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Hyatt Regency Conference Center Floor Plan

2019 Convention Management Team

Ian Fries Norman Seaton Rebecca Ratliff Sharon Seaton Arlyn Visentin Nick Ballarini Nancy Bernstein Jessica Faltot Debra Peters Joe Natoli

              Ian Fries, Norman Seaton, Rebecca Ratliff, Sharon Seaton, Arlyn Visentin, Nick Ballarini, Nancy Bernstein, Jessica Faltot, Debra Peters, and Joe Natoli.

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Convention and Hotel Registration

Convention-related Duties

    Norman Seaton  (Overview)
    Nick Ballarini       (Dealers)
    Rebecca Ratliff   (Registration, Circle, strolling)
    Sharon Seaton    (Coordinator)
    Nancy Bernstein  (Friday Dance Show)

Get in Touch with your Association

National Accordion Association, Inc.
605 FM 740 North,
Forney, Texas 75126, USA
(214) 938-5984 (President's cell phone)

2018 Convention Team Members

Dr. Ian Fries (Digital)
Dick Albreski (Band Camp, Youth)
Arlyn Visentin (15-minutes of fame)
Debra Peters (Social Media)
Joe Natoli (Workshops)