The Dargaville Museum (New Zealand) presents...
'Accordion Gems' by Kevin Friedrich
...A Master Collection of Accordions through Time...

Aratapu Library Purchased - June 2006
Dedication of the Accordion Gems Display - 3 December 2006
Aratapu Library relocated to Harding Park - January 2007
Grand Opening of New Music Wing at the Dargaville Museum - 21 October 2007 at 1:00 PM
Launching of Accordion Gems Exhibit in Display Cabinets - 29 March 2009

Grand Opening and Blessing of the Music Room
As the Accordion Gems project continued, the Grand Opening of the New Music Wing at the Dargaville Museum took place on 21 October 2007. His Worship the Mayor and honored guests assembled for the official ceremony, which attracted a capacity audience at the Lighthouse Function Centre, attached to the Dargaville Museum.
Above: Don Elliott - President of the Dargaville Museum offering his Welcome to everyone
and giving his thanks to those who had made financial contributions thus far to the project including:
ASB Trust, Les and Noeline Andrew, Murray Jones Estate, Friedrich Family, Northern Wairoa Lions Club,
Harry Lendrum, Colin Walden, Jenny Gibson, Audrey Peebles, Cynthia and George Shirtcliff, Ray Froggat,
Northern Waiora Country Womens Club and Neil Andrews.

Mr. Elliot also thanked the Museum volunteers who had contributed to the refurbishment of the Library thus far,
Ron Halliday, Ted Tier, Margaret Tier, Graeme Fell, Arthur Maich, Elaine McCracken,
Doug Carter, Ivan and Donna Nobolio, Victor Cathro as well as Tony Cocurullo for donating the Kauri timber.
Above left: Lorraine Wilson, ASB Bank Trust Representitive
(The ASB Bank helped with matching grant funding to secure the purchase of the Library)
Above right: His Worship the Dargaville Mayor, Neil Tiller
Above left: Heather Masefield reading congrautlations messages Accordions Worldwide
NZAA, North Shore Accordion Orchestra
Above right: Graeme Woollam talking on the History of the Building
Above left: Mr. Maurice Glamuzina and above right Mr. Leo Glamuzina
speaking on behalf of the Aratapu community
Above left: Kevin Friedrich presenting his Welcome Speech
Above right: Sharon Hunter on behalf of the Kauri Chorus, who donated money towards the display cabinets.
Piping Guests to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

After the official ceremony speeches were given, guests were piped through the halls of the Dargaville Museum to the Music Room by Guy Fowlie, one of the original members of the Dargaville Pipe Band.

One of the original members of the Dargaville Pipe Band, Mr. Guy Fowlie
Above left: Guy Fowlie piping guests to the Music Room
Above right: Kevin Friedrich conducting the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Above: Kevin Friedrich conducting the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony before
Mr. Hugh Nathan proceeded to perform the traditional Maori Blessing
Blessing of the Music Room
At the conclusion of the Ribbon Cutting, Mr. Hugh Nathan conducted the traditional Maori Blessing. The Music Room and adjoining Exhibition Hall were blessed according to Maori tradition, as Mr. Nathan was joined by fellow members of the local Maori community. At the conclusion of the blessing, the general public was invited to view the facilities, before returning to the Lighthouse Function Centre for celebration Concert.
Mr. Hugh Nathan offering a traditional Maori blessing of the Music Room
Mr. Hugh Nathan, Louie Pivac and Colleen Urlich and Roma Brown during the Maori blessing
Mr. Hugh Nathan conducting the Maori blessing
Guests enjoying the proceedings
Kevin Friedrich (Accordion), Corrine Ward (Organ) and Louie Pivac (Piano)
guests Dawn Taylor, Lorraine Neilsen (nee Taylor) and Taylor Neilsen enjoying the Opening Ceremony
Kevin Friedrich with some of the Accordion Gems exhibit
(Note: the Music Room and attached Exhibition Center housed the instruments until the Display Cabinets were completed)
Gala Celebration Concert

To celebrate the Opening of the Music Wing, a Gala concert was held, featuring some of the beautiful instruments making up the Accordion Gems exhibit as well as featuring local musicians from the Dargaville Community as well as invited guests.

Well known Dargaville pianist Louie Pivac entertaining as the guest arrived for the Concert
Leo and Maurice Glamuzina strike the historic Bell from the Aratapu School Bell
Starlight Duo - Lionel Reekie and Maurice Jones
Dargaville Tamburica Orchestra
Dargaville Pipe Band
Kevin Friedrich with the Kauri Chorus
Kevin Friedrich performing on some different instruments including:
New York manufactured Excelsior Accordion and Italian manufactured Titano Cosmopolitan
Tiger Combo 'cordion and Finnish Kravatti Accordion
US produced Frosini styled chromatic accordion and Vintage 1930's piano accordion
Open Jam Session to conclude the Concert
Open Jam Session featuring accordionists Kevin Friedrich, Lionel Reekie, Maurice Jones, Lyn Osbaldiston (member of the original Frank Vilich Accordion Band) and Joan Brown (Emmett)

Contact for the Accordion Gems Exhibition: Kevin Friedrich
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