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2015 National Accordion Convention Theme: Duet Together!

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Interested viewers are encouraged to review the daily schedule then register for the following options:

Youth activities are described in the workshop area of this website.

Art Show early entries - when will you be sending your art to the National Accordion Association?

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2015 Conventioneer's Evening Activities - General Public is invited!       (Youth have free admission*)

* Your generous donations allow youth 18 yeas of age and under to attend our convention activities at no charge. Thanks for you continued support!

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     Wednesday: 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. Pre-convention ACCORDION PARTY.

     This will be a chance to meet the leaders and "run through" some of the music.
     Elena will come around 8:00 to meet the orchestra members and to review
     the Intermediate/Advanced music. Playing parts may be assign at this time.



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Thursday: 7:00 - 11:00 p.m.
    Accordion Band Camp Performances

    Complementary admission to both conventioneers and the General Public!

   Accordion Showcase I and Dance (Friday)

               Accordion Showcase I: Friday Buffet ($12.50 per person) Friday Dance ($10.00 per person)
               (General public invited to both events - youth are complementary)


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     Friday: 5:30 -   8:00 p.m. "Friday Buffet and Accordion Showcase I"
     All for $12.50 per person. General Public is invited.

     8:00 - 11:00 p.m. National Accordion Dance Party (General Public is $10 per person)

     The 2015 Dance Party features "Alan Walling and the AlpinMusikanten Band"


Accordion Showcase II (Saturday)

               Accordion Showcase II: Saturday Evening (General Public - $10.00 per person)

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During the 2015 National Accordion Convention, the Cattleman's is an "Accordion Showcase" and Social Center!

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Youth Performance Opportunities!    Information for Albreski's Youth Orchestra and Youth EXPO Performers.

All youth activity descriptions (Accordion orchestra and EXPO) have been moved to the workshop area.

Conventioneer's Performance Opportunities!     Pre-Convention performance registration time is closed.

We love to play our accordions as well as we like to listen to others playing accordion music. Bring your accordion and let's hear you perform.

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Location to here performances:

Click and review the Daily Time Schedule to determine when and where you are scheduled to perform :

The Performance Committee assigned the performance time slots in the best interest of the conventioneers and the general public visiting our convention. The decisions of this committee are final.

Announcement: We now have a special "Convention Notification" system in place!.
When you join this list, expect to receive the first notification on January 1st of every year and a reminder around February 1st.
Click this link to join our private notification system. No charge to add or remove your name!

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