion and flute duos) in order to encourage accordionists to play with other instruments. Next year's seminar will be held in July 2002.

Summer Accordion Camp - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

An annual Summer Accordion Camp will be held at the Marunuma Skii-Field, Tochigi Prefecture from August 18th to 20th organized by the Ongaku-Center. Tutors include Yuji Matsunaga, Sonki Kinoshita and Yushi Kawaguchi will teach. For further information phone the Ongaku-Center at: +81 3 3208-83775

Accordionist Performs "Vintage Alice" - USA

Contributed by The Classical Free-Reed

American concert accordionist Henry Doktorski will perform at the Drinko Recital Hall in Cleveland State University's Music and Communication Building, Cleveland, Ohio with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony on September 24th. The group will perform "Vintage Alice" by the American Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Del Tredici. The 28-minute work, scored for orchestra and a folk group consisting of two saxophones, mandolin, banjo and accordion, is based on text drawn from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

The composer spoke about the accordion in his oeuvre: "When I began writing my musical setting of Alice In Wonderland for orchestra, I wanted to include a second group of instruments which would sound completely different from a symphony orchestra; something totally UN-orchestral. After some consideration, I decided that the saxophone, mandolin, banjo and accordion would be perfect because those instruments -- due to their cultural identity and distinctive tonal qualities -- were rarely used with symphony orchestras. "Believe it or not, I actually love the accordion; to me at least, it always sounds funky in an orchestral setting. It's sound is quite unique. In my Alice pieces, I write for the accordion as a solo instrument and never try to blend it with the other instruments. Early in my composing career I wrote mostly atonal works. But when I discovered the accordion I developed a desire to use its left-hand chord buttons -- the major, minor, seventh and diminished buttons -- in my Alice In Wonderland piece. This was a turning point for me: it caused me to consider using tonality in my compositions. I suppose for this then, I am indebted to the accordion for opening my eyes to the possibilities of tonality."

For concert details email:


Tuusula Lake Chamber Music Festival - Finland

[Graphic: tango.jpg]

Tango"Tango for Four" performed at the Tuusula Lake Chamber Music festival in the Leonora Hall, Järvenpää on August 3rd. This area of Finland is well known as many musicians including Jean Sibelius and other important Finnish artists lived there.

The quartet, which includes Mika Väyrynen (accordion), Jaakko Kuusisto (violin), Kalle Elkomaa (piano) and Janne Wessman (bass) played to a "sell out" crowd of over 200 people, who gave them a standing ovation. Their program included works by Piazzolla (Revirado, Milonga del Angel), Abba (Money, Money, Money) and Carlos Gardel.

Accordion Camp at Tourist Resort - China

Contributed by Li Cong

In July, over 180 people took part in a week long accordion camp held at the famous tourist resort of Beidahe Beach in North Beijing. The camp, which was organized by the Beijing Office of the Chinese Accordion Association included three different training classes that ran simultaneously. These classes included a "Button Accordion Teachers class" with participants from 15 different cities in China. Tutors included Li Yan Sheng (Beijing) and Zhang Xiang Min (Hunan Province) who covered information on the lay-out of the B system button accordion.

The second class covered impromptu accompaniment. Tutors Huang Li Fang (Haerbin Normal University) and Sun Han Qing (Beijing) worked with 51 participants. The third class covered "Training for Accordion Examinations". Over 100 students from Beijing, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Shandong, Hebei, Guiyang and Shanxi attended the course, tutored by Shang Yuan Chang and Du Ning (who were asked to take this course by the Chinese Accordion Association Accordion Examination Office).

Course participants also took part in army training, games and beach sports, with camp fires on the beach each evening. This is the 6th time this successful summer camp has been held.

"Club Marconi" Features German Guests - Australia

Contributed by Tania Lukic-Marx

Paula HarrisOn July 29th Club Marconi hosted a concert which featured the Bavarian Accordion Orchestra (Germany) conducted by Fritz Dobler. The sell out crowd of over 300 people were treated to a memorable concert which also included performances by members of the Australian Accordion Teachers Association (AATA) such as Paula Harris (current Australian National and International Champion) and the Australian Concert Ensemble.

This concert was part of the Bavarian Accordion Orchestra's concert tour of Australia and Singapore. Their program included works by Bach, Shostakovich, Dobler, Strauss and others.

"Summer Stars" - Italy

Antonio Carlos AssalinContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The summer months are always ripe with musical events, due to the favourable climate and the happier disposition which this season brings. The accordion too, finds numerous occasions to shine, and among its "stars" are some of the most prestigious and loved musicians, also known as the "Excelsior Artists". On July 26th, during the 1st Fermano Accordion and Hurdy-Gurdy Festival, Roberto Lucanero and Giuliano Cameli (hurdy-gurdy) and Daniele Ravaglia (midi accordion) performed along with a number of local musicians. Guest of honour of the event was Antonio Carlos Assalin, an excellent Brazilian accordionist whose concert was received enthusiastically by the audience.

Peppino Principe with groupThe Festival was attended by the Mayor of Lapedona, who presented a special award to accordionist Peppino Principe. Principe repaid the honour with an impromptu concert which prolonged the party well into the night.

Emanuele RastelliIn the meantime other events were being staged, and on the same day in Ruoti (in the province of Potenza) Roberto Lucanero gave another concert during the local hurdy-gurdy competition, that he attended as musical guest and member of the jury.

Recently the group of the "Excelsior Artists" welcomed a prestigious addition, accomplished accordionist Emanuele Rastelli.

