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14th April 2000
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Strasser Harmonikas

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USA National Accordion News
Music with a Smile Productions
International Klingenthal Accordion Competition - Germany

The 32nd International Klingenthal Accordion Competition will be held from May 5th to 11th in Klingenthal, Germany. Competition classes for soloists, accordion duets and duets with one accordion and one other instrument will be held in a variety of age groups. The competition aims to promote solo accordion performances for all age groups, develop a wide variety of accordion music through solo and ensemble performances, introduce new accordion music compositions, popularize ensemble performances of accordion and orchestras and promote the exchange of experiences between accordionists and instrument manufacturers.

Guest performers include Mika Väyrynen (Finland), Duo Monte Carlo (Monaco), Akkordeonorchester Pula (Croatia), Domenique Emorine (France), Tobias Morgenstern and "Milonga triste", and this year's competition winners. For further details email:

Lithuanian Accordionist Performs in Finland

Lithuanian accordionist Raimondas Sviackevicius will perform at the Wegelius Hall, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki on April 27th. His program will include works by J. S. Bach, D. Scarlatti, B. Precz, A. Piazzolla, Finnish composers Erkki Jokinen and Heiki Valpola and Lithuanian composer Jonas Tamulionis. For further details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
International Accordion Festival - Belgium

Contributed by Georges Léonard

An International Accordion Festival will take place on July 1st and 2nd in the prestigious setting of the 14th century Jemeppe Castle in Hargimont, Marche-en-Famenne Belguim. Guest performers include André Verchuren, Michel Pollo, André Loppe and Denys Gigot. For further information email:

4th International Andreev Youth Competition - Russia

Contributed by Sergej Tchirkov

The 4th International Andreev Youth Competition was held in St. Petersburg from March 26th to April 3rd. Jury members included Chairman Viatcheslav Semionov (Moscow), Professor A. Dmitriev, Professor Oleg Sharov, T. Kuznetsova, V. Maksimov (St. Petersburg), Professor B. Egorov, (Moscow) and E. Jivuschak (Finland).


Button accordion section: 9 & under: 1st S. Kozedub, 12 & under: 1st A. Jushin, 16 & under: 1st V. Chernih, Junior: 1st equal A. Kamkov & A. Fatihov

Piano accordion section: 9 & under: 1st A. Petrochenko, 12 & under: 1st V. Shirobokova, 16 & under: 1st N. Gouseva, Junior: A. Sharunov

USA National Accordion News
11th International Competition - Italy

Jean-Louis NotonContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 11th International Competition for soloists and groups will be held in Montalto Uffugo from August 3rd to 6th. French accordionist Jean Louis Noton will be a member of the jury and will hold an evening concert during the competition.

For further information email:

Accordionists Tour UK

Serge Duchesnie (Canada) and Emil Johansen (Norway) will tour the UK from April 16th to 22nd. This popular duo will give concerts at the Civic Centre in Motherwell, in Carlisle, London and at the Guildford Accordion Club. For further details see Future Events.

Music With a Smile
Remembrance Day Concert - Netherlands

Contributed by Hillebrand van der Veen

The FLO (Forzando Light Orchestra) will perform a concert on Remembrance Day (May 5th) in Tehuis Tabithan (home for the elderly) in Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer. Many festivities are organized during this day all over the country to remember the end of the 2nd World War and to "think about the fact that we can live in peace and freedom while others can't".

The FLO which consists of six accordionists, keyboard, synthesizer, French horn, clarinet, saxophone, drums and percussion play a variety of pieces such as "Que Sera, Sera", "What a Wonderful World", "Rubber Ducky" and "Petite Fleur".

Accordion Camp at Beidaihe Resort - China

Contributed by Li Cong

The Beijing Bureau of Chinese Music Society will hold their 5th Accordion Camp at the Beidaihe Holiday Resort in July. The event will include specialists' workshops, exam tutorials, accordion accompaniment courses and a campfire social night. Workshops will be tutored by Ren Shirong, Li Yu Qiu and Qin Shi.

For further details phone: + 86 10-63470921

Strasser Harmonikas
Summer Workshops - France

The CNIMA - Centre National et International de Musique et d'Accordéon (National and International Music and Accordion Centre) is currently organizing its 2000 summer workshops (devoted to instrumental accordion work). Courses will be held in July and August in Larodde in the Puy de Dōme (France).

