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Accordion Teachers Contact Information

Internationally Recognized USA/Canada Orgnaizations Dedicated to High-Quality Training and Assessments

Name Website e-mail Phone City State Studio or Web
Accordionists & Teachers Guild, Intl. (ATG) (Sec.) 913-722-5625 National Organization . . Web/Studio
American Accordionists Association, Intl. (AAA) (Pres) 203-484-5095 National Organization . . Web/Studio
Accordion Teachers Near Me (To be sorted by state!)

Name Website e-mail Phone City State Studio or Web
Albreski, Dick No website 405-721-0564 Oklahoma City OK Web/Studio
Ballarini, Nick 972-247-5000 Dallas TX Web/Studio
Berlin, Brian 713-249-2978 Houston TX Studio
Bridge, Michael 647-823-1501 Toronto ON Web/Studio
Christian, Dan & Kim 719-597-1984 Colorado Spgs CO Web/Studio
Christison, Jane 913-492-3883 Overland Park KS Studio
Darrow, Acme Acme Accordion School e-mail address? 856-854-6628 Westmont NJ Web/Studio
Fainshtein, Elena 469-450-6153 Plano TX Web/Studio
Harrington, Helmi   (715)395-2787 Superior WI Web/Studio
Jarosh, Maureen accordion-now 1-403-253-0830 Calgary Alberta Studio
Klugiewicz, Greg No Website 972-272-2359 Garland TX Web/Studio
Kohl, Gordon 619-395-0454 San Diago area CA Web/Studio
Lee, Shelia 281-788-6667 Alto TX Web Only
Lovello, Tony 859-227-1932 Nicholasville KN Web/Studio
Maschler, Jamie 719-459-1983 Seattle WA Web/Studio
Mathis, Dale 480-544-6016 Sun City AZ Web/Studio
Moody, Herschell No Website No e-mail (call) 512-301-9145 Austin TX Studio
Natoli, Joseph 330-883-3620 Warren OH Web/Studio
Pasquali, Paul Accordions International 801-485-5840 Salt Lake City UT Web/Studio
Pedone, Mario 713-401-7933 Houston TX Web/Studio
Peters, Debra e-mail only Austin TX Studio Only
Rice, Jim 757-880-3308 Williamsburg VA Studio
Seaton, Sharon (no web site) 214-403-6738 Forney TX Web Only
Simon, Betty Jo 913-888-4706 Overland Park KS Web/Studio
Cochran Sommers, Joan 913-722-5625 Kansas City MO/KS Web/Studio
Thunander, Hank 612-770-6429 St. Paul MN Web/Studio
Tokarski, Mary 203-484-5095 Northford CN Web/Studio
Vietty, Dallas 215-801-5368 Philadelphia PA Web/Studio
Visentin, Tom No Website 281-488-8343 Houston TX Studio
Wise, Dale E. M.M.E. 540-854-5209 Burr Hill VA Studio
Yakubeika, Ina No Website 757-839-2205 Virginia Beach VA Studio
Teachers Wanted e-mail address? Phone ? City? State? Web/Studio
Teachers Wanted Website? e-mail address? Phone ? City? State? Web/Studio
Teachers Wanted Website? e-mail address? Phone ? City? State? Web/Studio
Teachers Wanted Website? e-mail address? Phone ? City? State? Web/Studio
Accordion Cloud
All USA and Canada accordion teachers should be represented in the Accordion Cloud either as an individual or a member of a music studio. Web presents is critical to growing and maintaining a business in today's working environment. The wisest teachers will use both traditional websites and social media options. Since Accordions Worldwide (AWW) is the Super Accordion Cloud, NAA officials highly recommend that traditional websites be hosted on

Developing Training Videos
Future plans include developing a library of good training videos by the instructors listed on this page. Thus, accordionist-wanna-be individuals can learn both good techniques and can better select a teacher that fits his or her musical needs.

Giving Back to the Community
Starting in 2017, the Association is seriously developing and "linking" all accordion instructors actively seeking accordion students. This service is sponsored by our membership dues and will be complementary (free) to both individual seeking instructors and teachers looking for students.

In the true spirit of working together, we ask that all teachers include the link in their respective websites and/or Social Media sites. This way, search engines will assure that accordionists "goggling" for accordion information will find both the Association and teachers looking for students.

Further Discussion Needed
As your officials plan for the 30th anniversary and moving forward, many topics have been discussed. It is our desire to continue discussing the ideas during the 2017 convention for possible implementation.

Ideas Include Teachers
* Conducting convention activities
* Sharing ideas 24/7 on NAA Blog
* Receiving special membership fees
* Recognized for attending conventions
* Discounts for showcasing students
* Showcased for outstanding techniques

Arrangements are being made to host a website for approved beginning level accordion teaching techniques.