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17th November 2000
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Strasser Harmonikas

Accordions Worldwide has received a number of recent requests from readers who have checked the Yellow Pages and are looking for accordion teachers in various areas of Germany.

If you teach in this area please submit your details so we can list you and prospective students can find you. We include listings for individual teachers and schools.

Wayne Knights Webmaster

Scandalli Accordions
Duo 2000 Perform for Royalty – South Africa

Duo 2000 performed at the “Duke of Edinburgh Awards Dinner” in South Africa on November 9th organized by one of South Africa’s leading banks. In attendance was Prince Edward and over 20 people involved in the South African branch of his Fellowship organization, which is trying to combat crime amongst the youth worldwide and to reform criminals.

The duo played their whole repertoire as background music during the evening. Prince Edward (as representative for his father, Prince Charles) stood and thanked the duo, commenting on what a novel combination they were, describing them as "the concert harp and the stomach Steinway".

5th Annual "Città di Anagni" Advanced Accordion Course - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 5th annual Advanced Accordion Course of Musical Interpretation "Città di Anagni" will be held from January 3rd to 7th 2001 in Italy, organized by the A.P.M Music Center in collaboration with the C.N.IO.M.A. of Larodde (France). Tutors include Jacques Mornet, Gianluca Pica and Nathalie Boucheix.

This year’s event will cover new topics, including the parallelism between accordion and saxophone, main changes in teaching and performance of the accordion at the dawn of a new century. For further details email:

XII International Seminar and Festival of New music "Sound Ways" - Russia

The XII International Seminar and Festival of New music "Sound Ways" will be held from November 19th to 26th in St. Petersburg. Tutors include Professors Klaus Hinrich Stahmer (Germany) and Sergej Slonimski (St. Petersburg) as well as other renowned composers.

Each year this event brings together musicians from Poland, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Baltic countries, Russia etc. This year’s festival will include composer's portraits of Luciano Berio, Klaus Hinrich Stahmer, Moritz Eggert, Sergej Slonimski, Arvo Paert, Alexander Radvilovitch.

In addition world premieres will be performed by accordionist Sergej Tchirkov including a solo work written by Professor John Palmer (Great Britain), a new work for accordion and violin by young composer Michael Kroutik (St. Petersburg) and the Russian premiere of a new work by Professor Klaus Hinrich Stahmer entitled "To Lose is to Have".

For further details email Alexander Radvilovitch: 5

Strasser Harmonikas
Accordionist Supports Comedienne - Australia

Australian accordionist Bernadette Conlon will support comedienne, Rachel Berger in concerts at the George Ballroom in St. Kilda, Melbourne on November 22nd and 29th. Bernadette will play a variety of French music.

Jazz Offers a Future to the Accordion - Italy

Osvaldo Guarnieri and Giovanni Di Silvestre are two students in the first specialist jazz accordion courses taught in Italy by Renzo Ruggieri.

The achievements of these musicians include victories in numerous national competitions, the first prize in the prestigious Castelfidardo competition both in the jazz solo and jazz group category, a scholarship granted to Osvaldo Guarnieri during the international accordion week held in Stradella (Italy), and the inclusion of Giovanni Di Silvestre in the orchestra of the Italian national broadcasting corporation (RAI) after a very demanding selection process.

Pictured are the two students with Richard Galliano and Renzo Ruggieri during the recent seminars held in Stradella.

Scandalli Accordions
Something for Everyone at Caister Accordion Weekend – England

Contributed by Mike O'Regan

From November 10th to 13th the Haven Holiday Camp in Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, England, became the focus of accordionists and accordion fans from the UK and abroad. The Caister Accordion Weekend is fast becoming a major world event, and this year certainly added to its fame.

The weekend was a mixture of contrasts. At one time the stage was occupied by Serge Duchesne (Canada), playing the latest in technology, an electronic, radio-controlled accordion, while later a band solely consisting of “vintage” accordions performed. There were numerous concerts by international competition winner Frédéric Langlais and Italian Vincenzo Abbracciante and later the same stage was used by amateur players, some of whom were playing for the first time in public!

