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Convention Rates:
Full Convention (total package)
    Conventioneer $280
    Conventioneer and non-accordionist $395

Partial Convention Rates
    Thursday band camp and concert:       $185
    Friday sessions and party night            $185
    Saturday sessions, banquet, concert   $235
Extra banquet and concert tickets:
  • Extra banquet tickets (each)                   $50
  • Extra concert tickets (each)                    $10

Notice: This is a three (3) step process: 1. Convention Registration 2. Hotel Registration 3. Payment (PP, Credit, or Check)
Checks mailed early are good - that saves us processing fees!

Step 1: Convention Registration
    Registering for the Convention allows the planning team time to prepare packets and to schedule requested time slots.
Convention registration form includes:
    Request for playing positions
    Banquet orders
    Band and orchestra music

To complete your 2018 registration, click on this link:

(Link) 2018 Convention Registration Form

This link does not accept any payments!
Go to Step 3 to pay for the convention.
Step 2: Hotel Rates and Registration
    Room Rates: $107 per night, including breakfast
    Guaranteed Closing Date: February 15, 2018
    Registration Options: On-line or Phone Call
Option 1: Online Registration (PayPal/Credit Card)
    Link for Hyatt/NAA PassKey Registration
    Link has expired, send e-mail as indicated above

Option 2: Phone Call
    Hotel Registration by Phone: Call 972-619-1234
    (request the "Accordion Block")

    Notice: If you call the hotel directly, be sure to request the Accordion Block or your room will not be counted as one of us. Do not use 3rd party booking companies. They are not authorized to participate in specialized events.

Step 3: Pay Convention Fees by:
Option 1: Mail check to:
    National Accordion Association
    605 FM 740 North
    Forney, TX 75126
Option 2: PayPal/Credit Card
    The next screen provides options for selecting PayPal or credit cards.

    Convention Fees

    Buying extra banquet(s)?

    Buying extra concert tickets?
    Concerts ($10 each)

Association Address:
    National Accordion Association
    605 FM 740 North
    Forney, TX 75126

Saturday Banquet Dinner:
(Part of Convention Fees)

Custom Beef Dinner
Caesar Salad, Parmesan, & croûtons
Choice of:
  Braised Beef Short Ribs in a Demi Glaze
  Pan Served Salmon-basil couscous w/sauce
  Chicken Stuff tomatoes/Spinach w/sauce
  Vegetarian Dish: Penne Paste with baby
  Portobello, spinach, grape tomato, smoked
   Mozzarella with house made oregano pesto

Chef's choice of starch and Vegetables
Freshly Baked Rolls with Butter
Strawberry Short cake/ Caramel Cheese cake
Coffee, Iced tea and water
Lunch: Thurs, Friday, Sat.
Self-pay $20

Menus issued during hotel sigh-in
Evening Meal: Thurs/Friday
Self-pay $25

Special menus upon arrival!