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6th October 2000
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Strasser Harmonikas

Our CD Review section has a comprehensive list of CD's that have been reviewed by Tania Lukic-Marx, ranging from classical and folk music to modern pieces by a variety of musicians, groups and orchestras. Some of these CD's are listed in the "CD Recordings For Sale" section of the Yellow Pages. If you have a CD that you would like reviewed by Tania please email:

Wayne Knights Webmaster

Scandalli Accordions
Music with a Smile Productions
Magnante's Musical Legacy Displayed at World of Accordions Museum - USA

Contributed by the American Accordionists' Association

"A World of Accordions Museum" is proud to announce that an agreement has been reached with Dr. Peter Magnante (Massachusetts) to transfer the musical estate of his father, famed composer and performer Charles Magnante (1905-1986), to the Duluth institute. Magnante and Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association, met with Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D., curator of the Museum in September and made the announcement during a celebratory concert at the Museum on September 23rd.

A World of Accordions Museum of Duluth, Minnesota is known internationally as a unique accordion research center, attracting students and scholars from many countries. Called "one of the most important developments in American accordion history" by Faithe Deffner, the Museum houses about 1,000 accordion-family instruments, thousands of recordings, hundreds of thousands of pieces of music, accordion-related art works, and many diverse reference materials. The Magnante collection represents an important contribution to the Museum resources, and this site of its permanent placement is viewed as appropriate of reaching a wide audience.

The official opening of the display is projected to coincide with the AAA International Competition and Festival to be held in Duluth, July, 2002, as part of the ongoing cooperative affiliation between the Museum and the American Accordionists' Association.

Charles Magnante who was one of AAA's founders in 1938, is legendary in the annuals of concert and entertainment music for accordion. His acclaim as soloist and performer in consort with musical giants of his time is of singular stature in American cultural history. Respected by professionals and audiences alike, his compositions set technical standards for virtuoso performance while retaining popular appeal throughout the world. Harrington anticipates publishing a biographical and musicological study after reviewing and cataloging the Magnante collection.

Città di Lanciano Competition - Italy

Vladimir Zubitsky, Alexander Dmitriev & Jean Marc FabianoContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Città di Lanciano Competition and National Accordion Festival will be held in the Teatro "Fedele Fenaroli", Lanciano, Chieti from October 19th to 22nd organized by Comune di Lanciano. Jury members include Vladimir Zubitsky (President), Alexander Dmitriev and Jean Marc Fabiano. Prizes include diplomas, scholarships, cups and prizemoney of Lit 7.000.000 for national and international categories and Lit 2.000.000 for the Città di Lanciano award.

The competition is open to accordion and keyboard players in a variety of categories. Test pieces include "Clavicembalo ben temperato" vol. 1 or 2 (J.S. Bach) and a composition by Vladimir Zubitsky. For further information email Artistic Director Cesare Chiachiaretta:

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Accordionist Featured in "Gramophone" Music Magazine - Finland

Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen was given positive exposure in the latest issue of the famous international music magazine "Gramophone", when they reviewed his CD entitled "Piazzolla". The CD includes Mika as soloist playing tracks such as "Aconcagua", "Tres Tangos" and "Adios Nonino" with the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Atso Almila) and is published by Finlandia Records, division of Warner Classics. The CD reviewer Guy Rickards said the following:

"The accordion, I confess, is not my favourite instrument, but when handled as virtuosically as by Mika Vayrynen and in music which fits it like a glove - as in Piazzolla's Tres Tangos and Aconcagua concerto - it is irresistible."

Mika will also feature in the October issue of "Rondo", Finland´s most respected music magazine.

50th Trophée Mondial de l'Accordeon - Portugal

Excursion of all participants to the Monastery in BatalhaJury membersContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 50th Trophée Mondial de l'Accordeon was held in Alcobaça from September 28th to October 1st. Anibal Freire (organizer) and his crew helped to ensure the whole event was a special occasion for all competitors and visitors. Performers, judges and concert artists (Semionov, Zubitsky, Duo Monte Carlo and L'orchestra d'Alcobaça) enjoyed tasting local dishes and wines and made visits to important religious places in Portugal (Fatima and various monasteries).

