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15th December 2000
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Strasser Harmonikas

Next Friday we will have the final news for the year 2000. If you are performing at a Christmas event please send details to: so we can let accordion enthusiasts know about it.

Please check our home page this week as we have a special Christmas gift from jazz accordionist Renzo Ruggieri - an electronic metronome that you can download free

Wayne Knights Webmaster

Scandalli Accordions
Lasse Pihlajamaa Accordion Competition 2001 - Finland

Contributed by Kimmo Mattila

The 1st International Lasse Pihlajamaa Competition for virtuoso accordionists will be held in Ikaalinen, Finland from September 18th to 22nd, 2001, organized by the Finnish Accordion Institute. The competition is open to accordionists of all nationalities born in or after 1971 and will consist of three rounds, all of which will be open to the public. Contestants in the first round will choose from a preselected list of works by Bach, Grisey, Hosokawa, Jokinen, Katzer, Krzanowski, Mossenmark, Nordheim, Olczak, Takahashi and Pihlajamaa. Sixteen contestants will be selected to proceed to the next round with six of those progressing to the final round.

The competition, which has been organized in honour of the 85th anniversary of Lasse Pihlajamaa, will include prizemoney of 15500 EUR. Applications close May 31st, 2001. For further details email:

Final 65th Anniversary Event for Orchestra - Germany

First Cologne Accordion OrchestraContributed by Winfried Haushalter

After their successful 65th anniversary concert in June this year, the First Cologne Accordion Orchestra gave their traditional annual concert on December 3rd 2000 to a full house at the music school in Cologne. Their program included "España Rhapsodie" (by E. Chabrier, arranged by R. Würthner), "Irische Suite" (M. Seiber) as well as the popular Overture "Dichter und Bauer" by F. V. Suppé, arranged for the orchestra by conductor Matthias Hennecke. The youth orchestra (conducted by Heike Zapf) performed the Suite "Großstadtbilder" (H. Rauch).

Guests were well-known harmonica trio "The Bon Harmonikas" who performed popular pieces from classic to swing such as The William Tell Overture (Rossini).

During this year the orchestra went on three concert tours and performed at the 60th birthday of Marie-Louise Majan. This celebratory annual concert was the final event in the 65th anniversary year of the First Cologne Accordion Orchestra.

USA National Accordion News
Classical and Contemporary Concert - USA

Contributed by Myron L. Fehr

Accordionist Peter Soave will join Dino Valle (Verdian baritone) and Nik Fehr (bayan and baritone) in a concert at the Portland Mennonite Church in Portland, Oregon on January 5th 2001. The concert will include a variety of classical and contemporary solos and duets. Soave plays with the Detroit Symphony and other Symphonies around the world focusing on the Tango music of Astor Piazzolla. Fehr is a student in residence with Soave and a full scholarship recipient of the Music Department of Wayne State University, Detroit. For further information email: mfehr@junocom

Accordion and Flute Concerts in Italy and France

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Sophie Valceschini and Cécile Broquet (flute) will perform in St-Jean-de-Gonville, Ain, France on December 16th. Their program will include works by Bach. For further details phone: + 33 4 50 56 39 37

Accordionist Ivano Battiston will perform with David Bellugi (flute) at the Chiesa di S. Giovanni a Signa, Italy on December 22nd organized by the Comune di Signa (FI). Their program will include works by Ortiz, Cima, Corelli, J.S. Bach, Bellugi-Battiston and Bartok. For details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
"Christmas for the Neighbourhood" - Netherlands

Contributed by Hillebrand van der Veen

The Amsterdam Accordion Club Forzando will hold a "Christmas for the Neighbourhood" concert on December 17th in Buurthuis De Rietwijker, Amsterdam Noord, organized by both Forzando and the management team of De Rietwijker. The event aims to encourage the public to join in the Christmas festivities and enjoy a buffet meal. The orchestra will perform a special Christmas program. For details email:

Gumma Prefecture Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On December 17th, accordionist Norimichi Nagasaka will perform at Nagame Yokyojo, Yamada County, Gumma Prefecture and on the 22nd he will play in Neyagawa, Osaka. For further concert information, phone: + 81 277-72-1968

