Victor Semyonkin was born on the 10th of January 1985 in Cheboksary, USSR.

Influenced by his father, at the age of 7 he started his music studies at the music lyceum under teacher Elena Titova. Since 1999 Victor has participated on various all-republic competitions.

In 2000 Victor entered the college of music named after F. Pavlov, where he studied under Alexander Belyankin.
For years of training at this college Victor has been awarded the title of

Laureate on several competitions, such as:

  • National Zhiganov competition (Kazan, 2002, the 2nd prize winner);
  • National Limaev competition (Nizhnekamsk, 2003, the 2nd prize winner);
  • International competition “St. Peter & Paul Harmonica Assemblies” (St. Petersburg, 2003, double 1st prize winner both in variete and classical).

In 2004 Victor graduated with distinction the college of music and entered the Saint-Petersburg

State Conservatoire named after Rimsky-Korsakov where he has been studying now in studio of Honored Artist Of Russia, renowned professor Alexander Dmitriev.

In 2005 Victor won a number of International competitions, listed below:

  • International Competition “Voices of Spring” (Moscow, 1st prize);
  • International Competition in Rzhev, Russia (Grand-Prix);
  • International Competition in China, (1st prize);
  • Premio “Citta di Castelfidardo” (Italy, 1st prize);
  • Premio “Citta di Lanciano” (Italy, 2nd prize)

    Victor Semyonkin
    10-01-1985 Cheboksary (USSR)

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