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2019 Fun Band Music: Dick Albreski
Sir. Albreski Dick Albreski (OK)
Title 1: Are You Lonesome Waltz

Title 2: Liechtensteiner Polka
Title 3: Melodie D'Amour
Title 4: Salute to George M Cohan Title 5: That's Amore 1st Accordion
2019 Youth Orchestra Music
Youth Group Title 1: Je n'en connais pas la fin Title 2: This Is Our Song For You
Title 3: Polish Polka Medley
Title 4: To Our Patriots
2019 Symphonic Orchestra: Lionel Reekie
NZ directors Daverne / Reekie G. Daverne and L. Reekie (NZ)
Performance Saturday Concert

Colonel Bogey K. Alford
Country Accordion Gary Daverne
Mamma Mia Andersson/Ulvaeus
Tango Pour Claude Galliano/Belder Two Plus One Gary Daverne
Music for Special Events and Workshops:
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1. Friday NAA Dance Band Music:

Shelia Smiling Shelia Lee Director
Shelia Lee's music is online at: https://SheliaLee.com/2019 Dance Music

Names of Shelia's Dance Music:
Use the blue links to www.Youtube.com to learn the expected sound and movements of these selections.

Singer image Announcement:
50s + popular tunes need singers, learn the words and movements and join this fun event as a singer and/or player. Auditions will NOT be held. We will have microphones ready for your voice. This is NOT your father's Karaoke.

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2. Flash Mob Music

FlashMop Logo Debra Flashing!Coordinator: Debra Peters
Banner Image 2019: Workshop Music:
Presenters are encouraged to display music in this area IF it will be used during the training session..
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Download and print your music when it is available.

This music is copyrighted and to be used only during the 2019 convention.
Additional privileges my be granted by the owners of this music.

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