Scandalli Accordions
Christmas Concerts - Germany

Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen performed concerts with baritone Jorma Hynninen and the Vantaa Pops Orchestra on December 11th and 12th. Following this he will perform Christmas concerts at St Michaels Cathedral in Hamburg on December 17th. For concert details email:

Accoland at "Santander 2000" - Spain

Anne LandaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Anne Landa (Accoland) will take part in the "Santander 2000" event held on December 22nd and 23rd in San Sebastián. In addition to a concert on the 22nd, Anne will run a course entitled "Direction Music On Stage" (based on the Alexander Technique) on the 23rd. The course will cover attitude, awareness, concentration, environment and contact with the audience. For registration information email:

Peppino Principe in Concert with Fisorchestra Italiana - Italy

Fisorchestra ItalianaPeppino PrincipeContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On December 13th accordionist Peppino Principe performed with the Fisorchestra Italiana accordion orchestra at the S. Giuseppe Theatre in Milan. Their program included "Concertino" (composed by Principe) which featured soloist Gianni Miedico, Jumpin' at The Woodside (Basie), Fantasia Brasiliana and West Side Story.

New Excelsior Distributor - Brazil

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Excelsior Accordion Company has granted exclusive rights for the distribution of its products for all of Brazil to Mr Antonio Carlos Assalin, founder of Excelsior/Brazil. For further information email:

USA National Accordion News
New Work Performed at Festivals in Germany and Russia

Austrian accordionist Magritt Kern performed at the "Pur Oder Plus Festival" in Hamburg recently. Her program included the new work written by John Palmer entitled "Drang". Sergej Tchirkov also performed this piece at the Sound Ways Festival in St Petersburg recently. For further information on this work see the new edition of the East European News at:

Klezcentricity Concert - USA

Klezcentricity, which features accordionist Wendy Morrison will play a free concert at the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, Maryland on December 17th. The band also includes David Gray (clarinet, saxophone & guitar) and Richard Seidel (bass & piano). For further details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
Accordionist Tours Thailand

Graham GeddesThe Graham Geddes band has just returned from a concert tour of Thailand, performing popular concerts in Bangkok. One of their concerts, which began at midnight included Scottish dancing until 6am! They finished the entertainment by playing tunes with the Royal Scots Guards Band such as "Flower of Scotland", "Scotland the Brave", "Amazing Grace" and some pipe jigs and reels. The tour was so successful that the band has been asked to return next year for the 6th time, along with the Royal Scots Guards Band, who have been going there for 18 years now!

Graham and the band will play at a Christmas Party Night in the Queens Hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland on December 15th. For details email:

Accordionist Awarded Scholarship - New Zealand

Alex SelmanContributed by Christine Adams

Auckland accordionist Alex Selman (12 years old) was one of two recipients to receive a NZ$1,500 A.P.P.A. (Auckland Primary School Principals Association) music scholarship recently. The scholarship is sponsored by the Northern Districts Knights Templar Foundation for children with musical talent. Applicants were selected from year 8 and younger aged children in the northern half of the North Island of New Zealand, an area where 40% of the population of New Zealand live.

The results were announced at the 2000 APPA Music festival concert, held in the Auckland Town Hall, where Alex was invited to perform. Alex is also a member of the North Shore Accordion Orchestra conducted by Lionel Reekie.

Scandalli Accordions
Accordionist Receives Positive CD Reviews - USA

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The "Manny Bobenrieth Ensemble" has received positive reviews in the Washington Post Newspaper and the Washington Times this month. The reviews featured the ensemble's new CD "Tangata" and Manny's life as an accordionist. The Washington Post included the following: "The arrangements of Piazzolla's compositions are challenging and intricate, the performance level is exceptionally high, and the dramatic, occasionally dissonant thrust of the music, if not exactly scary, is certainly a bit unnerving at times. All but three of the album's compositions were written by Piazzolla, and Bobenrieth has careful preserved their lyricism, passion and mysterious charm".

