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Artist Diploma in Concert Accordion Performance
Robert Davine

Professor of Accordion  
and Music Theory

The artist diploma in concert accordion performance is a highly selective program of advanced professional studies, designed to enrich talented and accomplished accordionists of any age.  Based on the "apprenticeship" approach, the diploma program is for any musician who desires intensive training in preparation for a performance career.  Students can complete the program in two years. 

Performance is the focus of the artist diploma program.  Besides performing solo concerts, accordionists perform in chamber music and ensemble concerts. 

Programme Requirements

  • Perform three full-length solo recitals 
  • Participate in ensembles and/or chamber music groups each quarter
  • Enroll in four (4) credit hours of study per quarter 
  • Pass proficiency exams in music theory and music history 
  • Complete a seminar in musical interpretation 

Candidates must send a resume and a high quality tape of unedited performances totaling no more than 15 minutes playing time. 
Three candidates are admitted to the program each year. 

Robert Davine, Professor of Accordion and Music Theory is director of the program. 

Send inquiries and materials to the following address:

Artist Diploma in 
Concert Accordion Performance

Lamont School of Music  
7111 Montview Blvd.  
Denver, CO  80220  

Phone: (+1) 303/871 6400  
Fax: (+1) 303/ 871 3118

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