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Be Proactive!
    Seriously, we play the accordion for fun, and it is more fun to play for an audience than it is to play in a closet.

    The public performing engagements, with or without fees, that we had in the past are coming back again. Send your helpful hints to Norman Seaton (NatlAccordion@sbcglobal.net) who will keep this web page updated so all of us can get back to work. This page will be updated as needed, so keep watching and sending your recommendations.
Suggestions Submitted by NAA Members
    1: If you normally perform in senior citizen care centers, contact the entertainment director and see if they are opening the doors yet. If not, see if they have in-room video services. If yes, use Zoom and reconnect with your audience.

    2: In the cool of the evenings, some accordionists are playing in the ground floor large patio area while the residents are sitting in private porches and/or patios. Use this idea when you approach the activities director.

    3: It's Always a Festival Time! Be creative! Restaurants are beginning to incorporate both indoor and outdoor areas as a way to stay in business. Contact local restaurants and the usual businesses that celebrate the Festival of the Month, such as Oktoberfest, and let them know you are a good fit for 2021. We know how to social distance (accordions are not large) and we know how to wear face masks. In other words, we are an ideal choice for this venue.

    4: Hold Backyard Events: Dee Langly writes: I’ve not had issues teaching Online either, but I have adored the times this summer when I’ve had students and ensembles masked and distanced in the back yard.

Yes, The Accordion Can Make Us Money.

The more we play in public, the more people will want to hear and see us perform.

Suggestions or Questions? Contact one of the following:
  Sharon Seaton:   AccordionSharon@yahoo.com       www.SharonSeaton.com/
  Norman Seaton:   NatlAccordion@sbcglobal.net