Tutors include Jacques Mornet, the Director of the Centre, Nathalie Boucheix (1994 World Champion), Franck Angelis, Claude Thomain and Viatcheslav Semionov. The workshops are open to players of all ages, styles and levels. For further details email:

"Fisorchestra Italiana" in Concert - Italy

Grenoble AreaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Carnival concert given by the Fisorchestra Italiana at the Palazzina Liberty in Milan recently was a great success. The President of the local council and the President of the committee for culture and youth were very impressed with the appreciation demonstrated by the large audience.

The orchestra's next concert will be held in Grenoble on April 29th organized by the Grenoble Area Coratini Association, with guest performer Peppino Principe.

USA National Accordion News
Piazzolla Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On April 22nd, the quintet "Ensemble De La Gala" (including accordionist) will hold a concert "All Astor Piazzolla" at Sound Tomato, Shimomatsu. Their program will include works by Astor Piazzolla. For further information email:

Vienna Matinee - Denmark

Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

Peter Nielsen, Vladimir Ushakov & Lille PalleOn March 26th a "Vienna Matinee" concert was held in the Town Hall in Veksoe, dedicated to Vienna city, the capital of Austria and organized by the Ųstsjęlands Harmonika Orkester (East Sealands Accordion Orchestra). The hall was decorated with posters about Vienna, including Austrian national male and female dress and flowers. A sell out audience of over 230 people enjoyed performances by Lille Palle Andersen, Ųstsjęlands Harmonika Orkester and Peter Nielsen's Harmonika Gruppe.

Music With a Smile
Organ Club Concert - Australia

Australian accordionist Bernadette Conlon will perform at the Northern Suburbs Organ Club meeting in Melbourne, Victoria on May 4th. For further details on this concert phone: + 61 3 9532 9297. Bernadette has just returned from a concert tour of Perth (Western Australia) where she was a guest performer at the Perth Accordion Club.

Greenwich Accordion Club Meeting - England

The Greenwich Accordion Club held their April meeting on the 7th with guest performers Julie North and Ian Watson. The club holds regular meetings each month, featuring musical evenings with special guests for all to enjoy. For details on future meetings see Future Events.

Strasser Harmonikas
6th Trofeo Internazionale International Accordion Competition - Italy

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

The 6th Trofeo Internazionale International Accordion Competition (held in Casarza Ligure, Genoa from June 3rd to 10th for accordion, keyboard, organ, guitar, wind and stringed instruments) will include accordion categories for "Folk Accordions" and "Electronic Instruments" for a variety of age groups, plus duo, trio, quartet, ensemble and orchestra classes.

The competition will also include the first "Trofeo Juvenilia" International Contest for Ensembles of primary and secondary school age and also the first time an International Composition Contest will be held.

"Accordion Spring" National Competition -Bulgaria

Contributed by Diana Stancheva

The "Accordion Spring" National Competition will be held in the Concert Hall of the High Music School "Dobrin Petkov", Plovdiv from May 19th to 21st run by the Bulgarian Organization of Accordionists. Over 86 accordionists will compete in solo and chamber ensemble categories for nine different age groups.

Guest accordionist Zoran Bozanic (Yugoslavia), composer of the test piece for the Coupe Mondial 2000, is a jury member and will perform at the event. Other jury members include Neno Koichev, Diana Stancheva, Zdravka Andreeva and Maia Chakalska.

An interesting part of this year's competition, is that marks will be awarded to teachers who enter students. However, it is not their teachers skills that are being assessed. Two teachers who have the greatest number of points will be jury members in the next competition.

The aim of the competition is to provide an annual competitive event for Bulgarian accordionists and to help popularize the accordion. For further details email:

USA National Accordion News
NZAA South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival - New Zealand

The New Zealand Accordion Association South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival will be held in Epsom, Auckland from June 2nd to 4th. The event will include festival performances, guest entertainers, a Mix 'n Mingle welcome evening, a farewell dinner and a variety of competition classes for soloists, duos, groups and orchestras for all age groups. Entries have been received from Australia and New Zealand plus the Xinjiang Accordion Orchestra and soloists from several other Chinese cities. For further details email:

Alabama Accordionists' Association Meeting - USA

Alabama Accordionists' AssociationContributed by Jim Wadowick

The Alabama Accordionists' Association held their quarterly meeting on April 8th in Clanton, Alabama. Entertainment was provided by the club orchestra and soloists.

The association publishes quarterly "The Score", which gives details of minutes of meetings, President's Message, member profiles, advertising and articles concerning accordion history, performance, repair, etc.