Dragan VasiljevicResults:

Senior Category

  • 1. Dragan Vasiljevic (Yugoslavia)
  • 2. Mario Pietrodarchi (Italy)
  • 3. Sidian Vukasinovic (Yugoslavia)

Gianluca CampiVariety category:

  • 1. Gianluca Campi (Italy)
  • 2. Xavier Rollet (France)
  • 3. Nelson Concaicao (Portugal)

Miroslav GrahovacJunior category:

  • 1. Miroslav Grahovac (Yugoslavia)
  • 2. Nenad Stojkovic (Yugoslavia)
  • 3. Mateja Zanzerovic (Croatia)
USA National Accordion News
Jean-Louis Noton in Germany and Austria

Jean-Louis NotonContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Jean-Louis Noton gave concerts and demonstrations on the Odyssée Cavagnolo accordion in Germany and Austria recently. These performances were very well received by large audiences. On December 9th Noton will perform with Peter Soave (USA) in Lindenberg, Germany. Information and booking details are available from Franz Ritter:

"Bellows and Brass" Concerts in USA & Canada

Canadian group Bellows and Brass will perform concerts in USA and Canada during October beginning with a concert in Kingston, Ontario (Canada) on the 12th. This will be followed by concerts in Tennesse and Alabama (USA) from October 14th to 19th.

The group, which includes Joseph Petric (accordion), Guy Few (trumpet and piano) and Alain Trudel (trombone) perform works by Mozart, Krebs, Viviani, Alain Trudel and others. For further details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
Tyneside Irish Festival - UK

Newly formed band "Cuig" will perform at the Tyneside Irish Festival at the Bridge Hotel in Castle Garth, England on October 28th. The band, which includes Deirdre Ruane (accordion, melodeon, whistles and violin), has a program of jigs, reels, slip jigs and slow airs.

The following day the group will play at "The Studio" in Hartlepool. For details see Future Events.

Concert at the Japanese Cultural Institute - Germany

Accordionists Mayumi Miyata and Stefan Hussong will perform a concert entitled "Cloudscapes" at the Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne, Germany on October 30th. Their program will include compositions by John Cage, Toshio Hosokawa, Robert Platz and Uros Rojko. For details phone: + 49 221 9405580

Scandalli Accordions
Citta di Varese Accordion Orchestra Concert - Switzerland

Contributed by Luigi Luoni

The 15 piece accordion orchestra "Citta di Varese" will perform at the Town Church in Tesserete, Switzerland on October 7th. The orchestra is conducted by Chiara Luoni.

Strauss Waltz Concert - USA

Contributed by The Classical Free-Reed

American accordionist Henry Doktorski will perform with pianist Igor Kraevsky and a string quintet consisting of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra members and Duquesne University faculty members on October 11th at the Duquesne Club in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event, which is a fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Opera, will include a program of Johann Strauss waltzes from "Roses from the South".

Johann Strauss II was an Austrian composer of Viennese waltzes; known as "The Waltz King." Rosen aus dem Sden (Roses from the South) was from his operetta "Das Spitzentuch der Knigin". Strauss himself arranged the most popular waltzes from the operetta for symphony orchestra with harmonium. The ensemble director (and pianist), Igor Kraevsky, in turn, arranged it for piano, accordion & string quintet. For concert details email:

Music With a Smile
"Peter and Pavel Harmonicas Assembly" - Russia

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif, Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions and Uli Ebner, Director of Creativ-Shop

The "Peter and Pavel Harmonicas Assembly" International Festival and Competition for Folk Instruments will be held from April 21st to 28th, 2001 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The festival is open to both professionals and amateurs performing on all types of free reed instruments (piano and button accordions, concertinas, bandoneons etc.). Soloists, ensembles and orchestras are welcome to play all genres of music such as folk, popular, jazz and original modern music.

This event was previously known as the "Baltica-Harmonika". The new title of the festival reflects the outstanding role of two famous Russian folk musicians: Peter Govorushko and Pavel Smirnov who created the unique St. Petersburg performance school. The aim of the festival is to support and develop folk music traditions and to bring together musical cultures from different nations.

Events include an Opening concert in the Large Hall of St. Petersburg State Academy Kapelle (named after M. I. Glinka), a Gala concert and special concerts of academic, folk, popular and alternative creative forms. Special competition prizes include Main Prize in honour of P. I. Govorushko, Special Prize in honour of P. I. Smirnov, Special Diploma in honour of A. I. Kuznetsov, Special Diploma in honour of B. M. Nikitin and the Special Diploma "Nadezhda (The Hope)". All participants will be awarded with diplomas and souvenirs for their artistic achievements.

