Add a touch of class to your special occasion with accordion music! Sharon Seaton of Dallas, Texas, performs music with class for almost every occasion imaginable, including parties, banquets, weddings, receptions, birthdays, and anniversaries.

If you are considering having an ethnic theme for your event, Sharon provides an authentic ambiance with German, Czech, Italian, French, Swiss, or Austrian music. Other fun musical themes include old-time tunes and Gospel music, which are particularly popular with retirement centers.

Corporate functions convey a picture of affluence to clients when enhanced with live music. You also send a message of caring about employees when you go that extra mile with live music at that next employee appreciation function. The returns are well worth the very reasonable cost!

Perhaps you are planning a children’s party or event. As a former elementary school music teacher, Sharon will delight young guests with her accordion, an instrument that always attracts the attention of kids due to its visual appeal and happy sound.

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