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Invitation for area musician to join the fun!

    Jam Sessions Coordinators

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         Max Frauenthal and Roy Helsing
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Musicians Invitation Flyer (for printing)

Information for Lewisville Area Musicians

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Welcome to the National Accordion Convention:
Bruce Dunai says:,
    "The accordionists look forward to any of your organization members that would like to mingle with outstanding accordionists to join us and expose our members to the facets of your respective organizations."
Norman Seaton (CEO) and Rick Custer (Convention Coordinator) are saying:
    We want area musicians to become a significant part in our Lewisville-based accordion convention. Since the pandemic, the accordion has become an exceedingly popular musical instrument worldwide. This time, the popularity of the accordion is known as both a solo instrument but also compatible when played with other musical instruments, whether it be as a duo, trio, or a small band.

    The National Accordion Association (NAA) is honored that Bruce Dunai has stepped forward to serve as a contact coordinator among the various musical organizations.
Financial Obligations for Non-registered Conventioneers:
      The discounted fees do not include access to the accordion workshops.
  • Non-accordionists are invited to participate in the noon events and preplanned jam sessions at no charge, but you must buy your own lunch.
  • Evening concerts cost $20 per family unless you bring a musical instrument to play in the after-concert jam sessions.
Pre-registration is not required, just show up and pay at the registration table.

Jam Session Music (note: accordionist love C, F, and G) ( Link for Jam music).

Jam Session Time Schedule:
    The Pantheon Room is available for 15-minute time slots.
    Day Time Room Emphasis
    Thursday 9:00am.-10:15am. Forum Room Training Session
    Thursday 9:00pm.-11:59pm. Three (3) locations Musical Interest
    Friday 2:30pm.-05:15pm. Forum Western Swing
    Friday 9:00pm.-11:59pm. Three (3) Locations Musical Interest
    Saturday 9:00pm.-11:59pm. Multiple Locations Musical Interest
Convention Schedule (Link for all events)

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Tom Jordon, the professional sound crew wrote:
    * Guitarists (of every kind) need to bring an amp.
    * The audio team is not backlining amps.
    * Musicians with backing tracks must bring a playback device.
            * Devices must interfaces with a 1/4 mixer channel input.
    * The audio team cannot connect to a phone, USB, or kindle.

    * For all public performances, musicians should be coordinated well in advance of performance day.
    1. Before entering the Friday Evening Party Stage, the following is required:
            a. Prior practice with other musicians
            b. Sound check.
            c. Bring proper equipment.
Jam Session Etiquette (Jam Session Etiquette PDF for Printing)
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