Accordion Festival - Belgium

An "Accordion Festival" will be held at La Tentation in Brussels, Belgium from January 19th to 21st 2001. The festival will include a variety of concerts and an accordion exhibition by Robert Santiago. Performers include Christian Pacher & Benoit Guerbigny (France), Roberto de Brasov, Kimmo Pohjonen (Finland), Wim Claeys & Didier Laloy (Belgium), Two Duos Quartet (Great Britain), Denecheau Jâse Musette (France), Tommy Keane (Ireland), Alfredo Marcucci Trio (Argentina) and Régis Gizavo. For further information email:

Anne Landa in Concert - Holland

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Anne Landa and the Trio Avellaneda (piano, violin and accordion) held their first joint concert on December 2nd at the Leidse Tango studio in Amsterdam. The artists played a programme of tangos arranged by Marcelo Costas. Further concerts will be held in Germany and Holland.

CD Launch Party in November - USA

KlezperantoContributed by Bonnie Glickman

"Klezperanto" (which includes accordionist Evan Harlan) performed to over 130 people at a CD Launch party at Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant and Music Club in Boston recently to promote their self titled CD "Klezperanto". The CD, which is produced and distributed by Naxos, includes zydeco, cajun, salsa, jazz, gypsy and other world dance music with Klezmer roots. The enthusiastic audience crowded the dance floor and "danced up a storm" while Klezperanto played all tracks on the CD plus a few others. Tracks include "Diddley Shmiddley" and "Skotchne". For further details email:

USA National Accordion News
New Article Online in English

The English version of the new Article by Simone Zanchini entitled "The Accordion Plays Jazz - Italy" is now online.

International Competition of Bayan and Accordionists - Russia

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

The III International Competition of bayan and accordion players is currently underway in Moscow until December 18th. The competition is open to musicians aged from 17 to 32 years who will play a selection of works by Bach and Shostakovitch.

Strasser Harmonikas
New Folk Music CD - Finland

CD CoverContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

A new folk music CD entitled "Artic Paradise" was released recently. The CD features a variety of Finnish soloists and groups including accordionists Maria Kalamiemi and Anita Hosioja. For further information email:

Laguna Honda Hospital Christmas Party - USA

Accordionist Jon Hammond performed with Barry Finnerty at the recent Laguna Honda Hospital Christmas Party. Barry nearly didn't make it to the concert as he was mugged a few hours prior to the event, and taken by ambulance to San Francisco General Hospital with injuries to his face. However, Barry refused to cancel his commitment to play at the hospital. Their program included "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer", "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" and an original composition by Barry, entitled "Road Mode".

Scandalli Accordions
New Classical CD Release

Contributed by Sergej Tchirkov, East European News Coordinator

Accordionist Ian Watson and cellist Matthew Forbes recently released a CD, which includes works by Vivaldi, Bartok, Piazzolla, Arvo Paert, Gershwin, Albinoni, Faure, Frank Bridge and Ian Watson. Both performers graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London, Great Britain, where Ian studied with Professor Owen Murray.

New CD "La Romance de Dédé" - Switzerland

Contributed by André Gasser

A new CD entitled "La Romance de Dédé" by a French Swiss amateur accordionist is now available. The CD contains a variety of contemporary dance music, played on the MIDI accordion. For further CD information email:

Ivano Battiston and Mario Brunello Record New CD - Italy

Ivano Battiston & Mario BrunelloContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Ivano Battiston recently completed a new CD with Mario Brunello (cello), winner of the 1986 Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. The album, which is due for release in March 2001, was engineered by Marco Lincetto for the Velut Luna label, and includes pieces by Marais (La Follia), J.S. Bach (Sonata III), Gubaidulina (In Croce), Piazzolla (Le Grand Tango) and Tosti.

New Sites Updated information on Cemex Compagnia Elettro Musicale, manufacturers of Excelsior accordions Information on accordion entertainer Luciano Testani

USA National Accordion News
Accordion Information Required

Ken Jameson, collector of old tube amps, has a Gretch amp for accordion, model #61664, dual input, 2 channels, two 12" speakers. He is unable to make the vibrato work. Anyone able to help, hopefully with a schematic. Email:

Mike Fischer would like information on a Lira piano accordion from the late 60's/early 70's. e-mail:


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