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Convention Theme

Announcement: We are a "blended music convention featuring accordions" regardless of the various types of accordions!

Preparation Assignment 2:

2019 Workshop Schedule, Descriptions, and Comments

Accordion Orchestra and/or Group Training Sessions

Dick Albeski NAA Convention Band Director: Dick Albreski (Oklahoma)
NAA Famous Fun Band
Fun Logo
Lionel in Russia Lionel Reekie (New Zealand) will be the 2019 Symphonic Orchestra director    www.LionelReekie.com
Shelia Directing ImageShelia Lee: Alto, Texas     New in 2019! Arkansas Accordion Club Arkansas Accordion Association:
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Individual/Team Workshop Information

Dick AlbreskiDick Albreski: Oklahoma City Accordion Club    www.OklahomaAccordionClub

Markus Baggio Cowboy Baggio
Markus Ron Joe Michael
Combined Presenters Digital Workshops:

Co-Host with Markus Plato Sabine Baggio and Plato: Round Rock, TX

Digital Suite Co-host with Markus.

Nicholas Ballarini Ballarini da Cowboy Nick Ballarini: Dallas, Texas      www.NickBallarini.com
Nancy Bernstein Nurse Nancy Nancy Bernstein: Dallas
Coordinator and Boss of the "Crazy Hat Dance Party" on Friday evening (7:30 pm. - Ballroom).

Bring your hat and join everyone at our FUN dance night. Click to View CzHDP Flier

Paul Betken Ballcap Betken Paul Betken: Tempe, Arizona      www.facebook.com/Paul.Betken

Mike BorrelliMike Borelli and Roland Paquette (Fort Worth area)
Demonstration Lesson on how to teach accordionists the art of performing a single musical selection using 12 different key signatures. Saturday, 11:00 am in Salon B

Nick Brakovich
Gail Campanella Gail Campanella: Santa Barbara, California     www.GailCampanella.Facebook.com

Ed Casper Ed Casper Non-Oom-Pah + Improvisation Saturday: 3:30 pm Salon B

Jane Christison Knows How to Prepare for a Party!

Jane Christison

Jane Christison: Lenexa, Kansas     www.MusicWithASmile.com and/or www.JanieNextDoor.com

I Love Playing Accordion and So Can You! (Workshop) Friday, 2:30 pm.

Jerry Cigler Gerald Cigler
Elena Fainshtein Elena Fainshtein: Plano, TX      www.ElenaFainshtein.com     https://www.facebook.com/elena.fainshtein.5
2019 Workshop and Presentation:

Expression logo
Elena Fainshtein is a professional musician.

Jessica Faltot Jessica in ball cap Jessica Faltot: Dallas      https://www.facebook.com/jfaltot
Jessica is the founder and Master of Ceremonies of the "Circle of Champions." Thursday, 7:30 pm.

IDEAS Idea Leaders IDEAS Founders: Michael Soloway (left) and Joseph Natoli (right)

Greg Klugiewicz Greg and Dick Greg Klugiewicz: Dallas area and Dick Albreski: Oklahoma City      https://www.facebook.com/Greg.Klugiewicz

Gordon Kohl Gordon Kohl: California     www.GordonKohlAccordions.com/
    TangoTime (Link)     Celestial Fire (link)
Digital: Orchestrating A New Solo (Thursday 2:30 pm. Digital Suite):
1. Adding Sparkle to a Single Chord    (Friday, 1:30 pm. Salon B)
2. Articulation and Bellow Control     (Friday 2:30 pm. Salon B)
Gordon Kohl's Credentials:

Shelia Lee Shelia Lee: Alto, Texas      https://shelialee.wordpress.com/     https://www.facebook.com/shelia.lee.14 Musical Selections for Shelia Lee Workshop and Performance:

Jamie Maschler Jamie Maschler: Seattle     

Matthais Matzke
Randy McPeck Randy McPeck: Minnesota      www.Facebook.com/Randy.Mcpeck
Accordion bellows in’s and outs Randy is the Room Coordinator for Salon A. He does his own scheduling. Accordion bellow repairs
Bellow tape repair, bellow corner service, repair bellow leaks, and bellow casket repair

Mike Middleton
Eddie Monteiro Eddie Monteiro: New Jersey

Joseph Natoli
Larry Nickel Larry Nickel: Austin, TX      //www.facebook.com/Larry.Nickel.77

Bill Palmer Bill Palmer w hat
Cory Who? Cory Pesaturo: Rhode Island      www.CoryPesaturo.com
Debra Peters Debra Peters, Austin, TX     www.DebraPetersMusic.com
Flash Mob Special: NAA Dallas Jig (by Gary Blair)     Located on the Music Page (link)

Debra Reports: "Sadly, Gary won’t make it to NAA this year." He asked me to play his song at the convention. I’m inviting you, whoever might like this type of song, to please learn it and let’s play it a time or two at the jam sessions. We can record it and send Gary a video on facebook.

Rebecca Ratliff
Jim RommelJim Rommel: North Texas     www.youtube.com/JimRommel

Lionel Reekie Lionel Reekie: New Zealand      www.LionelReekie.com/

Professor Norman Cowboy Norman Seaton Norman Seaton: Dallas area

Norman Seaton is the individual who oversees the National Accordion Association and the National Accordion Convention.

