National Accordion Association Business Cycles
Members have the right to know "how the association operates."

Association Annual Business Cycle

On-going Association Activities
    Maintain legal status and Board
    Executive Board signs contracts
    Grow by including advisers such as:
      Area representatives
      Specialized representatives

    Assure convention operates smoothly
    Maintain financial/database information
    File paperwork as necessary
Association's Web Presents
    Keep Association website current
    USA/Canada involvement including
      Other organizations and clubs
International marketing includes
    Website publications
    Social media marketing
    Virtual planning sessions
    Post-convention reviews
    e-mail services
Accordion Convention Planning Cycle

Start Here
    Secure location 3 years in advance
Secretary Duties
    Analyze post-convention reviews
    Sends reports to Board and Advisers
Board and Advisors Duties
    Analyze post-convention results
    Develop convention master plans
Convention Team Duties
    Implement the convention master plan
    Publish the “Call for Proposals”
    Encourage experts to submit proposals
    Prioritizes proposals for Executives
    Monitors convention activities
    Publish Post-convention reviews
    Update Databases & Financial files

Annual Convention Activities

Pre-Convention Activities

Marketing Operations
    Finalize and publish activities
    Registration (hotel and convention)
    Positions assigned:
      Board members
Convention Activities
    Team monitors activities
    Post-convention survey delivered
    Conventioneers complete review
    Results published on website

Technology Cycle
    Keep technologies current including:
      Registration using Phone Apps,
      PayPal, and checks