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15th September 2000
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Strasser Harmonikas

In this weeks news we have included an item on how the worldwide problem of rising fuel prices is affecting accordionist's ability to use their vehicles to transport themselves to concerts in the UK. In this particular instance (and in true accordion style), local accordionists still got together to ensure the "show went ahead"! We hope that this problem will not affect too many of you in the future.

Wayne Knights Webmaster

Scandalli Accordions
Music with a Smile Productions
World Accordion Trophy - Portugal

Viatcheslav SemionovContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Anibal FreireThe 50th World Accordion Trophy competition will be held from September 28th to October 2nd in Alcobaça, Portugal organized by the Serenata Music School, Anibal Freire Associacao Acordeao Alcobaça, Camara Municpal de Alcobaça, Junta de Freguesia de Alcobaça and Regiao de turismo Leiria/Fatima. The event will open with an official reception on September 27th and candidates will be advised of the order in which they will perform in the Junior and Senior categories (order will be chosen at random).

Concerts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this event will be held in the Monastery of Alcobaça on the 28th and in the Cine-Théatre of Alcobaça on the 29th. Guest performers include Viatcheslav Semionov, Vladimir Zubitsky, Christina Rossi (Duo Monte Carlo) and the Alcobaça Accordion Orchestra. For further details phone or fax: +35 1 62596790

VIII Baltic International Accordion Festival - Lithuania

Contributed by Raimondas Sviackevicius and Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

An opening concert will be held at the Lithuanian Music Academy with performances by Professor Friedrich Lips (Russia), St. Kristoforas Chamber Orchestra (Germany) and Raimondas Sviackevicius (Lithuania). Over the following days concerts will be given by Quintet "Concertino", LMA accordion quintets "Youth" and "Cantus", Vilnius and Karoliniskiu Music school orchestra, the Chamber group K. Baran & M. Banas (Poland), J and I. Jurgijev chamber group "Cadence", Limboze Trio (Latvia), A. Mikalkenas, Duo P.Velikis and M. Jukna, Vilnius Conservatory orchestra, Doc. Z Abramoviciute, "Kankles", Duo E. Gabnys and G.Savkovas, R. Bazylin (Russia), "Tango Akademija", M. Rantanen (Finland), V. Murza (Ukraine), D. Rozovas, "Neuaubing-Pasing" Orchestra (Vokietija), K. Stonkus, M. Naumova and J. Ryzovs group (Latvia), LMA duo A. Pangonis & B. Voicinovic, V. Miliute, M. Norvilas and the Daugavpils Accordion Orchestra (Latvia).

On the final day a Gala concert will be held in the Vilnius Town Hall with performances by all soloists, groups and orchestras. For details email:

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Otley Black Sheep Folk Festival - England

Contributed by Jane Edwards

The Yorkshire Concertina Club will hold their September 17th meeting in conjunction with Otley Black Sheep Folk Festival. The event will include a workshop by guest Brian Peters (Anglo concertina), a "Concertina Band practice" and numerous concerts. Performers include Chris Sherburn, Denny Bartley, Nick Scott, Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall. For details email:

Bakenessergracht Concert - Netherlands

Contributed by Frits Verwayen

On September 9th and 10th annual monument days took place all over The Netherlands, a tradition that is of great interest and appreciation to Dutch people. To celebrate, the Foundation for Events in Haarlem (Stichting Evenementen Haarlem) organized a Bakenessergracht Concert with local cultural and educational organizations.

The concert was also a spectacular opening of the new cultural season in Haarlem. The Alphen Opus 2 accordion ensemble were invited to open the event, performing on the middle bridge of the Bakenesser canal, pieces with the theme "Musical Adventure at the canals".

Their program, which was played on the monumental middle bridge of the Bakenesser canal included pieces with the theme "Musical Adventure at the canals".

USA National Accordion News
Swedish Accordion Championships - Sweden

Contributed by Sune Olsson

The Swedish Accordionists Association has decided to reinstate an old Swedish accordion tradition, the annual Swedish Championships. The contest, which will take place from July 26th to 29th 2001 in Kramfors, was very popular in the 1930's and 40's.

Competition categories include solo classes for a variety of age groups, entertainment and folk music classes, orchestra classes, and "Major Accordion" classes. The "Major Accordion" classes are for a special type of diatonic accordion. For further details email:

Pawel Smirnov Orchestra in Trossingen - Germany

Contributed by Uli Ebner, Director of Creativ-Shop and Ludger Kosel

The Pawel Smirnov Orchestra will perform in the Dr. Ernst Hohner Konzerthaus on October 4th. The orchestra, which includes the bayan and other classical instruments will be accompanied by soloists during its concerts.

The following day the Orchestra will perform at Kuniberg-Aula in Recklinghausen, Nordrhein-Westphalia. For concert details see Future Events.