The “age” contrast came from 5 year old Andrew Lukins, playing with his mother and father (both professional accordionists). Andrew’s grandfather was a very well-known broadcasting accordionist in the 40’s and 50’s. At the other end of the time scale was “Mister Jimmy”, at the age of 88 and still a performing professional.

On Saturday morning an attempt was made to break the Guinness Book of Records figure for accordionists playing simultaneously. A group of 201 played a short medley of Scottish Airs.

The Weekend had something for everyone, with workshops, impromptu bands and orchestras and even meals were eaten to the accompaniment of Harry Hussey. Guest of honor was Giancarlo Borsini, head of the Italian firm that bears his name.

Are You an Accordionist in Belgium?

Jan van Bokhoven is currently making a program for Radio "Air Libre" (on 87.7FM) in Brussels about accordionists. He would like to hear from accordionists in Belgium, who are interested in taking part in a interview about their music, works etc. Jan would also like some information on *Pierre Vanderhagen. If you can help please email:

“Tango Tango” Concert - USA

Caledonia Band“Tango Tango” which includes accordionist John Stuller, will perform at Borders Books in Fairview Heights, Illinois on December 10th. The group plays tangos by *Christopher Caliendo, Astor Piazzolla, many traditional tangos, and a variety of music such as "Dark Eyes" and "The Godfather". They are often joined by the dance group, "Tango El Compas". For further details email:

Basque Accordion Group to Tour Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

Basque quintet "Alaitz eta Maider", which features "trikitixa" accordionist Alaitz Telletxea will tour Japan in December. The group perform traditional dance tunes which are played at festivals in Basque villages on the accordion, panderoa (Basque tambourine), drums, guitar and bass. Concerts will be held in Tokyo and Osaka. For further information email Kaira Productions:

USA National Accordion News
National and International Competitions – Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl


Cesare Chiacchiaretta

The 10th National competition for classical and variety accordionists and keyboard players, and the 2nd International “Città di Lanciano” competition for concert accordionists, organized by the Popular Traditions Association and the Lanciano city council, was held from October 19th to 22nd in Lanciano with Cesare Chiacchiaretta as its artistic director.

Numerous candidates came from Livorno, Latina, Frosinone, Potenza, Macerata, Roma and Brindisi, to perform in front of a large and attentive crowd at the magnificent Fenaroli Theatre. The jury included artists such as Mauro Lapietra, Vittorio Solaris and Cesare Chiacchiaretta for the keyboards section, and Alexander Dmitriev, Antonio de Sousa, Cesare Chiacchiaretta and Vladimir Zubitski (President) for the accordion section. Evening concerts were held by the Accord’Ance accordion sextet, Vladimir and Natalia Zubitski (piano and accordion duo) and soloist Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi. The considerable efforts of the organizers enabled the competition to boast seven million lira in prize money.

A high level of preparation was shown by the candidates, which testifies to the substantial improvements of the Italian accordion movement over the past few years. The success of the event convinced the artistic director and the Popular Traditions Association to introduce for next year, two new international categories, variety and classical junior.

Konstantin Ishenko

1st equal: Konstantin Ishenko (winner of the international "Città di Lanciano") and Damir Sultanov
2nd: Sergej Tchirkov
3rd equal: Alexander Gataullin and Goncalo de Sousa

The prize for the best piano accordionist went to Toni Pecanov.

Accordion and Concertina Workshops and Concerts - USA

Workshops and concerts featuring the piano accordion, concertina, stradella, free bass, diatonic and chromatic button accordions began on November 14th and will run to the 18th in Minnesota. The event began with a “Memorial Concert Honoring Hanni Strahl” with performances by Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D., Lynda Griffith and the Strahl Music Ensemble.

The next day a “Masterclass for Accordionists” of all levels presented by Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D. was followed by an “Accordion & Concertina Music Concert”. Other events included a workshop “Give Yourself a Hand” presented by Lynda Griffith (specialist in treatment of injuries to musicians). Two further workshops will be held on November 18th: “Performance Techniques for Intermediate Accordionists” presented by Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D. and “Making Light, the Accordion” presented by Lynda Griffith.

