Text of the award presented by Prof. Joan Sommers is:

Member Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA),
International Music Council (IMC), an NGO Official Partner of UNESCO

Takes great pride in selecting
Harley Jones
As a member of the ATG International Accordion Hall of Fame.

Harley Jones has shown his expertise and musicianship as an accordion soloist in many different countries. He has also proven his abilities as teacher of and continuing mentor for scores of accordion students. However, it is his keen vision and significant success in establishing www.accordions.com for a more informed and united world accordion community which has made a commanding impact upon accordionists throughout the world.

ATG recognizes and acknowledges these accomplishments through the presentation of this award.
Awarded on July 27, 2018 by the ATG Board of Directors
Presented at the 78th Annual ATG Accordion Festival
Lisle, IL.

Award picture
I felt very honored to have the Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International (ATG) induct me into the ATG International Hall of Fame, especially when the previous inductees have all been very significant in my musical life.

Former inductees:
2003: Anthony Galla-Rini
2004: Myron Floren
2004: Joan Cochran Sommers
2006: John Copiskey
2007: Faithe Deffner
2008: Kevin Friedrich

Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)
Merit Award to Harley Jones

City of Castelfidardo Award, 10 Year Anniversary - 2006

Accordions Worldwide Founder Harley Jones (Fiji) receiving the Castelfidardo Plate and award for 10 years anniversary of Accordions Worldwide, the first time that the City has ever made this type of award.

Paolo Picchio, Castelfidardo Artistic Director read out a Citation honoring the Accordions Worldwide 10 year Anniversary at the prizegiving of the 2006 City of Castelfidardo International Accordion Competition and Festival.

Era prevista una edizione mensile, ma si è optato immediatamente per una edizione settimanale viste le molteplici notizie disponibili in redazione e da allora è rimasto online permanentemente. Tuttora molto popolare viene consultato regolarmente in sette lingue cliccha qui:

Oggi è diventato un mezzo per vedere in quale velocità la tecnologia ha cambiato il mondo - quando Accordions Worldwide ha iniziato soltanto una fabbrica aveva l'e-mail e nessuna un sito Internet. Che importante cambiamento nel mondo della fisarmonica in appena 10 anni! La ditta Borsini Fisarmoniche era il primo cliente di Accordions Worldwide!

Da quando Accordions Worldwide ha iniziato i lettori sono diventati sempre più numerosi ed ora oltre 50.000 navigatori interessati alla fisarmonicain consultano il gruppo di siti di Accordions Worldwide ogni settimana. Dieci anni fa era un sogno trasmettere informazioni a cosi tanti fisarmonicisti ed il numero dei visitatori continua a crescere fortemente.

Il modo di usando Internet per fornire i servizi ed informazioni gratuiti per fisarmonicisti di tutto il mondo mondo è ora presente e rimarrà ed il nostro mondo della fisarmonica è cambiato positivamente per sempre.

Ten years ago, on October 1st 1996, Harley Jones has stared the Accordions Worldwide Internet Site after many months of preparation by a team of people, to include the Accordion Yellow Pages, many hundreds of pages of history, information and articles about the accordion, and for the Opening Day, the first “The Squeeze” accordion news.

The news was going to be monthly, but changed immediately to weekly with all issues kept online permanently published. Past news is very popular reading today, and the news grew from one language to 7 languages.

It is a measure today of just how fast technology has changed the world - when Accordions Worldwide started only one factory had email and none had an internet site. What a MASSIVE change in the world of the accordion in just 10 years!

The Borsini Accordions became the first internet client of Accordions Worldwide.

Since Accordions Worldwide started, readership has grown strongly and now, over 50,000 interested accordionists come to the group of websites each week. Broadcasting to so many accordionists was just a dream 10 years ago and now its a reality, with the numbers continuing to grow strongly.

The principle of using the internet to provide popular free services for accordionists around the world is here to stay and our accordion world is changed positively forever.
National Accordion Organisation of Great Britain Award

At the 2001 Coupe Mondiale prize giving, the NAO (National Accordion Organisation of the UK) President Raymond Bodell presented to Accordions Worldwide Founder Harley Jones and other assistants present, an award recognizing the 5th birthday of Accordions Worldwide and the "large contribution" Accordions Worldwide has made to the accordion.

In attendance were from left to right: Sergei Tchirkov - St. Petersburg, Russia, Frederic Deschamps - Paris, France Faithe Deffner - NY, USA Harley Jones - Nagigia Island, Fiji Holda Paoletti-Kampl - Castelfidardo, Italy Tania Lucik-Marx - Sydney, Australia Jeroen Nijhof - Stradford on Avon, UK Tatiana Lantchakova - Auckland, New Zealand Kevin Friedrich - New York, USA.
American Accordionists' Association Honors Harley Jones

In July 2000, Accordions Worldwide was honored at the American Accordionists Association National Festival in Washington DC, recognizing the outstanding contribution that the site has made to communications in the accordion world. Harley Jones, Founder and founder of Accordions Worldwide received a standing ovation as he accepted the plaque on behalf of Accordions Worldwide.
The AAA plaque was inscribed:

The American Accordionists' Association Honors Harley A. Jones founder of Accordions Worldwide for his vision and creativity in launching a significant and prestigious cyberspace voice for the international accordion community

Millennium Accordion Festival July 16, 2000 Washington DC
Faithe Deffner, President and Frank Busso and Dr. Carmelo Pino, Vice Presidents

July 2007, the Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival presented a beautiful plaque to Accordions Worldwide "in recognition of the global work Accordions Worldwide is doing in the promotion of the accordion, and Finnish accordion activities."