Strasser Harmonikas
Duo 2000 record New CD with Danielle Pascal - South Africa

Duo 2000 are currently recording a new CD with Canadian vocalist Danielle Pascal, who is known in South Africa as the local "Edith Piaf". Danielle sings many songs by Jacques Brel and has been involved in all Jacques Brel performances in South Africa. The duo consider it an honor to be asked to accompany Danielle. The CD, which is due for release in November includes "Marie La Française" (harp & accordion), "Mon Dieu" (harp & accordion), "C'est à Hambourg" (accordion) and nine other tracks with accordion accompaniment.

Northeast Squeeze-In - USA

The Northeast Squeeze-In will be held from September 15th - 17th at Bucksteep Manor, Washington, Massachusetts, sponsored by The Button Box. Events include a traditional concert and contra dance, workshops and spontaneous squeezings throughout the weekend, displays of a variety of free-reed notables and squeezeboxes and a museum of curious and bizarre squeezeboxes! For details email:

Scandalli Accordions
Duo Evening with Xiao-Qing Cao - Germany

Xiao-Quing CaoContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Xiao-Qing Cao (accordion) and Ludwig Döll (cello) performed on September 7th as part of the exhibition of the "Vesper" cycle of images by Markus in Hanover. The project "Lost Paradise Lost" included works by Sofia Gubaidulina, J.S.Bach, Manuel de Falla and Astor Piazzolla. From October 11th to 15th Xiao-Qing Cao will be a jury member at the international competition "Cittä di Castelfidardo" in Italy.

Rising Fuel Prices Cause Accordionists to cancel Performance - England

Contributed by David Batty

Rising fuel prices caused guest accordionists at the Leyland Accordion Club to cancel their performance on September 13th. Most of the UK is supporting a protest of the current high prices and therefore service stations do not have any fuel for sale at the moment. This prevented the guests from travelling to the venue. The club still continued with its meeting with club members providing the entertainment!

Music With a Smile
Swedish Cultural Center Concert - USA

"Folkvoice" will perform at the Swedish Cultural Center in Seattle on September 30th. The group, which features Birgit Teuwen (accordion) and Phil Ages (concertina) will play a program of German traditional folk music including Muss I denn, Mein Vater and Alle Voegel. For further information email:

Lips Performs in Barcelona - Spain

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Friedrich Lips performed a successful concert at the Conservatory of Barcelona (Spain) last week. His program included transcriptions by W.A. Mozart, F. Schubert, A. Khachaturjan and A. Piazzolla as well as original works such as "Fantasy in Memoriam Alfred Schnittke" (E. Podgaitz), Concert Symphony for Bayan solo (A. Kholminov), "Cinema" (S. Berinskij) and "The River of Love" Capriccio for Bayan (Lips' latest CD "River of Love was named after this piece).

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Orchestra Performs on Cruise Ship - Puerto Rico

Contributed by Jane Berkovitz

The Puerto Rico Association of Accordionists Orchestra will play on the cruise ship "Nordic Empress" while it cruises to the islands of St. Thomas USA and St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. The cruise will take place from November 17th to 20th.

Free Bass Accordion Growing in China

Contributed by Li Cong

The popularity of free bass accordions is growing steadily in China. In a recent accordion Master Class (organized by the Tianjing Music Conservatory), over 40 students took part, most of whom had free bass accordions. At the August China International Accordion Festival Competition, all competitors in the Adult Class played free bass accordions, with many also in the younger age classes. Over the last few years, Professor Elsbeth Moser (Hanover College of Music, Germany) has visited China several times teaching free bass accordion and encouraging new playing ideas and music. Cao Xiao-Qing has assisted European accordionists to give successful lectures and masterclasses in China.

The Tianjing Music Conservatory, which has built up a vast amount of teaching material and experience has over forty, free bass students. The conservatory believes that teachers will benefit from learning more about free bass techniques, so is currently organizing classes for young teachers and students. For further information phone: + 86 22-24311446

USA National Accordion News
Would You Like to Play with the Fisorchestra Italiana? - Italy

Fisorchestra ItalianaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Fisorchestra Italiana from Cinisello Balsamo (north of Milan) is looking for accordionists with a genuine love of the instrument to add to the orchestra (currently includes 12 accordionists, double bass, drums, horns and percussion). The orchestra invites accordion friends to share the pleasure of playing together under the direction of Vincenzo Mininno. For information phone Vincenzo: + 39 2-2138427 or Raffaele: + 39 2-6121909

Diatonic Accordion Encounters - France

Christian MaesA diatonic accordion workshop will be held from October 27th to 31st in Anost en Morvan, France with accordionist Christian Maes. The event will include an official welcome at the Dront Town Hall on October 27th followed by daily morning and afternoon workshops. Concerts will be held in the Celebration Hall on the 28th and 29th followed by an "Irish Pub" evening on the 30th. Performers include The Maes/Pariselle Duo and the Christian Maes Quintet. For details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
Film Tunes with the Haltingen Accordion Orchestra - Germany

Contributed by Uli Ebner, Director of Creativ-Shop

The Harmonica Club Haltingen has prepared a special program for its September 30th meeting. They will present film tunes performed by the main accordion orchestra and the Youth Orchestra. The Haltingen Sportsclub will also participate to make an evening of exciting entertainment! For details email:

Concertina Workshop - England

Contributed by Jane Edwards

The Yorkshire Concertina Club were invited to attend the North East Concertina Players (NECP) meeting on September 10th at Sedgefield, Co. Durham. The event included a workshop on Intermediate Techniques by Alistair Anderson.