For further details see Future Events

Strasser Harmonikas
Carte Blanche Series - Canada

Accordionist Joseph Petric will perform in the Carte Blanche concert series, held in the “Salle Pierre Mercure”, Montreal (one of Canada's premiere halls) on December 4th. The concert will feature works by Krebs (for accordion, trumpet and trombone, with Alain Trudel and Guy Few), Bach Organ Sonata in Eb (for accordion and clarinet with Fiona Cross of London England), Lutowslawski's Dance Preludes (for accordion and clarinet), John Zorn's Roadrunner (for solo accordion) and Omar Daniel's accordion concerto Murder Ballads (with the Nouvelle Ensemble Moderne conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt).

For details email:

Accordionist Parking Problems? - Australia

Australian accordion entertainer John Macdonald believes these signs should be compulsory at ALL VENUES! John, who has performed successfully in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland & the Far East will play at the Campsie R.S.L. Club (NSW) on November 24th.

For concert details email:

Scandalli Accordions
Ivano Battiston and David Bellugi Tour the USA

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Ivano Battiston (accordion) and David Bellugi (recorder) will tour the USA in March 2001.

If you would like them to perform at an event in the USA during this time please email:

18th International Accordion and Piano Grand Prix - Switzerland

Contributed by Joanna Tordjeman

The 18th International accordion and piano Grand Prix was held in Geneva from November 3rd to 5th, where accordionists (solo, duo and orchestra), pianists, keyboard players and groups participated. Massimo Pigini attended the competition, which was organized by Fernand and Gaby Lacroix. The jury included Raymond Bodell, Claudine and José Cintas, Vitali Dimitriev, Lana Gore, Hans and Lotte Luck, Oleg Sharov, Gabriel Veit and Guoping Zhang.

Concerts were given by Vitali Dimitriev, Oleg Sharov, Guoping Zhang and competition prizewinners.

Under 15 years: Marko Naletina (Yugoslavia)
Under 18 years: Sylvain Tissot (Switzerland)
Open class: Alexandre Matrosov (Russia)
Duos: Evgeny Fokin (Russia) and Teijo Rekonen (Finland)
Orchestras: Akkordeon Orchester Würmtal Wessling (Germany)

Accordion Professor Appointed Position in Denmark

Owen Murray, professor of accordion at the Royal Academy of Music in London, has been appointed the position of accordion teacher at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, Denmark. He will now teach in both Academies on a weekly basis.

Owen performed the accordion part of Sir Harrison Birtwistle’s new opera “The Last Supper” with the Glyndebourne Opera Company at Glyndebourne in October. The opera is currently on tour in England and will culminate with a performance at the Royal Festival Hall in London on January 26th 2001.

For further details email:

Halloween Hospital Party - USA

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Jon Hammond performed with his trio (which includes guitarist*Barry Finnerty and drummer Alan Hall) at a Halloween party at the Laguna Honda Hospital. Over 2000 people, some in wheel chairs and some with terminal illnesses enjoyed their program.

Ed note: It is great to see so many accordionists performing for charity lately, giving more people the chance to enjoy the accordion. Well done!

Strasser Harmonikas
Polish Accordionist Performs in Austria

Contributed by Doris Audétat

Polish accordionist *Krzysztof Dobrek performed at the ORF-Radiokulturhaus in Vienna on November 13th together with his new ensemble “Dobrek Bistro”. The ensemble plays a varied program which includes Dobrek’s own compositions and music have been described as “from Yiddish folk to film music, from virtuoso Paris to Tango, from Cuba to Krakow, from fun through the desert to Russia, from ethnic Jazz and Grapelli to Brazil, from the fogs of arabesque to Odessa, and from classical music via dance to a concert colorful, funny, deep, shining bright and large”.

Accord'Ance Plays Classical Music on TV – Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Accord'Ance accordion sextet performed in the cloister of the abbey of S. Maria di Propezzano in Morro d'Oro (province of Teramo) on November 8th. The concert was broadcast live during the "Cominciamo bene" show on the third channel of the national network. The sextet (which is currently busy recording its first CD), played music by J. S. Bach.