For further details phone Oleg Sharov: + 7 812 351-43-04

C.N.I.M.A. Workshop in Larodde - France

Contributed by Roman Jbanov

A workshop will take place from October 30th to November 4th at the CNIMA International Accordion Centre (directed by Jacques Mornet) in Larodde, Auvergne (in the centre of France). The workshop will be very intensive with seven hours practice each day. The program includes "Instrumental Improvement" and "Special Ball Music" classes with a tutor team made up of artists and experienced teachers who work at the centre throughout the year.

The centre welcomes motivated accordionists of all ages and levels to participate. For further details email:

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Accordion Club of The Redwoods - USA

Contributed by Kristofer Nelson

The Accordion Club of the Redwoods will hold its next monthly General Meeting on October 16th in Petaluma, California. Club President Kristofer Nelson will chair the meeting as well as be the master of ceremonies for the musical program.

Performers include Mark Church, Tex-Mex accordionist Ramon Trujillo (who will perform selections from his home region of Mexico), George Johnstone, Cathy Morshead (yodel/alpine songs), Carole Enneking and special guest Steve Balich, Sr (founding President of the ACR) who will play songs from his two CDs "Our Golden Years" and "Steve Balich Sr. Polka Band plays all Italian". For further details email:

Great Enthusiasm for Untergrombach Orchestra - Czech Republic

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Accordion Orchestra Untergrombach (directed by Wolfgang Pfeffer) from Karlsruhe, visited Marienbad on October 1st as part of their concert tour to the Czech Republic. The audience, which included foreign guests as well as local accordion friends, enjoyed the masterfully performed program, convincing everybody that the right people are the current German champions.

At the beginning of the concert the accordion orchestra of the music school in Marienbad welcomed the audience with a short performance.

The event organiser Club Tours Agency Prague plans similar concerts in Prague, Marienbad and other cities in the Czech Republic in the near future. For details email:

USA National Accordion News
Accordion Solo Concert in Beijing - China

Contributed by Li Cong

Accordionist Shao Qing (12 years old) will hold a solo concert in the Central Music Conservatory Concert Hall in Beijing this month. The concert is organized by the local Music Weekly Newspaper, the director of which is Zhang Ziqiang, well known accordionist and educator.

Shao Qing first studied accordion from Cui Shuo and has performed successfully in a number of accordion competitions, gaining positive remarks from accordion specialists. Her concert program will include Scarlatti Sonatas, 3rd movement of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, Dance of the Comedians (Smetana) and Sylphs Scattering Flowers (Li Yuqiu). For more information phone: + 86 10-64679265

Allan William Jones Memorial Evening - New Zealand

Contributed by Heather Masefield

The Allan William Jones Memorial Evening was held recently at the Centra Hotel in Auckland. The event included performances by five orchestras, presentation of practical examination certificates, special awards and scholarships followed by entertainment music by Maurice Jones.

Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Grades 3 & 4: Gillian McNeil, Jessica Chen and the Anderson Family
  • Grades 5 & 6: Hilary Thwaites
  • Douglas Mews Rose Bowl "for excellence": Campbell Hill
  • Merit Award: Lyn Waite
  • Marie Masefield-Efford Travel Assistance Grant: Kathryn Fletcher, Adam Thorpe and Mylie Thwaites.
Strasser Harmonikas
Orchestra Performs at Shopping Centre - Netherlands

Contributed by Hillebrand van der Veen

The Forzando A-orchestra performed an outdoor concert at the "Boven 't Y" shopping center in North Amsterdam on September 23rd. Shoppers and children enjoyed their program which included American Fantasy, Copacabana, Ein Abend in Wien and Variete. The orchestra will return for another performance next year.

Arts Centre Concert - USA

Accordionist Patty Furlong will perform at the Arts Center in Tolland, Connecticut on October 7th. Her program will include a blend of popular Irish music, song and dance.

Patty Furlong has played with the Chieftains and Marianne Faithful and has released a solo recording. For concert details phone: + 1 860-871-7405

Scandalli Accordions
Angel Luis Castaño in Concert - Spain

Angel Luis CastañoSpanish accordionist Angel Luis Castaño played at the inauguration of the new scholar year at the Music School of Cuellar in Spain on September 28th. His program included works by Rossini, Gimenez, Albeniz, Granados, Chenderew, Semionov and Piazzolla. Upcoming concerts will be held in Valencia, Badajoz, Madrid, Salamanca and Lyon (France). For more information email:

Anniversary Concert - Germany

Contributed by Christine Stiller

The Accordion-Orchestra 1960 Müllekoven e.V will perform at their anniversary concert on October 29th in Troisdorf-Müllekoven. The orchestra has a mixed repertoire of classic, folk music, popular pieces, and rock will perform a selection including Bagatelle, Manuela, Souveniers de Suisse and Washington Post. For further details email:

Music with a Smile Productions
Emanuele Rastelli Performs to Over 2,000 - Italy

Emanuele RastelliContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Emanuele Rastelli recently headed the international jury of an accordion competition dedicated to the memory of Gorni Kramer, one of the most famous Italian accordionists of the twentieth century. During the September event, Rastelli played to over 2,000 people who had the chance of hearing tracks from his new album, "New Accordéon". Michelantonio Norcia (winner of the special talent prize at the competition), said that he would enjoy the opportunity of improving his technique under Emanuele's teaching.

