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“Iva Nova” Russian Rock Band Tours Europe this Month

Iva Nova band
Video: Iva Nova live in 2016.

The “Iva Nova” rock band from St Petersburg, Russia will tour Lithuania, Poland and Germany from May 8th to June 6th.

The band includes Natalia Potapenko (accordion - graduated from Saint Petersburg Conservatory), Anastasia Postnikova (vocals, keyboard & percussion), Ekaterina Fedorova (drums & percussion) and Galina Kiseleva (bass & backing vocals).

They play a mixture of modern rock and ethnic music along with jazzy and electronic flavouring. The sound is strong and driving, connecting “rural restlessness with urban insanity”.

The band has played numerous gigs in Russia, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Canada.

They have also taken part in festivals such as Wazemmes Accordion Festival (Lille, France), Accordion Noir festival (Vancouver, Canada), International Accordion festival (Vienna, Austria), Le Grand Soufflet (Rennes, France) and Akkordeon Akut! Festival (Halle, Germany).

Tour dates are:
8th May - Vilnius, XI20 (Lithuania)
9th May - Wrozlaw, Kalambur (Poland)
11th May - Augsburg, Provino (Germany)
12th May - Weinstadt, JAK (Germany)
13th May - Karlsruhe, Die Anstoß e.V. (Germany)
15th May - Köln, Sonic Ballroom (Germany)
16th May - Darmstadt, Belleville (Germany)
17th May - Rotthausen, Neuhaus (Germany)
18th May - Leverkusen, KAW (Germany)
20th May - Hamburg, Hedi (Germany)
25th May - Kneipe Westen, Dörverden (Germany)
28th May - KIT Cafe, Dusseldorf (Germany)
29th May - Kulturverein Wespennest , Neustadt a.d.W., (Germany)
30th May - Halle/Saale, Objekt 5 (Germany)
31st May - Berlin, Supamolly (Germany)
1st June - Stacja Wolimierz, Pobiedna, Dolnoslaskie (Poland)

For concert details email: ivanovabandrus@gmail.com
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