Scandalli Accordions
Accordionist at Wine Party - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On November16th, the "Ensemble De Le Gahra", which features accordionist “Onoe”, successfully performed at a wine party held at the "Adhock Hotel Marufuku" in Tokuyama, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Texas Folk Masters Series - USA

Texas Folklife Resources will hold a concert on December 9th at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas as part of their Texas Folk Masters 2000-2001 series. The event will include Tejano, conjunto and country music hosted by Little Joe Hernandez. Performers include conjunto accordionist Santiago Jimenez, Jnr, and Tex Mex band “Little Joe y La Familia”.

For further details phone: + 1 512 441-9255.

New Article

A new Article entitled “Musician or Magician??” written by Mary Kasprzyk Tokarski of the "K" Trio, USA is now online.

Osvaldo Guarnieri Group in Concert - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Association for the promotion of the concert accordion has organised a performance by the Osvaldo Guarnieri Group on November 17th at the multipurpose venue "Ivo Padula" in Collecorvino (province of Pescara). On the same evening the group (1999 winner of the Castelfidardo competition in the jazz group category), will be awarded a scholarship by Claudio Calista, founder of the Association and well-known accordion teacher.

Scandalli Accordions
Accordion Ensemble Recital – USA

The Mount San Antonio College will present the first Accordion Ensemble Recital to the public on December 3rd at the Mt. Sac Performing Arts Center in Walnut, California. This is free event that aims to present the accordion as a fun instrument.

For further details email:

New Music Book – “Songs of Mexico for Accordion”

Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists’ Association

A new book “Songs of Mexico For Accordion” by Herman Troppe is now available. The book 19 favorite traditional Mexican songs arranged for piano accordion soloists such as Hay Unos Ojos, La Malaguena, Cielito Lindo, Chiapanecas, La Bamba and many others. For details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
Alfalfa Releases CD - Denmark

Alfalfa (which includes accordionist Mette Kathrine Jensen) recently released a demo CD with accompanying brochure. The group, which includes accordion, bass and drums, plays Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish and Cajun music.

If you would like a copy of this CD email:

Cocktail Concert Performance - Italy

The Ensemble di Musiche Possibili will perform at a cocktail concert entitled "Le Tre Finestre" on November 17th in Genova. The following day they will perform at Circolo "La Casetta" in Alessandria. The group plays a varied repertoire from Bach to The Beatles and Metallica.

For further concert details email:

USA National Accordion News
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Information on Accord Chouette, distributor of bandoneons in France and Switzerland
Updated information Orla Electronic Organs & Musical Instruments with details on their new product "Orchestra Module XM800".
Updated information on Gruber Harmonikas in Italy

Accordion Information Required

Sandy Stanton would like some information on a Hohner Marchesa piano accordion such as its year of manufacture and possible value. Email:

Otto Hansen would like information on a Dise chromatic accordion. Email:

Manlio Lopez has a large Da Vinci button accordion still in its original case and would like some information such as: is this brand still made and where he can check to identify it. Email:

Fred Goodrich bought the “Howell-Aretta System of Modern Accordion Study” instruction system in 1957. He has attempted to purchase the complete above reference system with no success and currently has lessons 51 to 90. He would like to buy the missing lessons. If you can help please email:

April would like information on a looped accordion as played by Lisa Gerrard. Email:

Udo Boschetto is looking for sheet music by Piazzolla for piano accordion and vocalist (soprano), especially pieces performed by Milva. Email:

Antique Accordion Information

Thérèse Jeani would like information on an old Horner accordion, with gold inscriptions. Email:

Herb Doria would like some information on a Ludwig Piccolo "Rajah" accordion (such as its history and how to acquire parts) made in Germany. Email:

Philip Strunk would like information on a Concertone accordion made in Germany. Email:

Mike Goody would like information on a pearl white "Lux-Fisa" Italian accordion (pictured) such as the manufacturer, brand, model and what the markings or tags mean. Email:


Jim Corbitt would like information on a C Fidardo # 5588 piano accordion. The inside of the case reads Geib & Schaefer Co. Pat #86270. He would also like details on a Contello #04932 piano accordion. Email:

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