Scandalli Accordions
Accordionist at Season Opening - USA

Accordionist Peter Di Bono will perform at the opening of the "Cal Performances" season and the 20th anniversary of the Mark Morris Dance Group at the Zellerbach Hall, San Francisco from September 21st to 24th. The event features a double bill that includes the USA premiere of the English National Opera production "Four Saints in Three Acts" (Virgil Thomson) and "Dido & Aeneas" (Henry Purcell). Peter will perform with members of the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra conducted by Craig Smith. For details email:

Ukrainian Accordionist Passes Away

Contributed by Tania Lukic-Marx and Vladimir Zubitsky

Ivan Adamovich Yashkevich, accordion Professor at the Ukrainian National Academy in Kiev, passed away on September 7th after a massive heart attack. Ivan (known as a Ukrainian Accordion Legend), was equally famous for his bayan concert arrangements of Rakhmaninov's "Italian Polka", Strauss's "Voices of Spring", "Hungarian Dance No5" (Brahms) and many others that are included in the concert repertoire of accordionists around the world. He will be sadly missed in the accordion world as will his valuable contributions and services to the accordion. See Memorials for others who have recently passed away.

Music with a Smile Productions
Sandy Brechin in Dubai

Sandy Brechin will perform in The Dubai Country Club on September 28th with violinist Gavin Marwick. The duo, who played at this venue last year will play at a "Welcome Back Ceilidh". For details email:

Party Performance for Akkordeon-Big Band Druckluft - Germany

The Akkordeon-Big Band DruckluftContributed by Rainer Szech

The Akkordeon-Big Band Druckluft performed at a "Party in the City Domain" in Castrop-Rauxel on September 9th. The following morning the group performed at a "Frühschoppen" (beer breakfast) in the Zöppkesmarket, in Solingen.

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Baikal Duo Tours Japan

The Baikal DuoThe Baikal Duo (France), which includes accordionists Jean-Luc Brunetti and Jacques Pellarin, will tour Japan from September 10th to 30th. The duo, which was formed in 1985, presents a carefully chosen, eclectic and surprising repertoire of inventive and intense music, which is performed in completely new ways. Works include transcriptions of organ works (Bach, Liszt & Boellmann), original works for concert accordion (Galliano, Pacalet, Rauber, Brunetti & Pellarin), Piazzolla tangos and adaptations and compositions inspired by a repertoire of Eastern music (Gypsy, Kolo, Bratsch & Castiello). For tour details email:

Saratoga Springs Concert - USA

Accordionist & composer, Dr. Robert Young McMahan will perform in a concert at the Saratoga Springs Public Library, New York on September 17th. The concert will include works by Paul Creston, Ernst Krenek, William Grant Still, Pietro Deiro and Astor Piazzolla. Dr. McMahan will also perform his own composition "Mists and Mountains", a tone poem inspired by John William Casilear's painting "View on Lake George" (commissioned by the Saratoga Arts Council). Other performers include Rocco Anthony Jerry (accordion) and Anita Walton (vocals).

This concert was funded by a SPAF 2000 grant from the Saratoga Arts Council, along with a grant from Meet the Composer Foundation, and The College of New Jersey at Trenton. For further information email:

USA National Accordion News
New CD by Vladimir Zubitsky - Italy

Vladimir ZubitskyAccordionist Vladimir Zubitsky had just released his new CD "From Fancelli to Galliano" Volume 5 which includes jazz and classical music all arranged and composed by himself. Tracks include "Allegretto Energico, molto ritmato", "Andante Tranquillo", "Waltz Poem" and "From Fancelli to Galliano". For details email:

New CD by Joseph Petric - Canada

Following his performance at the 75th birthday tribute to Luciano Berio in Boston, Canadian accordionist Joseph Petric began recording for his new CD. The CD, which includes works by J. S. Bach and C. P. E. Bach is due for release on Analekta within the next few months. For details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
Semibreve Orchestra Releases New CD - Portugal

Contributed by Armando Claro da Fonseca

The Orquestra de Acordeaos Semibreve (Semibreve Orchestra) conducted by Professor Jose Antonio plan to release their new CD in October. The CD entitled "Sons do Vento" (Sounds from the Wind) will include tracks such as West Side Story, Rendez-Vouz mit Gershwin, Trisch Trasch Polka and Verano Porteno. The aim of the CD is to promote the accordion as a classical instrument and to help increase its popularity. For CD information email:

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Tony Hatwood would like some information on a Vissimio piano accordion made in Germany such as its age and approximate value. Email:

Kathie Hegarty, who works in the Music Dept. of Pearson Education Publishing Company (USA) would like information about the Scottish accordion. Please email:

Richard Huguley would like information on a Florentina accordion made by Moreschit and sons. Email:

Janet would like information on a Camerano 120 bass piano accordion, made in Italy. Email:


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