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General Information Related to the Hyatt-Regency Hotel Registration System:
The National Association Association (NAA) has a special agreement with Hyatt-Regency; therefore:

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Hotel rates and complementary breakfast buffet are guaranteed until Feb 20, 2019.

February 20, 2019 is the extended and absolute closing date:

Payment Option 1: Use QuickPay to send fees to the NAA Secured Bank Account: NatlAccordion@sbcglobal.net

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2019 Convention Fees

Fee Category * Fee Rates
Fee For 1 Accordionist    (90% select this option) $295.00
Fee For 2 (Accordionist & Non-Accordionist) $400.00
Daily Fee: (Tell Us Which Day You Are Coming) $195.00
Saturday Fee with Banquet $245.00
Wednesday (Convention Warm-up Party) Complementary
Youth (under 21) Complementary
Extra Concert Tickets $10.00 Each
Extra Banquet Tickets $50.00 Each
* Fees include all related activities, such as the concerts, etc.

Hyatt Regency 2019 Buffet Options

Buffet image
Lunch Buffet: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (12:00-1:00 pm.):
$16.00 plus tax & gratuity

Thursday Dinner Buffet: 5:30 - 7:00 pm. $21.00 plus tax & gratuity
Friday Dinner Buffet 5:30- 7:00 pm. $21.00 plus tax & gratuity
Dining Music by Accordionists with reservations:

Saturday Banquet Information

2018 Banquet

2019 Saturday Banquet Menu Options:

* General convention-related information that you may need to know!!

"Food Tasting" Results:
The new Hyatt-Regency Chef, Patrick Riddles, invited the Association Board members to the Hyatt Regency hotel for a food-tasting.
Board members were impressed with the proposed menu options and jointly selected the items listed in the menu section. The Board were so impressed, that we decided to introduce the conventioneers and the Chef to each other.

Meet Hyatt Regency's New Chef!
Chef Riddles Chef Patrick Riddles: Hyatt-Regency
Chef Riddles is known for his passion and creativity in American and Eclectic Cuisine. He delights in making a meal that will truly be memorable. Chef Patrick Riddles began his career at The Culinary Institute of Louisiana, while also apprenticing at the Baton Rouge Country Club. Chef continued his studies at Le Chef College of Hospitality in Austin, TX and served as a Tournant at Barton Creek Country Club.

Upon graduation, Chef Riddles worked at many acclaimed upscale restaurants such as Palomino’s and Louie’s 106. Chef Riddles has been a Sous Chef at the Dallas Country Club and Executive Chef at Hilton Galleria. He was also Executive Chef at Sambuca, Hyatt Regency, and Oceanaire Seafood Room. Chef also owns his own business, Ryedales, a Relief Chef Service.

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An updated "Convention Registration Form" is next project.