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2020 PIF Castelfidardo International Finalists - Italy

PIF Castelfidardo header


Premio Category

Augustinas Rakauskas (Lithuania)
Zhang Zhiyuan (China)
Alberto Vernarelli (Italy)
Artem Malkhasyan (Russia)
Flemming Vioar Valmundsson (Denmark)
Luigi Gordano (Italy)
Artem Trtiakov (Russia)
Ryan Corbett (United Kingdom)
Beautemps Julien (France)
Alexey Mykitenko (Russia)

Astor Piazzolla Award Category

Guido Gavazza (Argentina)
Cuarteto Rotterdam (Germany)
Remolino Ensemble (Russia)
Astoria (Russia)
Tango Quinteto Liu Shanshan (China)
Octetology (France)
Trio Voronezh (USA)
I.A.Q. (Italy)
Carlos Corrales (Argentina)
Pinakkolada Duo (Russia)

Virtuoso Category

Pavlo Gilchenko (Russia)
Hongting Liu (China)
Marco Leonetti (Italy)
Gianmarco Alcini (Italy)
Alexander Matveychuk (Russia)
Evgeniia Buryakova (Russia)
Manuel Marchegiani (Italy)
Artem Tretiakov (Russia)
Augustinas Rakauskas (Lithuania)
Matteo Tortora (Italy)

World Category

Francesco Scarselli (Italy)
Evgeniia Buryakova (Russia)
Cono D’elia (Italy)
Trio (Kazkhstan)
Angelo Lucarelli (Italy)
Meguree (Japan)
Matteo Tortora (Italy)
Maria And Sergei Teleshev (Russia)
Koharuxtomaru (Japan)
Duo Irena And Dimitar Rogachevi (USA)

Jazz Category

Valerio Chiovarelli & Fulvio Chiara (Italy)
Sergei Teleshev & Friends (USA)
Duo Astra (Belgium)
Anne-Mari Kanniainen & Heikki Ruokangas (Finland)
Zhong Kai (China)

Gervasio Marcosignori Award Category

Lorenzo Dalla Rosa (Italy)
Gianmarco Alcini (Italy)
Leonardo Rondolone (Italy)
Giuseppe Di Falco (Italy)
Manuel Marchegiani (Italy)>
Renzo RuggieriPIF competitors sent a video before 31 August and the jury expressed their preference (not points) and the most voted make up the list of 50 finalists (in registration order).

Every finalist will stay at home streaming. There will be a technical test a few days before to organise light, position, computer and internet connection. On the day of the audition, the Finalist is contacted to begin with Name, country and program information and then the performance will start and be filmed. This must be a live performance for the video camera.

Artistic Director Renzo Ruggieri writes: "With a limitation of accommodating 50 competitors, the PIF created a category for young people up to 18 years. Not a real Competition, this category allows the public to listen to the many young competitors videos (over 50) that have arrived from all over the world. Public can vote if they have Facebook and vote from 12 to 16 September."

View the young players videos at: https://www.pifcastelfidardo.it/categoria-young-pif2020/
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