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4th February 2000
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In the AWW Weekly News, we have many items on future concerts, festivals and competitions with further details available in the Yellow Pages Future Events. To allow people to more easily move between the Weekly News and The Yellow Pages Future Events, we have made a permanent link at the top of each News page. Links from the French, German, Italian and Spanish language Weekly News will take you to a Future Events report for countries speaking that language. Links from the English and Russian Weekly News will take you to the Future Events Search page so you can select the Future Events report for any country.

We have also designed a "News Centre" where you can find International Accordion news in 7 languages and National Accordion News from USA, Germany, Italy and France.

We hope you will like these improvements. If you have any comments about these ideas, please email us.

Wayne Knights Webmaster

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Estonian Embassy Concert - Lithuania

Cantus QuintetContributed by Sandra Kleizaite

The Cantus Quintet performed a successful concert at the Estonian Embassy in Vilnius on February 2nd. Their one hour program included "Tarantella" from the ballet Aniuta (V. Gavrilin), "Die Gesaenge die paradise Voegel" (J. Tamulionis, Lithuanian contemporary composer) and works by Piazzolla, Bach and Vivaldi. Guests from Estonia and other Embassies in Vilnius attended.

"Storm" Perform in Reykjavik - Iceland

Group "Storm"Contributed by Jonatan Karlsson, General Agency

The first official event of Reykjavik, Cultural Capital of Europe 2000 was held on January 29th. "Storm" a group of accordionists and percussion played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Reykjavik shopping mall "Kringlan".

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"Avellaneda Tango" - Netherlands

Claudio JacomucciContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On January 22nd, Claudio Jacomucci, Marcelo Costas (piano) and Sarah Loerkens presented a new concert of traditional Argentinian tangos (from the 1930's to 60's) at the Academy of Tango in Amsterdam. Over the last year, these three musicians have worked together, studying styles and features of this very passionate music, working on the historical performances of Cobían, Troilo, Discepolo, Arolas, Mores, Gardel and Pugliese. Marcelo Costas arranged the tangos for accordion, piano and violin.

They will now embark on a tour around Holland, presenting "Avellaneda Tango". For further information email Claudio Jacomucci:

Accordionists Perform Cavanna Work - France

On February 6th French accordionist Bruno Maurice will perform "Messe un jour ordinaire" (Bernard Cavanna) with Pascal Contet at the Montbeliard Theater. The piece is composed for accordion, string orchestra (conducted by Philippe Nahon), choir and soloist. For details email:

Lark In The Morning 20th Year Music Celebration - USA

Contributed by Mickie Zekley

The "Lark In The Morning 20th Year Music Celebration" will be held from July 28th to August 5th in California. The event will include Music & Dance Workshops by tutors Evo Bluestein (Cajun button accordion), Chuck Borsos (piano accordion) and John Paul (button accordion). For reservation details email:

"La Trastienda" Concert Series - Argentina

Contributed by Alberto César Felici

Argentinean accordionist Raul Barboza will perform in a series of Friday concerts from February 4th to 25th at "La Trastienda" in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Guest performers include Ildo Patriarca, Luiz Carlos Borges (Brazil), Lito Vitale and Luis Salinas. For further details email:

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"Tag Der Harmonika 2000" - Austria

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

The annual "Tag der Harmonika" will be held on June 17th and 18th in Fürstenfeld (region of Styria). The competition will include categories for accordion soloists, duos, orchestras and ensembles, for folk music groups and of course for the "Steirische Harmonika" (Styrian Harmonica) which has become very popular recently. For details email:

Further details will also be available soon on the German news of Accordions Worldwide at

Soave in San Francisco - USA

Peter Soave will perform in the Lincoln Theatre, Veterans Home of California, Yountville (north of San Francisco) on February 6th and 8th. His program will include Aconcagua (Concerto for Bandoneon) by Astor Piazzolla. For details phone: + 1 707 226-6872

Accordionists Greet the Chinese New Year - China

Greet the Chinese New Year with AccordionContributed by Li Cong

Greet the Chinese New Year with AccordionA "Greet the Chinese New Year with the Accordion" party was held at the Li Cong Accordion School, Shanghai on January 30th. Over 600 students and families attended the event, which included a 250 person accordion orchestra performance and a variety of accordion games for the children such as "Big Challenge" and "Playing Freely". One of the most influential Shanghai newspapers "New People Evening" (Xinming Evening) included a report on the event. This Chinese New Year (February 5th) is the Golden Dragon Year, which only comes once every 60 years. Chinese people believe it is a very lucky year.
Ed. We certainly hope it is a lucky year too!

