Accordion Teachers...

(Opinion Paper by NAA President, Norman Seaton, Ed.D)

Notice: If you are an accordion teacher who would like to be listed on a national basis, please contact the nearest accordion association in your geographical area. If that association has a teacher list, talk to them about their rules concerning adding your name to the list.

Accordion Teachers, Scholarships, and Grants

It seems that every profession is just as good as its teachers. This is especially true in the accordion world. With the disappearance of many of the accordion studios, it is becoming a national problem connecting students to teachers who are often “home-based.” While the university system has noticed that it is relatively easy to establish on-line music training, NAA officials have not seen any significant interest in doing this from either students or the known teachers. Currently the desire is for the traditional hands-on, one-on-one training session is still very prevalent in the accordion world.