Normandie Festival Premiere - France

Pascal Contet will perform the premiere of "Des Souffles De Vie" at the "Festival Octobre En Normandie" held from October 12th to 17th in Normandie Saint Valery, En Caux, France. Pascal was asked to compose the music for this show (which includes the Fattoumi / Lamoureux Dance Company) by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in Paris.

Following this, the troupe will perform at the Theatre De La Bastille in Paris from October 27th to November 4th, the Maison de la Culture in Amiens on October 19th and 20th, La Rochelle on November 7th and in Gap (South of France) on November 17th. For further details email:
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Topic Folk Club Concert - England

Contributed by Jane Edwards

Melodeon player Damien Barber performed at the Topic Folk Club, Bradford, England on October 5th. Damien recently released his new CD "The Furrowed Field" which includes folk pieces such as "Kilroy" and "Bold Reynolds".

Concertinas at Folk Dance - USA

Contributed by Wendy Morrison

Concertina players Bruce Edwards and Hope Stanton will play at an English Country Dance evening at the Glen Echo Town Hall, Maryland on October 11th organized by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington. A free lesson will be given prior to the dance. For details email:

USA National Accordion News
Orchestra Performs with Gospel Choir - Germany

The München-Milbertshofen Accordion Orchestra (conducted by Elisabeth Glauber) will perform at the Wohnstift Augustinum, Hasenbergl, Munich on October 14th with the Trio Balgtraum (accordion, trumpet and bass) and a gospel choir. For further details phone Inge Engler: + 49 89 157 15 81

Masterclass in Switzerland

Peter Soave, Matthieu chaussalet & Jean-Louis NotonPeter Soave, Matthieu Chaussalet and Jean-Louis Noton gave a week long masterclass in Grimentz, Switzerland recently. Fifteen participants worked (in a wonderful mountain setting) on many topics including jazz and MIDI accordion programming. The event was so successful that all of them plan to meet again next year.

Strasser Harmonikas
New Composition - Italy

Ivano BattistonContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Ivano Battiston recently composed a piece for two free bass accordions entitled "Paganiniana". The piece, based on the twenty-fourth Capriccio by Paganini, was well received both by the audience and critics during the recent concert season due to its contemporary flavour and humorous overtones. A copy of this new composition can be obtained by emailing the author at

Accordion Sonata Mishaps - USA

Robert Baksa would like to announce that due to a series of mishaps his Accordion Sonata, commissioned by the American Accordionists' Association, was published before any performances took place. After hearing the work in concert, Robert decided to make a few changes. He will replace any copies purchased free of charge. Please send a stamped, self addressed envelope to: Robert Baksa, P.O.Box 424, Kinderhook, NY 12106, USA.

Scandalli Accordions
New Sites Updated information and results on the competition

Antique Accordion Information

W. H. "Bear" Bryan would like information on a "Bolero" accordion made in Italy. Email:

Wayne and Vicki Burton would like some information an Imperial Triumph Accordeon Vox Humana with the slogan "The Only Accordeon in the world awarded the highest distinction THE GOLD MEDAL MELBORNE 1888/9" Made in Germany". The instrument is in working order but needs repairs. Email:

Jim Freedline would like to identify the manufacturer of a piano accordion with the serial number "1379 PRMU D404", made in Italy with no other identifying marks apart from an emblem depicting the head of a knight in armor on the keyboard side. Email:

Sally would like information on a Coletta Soprana piano accordion which is at least seventy five years old. Email:

Tony Hatwood would like details on a Vissimio piano accordion made in Germany. Email:

Cody Arnold would like some information on a Castelli button accordion with a pearl finish. Email:

Music with a Smile Productions
Accordion Information Required

A reader would like information on a Pan Ittalia accordion such as does it have anything unique that makes it different from others. Email:

Ed Riconda would like to locate a recording of the music played at a Charles Magnante concert in Carniegie hall in 1938. Email:


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