Music with a Smile Productions
University of Stirling Summer Course - Scotland

Contributed by Margery Stirling

The University of Stirling will hold an "Accordion Course" in Stirling, Scotland from July 2nd to 7th. The course covers piano and button accordion techniques with tutors Ivor Britton, Colin Dewar and Ian Muir. The course will also focus on Traditional Scottish music styles, modern Scottish compositions, technical problems (phrasing, fingering, bellows control, scales) and development of right and left hand technique.

Special attention will be given to the study of dance tempos, arrangements of March, Strathspey and Reel of bagpipe music, and music software accompaniment for Scottish traditional music. For further details email:

40th Anniversary of Accordion Orchestra 1960 Müllekoven e.V. - Germany

Contributed by Christine Stiller

The Accordion Orchestra 1960 Müllekoven e.V. will celebrate their 40th anniversary with a concert on June 2nd in the Community Hall Troisdorf-Müllekoven. The orchestra was formed in 1960 by Hans-Rudi Peters together with 18 local village students. Hans-Rudi conducted the orchestra for 22 years.

They will perform a mixed repertoire, which includes classic, folk music, popular pieces, and also rock and pop. For further details phone: + 49 2241-44962

Strasser Harmonikas
Bromma Airport Concert - Sweden

ACRA MusetteensembleThe ACRA Musetteensemble played at Bromma Airport, Stockholm on April 7th. The quartet which includes accordionists Rolf Eriksson and Conny Österlund performed a popular program which included "Soir de Paris" (Ferrari) and "Cou-Cou" (Daquin) to over two hundred people.

Concertinas at Mexborough - UK

Contributed by Carolyn Wade

Players will be travelling from the Midlands and North of England for the Yorkshire Concertina Club annual day titled "Concertinas at Mexborough" at the Royal Electric Theatre in Mexborough on April 16th. The players will form a concertina band and Jenny Cox will lead the group with her arrangement of "Merry Men and Maids" (J. Ord Hume). Carolyn Wade will lead the band with her arrangement of Johann Wilhelm Furcheim's Sonata Quarta. In the afternoon various local groups will also perform. For further details email:

USA National Accordion News
Video Sequel Request - Australia

The Squeezebox Video by John Young has proved so popular that accordionists are requesting a sequel!

Learner accordionists from various countries of the world have found the video helpful and informative especially with bass techniques. It appears that a number of people have accordions in "the cupboard" for years, then get the desire to learn how to play. The standard bass system can be complex for prospective players and the video shows different methods to overcome this, including explanations about how the accordion is constructed, an outline of musical theory and notation as well as demonstrations on how the accordion is played.

Test Pieces Selected for the "Cittą di Castelfidardo" Trophy and Competition - Italy

Contributed by Paolo Picchio

Following the announcement of the dates for the "Astor Piazzolla" International Trophy (July 7th to 9th) and the "Cittą di Castelfidardo" Competition (October 11th to 15th), the organizers of these events have selected the test pieces to be performed as follows:

  • "Concert performers" section ("Cittą di Castelfidardo" Trophy) is once again "Follie" by Carmine Di Marco.
  • Section A (up to 12 years of age): 8th (Holmenkollen) and 10th (Munchmuseet) movements from "Ansichtskarten aus Oslo" by Jan Truhlįr
  • Section B (up to 15 years of age): 2nd (Quasi valzer) and 9th IX (Allegretto) movements from "Confetti" by Leif Kayser
  • Section C (up to 18 years of age): "Toccata" by Bogdan Dowlasz
  • Section D (no age limits): "Moderato" (1st movement) from "Sonata n. 1" by Kirill Wolkow
Music with a Smile Productions
5th Regional Competition - Russia

Contributed by Viatcheslav Semionov

The 5th Regional competition for young accordions was held in March in Old Urengoy city, West Siberia (almost on the Arctic Circle). Forty two accordionists from thirteen cities in Russia participated in three age categories.

New Sites Information on FM, industrial supplier for musical instruments in Castelfidardo, Italy

Strasser Harmonikas
Antique Accordion Information

Lee Schwan has a concertina, purchased in either Livorno or Genoa, Italy in 1958-59. It has 20 buttons and is covered in a green marble looking plastic with the name Quagliardi Castelfidardo. If you can help with information on this make and model please email:

Bill Meyer would like some information on his Egisto Bontempi Potenza Picena Italia accordion. If you can help please email:

Christine Trahan would like some information on a Covella or Cooella accordion, made in Italy. If you can help please email:

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