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Wednesday Evening Activities

Musicians, new media, and general public are encouraged to drop by to see the action on Wednesday. No Charge!

Ballroom Activities are in this column.
Albreski  Wednesday Ballroom Activity
Ballroom is closed to visitors during Band Practice Sessions

Conventioneers not in a rehearsal session are welcome to "mix and mingle" with others in the Digital Suite or the lounge. Everyone is invited to join one or more of the band camp practice and performances.
Longhorn Ballroom including Digital Sessions:
Sabine Wednesday – Welcome Reception
Wednesday - Digital Welcome Reception: This year’s digital welcome reception will showcase a variety of instruments and play styles. This is all about having fun, listening to music, talk to your fellow conventioneers and enjoy the company.

This will not be a formal concert, more a get-together with good music in the background. Get a drink from the bar and relax and enjoy.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Complementary (free) Admission for Guest

   Opening: Fun Band Performance

Thursday Evening Concert

The Friday Evening Concert starts at 7:30 pm. with the annual Fun Band Concert (Dir. Albreski) and rolls into the evening concert and continues until 9:45 p.m. The Thursday evening concert has become an "ice breaker" event for the entire convention. This is a chance for many conventioneers to perform on the large stage and learn something about the other conventioneers. The pace of the convention is established during the Thursday activities day and evening.

At 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, the scheduled events of the day are over and socializing and jam sessions start.

Longhorn Ballroom Including Digital Sessions:
All conventioneers are encouraged to attend and participate (digital and/or acoustic) in the Ballroom activities.
The Digital Suite will open after the concert.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Non-Conventioneers price is $10 per person

As requested in the 2019 post-convention survey, we are returning to a Friday evening concert (7:30 until 9:45 pm.). 10:00 on is the Bernstein Dance Party:
Artist will be selected from 2020 conventioneers.

Longhorn Ballroom Including Digital Sessions Informal activities will be scheduled in this area.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Non-Conventioneers price is $10 per person

Gala Concert 7:30 - 9:45 pm. Reekie directing The NAA Symphonic Accordion Orchestra , under the direction of xxxxx xxxx will open the Saturday evening Gala Concert. The Saturday evening Gala Concert consist of the various musical styles studied during the 2020 NAA Convention. The performers will be selected on, or before, December 1, 2019.
Longhorn Ballroom including Digital Sessions
After the concert, the Digital Suite will open for jam sessions, conversation, and other convention-related activities.
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