Concertina Chords and Air Control - UK

Contributed by Jane Edwards

The Yorkshire Concertina Club's February 20th meeting will feature a talk on "Chords and Air Control for the Anglo" by guest Mick Bramich (who is touring the region during February). The club holds regular meetings on the 3rd Sunday of each month in West Yorkshire. For details email:

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New York Festival of Electronic Composers - USA

Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

The New York Times "The Arts" page featured accordionist Pauline Oliveros in a large article and photo on January 20th, 2000 and critiqued her recent performance at the New York Festival of Electronic Composers. The concert featured three composers who have been active since the 1960's, Morton Subotnick, Tony Conrod and Pauline, who all demonstrated three primordial approaches to electronic music: quick-change pastiche, abrasive noise and contemplation. Pauline's piece was "a cooperative ramble: from floating edgeless notes and chords to scampering, mercurial sounds and, eventually, back to serene stillness. Volume pedals and pitch shifters made the music swell and swoop".

Traditional Ukrainian Folk Music in Paris - France

Contributed by Anne-Marie L'Hostis

Two Ukrainian guests, Yuri and Ludmila Fedorov will give concerts in Paris and Maintenon this winter. Both members of the Kiev Philharmonia, Yuri (bayan) won the 1986 UNESCO World Cup in Poland and Ludmila (soprano) also plays the bandoura (traditional Ukrainian instrument). Their repertoire includes traditional Ukrainian songs as well as classical and sacred works.

Their first concert will be held at the Church of Sainte-Rosalien (Paris) on February 6th, followed by performances at the Church of Saint-Paul de Montmartre, Maintenon-Pierres Hall and a final concert at the Church of Saint-Ferdinand, Argenteuil on March 5th. For details see Future Events.

Celebrity Interviews

The Celebrity Interview with concert artist and teacher Friedrich Lips is now on line in Spanish as well as English and German.

New CD Release - Czech Republic

Michael Ganian CD 's coverContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Michael Ganian recently released his latest CD "Accordéon d'or". The cover will undoubtedly attract the attention of even the most casual passerby, which is exactly what Ganian intended. The 26 track CD includes Ganian's own compositions both piano and button accordions, accompanied by bass, drums and a symphony orchestra conducted by Milan Vidlak. Pieces include "Impeccable", "Le Chardonneret", "Le doux non", "Verucchio", "Miracle", "Seine", "Montparnasse bienvenue" and "Espana". For further information email:

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Domenic Saso on the Silver Screen

Contributed by Valarie Morris

A new film "Playing Mona Lisa", featuring accordionist Domenic Saso as Uncle Moese is due for release in the near future. The movie also stars Margo Thomas, Elliott Gould, Harvey Fierstein, and Alicia Witt. Details of the movie have not been released yet. The only clue is its working title, "Two Goldsteins on Acid".

Winter Beer Festival - UK

UK group M_C_Cajun (including accordionist Paul Asher) performed at a Winter Beer Festival in the Burton Town Hall on January 29th. Over 800 people enjoyed their program of Cajun and Zydeco tunes as well as some R 'n' B and blues.

Country and Blue Grass in Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On February 19th "Phoenix Bird" (featuring accordionist Misuzu Minou) will perform American traditional music such as country, blue grass and cajun in Osaka. For details phone: + 81 6 6312-7731

"Accordion Nostalgia" CD Release - USA

Contributed by Bob Kowalski

Accordionist John Jeski has just released his latest CD "Accordion Nostalgia" which offers a wide selection of music with a few surprises! Tracks include "When I Fall In Love", "Teach Me Tonight", "Just A Gigolo", "Peg O' My Heart" and "Granada". For details phone: + 1 860 232-4333

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