Pressfor Sharon Seaton Cowgirl Sharon Seaton circle of players Sharon Seaton: North Texas      www.SharonSeaton.com

Dr. Michael Soloway
Dr. Evelyn Evelyn

Ron UhlenhoppRon Uhlenhopp, Cedar Falls, Iowa     www.facebook.com/Ron-Uhlenhopp
Backing Tracks: Saturday, 9:00 am.

Arlyn Visentin Arlyn Visentin Arlyn Visentin: Houston Area
Mom’s 15 Minutes of Fame and On-going Photo Op:
  Winner of the 2019 Most Popular Event!

Salon C- 9:00-5:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Hosted by Arlyn & Tom Visentin

Tom Visentin Captain Tom Tom Visentin: Houston area

Mary Wright's information is located in the vendor area of this website.
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2019 Business-Related Presenter Information

This area is a new idea for 2019. If you want your "business" to be listed in this area, let Norman know. Any business listed must be present and active in the 2019 NAA Convention. Advertisements are not encouraged this year.

IDEAS logo Mike and Joe IDEAS Founders: Michael Soloway (left) and Joseph Natoli (right)
    Fact: Digital accordions are here to stay!
    Key vendors may change throughout the continuum of digital instrument sales, but this is the 21st century, if anything is certain, digital technology will only grow and evolve going forward. Therefore, Joseph Natoli and Michael Soloway have created the IDEAS organization and the related IDEAS Facebook Group to foster an environment of inclusivity, knowledge sharing, event sharing, and religious fervor for digital instruments and the musical potential they enable us all to exploit.

George Secor George Secor: Illinois      www.Facebook.com/George Secor
Great Thoughts Begin Outside the Box!
    The amazing versatility of the accordion is demonstrated by the great variety of ethnic genres in which it is prominently featured. However, it is not often used for the serious study of music, where the piano is the most obvious (if not the most frequent) choice. However, the recent increase in popularity of the accordion, in combination with its high portability, suggests that, with the strategy proposed in this presentation, it could have the potential to become the premier acoustic keyboard instrument of the 21st century. On another note, what would it take to change the perception of the digital accordion from a "fake electronic imitation" to that of a "real musical instrument?" Digital accordionists can benefit from observations involving electronic musical instruments that started as imitations and succeeded in establishing their own identities. An open-discussion format will allow participants to share their own ideas regarding ways to make these and other good things happen. George's accordions will be displayed in Salon A.
    Demonstration and Feedback, Friday 10:00 am. Salon B

Secor BassThe Famous Moschino Accordion!
    George Secor is a former student of Mario Moschino, the inventor of the Moschino free bass system. After playing the conventional Stradella system of basses and chords for about twelve years, he switched to the Moschino free bass in 1961, and it so revolutionized his playing that he has never even entertained the idea of going back. Following a hiatus of approximately twenty years, during which he pursued various other musical interests, he has been rebuilding both his classical and jazz repertoire on the Moschino free bass accordion. He has recently arranged for an accordion manufacturer in Italy to put the Moschino system back into production, and the first new model, the 18-lb. entry-level "mini-Moschino", is now available! Mr. Secor has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the VanderCook College of Music. He currently resides in Godfrey, Illinois.

Musical Expressions Concert!

“You wouldn't want to miss it!”
    The Musical Expression Studio that is based in Plano, Texas, will be showcasing students of all ages on Saturday at 3:30 pm. This concert will include an Accordion band that includes children, adults, duets, and Solo! Some performers are very young and others are very experienced. Come to enjoy this concert”

Business Owner Band picture Orchestra Picture

Expressions Adv yellow bar
Mary Wright Image Mary Wright in hatMary Wright: Dallas Area      https://www.facebook.com/mary.wright.54379

    Beginning Accordion Playing by Alpha Letters Saturday, 11:00 am. Salon B
    Beginners learn to play the accordion by reading alphabet letters in a progressive course that covers all aspects of notation. On completion, transition to standard notation is easy as accordion skills and note reading concepts are transferred to standard notation.

This workshop is great for all ages.
    Workshop Subtopics: Mary Wright's Workshop Outline
    1. Presenting the new series which focuses on playing the accordion while initially reducing note reading skills.
    2. Presenting learning strategies for the fastest progress.
    3. Using simple but entertaining music for learning motivation.
Mary will demonstrate the music then participants will repeat the demonstration!

Mary is promoting her new training books and will use those books in the classroom setting:
Mary Wright's Biographical Information:
    Mary Wright is a lifetime music teacher on numerous instruments and has written a library of books for several instruments using her alphabet notation method. She currently plays the accordion in two bands: the Fiddle Rascals, which is her four generation, eleven member family country band; and County Rexford, a traditional Irish music band, with two granddaughters and other great musicians. Mary is a retired teacher, mother of five and grandmother of 21. She resides in Little Elm, TX, and gives lessons in the surrounding area.

    Mary Says: I feel a successful start is imperative in learning to play any instrument. As numerous concepts regarding playing and note reading must initially be learned by beginners, it is best to simplify the process. Also, in this modern age, with the myriad distractions for student interest and attention, learning should be as easy and as fast as possible. Time is of the essence in this fast moving world! Once students reach a plateau of expertise in my alpha notation method, they may remain there and comfortably play music of all formats from my library of books or they may progress to standard notation for advanced reading with playing skills already intact. Music is important for a well rounded life and my new series of books, for accordion, piano, ukulele and guitar, provide a fun, no stress program to acquire amazing instrumental skills.

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