Electroacoustic Accordion - Canada

Joseph PetricAccordionist Joseph Petric will give a performance of electroacoustic, solo and chamber works for accordion at St Martin in the Fields, Toronto from September 13th to 15th. His program will include works by Christos Hatzis, Tomas Dusatko, Norman Symonds, Micheline Roi, Alcides Lanza and Serge Arcuri. For further details email:

New Season for "Folk at the Royal Oak" - England

The new season for "Folk at the Royal Oak" in Lewes, East Sussex will begin on September 6th with newly refurbished clubrooms. The new season will start with a bang with special guest John Kirkpatrick who sings and plays concertina, melodeon and button accordion. For further details email:


Mayoral Parlour Concert - South Africa

Duo 2000Duo 2000 will perform at the Mayoral Parlour of the Roodepoort City Council on August 19th. The concert (which was postponed from June 24th) will follow an official luncheon at the Mayoral Parlour. Their program will include a variety of works such as "Galop" (from Masquerade Suite), "Ave Maria" (Bach), "La Chanson pour Anna" (Popp) and "Spring Song" (Mendelssohn). For further details email:

International Accordion Concert - China

Contributed by Li Yi

On July 27th a final concert was held in Shenzhen in honour of the international accordion exchange visit by Professor Elsbeth Moser and Dr Cao Xiao Qing. Over 400 people attended the event, which was divided into a three part program; "Shenzhen Teenagers Center students' Welcoming Concert", "International Accordion Academic Exchange" concert and "Accordion Champion Concert".

The local accordion community was thrilled to attend this event. Prof Li Wei Ming (Vice President of the Chinese Accordion Association) made a special trip from Xiamen to Shenzhen to attend the event. The concert was organized by the Shenzhen Accordion Association and Music Department of the Shenzhen Teenagers Center.

New Accordion USA National News Online

A new edition of the Accordion USA, United States National Accordion News is now online featuring a review of the ATG festival in San Antonio, new recordings and an article on Lawrence Welk's newest star, Tim Padilla. If you would like to contribute an item for this news either send it via the online submit form or email Kevin Friedrich at:

New Recording "The Legend Continues" - Argentina

The accordion duoThe accordion duo of Angel Russo and Hector Bocchicchio have just released their new cassette recording entitled "La Leyenda Continua, Vol.II" (The Legend Continues, Vol.2). The recording includes a varied selection of popular themes with the contribution of Jose Demangone. Tracks include "Nueve de Julio", "Perfidia" and "El viejito del Acordeon". For further information email:

New Folk Music CD Release Party - USA

"The Toids" released their debut CD of folk music recently entitled "Ruupert Dances in Fins" on the "Odd Shaped Case" label. Tracks include "Cocek", "Fistfull of Kolo" and "Hora Dirty Hora Mare". Group members Dan Cantrell (accordion), Lila Sklar (violin), Ryan Francesconi (frets), Bill Lanphier (bass), Jerry Summers (percussion), Pilar Diaz (vocals) and Stefanie Naifeh (vocals) have organised two CD release party concerts in California to celebrate. The first was held at the "Ashkenaz" in Berkeley on August 7th and the second will be held at the "Caltech" in Pasadena on August 14th. For further details email:

Klaus Paier in Völkermarkt - Austria

Accordionist Klaus Paier and the String Quartet will perform at the Hauptplatz in Völkermarkt on August 10th. Their program will works from their new CD entitled "Movimiento" such as "Le Tango", "Musette Waltz" and "Tango for Five". For details email:

Sylvia Pagni and the Oops Band - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Sylvia PagniOops BandOn July 27th accordionist Sylvia Pagni (well known for her appearances on the popular TV1 Saturday night show "Scomettiamo che...") performed with the Oops Band at the 10th Stefano Bizzarri International Accordion Competition. The program was performed against a magnificent Medieval backdrop and was very well received by the audience. Sylvia also received a special award presented by the organisers of the event.

French Accordionist Visits China

Guy VivierContributed by Li Cong

French Accordionist Guy Vivier arrived in Beijing on July 21st for a one month tour. So far Vivier has visited the Xianghe Instrument Factory and the Dongcheng District Teenagers Place in Beijing, where he performed in concert. Accompanied by Shan Yuan Chang, Ren Shi Rong and Guo Yu Guang, Vivier has visited many famous tourists places.

Following his visit to Beijing, Vivier performed concerts in Zhanjiang (Guangdong Province), Jinan (Shandong Province) and Shanghai. Future concerts will be held in Jiangyin (Jiangsu Province), Jingdezhen, Anhui, Guilin (Guangxi Province) and Shenzhen.

Vivier is the organizer of accordion competitions in Paris (France), which attract many Chinese competitors each year.

Lake Oswego Farmers' Market Concert - USA

Popular duo "Samsonite & Delight-Ya" will entertain at the Lake Oswego Farmers' Market, Millennium Plaza Park, Lake Oswego, Oregon on August 25th. The duo enjoy having a good time playing songs not usually expected to come out of accordions, like "Godzilla", "Hocus Pocus", "Tubthumper", TV theme songs, kiddie songs like "Old MacDonald", plus some requisite squeezebox standards like "The Chicken Dance".

Samsonite & Delight-Ya have also been featured many times on "Good Day Oregon" & "AM Northwest", radio broadcasts and National Public Radio awarded them "Best Y2K Song of the Millennium" for their danceable ditty "".

For further details email:

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